Top Ten Worst Fallout 4 Characters

Fallout 4 is my favorite video game ever! Ever since the day it was released in 2015 I've absolutely loved it. I mostly have a good experience with the characters in Fallout 4, but sometimes there are people that are so annoying. Which is your least favorite character in Fallout 4?

The Top Ten

1 Strong Strong

I had to put Strong first. Here's Why, one time when I had Strong as my companion I went to Sanctuary Hills, and while I was there for no reason Strong started shooting the villagers. And by the way there's no such thing a the Milk of Human Kindness. - TheHabsFan

2 Father Father

This character is too dogmatic in his way of thinking, is it me or against us? I have the impression that he doesn't think for himself... And we have no chance of changing his mind. All he cares about is his institute and he takes his parents for laboratory samples.

Some people might not think he's bad, but I personally think that he's a liar and a phony. I'm so happy I took the path to nuke him and his corrupt Insitute. - TheHabsFan

3 Mama Murphy Mama Murphy

Mama Murphy is so annoying. Her and her stupid drugs, I'm not feeding that dirty habit. Then she gets mad at me for not giving her any drugs. Then she'll keep on asking forever! - TheHabsFan

4 Piper Piper

Her introduction scene is one of my least favorite parts of Fallout 4. Piper is so sassy and annoying, I had her as my companion for such a short period plainly because she's not that useful and really annoying. - TheHabsFan

Well, she is my favorite character. However, her being on her is understandable. - RandomThings

5 Bobbi Bobbi

I really liked her introduction scene. Walking through a back alley, then all of a sudden there's Bobbi talking to you. But then from there it gets worse and worse. She just uses you to dig holes for her so she can hopefully get rich. - TheHabsFan

6 Paladin Danse Paladin Danse

I know there will be people that like Paladin Danse, but I can't. He acts like he's the king of the world, when in reality I could kill him at any moment. So shut your trap Paladin! - TheHabsFan

7 John Hancock John Hancock

I used to really like Hancock, but the other day I was thinking; all Hancock cares about is himself. He's just a greedy selfish jerk in my opinion. - TheHabsFan

8 Cricket Cricket

Another druggie that sells a bunch of crap. The one time I went to trade with her I found absolutely nothing good. - TheHabsFan

9 P.A.M. P.A.M.

I just got so tired of her complicated dialogue. So much time just waiting for her to end her sentences. I was so glad when they were over! - TheHabsFan

10 Preston Garvey Preston Garvey

Garvey I cleared out that super mutant camp, but know an army of super mutants are heading straight for sanctuary!
"That's great news. By the way, another settlement needs help, ill mark it on your map."

When I had Garvey as my companion he would complain at everything that I did, even if it wasn't bad. So that's why I put him in 10th. - TheHabsFan

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