Meg Griffin

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Megan "Meg" Griffin is a character from the animated television series Family Guy, voiced initially by Lacey Chabert, thereafter by Mila Kunis.


Meg did not fake a pregnancy. She says at the end that she read the pregnancy test wrong. It's true, Meg doesn't do a whole lot, but that is because her family, the audience, and even the creators of the show have designated her the role of Griffin family punching bag. That's it. That is totally unfair. Every time she meets someone who cares about her even a little, she goes completely overboard trying to get together with them. It is because treats her so horribly. I never heard Meg's own parents say they loved her until season 13. Season 13 did have a lot more Meg in it, though, and she was treated better. I think the writers are making some changes with Meg.

I completely agree with everyone who has voted Meg Griffin as the worst. People constantly complain about how Peter is the biggest ass in modern television, or how Brian has been downgraded to a liberal douche. Well, no one ever seems to complain about how much Megatron Griffin forces us to sympathise with her! Let's look at what Meg has done: She's blackmailed Chris, she's forced the audience to sympathise with her on multiple occasions (Her explaining her cutting to Connie, her attempting to overdose on sleeping pills, etc.), she attempted to forcibly convert Brian to Christianity, and she nearly ruined the friendship of Peter and Quagmire, amongst other things. I'm not afraid to say it: I hate Meg. I hate her more than I ever hated Connie. She didn't deserve that chance to lash out at her family in Seahorse Seashell Party. At least her Voice Actress was good as Mark Wahlberg's wife in Ted.

The Griffins need to know that even though Meg isn't that popular on the show I think she needs to have some positive things said to her because she's not ugly,not fat and not mean. In fact Meg seems to be one of the the more nicer members of the Griffin clan and she's also very intelligent I really wish that family guy can have some humour but maybe with a little more positivity.

Meg is absolutely annoying, she may be the family punching bag but her obsession with Brian, Joe, the gay guy who had a crush on Chris were ridiculous. Causing Bonnie to go to jail so she can be obsess on Joe, and even faking a pregnancy to keep a guy, using Stewie to make money so she can buy a Prada bag, about to drug Chris so gay guy can unknowingly rape Chris. Meg is nothing to write home about. - ShadowSixx

I can't believe Meg is on here. I mean she is not a very important character but...why would you hate her? Is it because you are agreeing with her dumb father who bullys her for no absolute reason? For her being a girl? For her appearances? That's sick. What would you do if you were insulted and shot because you said hello? What would you do if your mother put you down and refused to help you? What the hell would you do if your siblings horribly mistreat you because your parents do? What the hell would you do? Well, Meg endured all of that crap that she does not deserve. And she does not need more crap from you butt hurt haters.

MEG SHOULD NOT BE #3 ON THIS LIST! If anything, Meg should be the last character on this list. She may not be funny, but she is without a doubt one of the very few characters on the show nowadays who isn't a complete dumbass, jerk, or molester like almost every other character on the show nowadays. Heck, she's the only character nowadays I actually feel bad for. - Disneykid00

Meg should NOT be on this list! I mean, I get it, she's not funny, but still, how her family treats her is downright SHAMEFUL! In the earlier episodes they made fun of Meg, sure, but there was always some lightheartedness behind it. They still loved her even though they picked on her. Now it's just mean spirited and hateful. I feel like most audience members hate her because the characters in the show hate her(for no good reason, I might add). Her own family seems to hate her for just EXISTING! I don't care whether it's a cartoon or not, it isn't funny anymore! Especially since they're basically praising child abuse! Even in a "supposed to be offensive" show there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed. Meg has done very little to be on this list, especially when compared to the rest of them.

Meg isn't funny. That's all. Saying she should be excused for being abused are people who are boring as hell. This is a comedy show, if you're not funny, you're a bad character. - AnimeSportsFan619

All because she in a cartoon doesn't mean we can't feel sorry for her people from cartoons are more true then real life people hell some of us can see are self in them.

She usually is unfairly abused by her family but she has had her douche moments like when she turned the entire town on Brian because he was an atheist.

OMG she's not even funny, she is so stupid. When she jokes in the show, everyone is like "No, Shut Up Meg" lol even Peter, Her own father hates her - roblist

All I can say for meg is that I fell so bad for her that people hates her in the show.

This comment is meant for the one that complained about meg being hated. First off, it's a cartoon! It's funny how she is mistreated it's not like she's a real person. And second off, she is honestly a very cringeworthy person because she is really gross. And how are Peter and quagmire bad characters?

Meg sucks she's gross and her character has no importance in the show.

meg is great with a abusive family

I wish they killed her off instead of brian

Annoying, obsessive waste of space who never learns her lesson

(chris) Hey Whale The Oceans That Way! - FreddyGodzilla

"What the hell" is Lois doing above Meg?!

Hell to the yes, baby! I utterly DESPISE Meg with a passion. She serves NO purpose, is RIDICULOUSLY ANNOYING, and overall, she is the single worst character in the history of cartoons. I feel bad for Mila Kunis for voicing this MESS of a character. When Family Guy kills off one of the Griffins this season, my fingers are crossed for Meg to be the one to die. MEG GRIFFIN IS THE WORST FAMILY GUY CHARACTER OF ALL TIME, LIKE IT OR NOT! - evil7

I love Meg but her fans have gone way too far of bashing the other characters especially with Peter. The Family Guy hatedom has become so toxic that I hate this part of the cartoon community as a whole. - ShadowHawk18

She's the punching bag. Abused and hated

Why is she on this list?! She's badass!

Why is meg on here She is a Charterer I love and feel sorry Screw You Peter Griffin

YES! Meg is at #1 and a good reason. All Meg does is try to impress Lois by bragging that she has boyfriends which obviously she doesn't. The worst thing about her is that she lets Connie bully her without even fighting back. Thank god she gets abused by Peter.