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Brian H. Griffin, popularly known without his middle initial as Brian Griffin, is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy.


I think Brian gets a bit of an undeserved Bad-Rap. He wasn't really arrogant about his writing, until the episode where Stewie becomes his Agent, and he thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. Everything before that was him just having faith that what he worked so hard on would be appreciated. He might be in denial, but he doesn't want to give up on his dream.
I myself am not a liberal, but I don't mind his Liberal-Agenda too much. He is an Atheist, but he didn't tell Meg to turn from her beliefs. He was just quietly content being an Atheist, and it is Meg who turns the entire community against him, to the point where they probably would've run him out or kill him. In the end, when he sees just how irrational the community is - burning books just like in Nazi Germany - he opens Meg's eyes to the rationality - or lack thereof - surrounding Christianity. He doesn't FORCE her to do it, she realizes that what he's saying makes more sense than... Well... Everything in her life ...more

It's extremely unfair that Brian's apparently the biggest jerk on the show. He does some stupid stuff, but NOTHING in comparison to what the other characters do. Is he pretentious? Yes. Does he admit to it? Yes. Is he a womanizer? No: He's never given a chance by anybody. I'll admit, he went too far when he gave Stewie herpes and didn't think it was a big deal, and when he got mad at Stewie when he was his agent. But then again, the latter one was actually really funny. His bad writing cracks me up, and his attempts with women do the same. I hate Quagmire the most, mainly because he had the audacity to call out Brian for hitting on Lois, when he does it to Lois, Bonnie, and Loretta, and he RAPES women; he never DATES women. The only person who should be calling Brian out is STEWIE. But let's be honest; Brian needed a little emotion to go along with his character, or he would have gotten boring. I think the pretentiousness sort of fits in to how insecure he is. I still consider Brian ...more

I hate this new Brian so fervently because I loved the old one so much. When I say "old" Brian, I mean the completely different character who used to appear in the earlier seasons. Old Brian was an intelligent, sarcastic, cynical, (admittedly alcoholic) straight man to Peter's antics and companion for Stewie (by the way, can we talk about how Stewie's character has also devolved over the seasons? It's sad!). Road to Rhode Island is the best episode that illustrates Brian's character and him and Stewie's old relationship.

New Brian is a selfish, womanising douche, a pretentious ass, a pseudo-intellectual (which is completely unlike the old Brian)- so much so that even the show (Stewie in particular) makes fun of him all the time. He's completely lost the sarcastic edge that made him a great character. I miss the Old Brian so much. He was my favourite character.

Brian is a full on douche. He doesn't care for any women other wanting to have sex. He lies all the time and likes to either piss people off or just flat-out makes fun of them until they practically shatter. He doesn't pay for anything, like paying back Stewie for the bets, or paying him back for the plane tickets to Paris. He pays for his stuff with PETER'S MONEY, NOT HIS OWN MONEY, PETER'S MONEY! Sure Peter makes ridiculous purchases like the Petercopter, but at least he pays for the stuff with his OWN MONEY! He also gets drunk 24/7, and smokes pot nonstop. He also is very rude to Stewie throughout most episodes. Sure, Stewie can be a bit of a douche, but at least he doesn't lie his way out of paying things that he didn't purchase, date bimbos, write a terrible book, lie out of avoiding his son, or shows some decent respect for black people! That's another reason, BRIAN IS RACIST FOR GOD'S SAKE! He avoided giving Cleveland a ride in his temporary taxi until he got fired!

Brian is a no good, hypocritical, and judgmental anthropomorphic dog who never shows any respect of other people's opinions and hopes. He claims "religion is for idiots, " well who is he to judge other people's beliefs? He convinced Meg to turn away from God and never even felt sorry about it! He's an alcoholic drug user who never takes any responsibility in the house whatsoever, even though he's perfectly capable of doing so due to being anthropomorphic.

