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1 Life of Brian

This episode is insulting: they take a character nobody likes kill him in the most brutal way possible to ignite sympathy for the unlike able character, replace him with someone who is functionally the same in every way possible, bring him back a few episodes later in the most insulting way possible, give him a license to do whatever he wants, and assume people won't care because he died. Brian May be back, but he is still dead to me.

Haha, then why are you on this list if he can't complain? That's the point of this list. - DCfnaf

While Family Guy began to lose it's charm around Season 8 (when Cleveland left), I felt like this episode was truly the moment where Family Guy hit rock bottom and is no longer a solid, fun comedy to enjoy, but instead a sad miserable shell of its former self. While I don't think this episode is as bad as Herpe the Love Sore or Brian's a Bad Father (the worst in the series), there's no denying this is one of the worst episodes of the entire series, and was truly the moment Family Guy hit rock bottom. Watching this episode made me realize how little Seth MacFarlene and the rest of the writing team cared for the show anymore. Even the Simpsons, as much as they've declined since Season 10, give the writers credit at least they still care for the show and want it to stay relevant. - Disneykid00

The scene where Brian gets ran over the car has got to be the most violent display on the show that I have ever seen. and that's including three episodes. The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair, where Stewie creates an evil and violent clone of himself, Brian Griffin's House of Payne, where stewie spends the entire episode with his head cracked open, and Screams of Silence of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q, where a woman is viciously abused by a man for the whole episode!

It killed brian which was good, but the way it was done was so poorly, they try to bring sympathy to a horrible character, this episode is a ratings trap as they bring him back eventually anyway.

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2 Seahorse Seashell Party

In my opinion, this is the worst episode of the series. It was a part of a ratings trap that failed miserably alongside the "Seth McFarlene Mentality of Atheist are Losers" logic episode of Cleveland Show and an entire episode of nothing with American Dad. Okay, the best part was that Meg finally stood up for herself and verbally deconstructed her abusers in Peter, Chris and Lois. It was self-satisfying and worth seeing it finally happen after Dial Meg for Murder. But then, the Status Quo is God bullcrap kicks in, when Meg and Brian talk. I literally lost faith in Family Guy after she says she should be the lightening rod to absorb their negativity for them to stay together. No, No, No. That is horrible. So this episode is suggesting for the viewers to stay in an abusive relationship for the benefit of the abusers? No, if you are in an abusive relationship, the best thing to do is to tell someone, and get out of it. The abusers do not deserve any benefit or to be happy. And ...more - SoullessAir

For starters, FOX advertised this episode saying that all of MacFarlane's shows (which are all pretty much the same thing) were gonna be in one, unfortunately its only for a quick gag that wasn't even that funny.

Then you get the Griffin family telling Meg off more than usual, also Brian has shrooms, we get some visuals which is where 90% of the show's budget went to given that there is little to no movement on anything that wasn't the bad trip. So anyways, after being up to some visuals, here comes the ballbuster. Meg does quite possibly the most bad assed thing she has ever done in this show, she exposes everyone in the Family for the idiots they are, kinda like what Quagmire did to Brian. But then the moral, tells Meg to be the "lightning rod" of the family again. Which made me stop watching Family Guy ever since. People say "Life of Brian" was bad, but I call bull on that, it was obviously a publicity and ratings stunt. This episode shows precisely ...more

An episode that tells people to stay in abusive relationships for the sake of the person abusing them? How is this NOT number 1? Aside from that, it's the same boring Family Guy crap. Also, with the mushrooms subplot, they waste their entire animation budget on taking the viewer through a bad trip that either grosses them out or bores them. This is the worst episode of any cartoon PERIOD. And that's taking Allen Gregory and Brickleberry into account.

I actually disagree. I personally think this episode is pretty good. If you look away from Fox’s horrendous advertising it’s actually not bad at all. The fact that this is number 1 actually disappoints me. I believe that Season 14 Episode 9, A Shot in the Dark was the worst episode. The fact that they brought in racism at all and then continued to abuse Peter throughout the episode, mentally and physically. This episode however captures a really intense family situation where they show that their family is on the brink of collapse and they need a scapegoat for their problems. It is far more relatable to real dysfunctional families and also gives viewers a decent showing of a bad trip on mushrooms and gives people, even those who’ve never touched anything of that sort, an eye opening experience into the nature of mind altering drugs.

