Worst Fairy Tail Couples

What is the couple you hate in Fairy Tail? Sadly I have to put every couple even the semi canon couples.

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1 Juvia and Gray Juvia and Gray

Juvia is an obsessed stalker who only has eyes for Gray, who doesn't even like her.

Bland and boring. - Goku02

I can't stand this couple.

He doesn't even like her, she forces herself onto him. This is probably the worst ship in Fairy Tail.

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2 Jellal and Kagura Jellal and Kagura

This ship suck D.

The only people that say this and bash the ship is butt hurt Jerza fangirls.

, who the hell did this!? D,: (TRAUMA)

Jerza for life

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3 Natsu and Wendy Natsu and Wendy

It's the age gap. Wendy is too little, and Natsu is too old for her. Their relationship is just like brother/sister. Wendy has said to Sherria/Cheria that she loves Natsu like an older brother...

4 Natsu and Lucy Natsu and Lucy

It's the fans that make you want to hate them, not the ship itself.

I use to ship them but stopped because of the fans. I don't hate it though. I just get annoyed for a little bit then get over it. - BraveCrumb

So typical. Just pure overrated. - Goku02

This is the worst couple ever and also the English voice actors make me hate it more - Hoxton

I don't hate it but it's the fans fault. But not every nalu shpiper is like that. (My best friend for example) - BraveCrumb

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5 Freed and Laxus Freed and Laxus

I don't like this because I don't like Gruvia

I hate yaoi. - Goku02

6 Natsu and Erza Natsu and Erza

They're like elder sister and little brother. No romance at all. - Goku02

They are just like sister and brother Erza obviously love Jellal - akanichan

This is also a great couple.

7 Bickslow and Lisanna Bickslow and Lisanna

I hate this ship so much they are not even talk to each other - akanichan

I'm reading the comments. My reaction: Ouch...I thought they talked to each other before! Huh? - BraveCrumb

People only ship this because of Elfman and Evergreen or Mira with Laxus or Freed.

It just doesn't make sense to me. I prefer Nali.

8 Loke and Lucy Loke and Lucy

He is playboy nothing more nothing less - akanichan

9 Mirajane and Laxus Mirajane and Laxus

It makes no yet yet I still kinda ship it. Not sure why

What is the most badass pairing doing here?

10 Cana and Laxus Cana and Laxus


The Contenders

11 Wendy and Romeo Wendy and Romeo

They're just kids! - Goku02

Who cares if they are kids? Wendy is 13 by the why. I thought it is cute if kids date each other! - BraveCrumb

They're only kids. - SkyDragon27

12 Gray and Erza

A pretty popular fanon couple. But like in NatZa's case, Gray and Erza are like younger brother and elder sister! No romance at all! Plus, Erza apparently loves Jellal so what's more to say... - Goku02

Someone in the Gray and Juvia non shipping article just said this would be better and have a better chemistry?!? really natsu erza and gray are like siblings I can't ship that...

13 Sting and Lucy

I don't understand why this is a thing. I think some of the Fairy Tail fans simply ship Lucy with everyone! Literally almost every character! And this is one of those ships that I just cringe over with. One of the most impacting things that make this 'ship' a super bad thing starts of with Sting laughing and seeming to enjoy the torture Minerva was giving Lucy. Enough said.

I bet it's because they have blonde hair... - BraveCrumb

14 Wendy and Doranbolt Wendy and Doranbolt

It's the age gap again people. - ErzaScarlet

15 Lyon and Shelia

Lyon Shelia are amazing characters lyon-juvia and Shelia is my favorite character this ship makes me want to be sick I now want to see the best ships with lyon-juvia

Horrible idea who would ship this

16 Frosch and Rogue

Saw this once, made me puke.

17 Sting and Yukino Sting and Yukino

I seriousely don't like it. For me, it's Rogue and Yukino.

I HATE this ship!


18 Eve and Wendy

This ship was fine before the time skip, but now there's too much of an age difference. Even though it was cute at first, It's a little too creepy...

19 Lucy and Igneel

Why the heck is this even here?

20 Jellal and Erza Jellal and Erza

Both of them are cool, awesome and powerful and their story is tragic, heartbreaking and great! - Goku02

Best couple ever. They're both so powerful, badass and charismatic. I love them. - Goku02

Jellal was a great bad guy, now he neglects Erza because he can't seem to find the courage to fend of rune knights. Their relationship lost any traction it had when he threw her out of the TOH and then tried to kill her.

The chemistry is gone, nothing more than whispers of what could have been. The sad thing is was that Grayza was getting more popular by the day before Juvia was projectile vomited onto the show... Then Mashima made this piece of underdeveloped crap.


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