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1 Lois Griffin Lois Griffin Lois Patrice Griffin is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Family Guy.

This moron ruins show all times. She cheated her husband lots of time. But when peter do same thing she become angry about it. Please let Stewie kill Lois. I hate her. By the way Meg is not worst character. She is just a normal girl within incredible stupid, immoral and cruel family.

Lois Griffin is the progressively becoming the worst character in Family Guy, and the reason for that is for how she passive-aggressively mistreats and neglects her own daughter, Meg.

Meg Griffin for some reason has always been portrayed as the "villain" of the show and I don't see why Family Guy makes her seem so unfavorable. She may have had some shortcomings, but she hasn't done anything wrong to anyone, yet she has to always take the blame for it. Meg already feels like garbage, but Lois somehow has a nerve to treat her garbage and making her life more miserable as the show progresses. She's a mother, and her job is to nurture and love her children unconditionally. She should be the first person that Meg can turn to, but unfortunately she can't. Somehow I think that she encourages or indicates hatred for Meg even more than anyone else does. For example, there was this episode where she reminded Peter that she's nothing and garbage.
I would say that Peter Griffin is worse ...more

Lois Griffin just gets on my nerves nowadays. Now in the newer episodes she just always has to make a remark or be a smartass.

Honestly, why does she always have to treat Meg so badly? That's her daughter for gods sake and all she has ever done is mistreat her so badly and even emotionally abuse her. Like, Meg isn't even all that bad and yet Lois has the nerve to constantly always be on Peter's side whenever he is abusing his child or when she is verbally or emotionally abusing Meg, everyone else in the family doesn't say anything and acts like it's a normal thing for them to witness. Is she jealous of men, jealous that Peter doesn't give her any sexual needs when Meg has found various boys and went out on a date with them and actually was happy for a short period of time. But how about in the episode where she kissed Meg's boyfriend and she blamed Peter for making her kiss that boy. FIRST OF ALL, that boy is 16-17, and she just committed a pedophile crime, yet she has the ...more - IAmShook

Lois is whiny dumbass. Meg isn't THAT bad. Lois makes fun of everyone and meanwhile she married Peter Griffin. Her voice is so whiny and she gets whatever she wants. The only time Lois is actually pretty is on "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell" she is overrated and still continues to live from Stewie's attacks. She curses way too much! She thinks Meg and Brian date weird people when she's just as dumb as Peter. (But Peter is funny)

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2 Brian Griffin Brian Griffin Brian H. Griffin, popularly known without his middle initial as Brian Griffin, is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy.

Brian is an arrogant, self-absorbed, angered, no adjective to describe, mongrel...
1. He's always pointing fingers at every girl that is not single, They even made an episode which shows ALL of his past girlfriends, OH MY GOD!
2. He is an absolute episode hog, Sure, so is Stewie, but at least HE is entertaining even 14 years later, Most of them are just him pointing fingers.

AND THAT'S THE THING! Pointing fingers, pointing fingers, Pointing fingers blah blah blah, He always points his fingers while making an angry D:< face

3. He forces atheism into EVERYONE! He even told Meg to turn away from God, One thing, IT'S MEG'S BELIEFS, Yet Meg is #1 on the list, YET BECAUSE EVERYONE ON THE SHOW HATES HER

That explains why Brian is #2 of the worst characters of Family Guy

He used to be the funny, mature, and sarcastic voice of reason to the Griffin family. Now he's a hypocritical, douchy atheist, overly-liberal, douchebag who is a terrible writer, yet thinks he is the male version of J. K Rowling, and the Shakespeare of this generation. WELL GUESS WHAT BITCH, YOU FAILED COLLEGE TWICE! Also, keep in mind, he constantly hits on Lois. He is just a sad, anthropomorphic, alcoholic, drug addicted BORE. I love Quagmire for despising him. And also, he claims he dates women for their souls, even though he only dates bimbos. I hate Seth McFarlane. I hope he, along with Brian, falls into the ocean, gets raped by shark, and then gets eaten by it. And then after that, I hope he, along with Brian, gets raped by Satan, and then is forced to join a hellish version of the LRA which is ruled by Satan. - williamrozario