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3 Fresh Heir

Don't forget about that one scene where Peter comes home with a deaf kid's decapitated head because he confused him for A bully at Chris's school. Family Guy just confuses disturbing for funny.

After a few years of avoiding Family Guy for how stupid it had gotten in 2009, this is one of the few episodes I've watched for the first time in years.

Its gotten to the point where its funny how lazy this show got. However it wasn't as terrible as it was in 2009 when the show basically became Seth MacFarlane's propaganda mouth piece, but still pretty lazy.

It's so bad, its almost good. Almost.

That's it. I'm officially done with family guy. I was able to tollerate the horrible recent episodes, but this one was just wrong. Peter tries to marry Chris. I'm sorry. If this is what Family Guy is reduced to, I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop watching new episodes every sunday. maybe when Seth Macfarlene cancelles his other shows, then he might have time to improve Family Guy, but until then, I won't watch anymore new episodes.

I read a comment about being an adult show its supposed to have disgusting jokes well does The Simpsons go this far?

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4 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

This episode truly was hard to watch, I'm not gonna lie. what's bad about it is that it's an episode saying that domestic abuse is bad while it comes after an episode where the moral is that you should stay in an abusive relationship for the abuser's benefit. so this episode was probably made to take control of their previous episode's problem. and what's worse about this episode is that just because you make an episode like just to cover your ass then it's not covering your ass at all, it's making you a hypocrite. both these episode's (this one and the previous one that comes before it) mere existence disgusts me on so many levels.

This is episode in my opinion, is not only the worst Family guy episode ever... but the worst episode in all of media! It makes fun of something dark and depressing and even the jokes work when it's situation like this... I MEAN! "Courage The Cowardly Dog" did right but Family Guy just ruined the whole idea of putting something dark and depressing and putting humor in it... - 18cwrogers

How in the world is this not number 1?! First off, "Brian and Stewie" should NOT be here. It has some bad moments, but it's a cute episode other than the diaper scene. THIS episode, is horrible. The whole episode is just Jeff beating Brenda up. I liked about... two scenes in the entire episode. The end is bad, too. Brenda shouldn't cry over Jeff. She should thank her brother and his friends for saving her. Very violent and definitely NOT worth your time.

Quagmire is such a total dick for NOT defending his sister when she got abused.

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5 Brian's a Bad Father

I actually don't HATE this episode. Was Brian a dick? Yes. Did he have a funny moment? Yes, which was when he drove off with the entire buffet table after Dylan pretty much holds a mirror to his face. What people need to realize about this one is that Brian doesn't stay as a jerk the whole time; he feels so guilty and angry at himself that he drinks to try to cope with depression. He's clearly sorry and he's man enough to face what he did! Cut the guy a little ' slack! I mean, Peter can burn down a children's hospital, abuse his daughter, "bond" with Stewie by torturing Lois, kick Joe out of his restaurant for being handicapped, attempt to marry his son just for money, and yell the "you-know-what" word in a black neighborhood, and no one says anything to him because he's Peter Griffin. Meanwhile, Brian can't write a book, be a little bit smug, go out with women, or try to advance his writing career by collaborating with his son (even though he screws up) without ...more

This one had absolutely no funny moments. The story about Dylan become a child star was just boring, and the ending with peter in a wheelchair was just disturbing. Family Guy is just getting worse and worse.

Well, you've got to give them credit for one thing. At least they got the title right.

Bad episode but why so up the list

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6 Herpe the Love Sore

First of all, I usually defend Brian when he does something wrong. I don't mind him dating, considering he's so insecure inside and he always tries so hard to make things work out, and no one ever gives him a chance. I also don't mind Brian's bad-writer/liberal douche pretention, considering he can do it and still be hilarious, and the same thing goes for him hitting on Lois, considering everybody else does it, too. But this is the one time where he goes too far, and it's not the fact that he kept on dating people even though he gave Stewie and Chris herpes; it's his flagrant disregard for it. It wasn't intentional, in my mind, but it's still going way too far. Remember, Stewie ASKED Brian to do the blood brother thing, and I guess Brian forgot about it, but he went too far nonetheless. He apologies at the end, but he's crossed the line that he can't cross, and that doesn't get fixed with an apology, despite Stewie forgiving him.

