Worst Fairy Tail Couples

What is the couple you hate in Fairy Tail? Sadly I have to put every couple even the semi canon couples.

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1 Juvia and Gray Juvia and Gray

I think they better off as friends

Juvia is an obsessed stalker who only has eyes for Gray, who doesn't even like her.

Gray is a stripper
Juvia is a stalker
There better as friends and partners

I hate it please kill it. She is a stalker.

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2 Jellal and Kagura Jellal and Kagura

I hate this ships more then anything! I hate that picture as well! Why the heck did hiro do this?! Kagura just kisses Jellal while he's out?! She looks like a disgusting kisser anyways! I hope the anime turns out different!

This ship suck D.

I feel like correct grammar is no longer important.

FYI this is not a kiss. kagura is rescuing jellal after being thrown into the water unconcious and drowning. - reaperam

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3 Natsu and Lucy Natsu and Lucy

They are so adorable together and perfect!
I know the fans ruin it, but come just get over it they're meant for each other!

It's the fans that make you want to hate them, not the ship itself.

I use to ship them but stopped because of the fans. I don't hate it though. I just get annoyed for a little bit then get over it. - BraveCrumb

The ship itself is bland as hell and the nalutards who worship this ship like god make it even worse

Cliche and boring. - Whatever28

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4 Natsu and Wendy Natsu and Wendy


It's the age gap. Wendy is too little, and Natsu is too old for her. Their relationship is just like brother/sister. Wendy has said to Sherria/Cheria that she loves Natsu like an older brother...

5 Freed and Laxus Freed and Laxus


I don't like this because I don't like Gruvia

I hate yaoi. - Goku02

6 Natsu and Erza Natsu and Erza

They're like elder sister and little brother. No romance at all. - Goku02

They are just like sister and brother Erza obviously love Jellal - akanichan

This is also a great couple.

7 Bickslow and Lisanna Bickslow and Lisanna

I hate this ship so much they are not even talk to each other - akanichan

People only ship this because of Elfman and Evergreen or Mira with Laxus or Freed.

I'm reading the comments. My reaction: Ouch...I thought they talked to each other before! Huh? - BraveCrumb

It just doesn't make sense to me. I prefer Nali.

8 Loke and Lucy Loke and Lucy

He is playboy nothing more nothing less - akanichan

9 Mirajane and Laxus Mirajane and Laxus

Never shown any affection or had a moment, Horrible ship - DiahAlaydrus

What is the most badass pairing doing here?

It makes no yet yet I still kinda ship it. Not sure why

10 Wendy and Romeo Wendy and Romeo


They are the greatest couples like the reason I like this is that, because there so cute togeather and there both 11 so... sorry I love them

Most heteronormative thing ever.

They're just kids! - Goku02

Who cares if they are kids? Wendy is 13 by the why. I thought it is cute if kids date each other! - BraveCrumb

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11 Gray and Erza

No.. Just stop please

Would be so damn weird

A pretty popular fanon couple. But like in NatZa's case, Gray and Erza are like younger brother and elder sister! No romance at all! Plus, Erza apparently loves Jellal so what's more to say... - Goku02

Someone in the Gray and Juvia non shipping article just said this would be better and have a better chemistry?!? really natsu erza and gray are like siblings I can't ship that...

12 Cana and Laxus Cana and Laxus

I don’t really ship this. Cana is extremely weak and laxus is an s class wizard.


13 Wendy and Doranbolt Wendy and Doranbolt

This ship scares me. Wendy is a precious, innocent little cinnamon roll and then we have this old dude here who messes everything up later in the show. No! Mest is a pedophile! Also, remember that one scene where Wendy was wearing a swimsuit, he looked at her and he BLUSHED! NO THANKS! And then the other scene where Erza was turned into a little kid and started imaging Jellal saying, "Sorry, I'm not into little girls.". Mest shows up after hearing him talking about liking little girls! Wendy is great and he is like 20 years older than him! NEVER, WENDY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! - RandomPro0724

I don't like his face though...And after what he did? The age gap too...Everything goes wrong with this - NicoleBaeB

It's the age gap again people. - ErzaScarlet

The age guys. That makes this ship so creepy. WENDY WITH A RANDOM CREEPY OLD GUY(He's not really random but whatever) - TeresaIsRandom

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14 Sting and Lucy

I don't know why people ship it they have no connection what so ever but they are kind of good for each other!

