Peter Griffin

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Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.


How is this monstrosity NOT number 1? It's disturbing that even Glen Quagmire is so low on the list, but the very idea that Peter is only 8th, really disturbs me. a menace. He's a mental defective who does whatever he wants and suffers almost no consequences for his actions, openly admits that he despises his own children, cares for little-to-nothing that doesn't suit his own selfish desires. The worst part about him, is that the series never took the opportunity to make him an endearing and likable character, even in the early days of Family Guy.

Back in the earliest Seasons, all of Peter's actions were motivated by Selfish desires, with no regard for how it would effect others; thereby disconnecting his ability to become a likable character in our eyes, and cementing him as a Selfish Ass forever.

In Contrast, in the early days of the Simpsons, although Homer can be selfish and equally stupid, early episodes depicted him having to make big decisions ...more

Really? That's when he actually cared for the family and tried to be a parent! - Ededdneddyfanredux

He should know common sense. People say Peter Griffin is a carbon copy of Homer Simpson, but Homer is much sweeter and caring than Peter Griffin. Peter even admits he hates hanging out with his children. Homer chokes Bart, but Peter literally made his children suicidal. If Peter was roaming on the streets of New York City or an actual city, he would probably go to jail. What idiot spends a minute thinking of what color a fire truck is, but calls people stupid for getting college history questions wrong?! Plus, he's a narcissist. How can someone who is so fat and obese be a narcissist?! He didn't realize he was overweight until Fat Guy Strangler!

Selfish guy who has no respect for her daughter. He only wants his problems all about him. Look what you did to Meg! Why do you hate your own daughter! You like everyone but her. Peter wants Chris and Meg to make his own show but he thinks Meg's ideas are horrible. His stupidity has gone too far ruining everyone's lives.

Even in the early seasons, all Peter did was not listen to rational thinking from Lois and Brian and did what he wanted to do. In two separate episodes he had the opportunity to buy a decent second car for the family and without listening to his family he choose a car with no engine and a military tank. He is a jerk to everyone and only regrets it when it affects him.

I hate Peter so much. He should be rated the #1 worst character. Everything he does is terrible like abusing his kids, his wife, and random people, and you can't feel sorry for him when he is portrayed as a victim like when he was being sexually harassed by his boss or when he got bit by Brian twice. He is just plain awful and should be killed in every episode like Kenny from South Park. He is quite possibly the worst character in modern television history.

What really pisses me off is his attitude towards MEG. I know Meg is not that important but why the fun would you attempt to help her die, insult her, bully her, shoot her every time she says hello for NO ABSOLUTE REASON BY HER OWN FATHER. Lois always puts her down and Chris mistreats her just because Peter does. Like what.

Now he should probably be number two under Lois. He has no respect for his wife or kids. As far as he is concerned Quagmire Joe and Cleveland is his real family. STOP ABUSING MEG. What has she ever done to hurt you. - Darellfat

Peter Griffin is the worst character from any series in my opinion. I know that they made him purposely stupid, fat etc... and that could be the point of his success... BUT he is also incredibly annoying in his repetitive acts, he is extremely unlikeable and also if his purpose is to be stupid, he is unrealistically so stupid that's impossible for a living being be so stupid...

A Mean Character Can Be Done Right like with Mandy, Ren, Eddy, Daffy, Etc. Same with an Idiot Character like Stimpy, Billy, Pinky, Homer, Old Patrick, Etc. But if you mix them both together and made him more stupid and mean spirited, you get this Horrible Dumb Monster Whose The Worst Father Ever!

This is by far one of the worst characters off all time he and all the characters in this show (except for Meg) all share the number 1 spot on my most hated characters list. And the worst part is that he has the same name as my father and that's just insulting

In the recent seasons of Family Guy the writers toned down Peter's cynical behavior and his hatred towards Meg. This hatedom gives the franchise and fandom a very bad name. Most of you Meg fans really give Meg a bad name by bashing the other characters to death. It's gotten annoying. I love both Peter and Meg. People like you guys have also ruined the show over the years not just the writers. - ShadowHawk18

Peter was alright in the beginning seasons as the bumbling husband, but then as the seasons progress he just became too stupid for words. - ShadowSixx

What the heck! Why is he so low, he needs to be number one, not Meg. - Darellfat

I hate that stupid fat bastard! I can't even watch the show because he's such a piece of dog garbage, it just pisses me off every time I see his stupid fat face!

I hate Peter Griffin as a character. He's narcissistic, self absorbed and completely disregards the relationships with his family and friends. He does stuff that you can't justify at all, it just makes you want to hate him even more. People love characters like Homer Simpson because whatever he does, he has good intentions behind it and cares for his family and friends. Peter Griffin's just a dick.

He is just a disgusting, fat Ass. Worse than a rapist. Worst main-character ever actually.

The heck is wrong with this list? I'm sorry, but why are Peter and Quagmire so far down? Even under Meg? These 2 should be in the top 3! Especially Peter. I can't stand him. I used to think he was hilarious, now he's just a jerk - BDOG375

I'm surprised he's not even in the top ten. He's funny, yes, but he is unlikeable and is a terrible father and husband. Not to mention his abusive nature to Meg. Why won't he just shut up and stop hurting her and start respecting her?

Because some heartless idiots think it's funny to see someone get verbally abused.

In the old, yet relatively new episodes, Peter was funny. (Season 4-Season 10), but now Peter is just an ass who hogs up the whole show

It's just annoying that he ruins everything with his stupidity. I mean, I love Peter. He's one of my favorite characters, but he causes so many problems with his own stupidity.

I LOVE cats! What does that connect to? He killed one! And he only cares about himself in the episode where he finds out the world is going to explode! He is responsible for all the bloody,insulting scenes in Family Guy, and making it the worst modern cartoon ever.

Just a vile human being, about as funny as ricky gervais

Peter is so stupid, but not funny stupid, just what? stupid. He is so annoying and he only cares about himself. He doesn't think AT ALL. He's a terrible father, husband, employee, friend, etc etc etc. He always ruins everything and I just really hate him. I hate Lois too but she should seriously divorce him.

He's an abusive jerk who doesn't give a damn about anyone else and never faces the consequences of his actions in the end. He should be executed.

He's just trying to be like Homer but is just so dumb and so mean 2 Meg!