I hate Peter Griffin. But this episode he got his ass kicked the entire time for... wanting his booth. I actually found myself hoping for Peter to win. But because they're navy seals, they can beat three civilians half to death... and get awarded?! And the A plot was God awful with Brian, not only someone he knows, not only a baby, but someone that has been with him on countless adventures, and even said that he loves him, he goes and gives him herpes. The ending is just horrible with Brian shrugging of giving one of his best friends an STD.

Brian could have admitted he had herpes but NO he has to do the blood brother thing with Stewie and give him herpes. Not even that, he doesn't even care that much that he gave him herpes. Then, later in the episode, you find out that Brian also gave Chris herpes. AND Brian was still dating a lot of people while he had herpes which is a douche move. Brian got some of what he deserved but not enough. Also the B plot was awful; it basically said soldiers could do whatever they want. The way they abused Peter, Joe, and Quagmire was awful, because they got away with it. And the fact the crowd in the bar was cheering at the end was only icing on the cake.

Wilt: You know, I was thinking about that, and the truth is, I really don't care. - kcianciulli

Yes, Giving Stewie and Chris herpes was a pretty sick move Brian did, but I consider this episode non-canon. - kcianciulli

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7 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

Family Guy just showed a perfect display of how in the beginning you can root for someone till the end they end up the villain. That was Meg when she brought religion into the family, but when Brian said he was an atheist Meg tried to to shove religion down his throat. But, Brian lied to Meg About being converted just so he can buy alcohol. That just made him look weak. Then he takes Meg to a BOOK BURNING, so Seth MacFarlane is saying that all religious people think that all books are harm to God and we want to go back to the Dark Ages. This insults religious people, atheists and all people in between this is the worst episode of the worst season of Family Guy

Considering how opposed religious and agnostic groups are to each other, I didn't even know doing something like this was even possible. - alphadan12

Meg is absolutely the worst character in Family Guy history. This episode is one of the many reasons why. She tries to shove her Christian beliefs down Brian's throat, which basically shows that she's not a good Christian. People are complaining that Brian turned her into an atheist, but she wasn't even a good Christian to begin with. Meg is absolutely the biggest problem with this episode.

Don't blame Meg. This episode is anti-religious and wants you to hate both Meg and religions. If you find Meg annoying, let me tell you, it's fully intentional. - Svampbob164

When I was first watching this episode I thought it would be a nice story to show that the family truly does care for Meg. But instead we got an anti-Christian episode that's not only insulting but uncomfortable to watch. Family Guy should issue an apology to all religious people.

So Brian is basically saying that God doesn’t exist because not all women are physically attractive? That’s just dumb

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8 Brian Griffin's House of Payne

This was the episode that made me stop watching Family Guy. The episode is terrible even by recent Family Guy standards.

The "Plot A" of the episode is boring. Brian tries to pitch his T.V. pilot, and James Woods ruins it. None of the jokes involving this were funny. The "Plot B" of the episode is the real reason this episode reaches a new level of bad. Chris and Meg accidentally knock Stewie down a flight of stairs resulting in him cracking his head and exposing his brain, so they try to hide Stewie's injury from the rest of the family by making him wear hats and drawing eyes on his head. Peter finds out about the situation and helps Chris and Meg hide it from Lois.

This episode is chocked filled with gross out moments and characters who are at their most abhorrent. One cutaway gag shows Stewie at the park in what appears to be a coonskin cap, but then, the cap stars moving and reveals itself to be a REAL racoon. The racoon starts chewing and tugging ...more

This is what I think is wrong with the new Family Guys especially this one. The characters seem like awful people and their all so one-dimensional. We also never see Stewie, who spends half the time getting thrown behind Lois' car and with a raccoon put on his head. Brian spends the whole time only caring about getting his show on T.V. until Lois knocks some sense into him. We see Chris and Meg be horrible people towards Stewie. I regret watching this one and I only saw it once.

This is the episode that made me give up on Family Guy. The A-Plot is tired,boring and James Woods shouldn't have been there. But the B-Plot is awful. Basically it says that infant abuse is funny and the family are all asss in this episode. Plus the crack on Stewies head made me nearly throw up. Seasons 1-4 were great stuff and seeing my former favourite show turn into this is really sad.

