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41 Old Cleveland Brown Jr V 1 Comment
42 Tom Tucker

I'd love to see the news if he was on the news in real life LOL

My favorite character

43 Karen Griffin

She is a bully to Peter and she has a terrible voice.

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44 Chip

His voice is worse than Jar Jar Binks'!

45 Jake Tucker
46 Dr. Hartman
47 Ellen

Because she is so bossy, Pushy and treats Chris like dirt for no reason and the episode to get away with it all because of a stupid bad behavior excuse of being Down syndrome and/or other disabilities. Down syndrome or not, that bad attitude is still no EXCUSE!

48 Joe Swanson Joe Swanson

He is really stupid at cases. He just assumed Peter killed his wife when he was acting weird. Also why do you just assume that Peter made a drawing that Stewie drew. You say that's Peter's handwriting? No! That's Stewie's handwriting can't you tell the difference? In and then there were fewer, it's Diane Simmons who's the killer. And you say it's Tom. I've got a better idea, why call in a CSI, FBI, OR CIA there really know how to solve cases!

Uh Joe annoys me so much, He acts like he's a bad-ass but he's really not and don't even get me started on his voice...

Annoying voice, no disrespect for Patrick Warburton though. But it gets really annoying how in every new episode of Family Guy he and Bonnie are basically the main characters of the show now. Not just them, but other characters like Donna, Roberta, Junior, and Rallo have just taken over the show and have made it boring, unfunny, and out of circumstances, kinda uninteresting if you ask me.

Joe is a hypocritical loudmouth moron. When his friends break the rules in the slightest way he becomes mr. hardass cop and tries to arrest them, however he is typically seen doing illegal things himself without regard for right or wrong. He thinks he is above the law. And every other thing out of his mouth is obnoxious screaming. And when he allowed James Woods to get away with identity theft just because he had Peter's ID was probably the most moronic, annoying, and frustrating thing I have ever seen on the show. Like how dumb are you?

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49 Bruce

Mostly just a voice thing but still don't much like him

50 Mental Mike

Mental Mike should've gone after Quagmire.

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51 James Bottomtooth
52 Evil Stewie

No he's the best character in the show I wish we see him in more future episodes Seth MacFarlane should do a last episode where the other characters like quagmire and lois and the others acting like jerks to each other then evil stewie do what's he's best at and killed every single one of them and the show is cancelled the end the writers make him look like a hero of the show

Seth MacFarlane voice peter and brian stewie quagmire and also evil stewie cause Seth MacFarlane voice him

Did you guys evil stewie was also voted by Seth MacFarlane too

53 Brenda Quagmire
54 New Brian
55 Horace
56 Evil Monkey
57 Susie Swanson
58 Jason Voorhees

He is one of the most coolist movie killer's of all time. He is a unstopble killing machine that can't be stop and he can creatie kill's that are beyond crazy

59 Barbara Pewterschmidt
60 Jillian
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