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21 Mr. Conway Twitty

I don't even know his full name, but he's been on enough cutaways in some episodes to be considered an annoying character. I swear I can't stand listening to him on my television for 5 minutes, it feels like an eternity!

Why can't they put The Beatles in these cutaways!

I know this is for the disliked characters but I love the Conway twitty cut aways! I've learned the whole song "I see the want to in your eyes" I think it's hilariously unique that he puts the whole song and video in the episode, even if it is just to fill time.

Should be number 1 for sure episide killer!

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22 Loretta Brown

Along with James Woods, this woman was annoying. Loretta just cheated on Cleveland with Quagmire and didn't have any feelings for Cleveland despite they were WIFE AND HUSBAND. Thank god she's dead - sryanbruen

23 Cleveland Brown Cleveland Brown

Seriously has no personality. He's only slightly more relevant than Token from South Park. And he turned into such an ass near the later seasons of Family Guy. Why the hell does this guy have his own damn show? Nothing he says is funny or even interesting.

He is boring and irritating all at the same time.

Worst character in all of existence, by far.

Honestly he is boring and unfunny like why is he there? He adds no value to the show. Also he almost screwed up peters marriage and we're supposed to feel bad for him?

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24 Vern and Johnny (Vaudeville Act)

Never liked them their bits were completely pointless Thank god Stewie kills them both that way we never have to see them again. - egnomac

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25 Joyce Kinney

Joyce Kinney is my favourite character ever. - Gabriele

26 Carl

Most boring character ever. Do people in America ACTUALLY find the 5 minutes long scenes where he mentions names of movies funny? Pathetic waste of time.

27 Greased Up Deaf Guy

Why is this character nessicary, this just proves how lazy Seth is

28 Bob Dole

Bob Dole, Bob Dole may I say more! - westofohio

29 Diane Simmons

She was a good character until we found out on the episode of "And Then There Were Fewer" and she almost killed Lois, so she's insane. I'm glad she died in "And Then There Were Fewer".

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30 Consuela

How is consuela one of the worst characters! She's one of the funniest!

She's a walking Stereotype. And frankly... It's annoying. But mainly it's how she acts around the people she supposedly works for. She doesn't buy lemon pledge, she doesn't respect the people who live there, or their pets... And at the prospect of the Griffins being dead, she steals their entire house.

I don't hate her, I hate MacFarlane because he uses a Stereotype on her, makes her a hateable character, I am Mexican, I am not dark-skinned, neither a horrible English-Talker, I don't find T.V.'s on a lake, Nobody from my family is a cleaner, I know what "Mr." is, I don't make people go nuts because of a simple answer, and many stereotypes more.

She's hilariou

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31 Death

The second appearance of death was hilarious! I forget the name of the episode but he appears in season 3. He helps Peter to obtain a "revelation" that could save peter's marriage. Death is awesome!

Death is awesome! Why are people hating on him?

Worst Death Ever
Open toes really?!

32 Vinny

I hated this dog so much, his stupid New Jersey voice irritated me. I'm glad he was kicked off the show.

Worst replacement for Brian. His voice is gross.

Oh God, I hated Brian, but Vinny was full of s***.

33 Mort

Mort is hands-down the worst character for me. I swear it's like he exists only to be loud and whiny.

I can't believe this clown wasntveven on the list... number 1 for me maybe number 2

34 Dylan Flannigan

How did a trailer trash kid like him know about Monty Python?

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35 Jasper

"A negative stereotype meant to be a positive representation of his group."

He's such an annoying cliche who needs to shut up because everything he says is so moronic and contrived

I don't care if he's gay but Jasper, you really need to stop being very dramatic about things!

36 Franz Gutentag V 1 Comment
37 Donna

Why the hell did the cast of Cleveland Show merge with family guy anyways? it's 2 families in 1.

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38 Marge Simpson Marge Simpson

I just don't like The Simpsons

39 Ernie, the Giant Chicken

He' very annoying. When ever he is in an episode it takes forever for his scenes to end. And the concept of him is very idiotic.

I kinda like the chicken fights they are epic

40 Adam West

Most of his appearances are weird and random, really hate when he appears, the only episode he was likable, apart from him being a normal mayor was Brothers & Sisters

I love Adam west he's that stupid-funny type of character and always makes random appearances which I think is what makes him so funny to me.

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