Out of everyone of the main and recurring cast of Family Guy, Brian Griffin is hands down, without a doubt, the single most terrible character in the series. Brian Griffin is an annoying, stuck up, selfish, egotistical, sexist douchebag who sees himself as some sort of brilliant mind with deep, profound thoughts, when really, he's just a regular ass who abuses women and takes his family for granted. There are times when Peter, Lois, and Stewie do horrible things that are inexcusable and wrong, but I'm still able to like those characters, because they admit to their wrongdoings and make sure that they clean up their acts and at least try to change things for the better. Brian on the other hand, doesn't take responsibility for his actions and just acts like a complete stupid ass every time he does something wrong. I honestly, for the life of me, can't remember one time when Brian even tried to do something to justify his actions. So, it's official that at least out of the major cast of ...more

He's the biggest hypocrite out of them all. He makes super long rants about people and their shortcomings. He gives the most terrible ones to Meg who has done nothing. After his big lecture he goes out and drinks with human woman and his sex with them. How is it okay to have an animal have sex with a human? He can drink lots of alcohol till he passes out buy yet he gets very sick or dies from eating too much chocolate. The only weird thing that hasn't been explained is why a wagon suddenly appeared and he chases after it till it disappears underneath the kitchen sink.

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3 Glenn Quagmire Glenn Quagmire Glenn Quagmire, often referred to as just Quagmire, is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

The fact that Glenn Quagmire is not #1 on this list, disturbs me. How could anyone possibly condone what this CREATURE is and what he does? I am sorry, but there is no justification for him at all. Even in the episodes that are centered around him just feel SO phony because it's just putting him in a "good" position in a bad situation to manipulate how we feel about him; like the episode where his sister is being abused or when he discovers he has a newborn daughter.

Why should he be hated? He's a Rapist.. That alone should knock him to the top of the list. He's a Kidnapper - even admitting to keep a woman tied up in his basement and starving her. He's a Necrophile - he has more than once shown to have desires to have sex with dead women. He's probably a Zoophile. He respects NO personal boundaries; to the point of knocking women unconscious, drugging them and having their way with them.

But the absolute WORST stinger is his Lusting over Lois. And the nerve ...more

In my opinion, Quagmire should be in jail. Now, I could give all of you a speech about why that is, but no, I can just sum it up in these few words.

1) He is a damned rapist! You know the worst part there is to that? It's this, one of his friends is a police officer, Joe Swanson. Yet, he knows exactly what Quagmire does, but he doesn't do a thing about it! How can anyone call this guy a police officer if all he does is ignore criminals, especially when they're sitting right next to him?! Quagmire should have been put in jail years ago!

2) He's guilty of drugging, kidnapping, and raping women. Now, I'm no expert on things involving T.V. ratings or anything, but Quagmire does all of this and worse, children watch this show. If kids love Quagmire, they'll think what he does isn't a problem! Nough said.

3) He is aware and unashamed that he is carrying all known sexual diseases and doesn't care in the least that he no doubts passes them on to all the women he sleeps ...more

Some people like Quagmire because he called out Brian on his arrogance and hypocritical actions, but Quagmire is even worse than Brian. He's a selfish rapist who has no respect for women. He's had several illegitimate children (most whom he never even bothered to see), and he's a complete ass who couldn't even bother to show sympathy when Peter lost his friend and pet, Brian Griffin. He tried to have sex with Meg when she turned 18 despite the fact that Peter was uncomfortable with him dating his daughter. When Peter asked him not to have sexual relations with Meg, what was Quagmire's response? "I want to help you, Peter, I really do, but it's-- it's like you're asking a fish not to swim.
She's legal and I'm going in."

What a selfish bastard. He also lusts after Lois and tries to have sex with her. How could he call himself Peter's friend with how he acts toward him? He's a terrible character with no redeeming qualities.

I actually find him hilarious, I don't think he's the worst.

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4 Peter Griffin Peter Griffin Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

Wow. This is one of the worst cartoon characters I have ever seen. I cannot see how the audience is supposed to sympathize with this character.