Really like what the hell? You don't just ship everyone with everyone. Did Lucy ever interact Sting? All she ever did things was with Fairy Tail and mostly Natsu (or Erza and Gray). Just because they're both blondies ( like Flare says something like 'kimpatsu'? Don't remember) doesn't mean that they're shippables.

WHAT THE FUDGE, LIKE NOOO! No where in Fairy Tail have they had a moment. Have they even had a normal conversation with each other? - NicoleBaeB

I don't understand why this is a thing. I think some of the Fairy Tail fans simply ship Lucy with everyone! Literally almost every character! And this is one of those ships that I just cringe over with. One of the most impacting things that make this 'ship' a super bad thing starts of with Sting laughing and seeming to enjoy the torture Minerva was giving Lucy. Enough said.

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15 Lyon and Shelia

I only ship this because if Lyon gets with Shelia (Or anyone else) He can back up and stop tryna sink the Gruvia ship... - NicoleBaeB

Lyon Shelia are amazing characters lyon-juvia and Shelia is my favorite character this ship makes me want to be sick I now want to see the best ships with lyon-juvia

Horrible idea who would ship this


16 Lucy and Igneel

I'm about to cry because I'm getting so frustrated. First it Lucy with Gray, then Lucy with sting, some people are even like Lucy and Lisanna...But like how on earth do you get THIS? why? How? Next its gonna be like Lucy with a rock..Or Lucy with Deliora...OR LUCY WITH HER FATHER! - NicoleBaeB

Why the heck is this even here?


LUCY WITH NATSU'S ADOPTIVE FATHER? This is getting really weird. - TeresaIsRandom

17 Mavis and Zeref

They got married so...

18 Frosch and Rogue

Saw this once, made me puke.

Frosch is a cat in a frog suit Rouge is a emo guy how the hel* is this even a ship

19 Ichiya and Erza

I hate this ship but I think it's HILARIOUS - TeresaIsRandom

20 Gildarts and Cana

just no

I feel like the person who made this list was like ordered to put more ships in so he came up with the most disgusting and irrelevant one's. - NicoleBaeB

I've got nothing to say but, IT'S HER OWN DAD! This is gross. - TeresaIsRandom

Nonexistent and gross. - Tia-Harribel

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21 Sting and Yukino Sting and Yukino

I seriousely don't like it. For me, it's Rogue and Yukino.

I HATE this ship!


22 Happy and Carla
23 Eve and Wendy

This ship was fine before the time skip, but now there's too much of an age difference. Even though it was cute at first, It's a little too creepy...


24 Erza and Cake

I have to admit this is a good joke ship though

Erza loves cake but why is this even real

25 Mirajane and Makarov


26 Acnalogia and Zeref
27 Rogue and Minerva
28 Gray and Lucy Gray and Lucy

No just no

My friend ships graylu and her reason is that they fight together.
Gray and Juvia fight together. Gray and Juvia have a dynamic this should be #1.
Juvia is so loyal to Gray. Lucy and Gray are just a brotp get over it

I like this ship better than Natsu x Lucy if I'm going to be honest :3

I hate this ship so much. I it should die. HATE IT!

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29 Sting and Rogue

Honestly they are like brothers

30 Hibiki and Jenny

Hibki hits on way to many girls end of story.

31 Laxus and Happy


32 Gajeel and Lisanna
33 Gray and Natsu

Gratsu needs to be canon - RandomPro0724

34 Max and Broom

Needs to be canon! Wait... It already is! - RandomPro0724

35 Jellal and Erza Jellal and Erza

So much is wrong with this pairing, especially after poor Simon's fate. Should've swapped Jellal with Simon and then things would have been a little better, as Jellal only grinded Erza's character development to a halt with still being alive after his villain role was resolved with a crap retcon.

