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21 Natsu and Lisanna Natsu and Lisanna

Sometimes the "shippers" make it worse for the couple. Natsu and Lisanna is no more, they haven't even interacted anymore after Lisanna came back from Edolas. They're only close when they were kids, Natsu is even closer to Lucy now and Lisanna doesn't even mind if it's going to be her with Natsu or Lucy with Natsu... So stop the "shipping" stuff and just let Hiro Mashima decide... It's okay to ship characters, but don't make it a fight...

I hate this ship - ThatEmoLoner

I did not hate this ship as much as I do now Nali fans make me hate it so much like when they are go and Spread rumors that Natsu Promise Lisanna that he will marry her and how they are say Mashima is Coward because he will not make Nali happen I just hate Nali fans even some Nalu fan are worst why they can just admit it that Natsu and Lisanna are not have interact anymore? Why people can not Leave the past and live the future things are changing and if this will be hard on the Iisanna should have to accept it and not just continue to say, they have cute childhood please? - akanichan

22 Gray and Lucy Gray and Lucy

I hate this ship so much. I it should die. HATE IT!

Always love it.

Not as bad as GrayxJuvia, it has appeal.

23 Gajeel and Levy Gajeel and Levy

Crucifixion... Enough said...

24 Panther Lily and Carla Panther Lily and Carla

I never liked this couple. I ship them as brother and sister, but not as a couple. They never showed any romantic relationship. Plus, Pantherlily is much older then Carla. They have a huge age gap. Carla was born when Wendy was little, while Pantherlily was shown as an adult when Mystogan was still a child.

Happy and Carla, on the other paw, have a lot of romantic moments which is why I ship them instead.

25 Mavis and Zeref
26 Lisanna and Laxus

This one should be on the list its just the characters have no connection to each other that there would be never be something between them

27 Eve and Wendy

Why do people ship this? It would have been OK before the time skip but now...

28 Ichiya and Erza
29 Gildarts and Cana

I prefer proper relationships... gross

Nonexistent and gross. - Tia-Harribel

THAT'S HER DAD - BraveCrumb

30 Natsu and Zeref

YES this is a ship. I just think that it's wrong in every way. Seriously. What has this world come to?

Are you serious? 1, it's incest. 2, Zeref's DEAD.

31 Zeref and Death
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