Some of the terrible things he has done include:

* Blowing up a children's hospital, killing 14 people in the process ("Tales of a Third Grade Nothing")

* Shooting Meg for saying hi to him ("Peter's Daughter")

*Killing Quagmire's cat, feeling no remorse for it, and taking advantage of Quagmire by taking his reward money for information about his missing cat ("420")

* Letting Stewie go for weeks without medical treatment, despite the fact that Stewie has a cracked skull and badly infected brain, just so Lois wouldn't find out what happened to Stewie ("Brian Griffin's House of Payne")

* Throwing Stewie under Lois's car, so that Lois would run over Stewie and think that she caused Stewie's head injury ("Brian Griffin's House of Payne")

*Attempting to shoot Lois when he finds out she's Jewish ...more

Okay, I love idiots in T.V. : Homer Simpson, Patrick, Baldrick...
But what these characters have in common is, despite being stupid, they are LIKEABLE. Peter Griffin does not have that distinction.
Peter Griffin is just an ass. There is no other way to put it.

How is Peter Griffin NOT number one? He abuses Meg, he is very rude to Joe for no reason (just because he's in a wheel chair), he married his son (Chris), irresponsible towards all of his kids (especially Stewie), throw hot oil on Lois's face, picks on work who are fat (but he's more fatter than them), acts like the extra child in the Griffin family (Chris may be very dumb, but not as worst as Peter), signed Chris up for a hot dog eating contest and more. Peter should be very lucky that Lois still loves him and that all of his kids are nice to him (especially Meg, whom I feel very sorry for).

Killed the franchise

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5 Meg Griffin Meg Griffin Megan "Meg" Griffin is a character from the animated television series Family Guy, voiced initially by Lacey Chabert, thereafter by Mila Kunis.

Alright... If I wasn't already concerned that Glenn Quagmire wasn't in this spot, seeing Meg Griffin here, only confirms that there is SOMETHING wrong with people now a days.

I admit, that Meg serves little to no purpose other than being the Family Guy Punching Bag. But I honestly do not know how you people justify voting a Victim of Child Abuse as the Worst Character the show creates. By doing this you are ADVOCATING her Abusers and telling the world that She is the Problem. Yes... I am saying it. To those of you who voted for Meg; you are NO better than Peter Griffin.

Meg doesn't do much and hasn't had an episode centered around her for a while - not since Seahorse Seashell Party - but that does not make her the worst character. This list should take in more what the characters do to determine their negativity and not just their role in the show. The idea that you guys can put Meg at the top of the list, while characters like Peter and Quagmire don't even break top 10, ...more

I find it really sad that Meg is number one and Quagmire is not even on the top ten. - Darellfat

Who voted Meg? I have no idea why people hate her so much... She is not that bad (in fact, she isn't a bad character at all). Yes she appears less and less up to the point of being a secondary character but blame Seth for shoving episodes about Peter and Lois... NOT MEG.

Meg is actually one of the few characters that is still good hearted unlike Peter who transformed into a jerk and Lois is no better, she also puts down her kids in newer episodes just like Peter.

In fact, here are a list of STUPID reasons people hate Meg and why I think they are stupid reasons:
1. Fans hate her for trying too hard to impress people... THAT IS INCREDIBLY STUPID! So what if someone wants to impress someone? She is at least trying. Even if this was an issue, Brian does it a lot more and a lot worse so why is Meg the odd one out... I dunno.
2. Fans say that she is selfish. No she isn't... Maybe she does appear to act like it but if you have noticed, Peter and Brian are way more selfish ...more

Did anyone forget that she beats up cats when she's upset or that she stomped a pigeon once or that she likes to pull out pull out carp from the water and watch them suffocate. Why do people ignore this I don't know

Why is the one tolerable character on the show at the top of this list?

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6 Chris Griffin Chris Griffin Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy.

I despise Chris. He either acts like a three year old with autism who just ate ten gallons of ice cream, an annoying kid who gets EXTREMELY angry over barely anything, or randomly "smart" (which is supposed to be funny, but is actually stupid. )

Chris is by far the most useless character on Family Guy. He's not funny, has no personality, and literally just walks around talking about masturbation all day. Chris sucks and should be killed off. - Smash64

He doesn't really do much in the series and most of the things he says are things that will entertain 12 year olds (also people voting Meg you need to realise that she may not be funny but she set ups very funny situations)

I didn't like it when he was a retard but I hate him now that he is basicly peter but with a masturbation addiction

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7 Herbert

Herbert is a child molester! Nothing about this disgusting monster of a character is even the least bit amusing. There is nothing funny about a child molester!

