Worst Fall Out Boy Songs


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1 Jet Pack Blues

What the hell? How could a song this beautiful be #1 on the worst list? And why is it that almost everything on here is from American Beauty/American Psycho? This is NOT a bad album. I honestly like it more than Take This to Your Grave. Fight me!

2 Novocaine
3 Fourth Of July
4 Favourite Record
5 Immortals

Immortals is kinda boring compared to some other songs

I actually like this song. It's not that bad. - LapisBob

6 Young and Menace

Why isn't this #1? - railfan99

7 Dance, Dance
8 Thriller
9 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)

And now the arms race between Panic at the Disco! and Fall out Boy for the longest song title has begun. - SteelCity99

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10 Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid) - Fall Out Boy

Please tell me why uma thurman is above this - VideoGamefan5

Although I'm not a big fan of Fall Out Boy I can see why people like their albums however this song/cover is horrible it not only ruins a classic song from a classic 80's movie it has horrible lyrics added to the song the preformance is bad and overalll screw this track and the movie its from - christangrant

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11 Uma Thurman

Why? This song wasn't that bad. - LapisBob

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