This episode just plain SUCKED. I mean the whole concept was just bland and strange. And seeing Stewie's head cracked open the whole episode just gave me chills. Not to mention how everyone treated him. He's a oNE YEAR OLD BABY WITH HIS HEAD CRACKED OPEN! Don't treat another kid like Meg. Haven't the Griffin's had enough child abuse?

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9 Brian and Stewie

I voted this up only to comment. I swear, everybody on this list hates the episodes that had a meaning. I loved this episode. Watching Stewie and Brian locked in that room helped me understand the relationship they have. It was very well put together, but I guess simple minds wouldn't understand and would rather watch Peter fart in Meg's face for 21 minutes.

I know some people like this episode for the serious moments and doing something new. But ambition does not equal quality and by god, this episode is just boring. The jokes aren't funny, its just gross out humour, if I can even call it humour. It doesn't feel like Family Guy, especially without the cutaways. And those serious moments? Yeah, way to make a 180 and go the opposite way of the show. Especially if you know that these moments won't have any effect on the rest of the series. It isn't engaging, it isn't funny, it isn't enjoyable and its emotionally draining.

Not funny, depressing, and lack of characters. This episode has the perfect formula for everything you don't want in an episode.

This is one of the worst of the series in my opinion. This is the most boring episode of the show (Which is saying a lot because we’ve had their extremely boring episodes, example: 12 And a half Angry Men) this does not even feel like a family guy episode

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10 Fore, Father

Why all the hate for Seth? He hasn't even written any episodes on this list. I don't think he's written any since North By North Quahog way back in Family Guys golden era. Also, it's an ADULT cartoon, if you're looking for serious intellect and day to day bull just stick to daytime dramas.

I HATE THIS EPISODE WITH A PASSION. I HATE IT SO MUCH. A boring plot, dumb unfunny jokes, and you have a formula of disaster. Even Seth MacFarlane is quick to realize this was the worst in the series.

I can't help but find Cleveland jr annoying as hell in this episode

Especially where he just runs at the end of the episode with no reason why - sryanbruen

Even though this is an old episode I still hate it.

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11 Family Gay

This episode isn't bad! I love this episode!

I find it hypocritical that a show which promotes acceptance of LGBT people uses the overused stereotype of the effeminate and flamboyant gay man who likes musicals, baking and fruity cocktails. The writers should realise that being a gay man does not equal effeminacy, In fact most gay men hate camp gay men for giving other gay men a bad name. - OC96

This episode isn't bad it actually sent a good message because it shows that people who love eachother should have the right to get married even if they're a same sex couple. - Cbailey21

Wait..what I thought Family Gay was just a parody name for people who dislike/hate it.

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12 Quagmire's Dad

Yet another terrible episode from Season 8. Here we go again with the show lacking more and more development on Quagmire. These writers are sure are getting lazy and they keep on focusing more on the plot rather than the characters.

Part of the episode, starting with Brian meeting Brenda and they "hit the beds together", is just an excuse to torture Brian even more than the lazy ass writers did in "Jerome is the New Black", Brian has done nothing to do to deserve being hated and getting beaten up by Quagmire so it really fails at trying to be funny, what didn't even make sense is that when Quagmire was beating up Brian, no one seems to be home and all in all this just makes it the worst episode for Brian, and makes Season 8 the worst and laziest season of all.

If you're going to try to portray a sensitive topic like that of transgender people your first step should be actually trying to find out what things are like from their perspective. When you don't you become as bad as a highlight reel of the status-quo bigoted jokes that EVERYONE HAS TOLD 1000 TIMES ALREADY. Ignoring the outright offensiveness of this it's just lazy. They even had Brian puke when he realized that he slept with a "man". Did they just find a laundry list of transphobic cliches and decided to use it as a checklist as they wrote it?

If you're going to be bigoted at least come up with a new way to be bigoted.

I Can't Believe Peter is still friends with Quagmire after what he did to Brian.

"Hey... I f***** your dad." For me, that line kept the episode from being a disaster because Brian got his money's worth.

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13 The Juice is Loose

This list is pretty terrible. I see nothing wrong with a bunch of these, like... Probably the entire top 10. This episode, however, is terrible. There are a few good jokes, but the entire thing seems like 3 good ideas and 17 bad ideas poorly meshed together. The Conway Twitty part went on for way too long, definitely, but my least favorite jokes were the "dumb beaver" jokes. I also hated the scene where OJ randomly killed 2 people in the crowd after his terrible speech. The intro said this was a lost episode. It should've stayed lost. - worstmusicoftheyear

A broken plot with out of nowhere twists and unfunny jokes that go on far too long, awful pacing, a slap in the face ending and a really forced plot. - Pug

Edit: This list is a bit better now. I hate about 2/3rds of the episodes in the top 10 at this point. This episode is still the worst one in my opinion.

