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1 Young and Menace

I feel like making this song the lead single was worse than the actual song. I mean if you want to get really experimental on a track, whatever. If it's a deep cut on the album, I don't think that anyone would really care much. People who love it will love it. People who hate it will just skip it. But as the lead single? Really? Lead singles are really important in the history of a band and will pretty much always be remembered by the fans, for better or for worse. It was definitely for worse in this case. Personally, I think it's pretty grating on the ears, but some people detest this song to a degree I haven't seen in FOB before. If only they had lead with The Last of the Real Ones, if they even had that song written back then.

I miss old fall out boy, I miss when patrick didn't lay on so much autotune that I couldn't' even tell it was the same person when comparing to their old stuff, and I miss when you could actually hear pete's base. I miss when this was a legendary band, but when I hear the chorus of this song it makes me want to cry. I think they sound so painstakingly different now that I consider them two completely different bands. Bring back the fall out boy I know and love. - A disappointed fan

The song is too pop and not enough rock


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2 Jet Pack Blues

What the hell? How could a song this beautiful be #1 on the worst list? And why is it that almost everything on here is from American Beauty/American Psycho? This is NOT a bad album. I honestly like it more than Take This to Your Grave. Fight me!

This list is a pretty obvious diss against FOB's post hiatus style. Only Dance, Dance and Thriller come from previous albums. I bet they were not even originally included. I mean if you're going to bother to make a list like this, at least don't be blatantly biased about it. Given that, nobody is going to take this list seriously. It essentially just says "Okay, lets all line up to kick SR&R and AB/AP" (which were not bad albums, I'd argue that FOB has never made an album that is strictly bad)

What the hell? Dude this song is a beautiful work of art. I know dramatic but come on! just because you don't like post hiatus albums doesn't mean you have to take your pathetic opinion and try to slam Fall Out Boy. They already got hate about Folie which was also an amazing album. If you want to spend your time hating on these songs then I would really like to see you do it better.

HOW THE FRICK IS THIS NUMBER 2!? Sure this song is on AB/AP (which is an overhated album in my opinion) but seriously? This song is beautiful and well-written, not to mention one of my favorite FOB songs. I will personally fight whoever added this to the list.

3 Novocaine

What why this was actually a rlly good song to me...

Lmao this one was just bad haha

4 Favourite Record
5 Fourth Of July
6 Immortals

Immortals is kinda boring compared to some other songs

I actually like this song. It's not that bad. - LapisBob

7 Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid)

Please tell me why uma thurman is above this - VideoGamefan5

Although I'm not a big fan of Fall Out Boy I can see why people like their albums however this song/cover is horrible it not only ruins a classic song from a classic 80's movie it has horrible lyrics added to the song the preformance is bad and overalll screw this track and the movie its from - christangrant

8 Dance, Dance

Who put dis song on here
Whoever did this explain why it is so bad then?


9 Champion

Yeah this song is terrible and the lyrics are just lazy and generic. "I'm a champion, I got people who don't believe in champions, I got nothing but dreams inside" just awful.

This song is a lazy excuse for a song. Patrick’s voice is overcast by the poor musical backing. The vocals are clearly edited and choppy. The lyrics were cleary a spur-of-the-moment, lethargic attempt at a radio hit.

This song appears to resonate with the scene of kids who already have music. This song is for the mainstream-the kids with hope to hold on, brought through the radio. Those kids already have music. This song shouldn’t have been an attempt at those kids attention. All of us who are lost, and looking for light in music, are unable to attach to this song. We fell in love with lines like “I’m good to go, but it looks like I’m still on my own.” They were a bridge to hope, at least they were. All those remains are gone. This song isn’t for the kids who didn’t make it, which is quite frankly why I hate it. It completely disembodies everything Fall Out Boy stands for.

This song is proof that the scene is dying. It breaks my heart, but punk is dying. ...more

10 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)

And now the arms race between Panic at the Disco! and Fall out Boy for the longest song title has begun.

Makes absolutly no god damn sense

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11 Miss Missing You

I don't like it


12 Thriller
13 Sunshine Riptide
14 Uma Thurman

Why? This song wasn't that bad. - LapisBob

15 Hold Me Tight or Don't Hold Me Tight or Don't

Way too poppy,
probably sang by a Fall Out Boy SKRULL. - wriddhak

16 Save Rock and Roll
17 The Kids Aren't Alright


18 The Mighty Fall
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