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41 Lucy Dragneel

Lol someone needs to go do some math homework instead of this

How many Lucys are on this list...

Bruh her last name ain't even Dragneel tf

42 Panther Lily

I used to like Lily a lot more but now I like him a lot less and barely even notice him. He's just a cat that follows Happy and Carla around and says a few meaningless words, which is scared of lightning. I wish his character could be developed more because it's just going totally downhill

? What did Lily do?

Um... Why?!

Yeah, no Lily doesn't need to be on this list for MANY reasons.

Y'all are just hating on his sexiness.

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43 Flare

I didn't like that she cheated and made Lucy suffer. I didn't like her because she was mean to Lucy and manipulated her by threatening to kill Asuka if she fought back. She made her surrender. I was so mad. But then, we see her become a truly kind and gentle soul, who lived with giants. We learned more about her powers, her past, and I truly loved her after that. - PerfectlyPink1210

She cheated when she fought against Lucy! Lucy would've kicked her butt!

No one? No? Do I need to explain?

She's nice later

44 Gray

Why is Gray here?. He is an awesome character like Laxus and Erza. But still he can fight really cool. - admister300

Gray is awesome and he is really HOT, he's distant sometimes, but he does have a heart and he's kind and really good in a fight. Plus I like his ice magic it's really cool.

Gray is awesome! Why is he even on the list?!

Don't get me wrong, I love Gruvia but there's something that bugs me about Gray.

At the start of the series he annoyed me a lot. Maybe it's because he always had fights with Natsu. Now, in my eyes he isn't even a main character. He's just the idiotic minor character who is obsessed with killing E.N.D that he doesn't even care he's trying to kill Natsu.

And what did E.N.D. do to Gray anyway? Deliora died, Natsu has nothing to do with it, MOVE ON ALREADY! If anyone, he should be killing Zeref (Not that he should because I love Zeref). - Bessy

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45 Mirajane

She beat Freed, Jenny, and TOOK OVER SEILAH.

Mira is amazing.

Mira is awesome!

Lelelelel bad hairstyle lololololo plus satan soiul sucks

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46 Yukino Agria

I really like her-- I don't see why she is on this list. - Eva-san

47 Toby Horhorta

Need I say more?

Funnier than Juvia

48 Zoldeo Zoldeo V 1 Comment
49 Zero

The design was laughable making me unable to see him as an actual threat

50 Michelle V 2 Comments
51 Sting Eucliffe Sting Eucliffe

STING IS AMAZING. HE SHOULD NOT BE HERE! (At least Rouge isn't on here. I mean Future Rouge is, but he doesn't count.)

I hate him so much he laugh when Minerva hit lucy and when yokino strip naked in front of the members he didn't wraps his head like rogue

Sting is fabulous! He seems bad at first but he becomes a really good character! He's my favorite!

he's a hoe

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52 Leo/Loke

Cool skills, annoying character. Great at first, but after went down on my like list. Constantly appears on screen to flirt with almost every girl he meets. It gets old.

When future lucy died he didn't do anything didn't cry didn't feel sad or shock like natsu even though lucy Risking her life To make him return to the selectia spirit world and when natsu tell lucy to ran away he grab her hand and ran away he didn't get mad I just hate this womanizer

Don't get your panties in a knot. I just kind of hate him

Why is he here?! He is reliable! And amourous!

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53 Bickslow
54 Nab Lasaro
55 Laki Olietta
56 Reedus Jonah V 1 Comment
57 Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi

She started off as a cool swordswoman and the scariest enemy in the Tournament Arc, but her character was changed to a dorky girl who is shipped with Erza and gives her this desire to have a sister to love and bond with. She has never been cool ever since.

I don't like Kagura, but she's not the worst. - Goku02

She said wants to kill my cinnamon bun, Jellal.

I don't like how she has SOOO much hatred toward Jellal, I mean its okay but she went OVERBOARD. Plus jellal is my little cupcake

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58 Ultear Milkovich Ultear Milkovich

Ultear was bad at first but was misunderstood thinking that her mother forgot about her but eventually she regrets everything. She's one of my op favorite but that picture of her isn't her current look by the way

They forgiven her way too quickly but I don't mind ultear now.

She shouldn't be within five miles of this list


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59 Makarov

Why... Why Makarov? He can be prevy buy that is a flaw of his. And also another flaw is being irresponsible with his drinking.. But that what makes him funny! What you want a boring old hag as a Master?

When he was drunk in the Phantom Lord Arc and he "spanked" Lucy. Only thing I hate.

Yeah the drunk thing. I second that.

60 Gajeel

WHY IS GAJEEL ON HERE?! He's one of the best dragon slayers next to Natsu and Sting. And his character development is one of the best on the show. There's nothing to hate about him.

Gajeel is just one of the people not afraid of Erza there's Mirajane too!

Who put Gajeel on here?!

For starters he attacked Levy! Next he betrays FairyTail, He eats iron, I mean who knows where its been. And he was part of Phantom Lord when they attacked FairyTail. Come on who wouldent hate them for that. (We know it was his idea) 'wink wink' And he has a rivlery ith Natsu. that's Grays job. So that's just not okay. (Sure there both Dragon slayers but still. Natsu wwill always win) And most importantly, He's not afraid of Erza Scarlet. Whos not afraid of Erza. Um...Gajeel.

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