This episode is just not funny and I skip it every time it comes up on Netflix

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14 The 2000-Year-Old Virgin

Hated it hated it hated it with every fiber of my being. I saw it once, never again. The "joke" in this episode is that Jesus is a manipulative, sex-crazed douchebag who wants to score with Lois. That's it. Now I understand that devout Christians are most likely not going to see this episode nor watch Family Guy at all for obvious reasons, but this just comes off as cringeworthy and not funny. Now, I'm not in any way perfect. I am myself a very lapsed non denominational Christian, however I am also aware of the sensitivities surrounding world faiths. In my view defaming revered icons of world religions is not funny. Where's the humor? "Oh look there's a sacred figure of a major world faith. Let's turn him/her into an ass." Were they taking a page out of Charlie Hebdo's playbook? Were they trying to be like South Park saying either it's all okay or none of it is? Is it just to push the boundaries of what they can get away with? They've already shown child murder, ...more

I hated this episode.

"Hey, remember Jesus from "I Dream of Jesus"? Let's make a sequel to that episode, except let's make it a 40 Year Old Virgin ripoff and turn him into a manipulative, sex-crazed virgin ass who wants to get laid in Quahog. Oh, show all of the worst parts, piss off religious people as satire, have Peter continue his pedophilia from Fresh Heir, and lets have the episode remember almost nothing about I Dream of Jesus. Good, NOW LETS MAKE TONS OF HILARIOUS JOKES ABOUT PISSING OFF THE RELIGIOUS! THAT'S TOTALLY A GOOD IDEA! "

Why is this not higher? Most of the episodes on here were at least memorable for something. This episode is just forgettable, unfunny, insulting, in your face, down your throat, tedious, offensive, cringeworthy, bland, infuriating, aggrivating, lowest common denominator garbage. - JARHEAD5000

As a (currently) non-denominatonal Christian who tends to find opposition towards the more zealous crowd, I'm perfectly fine with laughing at a lot of the jokes directed towards Christianity that aren't malicious or trying to make an effort to offend or criticize. A lot of the shows early jokes toward religion were actually really funny and only seemed like it would be offensive to the most up tight individuals. In addition to that, such jokes weren't the focus of the episode. This episode however seems like a small gag that was turned into a long drawn out joke that outlived it's welcome once it started to turn Jesus into a more douchy Brian or a mix of Brian and Quagmire (manipulative sex adict). Asides from the insensitivity of the episode towards christians, it's not very memorable episode, with most of the other jokes being forgotten shortly afterwards. Again, it just seemed like one drawn out gag that outlived it's welcome.

I don't even know what to say

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15 Foreign Affairs

The plot was Bonnie goes to Paris because she wants to have an affair. Now let me say this. People who cheat on their spouse are scumbaggy, but Bonnie is a particularly loathsome type of scumbag. She openly tells Lois about it. She is hands down the most detestable character on the show. Dull and boring and also hates her own husband enough to cheat on him and in another episode wants to kill him. Joe should've broken it off then, but because his character is faithful to his family and his friends, he'll keep forgiving her until they both die. Joe deserves way better than Bonnie. The episode as a whole just fell flat. I can't even remember anything else about the episode. Horrible premise to an otherwise forgettable episode.

This episode was very hard to watch. Seth MacFarlane should be embarrassed with this one. it was the worst in the entire series and foreshadowed more bad episodes to come.

Brian and Stewie weren't in this episode because they were locked in the bank vault, which would explain what Peter and Lois were doing when Brian and Stewie were stuck in the bank vault.

Joe should have said bye bitch

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16 Hannah Banana

Miley Cyrus is in it. Enough said...

I like this episode, but Miley Cyrus was in it. That's all.

This episode was really good

I like the Hannah Montana parody in The Simpsons even if she isn't from "Classic, golden age" of The Simpsons. You know Alaska Nebraska.