The other disgusting character, that is just as horrible is Glen Quagmire. He is a rapist! And I would say that it is a tie between Herbert and Quaigmire for the # 1 spot. But a child molester is worse because it involves children. Not to say rape isn't horrible but it is more traumatic for a child to be molested (or raped, however Quagmire rapes women and not children).

To have created these characters shows how disgusting people are to think these two are remotely funny. Children watch the show, which is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! If you are a parent and let your child watch this show, you need to shake your head and think about how it will affect your children's morals and personalities! Kids will and do think this behavior is acceptable and may even turn out to be a rapist or child molester because they don't know ...more

And this, my friends, is why Social Justice Warriors should not be allowed to comment. - DCfnaf

The pedophilia jokes get old after a while. Not too mention he serves no real purpose to the show.

He is a pedophile nothing else to say

One of the funniest characters in the show, along with Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe, and Bruce. - Smash64

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8 Francis Griffin

I'm glad he's dead. - Smash64

I'm going to say this as bluntly as I can; Francis is the reason why Brian's character needed to be an Atheist. I have a feeling that both he and Brian represent the two sides of the extremes.
While I don't explicitly know if Brian FORCES his Atheism onto people, some commenter's below believe so.
Francis is a Devout Catholic who DOES FORCE his Beliefs onto people; shoves them all the way down their throats. Which is frustrating.

In the few episodes that he was in, he berates everyone for such minor things; he calls Meg a Harlot for walking home with a boy and he convinces Chris that Pooping is a Sin because he assumed the boy was masturbating.
The simple fact is, breaking a Bible over someone's head is just wrong; Atheists don't try to FORCE their Atheism onto people; they merely try to encourage Rational thinking, because they're tired of seeing people get away with crap like this!

Incredibly annoying, but he is dead, so there is no chance of him annoying the audience in future episodes.

Francis, you need to shut up. Stop berating people in Minor things. You have a nasty mind and you are an idiot. Everybody is very good and a Christian. Your assumptions are false.

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9 Jeffery Fecalman

He abuses his girlfriend, Brenda - ElSherlock

This guy is such a jerk

That abomination of a character should’ve been killed earlier in Screams of Silence, but the writers are just too stupid.

What kind of sick abuses their girlfriend? This duzz, he abuse quagmire's sister for a long time. Don't to live, thank God that quagmire killed that womanizing bastard his personality starts to piss my off.

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10 Neil Goldman

Probably one of the only likable characters on this show.

Did he marry his cousin? Or sister? He annoys the crap out of me. In real life, I'd love to punch him.

He's a Jew. enough said.

He is ugly and a dork

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11 Carter Pewterschmidt

Spoiled brat

I honestly don't understand him at all. He doesn't care about anybody BUT himself, he cheated on Babes, his WIFE, he hates Peter for literally NO damn REASON, he uses his money and power just to get whatever he wants, and he doesn't want anybody beng happy?!

In Model Misbehaving, I think that's the name. In a flashback when Lois was explaining why she couldn't be a model, Carter acts like a huge bastard and forbids her from doing so. Almost near the end, Peter and Carter was going to get her to stop, Carter makes Pete eat a pinecone and says 'This is for Lois! ' no, no it isn't. Than when they bring her back, she refuses, but Peter was considerate and just says as long as she's ok with it he supports her. She realizes what he said, than Carter randomly says 'No daughter of MINE is ever going to be happy! ' Father of the Year, folks... At least Peter knocks him out with his fist than a lamp.

In the episode, can't remember the name, he ends up in a coma, and Peter has to ...more

I tolerate more peter griffin and lois griffin more than this jerk. - NelMemazo

I can't think of what episode it was... But in the episode Carter fills out adoption papers for a kid and then when the kid approaches the car he sees a puppy and balloons and everything a kid would want especially a kid that has never had a family, but when he tries to get in the car the door is locked and Carter mocks and taunts him as he tries to get in. Way too far come on that isn't funny.