This is what someone posted about why they hate brian:"Brian used to be a mildly funny main character with a voice of reason and a sarcastic personality. Now he's a pretentious liberal douchebag who always likes to complain about how pathetically stupid religion is. Not only that, he's constantly fixated on himself, believing he's an amazing writer and he needs to get his career off the ground, when in actuality he's pathetic, and according to several other characters, his writing is child-like.

Okay I used to actually like Brian, when the show started, but as they went on with the show he began to become extremely annoying right around the episode where he becomes a police officer due to him feeling like he lives without purpose and becomes addicted to cocaine, another reason why I hate him is because of the episode in which he pisses everywhere and blames it on Stewie, Brian is also an a$$ for hitting on Lois all the time, who by the way is the second most annoying character in the show making Brian griffin the first most annoying character on my list.

I could have cheered for Quagmire when he ranted on Brian about how much he sucks. He's a hypocrite who tries to act like he's sophisticated when he's actually just a dumbass. Peter proved this in that episode where he became sophisticated. He tries to act like a liberal who stands for all races yet he has a thing against black people. He also switched parties and religionbecause of one book which also shows he really has no opinion of his own. Plus when he thought the world would end he started to pray but when everything is fine he's calling religion bullcrap and talking down on everyone else for it. Horrible character who I want to punch in the face every time he is on screen.

I really don't know what to say about Brian Griffin. I am very confused about my opinion on him. I saw the episode where he was a real estate agent just today, and I have to say, he has become a complete dick. That is all I can really say about him. Then I was watching the next episode, and it was like all that just went away. I tried to say that I hated Brian Griffin, but I just couldn't get through that sentence. I love Brian griffin but I feel like I shouldn't. So I guess what I'm saying, is I hate that I love Brian. The worst part is, I always hated Quagmire for telling Brian off all the time and being so mean to him, but when I saw that real estate episode, I now realize that Quagmire was right all along. I always thought they should be friends, but now I'm glad that Quagmire isn't friends with that dick. I now have a love-hate relationship with Brian Griffin.

I originally liked Brian a lot because he had principles, and even though he went along with Peter's crazy schemes at times, he was still the show's voice of reason ready to peg both Peter and Stewie down a notch. He's sassy alcoholism wasn't so much of a problem, I think it only got them in trouble in the Road to Rhode Island episode, and he wouldn't compromise his values or lower his standards in order to get a girl.
Now a days he's just a self absorbed intolerable douche, the only character I dislike more than Brian is Quagmire, this ism e just nerd raging, but that's what I think. Of all the characters to suffer from writing because of the show's long run, Brian is the worst case.

He's an idiot. He thinks he's a great writer and brags about it, and he whines about how pot should be legalized half the time without getting off his *** and doing something about it. He dates women for his bodies and is just as big a pervert as Quagmire. He hates people for their beliefs and is the most hypocritical person on the whole show. When the moment where Stewie beat him up came I died of laughter. The best character on the whole show beating the laziest. I wish I can go back in time and experience that joy again.

Brian is the absolute worse. Quagmire summed him up pretty well. If you don't agree with Brian and his ideas you're an idiot, lame, etc. Also finding ways to touch Lois' breasts and get with her even though she told him there would never be anything between them shows what a horrible character he is. - ShadowSixx

Brian will do anything to stay at the top. He very self absorbed, he takes credit for everything Stewie does. He will not hesitate to betray anyone or put them down. When he see's his son since forever, he only uses him for a T.V. job.

Another thing is why is it when the family is around he will either join the abuse of Meg or just sit there. But when no one else is around he comforts her?

He is so stubborn! Jesus visited them twice how does he not believe him. It apparently takes a lot of proof to get convince him on something.

Finally stop saying you want love if you keep dating random girls from the bar.

