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Glenn Quagmire, often referred to as just Quagmire, is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.


Why this guy is not higher on the list or not number 1 is beyond me. This is the character that repulses me the most, though at the beginning he was the sexual deviant, with a very dark side; over seasons, he has been degenerated to a monster, going from using women and hookers to get sexual pleasure to flat out kidnapping and raping them; it is just deplorable; it's another sign of the the time the show has been on the air taking it's toll on the writing. More than Brian, Quagmire has become the most unlikable of character, he's a douche, a rapist and a terrible friend, I would have liked it more when he called out Brian on his crap, if he wasn't exactly guilty of the exact same $#! +.

I really don't like quagmire he is just a douche and a hypocrite he hates brian for falling in love with lois but thinks when he does it its okay he tried to hit on his two best friends wifes ad daughter and that's not all he plus when brian died he was just looking at his phone at a FUNERAL I hate him

Glenn is by far the worst character ever on this show. I never liked him but got extermenly angry in the episode where Brian is trying to find out why he doesn't like him and he starts listing all the things he is; Obsessed with his best friends wife, that he pretends to be a deep guy and date woman for their souls but uses them, etc". Also in "The road to north pole" it makes me so mad Brain didn't know that Glenn's niece was ill and had cancer and made a big deal out of him mistaking his niece for a boy and the fact that Glenn takes his niece out and not his dozens of children he has carelessly made by ejaculating into girls who have been drugged up because he's scared of commitment is pathetic.

One of the biggest as in animation. Back in Season 1-3, he was a hilarious, sex-obsessed freak. Now the show has turned him into a hypocritical, self-centered ass. Not even remotely likable.

I'm not mad that he is a rapist because family guy is a cartoon, no one is really getting hurt and I believe everything should be freely joked about. My reason for hating him is because he has became a unlikable douche, he consistently talks people and says underhanded jokes that are usually to unlikable to be funny. In a cartoon or comedy a character can do crappy things but if they are funny or likable then it can be excused In my opinion.

Quagmire is a rapist. He pretends he's better than brian but he's not. Saying that he and brian do the same things but "at least I'm honest about it" makes him worse, he recognizes his flaws but makes no attempts to fix them. He hates brian for wanting lois but he wants lois too and he used peters amnesia to try to have sex with lois. He also slept with clevelands wife! He claims that brian always tries to claim the moral high ground but during his rant that's what he was doing, claiming the moral high ground! Glenn Quagmire needs to die he is the worst character in family guy.

Glenn is just creepy! He always wandering around looking down women's clothes, keeps like ten beds hidden in his house, and has desires for pedophilia and zoophilia. he' also a rapist.

He is the kind of guy I never wanna meet in real life.

He's a rapist, stalker, pervert, and addicted to sex. He will bang anything I mean ANYTHING. When he had his rant on Brian everything he said was him. He gets mad at Brian for hitting on Louis but wait, Wasn't he in a stall watching her go to the bathroom? I want him dead and then I want Brian to watch baseball on his phone at the funeral! Ha.

He should be at the top. He is just disgusting and should disappear from the series! Please Family Guy Producers just plan his death and let him disappear!

I despise him. He hates Brian for no acceptable reason! I wish Quagmire got ran over instead of Brian, that rapist douche bag. I'd like it if he and Brian didn't argue all the time - IloveFamilyGuy

He is the one who is the worst, he was a liar for being honest for dating women's bodies, because he is a rapist. Brian deserves better than quagmire. I hope Quagmire gets HIV/ aids after sex without a condom and dies and off of Brian's doggy hair!

He does whatever he wants and then condemns someone like

Brian for what he has done on his life even though he himself has done almost the same things. What man? By the way the short temper of him is so annoying and his ways of approaching women are kind of gross. I don't really know how does he get laid that often

This guy sucks, I hate Brian, but after he told off Brian I just hated Glenn more. He's a hypocrite, a self-absorbed hypocrite. Especially in that episode when he is suddenly a victim and cared about his sister... from an abuser... when he is the same

He's a stupid annoying jerk, I just hate him, Joe and Cleveland are much better neighbors

I hate his pervertedness. Also, his attitude stinks how he's mean to Peter and everyone else. He's making everybody feel bad about themselves and making everyone feel dumb. Quagmire's thinks he's so cool which he's actually a douchebag. He thinks he's fine when he loves Lois but when Brian loves her, he is crazy. Someone please, tell him off about his pervertedness, his cold attitude, and him being a douchebag.

A hypocrite. Hates Brian for hitting on Lois when he does it just as much, if not more. Tries to bang his best friend's daughter.

Glenn was one of the best in the early seasons because he was not a sex hog he was just a happy go lucky neighbor who was a good friend to everyone including brain

Glenn Quagmire is definitely my least favourite family guy character because he's such a wild pervert and tries to get chicks and he even tried to have sex with meg

Pretty much what everybody said sums it up I don hate this character doesn't even make any funny joke maybe once in a while he'll make a good sex joke but that's it he needs a sack beating lol

I love Family Guy but this 'person' just ruins it for me. He is a sexist, arrogant, misogynistic rapist. He just pushes all the boundaries of humanity. The day he is killed off I'll throw a party. Oh! And anyone else who voted for him is invited.

He is an animal abuser. The way he hurts Brian is pure animal cruelty. Shame on FOX for allowing animal cruelty on their channel.

He's a horrible man and a rapist he has really big problems and needs to go to rehab. I'm only putting one sentence because Glenn doesn't deserve my words.

He also gets at lois or any hot girl at any chance he gets which is just wrong - thomaszhu4

I don't like him because of his pervert stuff I just hate him because of his pain cold-attitude.

He's the creepiest character I've ever seen.