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12 James Woods

Good actor. Bad character.

I thought his first appearance was actually quite funny, yet he has worn out his welcome. The second time he appears felt too much the same. I was happy when they killed him off but then they just magically bring him back in such an unfunny way. - FirearmsKill

I want this bastard gone, he is so annoying and should be at least the top 5. Like I cannot believe joe didn't let Peter have his identity back when this dickhead stole it because he knew who Peter is

Love that he died in "And then there were fewer." He really isn't even that famous.

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13 Connie D'Amico Connie D'Amico

I personally think Connie deserves better character development rather than being Meg's stupid plot device to make Meg better in comparison. I hate characters like Meg that are simply used as a punching bag to make the other characters around them look bad and themselves look better by comparison. It's lazy and pathetic. I'm no longer a fan of Meg Griffin. - ShadowHawk18

She is completely rude to Meg - ElSherlock

Someday she'll be unpopular & gross.

How come Meg, Stewie and even Peter are ABOVE Connie? Connie is an awful character! All she does is being mean to Meg and for no reason! - Svampbob164

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14 Bonnie Swanson Bonnie Swanson

I used to think she was a good person. Hell, I even liked her mainly because she's voiced by Jennifer Tilly. But if I were to do this list myself AND do it PROPERLY, Bonnie would be high on the list - possibly even beating out Peter in how unlikable she is.

For the one thing; she openly states how dissatisfied she is with her marriage to Joe. Y'know, you'd think that an actual wife would stand by her husband's side if he was horribly disabled. But no, the only thing Bonnie cares about is the fact that they can't have sex - to wit, they CAN!

I honestly cannot believe that she was not only planning to cheat on Joe, but actually went through with it in one episode. I find it so despicable that she would betray and abandon him like that. Frankly, it revealed to me that the only reason she was even still with Joe is because she was still pregnant with Susie. Now that the kid is born, it's only a matter of time until she completely steps out on him.

Another Family Guy character that used to be good but now sucks all of a sudden. (same has happened with Lois, Brian, Stewie, and Cleveland) - Smash64

Your husband is crippled and you hate him? That's sick. She should apologized to Joe when she cheated on him. And Joe apologizes to you when he neglected you but cheating is too far. You just want to go to Paris to have sex with French guys and Lois wants you to stop this cheating nonsense and do something else. But no, you just had to devote yourself to cheating! Arrgh.

She is terrible. No development, hardly any funny lines ever. Boring.

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15 Bertram

I think it's more of a voice thing than a character thing, but I still want to wring his wormy little neck. Bastard.

Not the best, not the worst. This is the best place

Hate him...
Only character on the show I actually do HATE. Well, him and carter maybe...

16 Angela

I miss Carrie Fisher

Bad character, but great actress!

She is so annoying, I am happy she's gone, her voice is all whiny

She treats Peter like crap.

17 Mother Maggie

No words can comprehend on how much I hate this character

"you wanna take a dump on mother Maggie's shoes? "
"ok let's go take a dump on mother Maggie's shoes."

Arrogant and selfish wihtout end, plus etremely narcissistic, she don't care but anyone else but helrself and everyone should worship her and that makes her truly disgusting,revolting, repellent, repulsive, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, stomach-churning, stomach-turning, off-putting, unpalatable, unappetizing, uninviting, unsavoury, distasteful, foul, nasty, obnoxious, odious...

18 Opie

I hate this dumb ugly guy that just ruined some of the episodes.

I hate this dumb ugly guy

He is so dumb, and serves no purpose... all he does is make stupid noises and otherwise annoy the crap out of me.

I hate this idot who kept being employee of the month

19 Vern and Johnny (Vaudeville Act)

Come on now, how can you hate Vern and Johnny?
They were hilarious. They need to make a come back

Never liked them their bits were completely pointless Thank god Stewie kills them both that way we never have to see them again. - egnomac

Waste half of episode

20 Mr. Conway Twitty

I don't even know his full name, but he's been on enough cutaways in some episodes to be considered an annoying character. I swear I can't stand listening to him on my television for 5 minutes, it feels like an eternity!

Why can't they put The Beatles in these cutaways!

