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41 Adam West

Most of his appearances are weird and random, really hate when he appears, the only episode he was likable, apart from him being a normal mayor was Brothers & Sisters

I love Adam west he's that stupid-funny type of character and always makes random appearances which I think is what makes him so funny to me.

RIP Adam West

42 Tom Tucker

I'd love to see the news if he was on the news in real life LOL

My favorite character

43 Karen Griffin

She is a bully to Peter and she has a terrible voice.

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44 Dr. Hartman
45 Chip

His voice is worse than Jar Jar Binks'!

46 New Brian
47 Jake Tucker
48 Olivia

Just so Spoiled

49 Ellen

Because she is so bossy, Pushy and treats Chris like dirt for no reason and the episode to get away with it all because of a stupid bad behavior excuse of being Down syndrome and/or other disabilities. Down syndrome or not, that bad attitude is still no EXCUSE!

50 Thelma Griffin
51 Bruce

Mostly just a voice thing but still don't much like him

52 Adolf Hitler

Hitler is just terrible no matter what he does or what show he's the in, rot in hell bastard

He was stupid in "Road to Germany" he would've figured out Stewie wasn't the real him


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53 Mental Mike

Mental Mike should've gone after Quagmire.

Crazy and I'm glad he is dead

54 James Bottomtooth
55 Evil Stewie

No he's the best character in the show I wish we see him in more future episodes Seth MacFarlane should do a last episode where the other characters like quagmire and lois and the others acting like jerks to each other then evil stewie do what's he's best at and killed every single one of them and the show is cancelled the end the writers make him look like a hero of the show

Seth MacFarlane voice peter and brian stewie quagmire and also evil stewie cause Seth MacFarlane voice him

Did you guys evil stewie was also voted by Seth MacFarlane too

56 Brenda Quagmire
57 Michael Pulaski

What? he is ' CUTE! I hate him still.

58 Justin Bieber

Wasn't he in it just to be punched by Peter?

59 Horace
60 Evil Monkey
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