Natsu Dragneel

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Natsu Dragneel is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.Natsu is carefree and reckless in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile it might seem. more.


I'm going to echo most of the comments here which suggest that Natsu has no character development, wins fights in a ridiculous manner (after getting his ass whopped constantly) and seems to go through the entire show of using the same formula - Natsu saving the day. BORING.

The fact that he beats the bad guys yet Erza is still stronger than him makes no sense. It feels that the character is forced down us and a show like Fairy Tail would be better off on focussing on a number of different characters rather than just one or two main characters, the fact that Natsu is written so poorly doesn't help his situation either.

Everyone in Fairy Tail is supposed to be heroes. But really, most of them just care about their guild members, even if it costs the world. All this phony friendship saves the day, not common sense or logic. At times, it works but after overuse, it gets completely boring and pathetic. Whilst his semantics are cute, it seems as if all he cares about is his own interests. Even worse, there's always some loophole to excuse his stupidity and selfishness. - Cwawissa

To me Natsu, Lucy, and Happy are horrible main characters. The anime would be much better if they were better characters. The thing about bad main characters is, no matter what plot you put them into, it will be a disaster. To me, Natsu is the worst character in Fairy Tail.

He beats the big boss and no one else most of the time whilst everyone else does the hard tasks and yet he gets the glory? He gets ridiculous power-ups and because he spouts out some crap about friendship almost every time and his rivalries are now pointless because Mashima loves to spoon feed him all the power.

I hate this guy at least most main protagonists have to WORK to be able to win a fight, for example Goku unlocking Super Saiyan to beat Frieza is fair because the transformation puts strain on his body and could possibly kill him. But Natsu manages to win with the power of BS he puts no effort in and then he saves the day again! Did I mention how this guy has EXTREME inconsistency, for example A can't kill B, then A gets knocked out, then Natsu beats B,then afterwards Natsu will fight A only to lose. HOW DOES THAT WORK!? But the worst is how he never changes, he is always the same overpowered idiot at the start, and then by the end he is still the same annoying idiot! Seriously if you asked me for a cannon Gary Stu I would say this guy instantly!

Natsu actually never went through any character development actually. So I guess that's where he lacks the most

Oh hell no! I disagree completely! Natsu is the most loyal and caring character in Fairy Tail and he makes sure that no one will forget what Fairy Tail really is... This boy has been through a lot. Yeah he might forget some things that have happened before and it's just a part of his personality. Yes does like to fight in the guild but that's just how Fairy Tail is, and leaving pissy comments about how Natsu sucks is not going to make Hiro change Natsu or remove him completely from the series, because there isn't much of a Fairy Tail with out the lead characters

Natsu can get annoying at times and doesn't really have the traits to be a main protagonist. He can be very childish and blind at times. A big example is during the Thunder Legion arc, when his friends, are held hostage and forced to fight each other. He insists that fighting is more important than saving the lives of Lucy, Erza, Juvia, Levy, Cana, Bisca, and Mirajane, even when Makarov tells him that what's going on isn't a game. Being the main character is no excuse for you to be stupid.

I'm tired of being shoved nakama speeches down my throat every time I see him. What an annoying and boring character! He's one-dimensional, bland and does literally nothing to at least TRY to achieve his goal of finding Igneel. And way too overrated as well, he always has unfair convenient boosters and power-ups whenever he faces a strong enemy and is going to lose. - Goku02

Relax he is one of the main character. What bothers me is that Lucy, Happy, and Natsu have too much screen time but I'm not going to hate them. I'm just worried that Erza and Gray will never be shown again. I love the two as much as those three. I'll really cry if they let go of Erza. - ErzaScarlet

He wins each and every battles with nakama power. Goku, Ichigo, Naruto,… WORKED in order to be stronger, but Natsu never does ANYTHING on his own. In his fight against Jellal, Jellal only lost due to his previous injury inflicted by Erza, plus he was holding back his powers in order not to damage the Tower, AND Natsu just ate the floor ( Etherion ) and automatically become stronger tenfold without training at all? He used Jellal's power in his fight with Zero, then took all credits, not to mention achieving Dragon Force as well. Then he ate Laxus's lightnings, became a dual dragon slayer and became much stronger again, USING SOMEONE ELSE'S POWERS. He's annoying, bland and boring, if it wasn't for Zeref he would have been long dead. Everyone, esp. Zeref, keeps exaggerating Natsu's powers and trying to make him stronger, but to be honest there are mages with WAY more potential than this pink-haired kid. Jellal, for example, from a child not knowing anything about magic, became one of ...more - Goku02

LOL! You want a protagonist with character development? Not Natsu! I mean, I still like him, but he's too cliche! Otherwise, I'd say Kirito from Sword Art Online has more character development than Natsu! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I LOVE NATSU whats wrong with him carla is stupid sassy crappy poo natsu is cool funny and awesome

Wow, and people call Kirito from Sword Art Online a Gary Stu. At least there were LITERALLY 3 times where the game had to help him from Fairy Dance to Extra Edition to Calibur. Natsu basically has to have a nakama speech about friendship and bam!, he wins the fight! Sheesh, even Kirito is more well-written than Natsu, and that's saying something.

He's fine as a characters and all, but he hogs waaay to much screen time for my liking. Why is it that HE fights the big bad of almost every arch? Give Erza, Grey, Juvia, Jellal, or even Lucy some more moments in the spotlight!

He is a spotlight hog and he punched erza

He could be great but he's so controversial. One second he wants to save the world but the next he cares about his own interests. He beats up innocents from a generally cruel guild and then gets mad because one of them returns the favour to Lucyweak shrimp, not realising that he started the whole quarrel. *sigh*

Natsu is so annoying and so unrealistic. I like characters I can relate with not just an annoying power house.

He's okay I guess... But that speech he says every time about family and friends he does got so old to the point that it's annoying

Most annoying, one dimensional and boring character ever... how come people even love these extremely Horrible character

He is one of the worst main characters in anime I have ever seen. So bland and boring. He gets little to no development in the entire series.

He ruined everyone (even not the ones from fairy tail) who bears the dragonslayer title - Hoxton

He just wins too many fights. It really isn't that hard to lose one. Really. I want him to get tortured or something...

Why is he on here? Natsu is one of the main characters and is one of the reasons why Fairy Tail is popular people!

Bland, boring, repetitive. His brother Zeref is infinitely superior. - Goku02