I know this is for the disliked characters but I love the Conway twitty cut aways! I've learned the whole song "I see the want to in your eyes" I think it's hilariously unique that he puts the whole song and video in the episode, even if it is just to fill time.

At least it's just him. So far. Soon it will be,
" Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Justin Bieber"

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21 Cleveland Brown Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown is just a follower. Has no personality what so ever. He isn't even relevant to the plot most of the time. Nothing he says or does is even funny or interesting, and the only thing people will remember from him is when he used to say "No no no no! " or "Oh that's nasty". Which after a short period of time, isn't even funny anymore. he doesn't even add any value or purpose to the show other then to be there to say something completely irrelevant.-Most boring character on the show. - IAmShook

Seriously has no personality. He's only slightly more relevant than Token from South Park. And he turned into such an ass near the later seasons of Family Guy. Why the hell does this guy have his own damn show? Nothing he says is funny or even interesting.

Boring, not funny, useless character with that annoying voice. Shame they made a spin-off about him, but at least he was far from Quahog and Family Guy episodes.

He is boring and irritating all at the same time.

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22 Carl

Most boring character ever. Do people in America ACTUALLY find the 5 minutes long scenes where he mentions names of movies funny? Pathetic waste of time.

23 Stewie Griffin Stewie Griffin Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffin is a main character from the animated television series Family Guy. Obsessed with violence and matricide, Stewie is the youngest child of Peter and Lois Griffin, and the brother of Meg and Chris Griffin.

Stewie sucks period!

Stewie is overrated as hell. The writers should've written him out. - ShadowHawk18

I love Stewie, he's such a bad a$$. I can't believe he's on the list. I'm watching family guy right now and he's my favorite character. I watch family guy primarily to hear him express how he plans to rule the world. Haha and his wide variety of vocabulary for a baby is hilarious lol! I love stewie!

Stewie used to be a fun character. An evil baby hellbent on world domination, and wanted to kill Lois, was very intellectual and had highbrow cultivated tastes.

Now, he acts like a lowbrow, vulgar, college fratboy hippie. Since when does Stewie go back in time to the 1960s and watch and enjoy shows like MTVs Jackass? In all the missions he's been on with Brian, he always ends up saving the world instead of destroying it like he used to want.

It seems like Stewie also has become a humanitarian of some sort. Like he saves his family from danger when he professes to hate them for being intolerable morons. And he feels sorry for people who are suffering and now Stewie helps and heals people? It's like the writers have turned Stewie into Bono or John Lennon.

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24 Loretta Brown

Loretta was just AWFUL. She bosses Cleveland around, physically abuses him, and worst of all, cheated. Also, Loretta has been spiteful during the divorce process, as mentioned in the pilot episode of Cleveland Show, driving him out of town when she got Cleveland's house.

Along with James Woods, this woman was annoying. Loretta just cheated on Cleveland with Quagmire and didn't have any feelings for Cleveland despite they were WIFE AND HUSBAND. Thank god she's dead - sryanbruen

25 Greased Up Deaf Guy

Not that funny. We want more Bruce. - Smash64

This is why Family Guy isn't even funny anymore. They just bring weird characters into the show to see if people will laugh at them, but I didn't even get a chuckle out of this guy. It's literally like they just picked three random words and mashed them together to get some sort of result.

Why is this character nessicary, this just proves how lazy Seth is

Family Guy is just stupid.
Might as well make an animated series of the Crazy Frog and have ring a ding ding ding as the theme tune.

26 Miley Cyrus

Why would anyone put this little wanna be on Family Guy, she is in one epsisode and she is worthy of the top spot by 101%

The oly thing great and no at all uninteresting about her role on the show was Peter and Quagmire shooting her down when she was an android. She's Stewie's celebrity crush? But Stewie is smart! She made the best character in family Guy go way ou of character! Screw her! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Doesn't she even count? Whatever she's Miley Cyrus she's going to be hated no matter what

I will never like her. She's sucha wanna be, but does it in the most disgusting way possible.

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27 Joyce Kinney

I miss Diane. Why did Seth have to make her a killer? - Smash64

Joyce Kinney is my favourite character ever. - Gabriele

28 Franz Gutentag

This guy is a Nazi

29 Mort

Mort is hands-down the worst character for me. I swear it's like he exists only to be loud and whiny.