Worst fairy tail ship ever...

This ship has the least romatic moments. People say that jerza forever. I don't know why people say that. This one of the history's overrated ships. Erza and jellal, both are overrated and their ship is also overrated.

Both of them are cool, awesome and powerful and their story is tragic, heartbreaking and great! - Goku02

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36 Natsu and Lisanna Natsu and Lisanna

Lasagna deserves to be dead.

Sometimes the "shippers" make it worse for the couple. Natsu and Lisanna is no more, they haven't even interacted anymore after Lisanna came back from Edolas. They're only close when they were kids, Natsu is even closer to Lucy now and Lisanna doesn't even mind if it's going to be her with Natsu or Lucy with Natsu... So stop the "shipping" stuff and just let Hiro Mashima decide... It's okay to ship characters, but don't make it a fight...

I hate this ship - ThatEmoLoner

I did not hate this ship as much as I do now Nali fans make me hate it so much like when they are go and Spread rumors that Natsu Promise Lisanna that he will marry her and how they are say Mashima is Coward because he will not make Nali happen I just hate Nali fans even some Nalu fan are worst why they can just admit it that Natsu and Lisanna are not have interact anymore? Why people can not Leave the past and live the future things are changing and if this will be hard on the Iisanna should have to accept it and not just continue to say, they have cute childhood please? - akanichan

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37 Gajeel and Levy Gajeel and Levy

The sweet thing about this is that Levy forgave Gajeel. And after that Gajeel tried so hard to be a better person. GaLe is Life!

I kind of agree with Crucifixion because I mean, look when they first encountered each other, and now their just like shipped all the time with people in love with the ship. Smh.

Crucifixion... Enough said...

If you’ve read the manga you’d probably have a different opinion on this ship, they are canon so. Too bad for the haters, GaLe for lif yasss

38 Panther Lily and Carla Panther Lily and Carla

I never liked this couple. I ship them as brother and sister, but not as a couple. They never showed any romantic relationship. Plus, Pantherlily is much older then Carla. They have a huge age gap. Carla was born when Wendy was little, while Pantherlily was shown as an adult when Mystogan was still a child.

Happy and Carla, on the other paw, have a lot of romantic moments which is why I ship them instead.

39 Lisanna and Laxus

This one should be on the list its just the characters have no connection to each other that there would be never be something between them

40 Eve and Wendy

Why do people ship this? It would have been OK before the time skip but now...

41 Natsu and Zeref

This needs to be canon! - RandomPro0724

YES this is a ship. I just think that it's wrong in every way. Seriously. What has this world come to?

Zeref is Natsu's brother! This is also just gross. - TeresaIsRandom

Are you serious? 1, it's incest. 2, Zeref's DEAD.

42 Zeref and Death

This makes sorta sense and is hilarious!

This ship actually KIND OF makes sense - TeresaIsRandom

43 Miliana and Sting

Why...just...WHY. I know that she found lector and all but...just not meant to be

44 Lucy and Laxus

I don't know why people even ship them they never even had a moment together or talked to each other Lucy is literally shipped with everyone and I just hate Lucy

45 Juvia and Natsu

I hate how this is like a yin yang stereotype thing and how juvia uses water magic and natsu is a fire dragon slayer but this just cannot be. I mean, to start off they never had much alone time or a time to really get to know each other. Besides, juvia is in love with gray and now one else. I cannot even recall and conversation between the two of them. Enough said.

46 Lucy and Freed
47 Lucy and Gildarts

Love this! - RandomPro0724

48 Yukino and Angel

Love this! - RandomPro0724

49 Wendy and Jellal

To be honest I don't know why this ship is a thing I mean the age gap is SO FRIGGEN NOTICIBLE and also wendy is just a child

50 Leo and Aries
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