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61 Laxus Laxus

Well... first, he attacks his own friends and not to mention his own grandfather! I mean how rude is that? (Very) secondly he lets his own team mates die! I mean this doesn't actually happen, but we all know he would 'wink wink' thirdly, he is made of lightning! Only Juvia is allowed to be made of her magic element. He fed natsu lightning! (What kind of evil monster would attempt to hurt my poor honey bunch). If he even tried to lay a finger on me I would smack the living daylights out of him. He doesn't like any fairy tail girls, I mean what kind of sick guy is this? Then, of course the headphones, how could we forget? He is so anti-social! Plus the headphones cold take an eye out! Need I say more? Good because my fingers are tired, glad we agree! OR YOU'D BE SOUP.

Laxus is bad during the first half of the show but his bad behaviour becomes good behaviour later on. He is actually a good person that was misunderstood just like Zeref.

Yeah, he was kind of an ass earlier in the anime, but he becomes a nice guy. He's also one of the strpngest wizards in the guild.

Okay seriously, I voted on this, because I don't get how people can still drag old mistakes after the guy. Yeah, I can't deny it, he messed up once! Still, that is no excuse for still hating on him for mistakes he made in his first cameo! He learned from his mistakes, genuinly cares about his guild, he fed Natsu his power so the revenge for Markarov could be taken by an actual member of the guild rather than a banished former member. He hasn't even forgiven himself for the Fantasia and doesn't believe he deserved to be reinstated as a member, including the fact that he probably wonders how his guildmates INCLUDING THE THUNDERLEGION can even stand to be around him.
Even his attempt to take over the guild was born out of a weird way of caring about them. Since he was always belittled by his father, it was only natural for him to hate how pathetic Fairy Tail was made out to be in Sorcerer Weekly. He wanted to make his guildmates stronger so they'd be respected rather than ridiculed. ...more

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62 Minerva
63 Jackal

I don't like him.. I HATE HIM! But highfive with blowing up Lamy bro!

64 Ivan
65 Jose
66 Aria
67 Jet
68 Droy
69 Max Aloze
70 Warren Rocko
71 Vijeeter Ecor
72 Brandish
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