Lois Griffin

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Lois Patrice Griffin is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Family Guy.


Lois is the worst fictional person ever made. Her voice is the worst sound ever, she uses her husband for sex only, she could win an award for 'worst mother ever' she's a hypocrite, she's not actually pretty, it's just makeup (if you disagree, watch 'blind ambition' season 4) and no matter how hard stewie tries, she JUST. WON'T. DIE. She has not a single good quality. Ok, rant over.

I'm very happy to see she was voted as the worst character. I'm not even a fan of Family Guy, but my disdain for this character goes beyond this show. I've never liked her, and never thought anything she's done was redeemable in the slightest. When I was a kid I thought it was just funny edgy humor that caused Stewie to want to murder her. She's a worse person than all of the characters from Seinfeld and It's Always Sunny. (I enjoy those shows, but the characters for the most part were made to be horrible people)

If you know a woman like Lois, my only advice would be to cut her off right after reading this. The fact that she comes to mind when thinking of the person is enough to know she's absolutely dreadful.

One of the things about Lois that are detestable are these: She's done things in her past that are embarrassing, she acts all holier than thou with anyone she's come in contact with, she's abusive to Peter, her kids, and even Brian. She's been involved in things that were downright criminal. She's always right, she's never wrong. In all the objectionable misdeeds she's done
Lois always gets off scot free and never gets any comeuppance. Honestly, I think Lois is a Mary Sue.

Writers of adult cartoons always let bad female characters like Lois and Bonnie off the hook, and theyve done disreputable and reprehensible acts that almost got people killed, and yet, a good female character like Leela from Futurama who's never done anything bad in her animated existence always gets condemned, targeted, chased, teased, pranked, and hazed.

I've just started realizing how stupid and annoying Lois is. She's so stupid! What does Brian see in her? I hated her the most in the episode where Meg finally got a normal boyfriend and Lois felt so insecure about how Peter was treating her that she tried to have sex with Meg's boyfriend. And she tried to blame Peter for HER actions. Dumb broad. She has serious problems. It's like this family can't let Meg have anything nice. They can't let her enjoy the few good things in her life. And worse, this makes Lois a pedophile. - pumpkin

The old season Lois was better because she was more sensible and caring and this new Lois is mean to everyone and is more self loving and goes as far as calling them dumb when she herself isn't THAT smart either. I hate that she takes drugs and acts like a dumb bimbo. Lois please see a therapy and MAYBE you can be nicer again. - Crocodile

She disrespects her OWN daughter like she was a bag of turd. I don't think that Meg is THAT bad she is just a normal girl bullied by her mom, I hate how she treats Brian and how whenever his love for her comes up, she makes fun of him. I don't understand her disgrace against Brian because him and Stewie are my favourite characters.

She is always complaining that peter never does anything but when he finally got groceries she pounced on him and said she could only do it and if that isn't bad enough she thinks she is such a great parent but she dreamed about killing her baby and she got mad at peter when he ran against her for school board president but she started it by playing dirty She sucks

I really hate Lois, soon much! Her whiny voice, and that nagging additude. I really loved the episode when Stewie and Peter pulled pranks on her, awesome! Anyways, I hope they kill her character in the worst way! Ugh!

Lois is the worst cartoon character ever made she constantly cheats on peter and gets mad when he does the same she thinks shes such a great mother but she hates her children she insulted brian 's girlfriend and called her stupid says the woman who married peter griffin she is a dbag

Her voice is annoying as hell! In the first seasons she sounded like the nanny and in later seasons she sounds like Edith from all in the family to peter's Archie

Lois griffin used to be the sweet mother and wife but now she is a really big fat stupid mean person who is an idiot and she sucks so much I had to stop watching family guy for a while I hope they make a episode where she gets killed

She needs a nose job and a new voice box. Dye her hair and change her man shirt. Wouldn't hurt if she was nicer... Since she is the mother figure of the house.

She is immensely hypocritical, and she is constantly bashing Meg in horrendous ways. She knows that she is attractive, & she uses it to her advantage. During the episode where Meg went off on Lois about the way she is treated, I agreed with every last word Meg said. - maarilynmaanson

Lois is no better and will never be better than peter. She went from a sweet caring mother to a complete B word. She is not the mother of the year. She cheated on Peter once and tried countless times after. She is always telling Meg how she is beneath her. But Lois is the one who went obeasted. She wears makeup. Then she can't go a whole season without trying to cheat on Peter. I'm amazed Peter hasn't left her yet. - Darellfat

When Peter does something wrong, she sometimes says your on your own or do whatever you want. Very annoying. I know how people gets mad when someone does something wrong, but Lois goes too far.

I hate Lois with passion to the point that I hate seeing the actress I hope she gets killed in another ratings stunt so at least we'll have a few episodes without her.

Lois Griffin is like Marge Simpson except she's wild, loud, rebellious and is mean to Meg and Brian my two favourite characters on the show. Marge I like because she cares for her kids while Lois doesn't and usually gets away with Peter to do naughty things like make fun of Brian's novel, abuse Meg with Peter, put poor Stewie in the washing machine,Have sex with Meg's boyfriend,shoplift, scare Brian with Peter in a towel, Call Chris stupid,force all the kids to stay in the rooms for the rest of night while she and Peter spend time having a romantic dinner and sex, hit Brian with a book, while drunk and try to rush through things with poor Peter. WILL LOIS GRIFFIN EVER CHANGE INTO HER GOOD OLD SELF?

I'd best compare Lois to Mr Krabs. Both characters started off being somewhat tolerable, but both went on to quickly become the worst characters of their own show. At least Brian and Peter were once GOOD characters in the earlier seasons; Lois never was.

She's abusive to her entire family, constantly acting superior to everyone despite the fact ups rival with peter's or are even worse. Meg is right, her kids are her only accomplishments and she's done nothing but ruin them

Meg Is just a teenage girl, with a terrible mother! At least the other terrible relatives are funny, Lois is just mean

She Sucks when Peter achieves something she always says I don't like what this is doing to you she ruins everything come on guys why isn't this number 1

She is a retard her voice is so annoying

I think Peter should divorce her.

I like Old season lois but the new season lois sucks! That's why I consider marge a better mom

They should do a episode where stewie beats up lois in a wheres my money like way. RIGHT NOW!