So I hope this gets Brian higher on the list which isn't by much. - Darellfat

I don't hate Brian. I still think he's funny. Heck, in Not All Dogs go to Heaven, I sympathized with him. I felt bad that he had to deal with the town because he didn't believe in God. Heck, I even AGREED with Brian in that episode. Oh, and why did they have to rewrite Quagmire to make him loathe Brian? I mean, that came right the hell out of nowhere! The only bad thing I have to say about Brian is that he needs more funny jokes. Out of all of the characters in Family Guy, Brian has had the least amount of funny jokes, because he's usually in the shadow of Stewie.

The reason I love Quagmire is that he is the opposite of Brian in every way. He is conservative, middle-class, christian, anti-abortion swinger type that cracks me up every episode with him in it (the only good part of "Life of Brian" was when I saw him watching baseball on his phone). Brian was great as a voice of reason up until 2006, when he turned into a liberal douche, turning into seth macfarlane's voice for liberal politics.

He's a self-centered hypocrite. He tries to force atheism on everybody despite having met Jesus himself. He does nothing to earn money and is quite obviously an alcoholic and a drug addict. He's failed college twice while still claiming to be smart. He's overly liberal, yet denies science when it doesn't support his views. Could go on forever, but there's just no point.

Brian is hypocritical, pretentious, and has no actual opinions. He switched political parties just because his original party (democrat) was on top. He's basically a hipster, a womanizing, cheating, pathetic, Drug using character who constantly acts like he's better than everyone. I honestly do not blame Quagmire for hating him.

I can't stand Brian! He thinks he is so much better than everyone else when in reality he is uneducated, failed college TWICE, is a bad writer, has no talent of any sort, is extremely jealous of anyone who is better than him (which is most people), and has no morals or decency in any way. Complete hypocrite!

I hate Brian Griffin remember that episode when Brian fell in love with Stewie teacher and he let all the bad stuff happened to the kids he only called the cops when he figured out she had a boyfriend he sleep with his friend's wife and parents nobody likes him he should just die

To be honest, after stewie he's my favourite character. Something I don't like about family guy is that the main cast in unlikeable; Peter is an exaggerated, abusive homer rip-off, Lois is just a horrible person with an annoying voice, meg is winy and at times kind of disturbing, and Chris just jerks off all day. When Brian was the voice of reason, he was a good character. I only really hated him in the episode where he sells quagmire crappy real estate.

Brian is a hypocrite. He's always saying how he wants to date girls with lots of depth and soul to them, but then he goes for dumb and weird girls. The way he talks is also quite boring unless he's drunk or high.

The fact that he's always trying to get with Lois and he's a dog is just plain nasty.

He's not bad, he's just misunderstood. I mean look at the family he puts up with, he's litterally the only person that stewie trust, brian actually shows some intellect in the show besides stewie, I mean yes he's a little arrogant but who isn't? He actually should be below Quagmire on this list, I mean for goodness sake all the women he actually loved either didn't give him a chance or cheated on him and they blame him for what they did.

Brian is the most co-dependent character in T.V. history. Brian cannot get a solo episode because we will not like him in it. Hell, Life of Brian was a Stewie episode. Brian can never be in a scene without anyone else. The scene where he finds out he slept with Ida; Stewie has to be there because his facial features and responses are much more appealing than Brian puking out a river. Brian Writes a Best Seller and Brian's a Bad Father are sad excuses for Family Guy episodes because it shows how big of a douche he is. He would manipulate his own family and his son just to gain a bit of success. And he drinks. What dumb-ass says Cocktail, one of the worst movies ever is one of the best movies of its era. I don't hate Brian, but I hate him when he is alone because he needs someone next to him so he won't speak as much. The Road to series is fun because of Stewie and Brian's chemistry, but I cannot bear Brian's douchey attitude towards politics when he doesn't even pay taxes.

When he chose the teacher over Stewie and let him be abused just so he can go out on a date only to change his mind when he found out she already had a boyfriend that solidified it for me that Brian is by far the worst

Brian was so cool but now he became different and I hated when he treated stewie so horrible when he was his manager like HELLO BRIAN STEWIE IS A BABY and I'm not sure if he's still my favorite character now