I can't believe this clown wasntveven on the list... number 1 for me maybe number 2

30 Diane Simmons

Why did they have to make her a psycho. - Smash64

She was a good character until we found out on the episode of "And Then There Were Fewer" and she almost killed Lois, so she's insane. I'm glad she died in "And Then There Were Fewer".

I wish it was a different character who died...I actually liked her relationship with tom...

Her story was so sad!

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31 Bob Dole

Bob Dole, Bob Dole may I say more! - westofohio

32 Death

The second appearance of death was hilarious! I forget the name of the episode but he appears in season 3. He helps Peter to obtain a "revelation" that could save peter's marriage. Death is awesome!

Death is awesome! Why are people hating on him?

Worst Death Ever
Open toes really?!

33 Sonjia
34 Chip

His voice is worse than Jar Jar Binks'!

35 Jillian
36 Consuela

Consuela is a boring stereotyped fatso. But who cares! She's a pretty good character (I used to NOT like her, but now I do).

No no no. She's so funny. - Smash64

How is consuela one of the worst characters! She's one of the funniest!

She's a walking Stereotype. And frankly... It's annoying. But mainly it's how she acts around the people she supposedly works for. She doesn't buy lemon pledge, she doesn't respect the people who live there, or their pets... And at the prospect of the Griffins being dead, she steals their entire house.

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37 Dylan Flannigan

Stupid and horrible criminal.

How did a trailer trash kid like him know about Monty Python?

38 Michael Pulaski

What? he is ' CUTE! I hate him still.

39 Mr. Weed

I didn't like Mr. Weeds voice and he was kind of weird, and I'm glad he died in "Mr. Saturday Knight"

I hate his voice

40 Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

The simpsons is ass

Why tf is Marge on this list!? She just appeared in a crossover with Family Guy and The Simpsons, she's not relevant on Family Guy! Put her on a list of "Worst Simpsons Characters." And Marge isn't even that unlikable!

Why is she here?!

I just don't like The Simpsons

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41 Old Cleveland Brown Jr

Old Cleveland jr was better. - Smash64

He pissed me off

42 Donna

Isn't she from Cleveland Show?

Why the hell did the cast of Cleveland Show merge with family guy anyways? it's 2 families in 1.

I think she is such a controlling bitch to cleveland at times. I mean in a recent episode, she called Peter out on the race card for shooting Jr. but she knows peters an idiot and didn't mean to do it. SHE IS A BITCH.

43 Ida Davis
44 Adam West

His silliness was unbearable, glad he's gone the dumbass. Should be equal number 1 along with Consuela and Quagmire.

So funny. I miss Adam West. - Smash64

I love Adam west he's that stupid-funny type of character and always makes random appearances which I think is what makes him so funny to me.

Most of his appearances are weird and random, really hate when he appears, the only episode he was likable, apart from him being a normal mayor was Brothers & Sisters

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45 Evil Stewie

No he's the best character in the show I wish we see him in more future episodes Seth MacFarlane should do a last episode where the other characters like quagmire and lois and the others acting like jerks to each other then evil stewie do what's he's best at and killed every single one of them and the show is cancelled the end the writers make him look like a hero of the show

Seth MacFarlane voice peter and brian stewie quagmire and also evil stewie cause Seth MacFarlane voice him

Did you guys evil stewie was also voted by Seth MacFarlane too

46 Ernie, the Giant Chicken

Chicken fights were just episode killers. - Smash64

He' very annoying. When ever he is in an episode it takes forever for his scenes to end. And the concept of him is very idiotic.

I kinda like the chicken fights they are epic

47 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of ...read more.

Hitler is just terrible no matter what he does or what show he's the in, rot in hell bastard

He was stupid in "Road to Germany" he would've figured out Stewie wasn't the real him


I'm glad Hitler is on the list

Hitler is the worst person ever why don’t people vote for him

48 Karen Griffin

Pretty much why Peter bullies Meg

She is a bully to Peter and she has a terrible voice.

A lesbian dick

49 Dr. Hartman
50 Jake Tucker
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