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17 Peter-assment

Ugh this episode... is cringe inducing. It acts like men can't be sexually assaulted but they can. Lois is even more obnoxious and unlikable in this episode. Peter tries to tell her that he doesn't want to sleep with his boss. Yet Lois makes things way worse for him. Then his boss tries to commit suicide just because Peter doesn't want to sleep with her. Which is TERRIBLE by the way. Then Peter wears a disguise and does his boss. The overall message to this episode is bad, the writing is bad and the concept is bad overall. This is one of the worst episodes of the series.

See ladies, you're not the only ones who have harmful stereotypes placed on you, apparently in this episode everyone says Peter is wrong for saying that he was sexually harassed because all men are perverts and should want sex all the time. The worst part is the fact that this stereotype is EVERYWHERE! Nearly 100% the media in the world treats it that way. So apparently all men are sex addicts and all women are asexual but chose to get married because hell if I know

Peter Being Sexually Harassed by His Own Boss is Just Sick.

This episode states that its okay for a woman to rape a man if she's lonely, if a guy ever said that they would go to jail. - egnomac

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18 Stewie Is Enceinte

How is this not brought up with episodes like Herpe the Love Sore or Brian Griffin's House of Payne or A Fistful of Meg?

For the record, my bottom 10:

1. Seahorse Seashell Party (awful moral, boring)
2. Screams in Silence (awful moral, fails to be a PSA)
3. Herpe the Love Sore (kills Brian's originally likable character, gross)
4. Brian's a Bad Father (kills Brian's originally likable character)
5. Life of Brian (kills Brian, insulting, melodramatic)
6. Fresh Heir (gross, stupid)
7. Stewie is Enceinte (gross, stupid)
8. A Fistful of Meg (gross)
9. Not All Dogs Go To Heaven (awful moral)
10. Peter Problems (awful moral, gross)

And a few I don't mind so much: The Juice is Loose (Dust in the Wind scene was funny), Brian & Stewie (an interesting alternative to the norm), BG's HOP (the gross out just wasn't quite as bad and you knew he'd be fine, also the end was funny)

Even though this episode hasn't came out yet, look up the plot of it and you'll see why it deserves to be on here.

This episode hurts to watch It was so damn bad

Look on the bright side. At least the only GOOD thing in this episode is that Brian doesn't understand why anyone would wanna be a parent considering how it can be a real pain sometimes (that and we don't wanna overpopulate the earth).

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19 A Fistful of Meg

The main plot is good, but the subplot is just as lazy as the two season 8 episodes. Brian has seen Peter naked numerous of times before this episode so it definitely doesn't make sense and its lazy writing at it's most extreme. Another Brian-abused episode.

This episode was disgusting, very, VERY, violent, with a few sex jokes, and why the hell would Quagmire have a main role in this episode? It was very disturbing especially when brian goes naked. - HELLADERE120

This episode was not funny. It was SCARY!

She should of got mike aresseted for murder

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20 Vestigial Peter

This episode is good, Chip is cute and when Peter gets angry it's hilarious.

Hey, I liked chip! - Tabbygirl

Chip is a not evil not fat and not stupid version of peter - ihatetrump

21 Peter Problems

The the scene where Peter eviscerates a whale with a forklift was the worst moment in Family Guy history bar none. I can't believe that everyone is complaining about "Life of Brian," but ignoring this abomination of an episode. I'd rather watch a 24 hour marathon of "Life of Brian" than this episode once again (especially the whale scene and the scene where Peter accidentally cooks his kids). When will the Family Guy writers realize that disturbing does not automatically equal funny?

What a terrible, terrible episode. I desensitized to most of Family Guy's antics but I'm never watching this show again. The guy stabs a whale with a forklift and it's a scene that plays out for such a long time. Truly disturbing.

Family Guy addict but can't stand the whale scene. Won't ever watch the episode again.

That poor poor whale and peter decapitated meg and blew up her head froze stewie and cooked cris - ihatetrump

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22 The Kiss Seen Around the World

I actually like this episode - CommentandList

Tom tucker is evil in this one - ihatetrump

23 Brian Writes a Bestseller

Ain't too bad an episode. Sure, Brian's a dick, but his rant about walking out of the back room of a restaurant was pretty funny. I can't blame him for feeling mortified about that. A lot of times, the back of a restaurant is where people go out and beat the crap out of each other; it makes a bit of sense to me

Okay, I'll admit, Brian WAS a bit of a jerk in this episode. But then again, it's just the typical "fame goes into head" cliche. - kcianciulli

I just wanted to punch Brian in the face so bad in this episode.

I'm so happy brian gets shut down at the end its what he deserves for being so mean

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24 Movin Out (Brian's Song)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it boring. No good jokes that I remember!

It's as boring as HELL!

This episode was dreadfully boring. Neither the main plot nor the subplot was the least bit entertaining. That and all the characters were just downright unlikeable, so it was an all around pointless episode.

But... But... JILLIAN! - ihatetrump

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25 And I'm Joyce Kinney

I am so scarred to end up like stewie. didn't he got his football head from a porn star?

I like Lois, but she got what she deserves for ruining Joyce Kinney's reputation at High School. That's Karma! And her adult film isn't that good.

As much as I hate this episode, I've gotta admit that the "burning bush" oneliner was pretty good. to me I think it's Christians satirizing innuendos. power to them.

I felt bad for joyce toobad we never see her again exceot like two times - ihatetrump

26 Go, Stewie, Go!

The main story isn't too bad. It's the side plot that ruined this episode. Lois stole Meg's boyfriend away from her. She even made out with her boyfriend! Lois even goes far enough to blame Peter for this? What the hell is wrong with this woman?

Lois cheats on her husband with her daughters underage boyfriend - ihatetrump

27 Love, Blactually


Ahhh yet another terrible episode for Seth Mcfarlen to preach his hateful “I hate Christians” atheist views. (Still not as bad as not all dogs go to Heaven) We get it Mcfarlen your a right/leftwing liberal butthole atheist! - MJfan119

28 Chris Cross

This is easily one of the worst episodes of any show that is supposed to be funny. Stewie loves, and sings the songs of Anne Murray! WHOA! Anne Murray is so 70's and UNCOOL! So everyone's least favorite unfunny douche Brian joins Stew's appreciation for Ms. Murray and they go to see her to settle a debate! And Stewie is shocked she didn't write her own songs! And there's a kindnap/forcible capture! YAY! Oh, and meanwhile Chris steals from Lois' purse. Meg is an vindictive, damaged from abuse and here's her chance ass. He goes to... Mr. Herbert's! WOW! I tell ya.. Imagien the hijinks and hilarity when two people who make an unconsummated pedophilia issue have to share a house!

Come on. IT'S JUST GARBAGE! Worse.. It's just not funny.



29 Excellence in Broadcasting

Pretty much just a boring episode, the only part I can think of that kept me awake was when Rush Limbaugh beat up that gang.

Really? Brian becomes a republican? Come on Seth you can do better than that

Boring as hell. This is number 2 behind life of Brian

Sucks so much. It was so boring.

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30 Be Careful What You Fish For

This is a boring episode. The dolphin just wasn't funny, and Brian was very unlike able. - RalphBob

Ricky gervais isn't funny. Family guy is funny, but not funny enough to balance out gervais. Completely ruined what could have been a hilarious episode. Scen s without the dolphin/gervais delivered as usual, but gervais voice as the dolphin sucked the funny out of the scene the way hurricane Irma sucked water out of the Bahamas

Dumb episode

God I hate this episode. Gervais's humour really does not translate well onto FG.

31 Dammit Janet!
32 Foxx in the Men House

I Thought Vestigial Peter or Seahorse Seashell Party was the worst but here it felt like I wasn't even watching a Family Guy Episode - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

33 I Never Met the Dead Man
34 Carter and Tricia
35 You Can't Do That on Television, Peter

Apparently, He Can Do That on Television.

At least it was nice to see Lois get punishment for her constant nagging.

Kentucky is a state is offensive for Kentuckians

36 Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)

This episode is very sad that Brian didn't end up with the true love of his life. 😢

37 Airport 07

I loved this episode

Painfully unfunny - N4XUS

38 FOX-y Lady

Peter was just TOO ANNOYING in this episode and I just hated it when Peter kept insinuating the guy from FOX. Everything else in this episode was good.

39 April in Quahog

Are we supposed to feel bad for Peter how saying something terrible? But a minor plus is there was a funny joke.

I like this episode, but Peter saying that thing is horrible.

40 He's Bla-ack!

Really boring and nothings change when Cleveland came back.

It was cool that Cleveland came back, but the Donna and Lois thing ruined the episode.

41 Brokeback Swanson

This episode was the first episode I truly hated brian. he’s absolute scum in this episode

42 Jerome is the New Black

OK- who do I side with on this one: Brian or Quagmire? It's not even close; Brian.

Brian is never given the benefit of the doubt in this one. He's trying as hard as he can in this one. He's not being a douche or showing off; he's just trying to reach out to Quagmire and establish a friendship. Quagmire twists everything that Brian says to make him out to be a jerk; that's all. Now, for all of you Brian haters, I gotta stick it to Quagmire here. When Quagmire calls out Brian for everything he's done wrong, he is NOT ONE TO TALK. He criticizes Brian for hitting on his best friend's wife, when Quagmire does it to THREE of his friends' wives; Loretta, Lois, and Bonnie. I don't care if he's honest about it; that doesn't redeem him from raping women all the time. If Brian were doing what Quagmire did, everyone would HATE him, and Quagmire still gets away with it. I also think he has no real right to call out Brian for being a liberal, when everyone is entitled to their own opinions. ...more

This is definitely the episode that sums out the whole season 8. While the main plot is heartwarming, decent and funny, the subplot is what made this episode the worst. Plus the subplot also lack development on how Quagmire suddenly started to hate Brian after 7 seasons because Quagmire never hate Brian before. Well, I can't say I blame him, it was the lazy writers who had done this. They probably ran out of ideas and just thought of that. Plus I also hated how they continuity Quagmrie hating Brian. That their just lack character development and pretty much the laziest subplot of the entire season 8 episodes.

This episode is Family Guy's worst. Listening to Quagmire's non intellectual rant on Brian was the worst moment of the series. It was pointless, angry and hard to listen to. There was never any history of Quagmire hating Brian before and no jokes landed in this episode. This was the episode that made me not have to tune in every Sunday night.

This episode should be number 1.It was the first episode that made me really hate Quagmire.Then after I watched Quagmire's Dad,Tiegs For Two and Brian the Closer It made me hate Quagmire to the point of wanting him to be killed off.

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43 Friends of Peter G.

This episode was just plain stupid; it basically says that if you drink too much you should not give up drinking alcohol but continue drinking in moderation completely ignoring that many alcohol abusers have to give up drinking for the sake of their health. The episode made no difference to Peter and Brian's drinking problems because in later episodes they are shown to still be abusing alcohol. The episode also has one of the worst cutaway gags which is just Seth MacFarlane preaching his atheism.

This episode was just morally offense. You could actually die from drinking too much.

The message of this one makes no sense, and the musical number went on for WAY too long. Skip this one please

I swear to god that booze musical went on for way too long and was getting very irritating.

44 3 Acts of God

Not funny at all. Stupid and lazy attempt at jokes.

Personally I didn't mind this one.

45 Brian the Closer

Quagmire got what he deserved in this one! Whoever voted for this one is wrong!

Hands down Family guy's worst episode yet.

This episode needs to be much higher.

Quagmire deserved it after all he's done to Brian. - Goatworlds

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46 Secondhand Spoke

Actually a pretty good episode and I low key recommend it.

47 Hot Pocket-Dial
48 Call Girl

This episode sucks, boring, unfunny and just awful, no mother calls someone's children like that, especially because she has a big nose so she can't insult stewie like that

This episode sucks and Lois IS A HYPOCRITE, DON'T DENY IT!

This episode is the worst, I'd rather watch 'the juice is loose ' or 'life of brian' because they weren't annoying like this abomination. Lois was a bitch and a hypocrite in this one and peter was an idiot (more than usual), it was boring, lois insulting kids was not funny like this episode isn't and people who even like this episode even one bit are... Brain dead idiots that don't have a clue on what abomination they're watching.

49 The Old Man and the Big 'C'

I can't believe that demon Carter would sacrifice a million lives just for profit!

Carter Sucks! He Needs to Be Pushed Off a Cliff!

50 Livin On a Prayer

This episode was alright but the ending was terrible I mean what was Seth MacFarlene thinking when he made the ending of course Stewie cares about his best friend Scotty Jennings didn't hear what Stewie said back in new kidney in town he said he doesn't wanna lose anyone he loves, so therefore he does care about Scotty, Brian, his Family, along with the rest of his relatives and friends and that's the end of it

When I first saw this episode, all I saw was two parents ignoring Lois after she tells them to give their kid the proper medical attention.

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