Awful Animation #8) Life of Brian (Family Guy)

Puga Talk about jumping the shark. Oh wait, that happened 5 seasons ago. This is the most insulting episode of any show I've ever seen. Not the worst, but the most insulting. It really sucks. I'm just stalling.

The episode begins with Brian and Stewie searching around what seems to be some sort of Indian place where they're getting attacked. Stewie uses his time machine to get them out. When they get home, Brian wants to admire how beautiful it is outside, so the two decide to play hockey. And now we've got the main problem with the episode. Everyone in this episode is just so out of character. Brian in all other episodes is a drunk who has no concern about anything around him. Well, in modern Family Guy at least. In this episode all he wanted to do was to go outside and be cheerful. This makes the plot as forced as hell. Speaking of force, a car comes out of nowhere and runs over Brian. The whole family rushes outside shocked and they bring him to the vet. The whole family is complaining. Wait, shouldn't Lois be telling them to all shut up or something? Out of character! The vet comes in and says there is little hope. The whole family comes into the room where Brian is about to die. Remember when I said this episode is the most insulting I've seen? Here's why. It wants you to sympathise for a character who lost all likability five seasons ago. I'm happy he got run over. The episode disagrees. It just leaves confusion. Blah blah blah, cliche speech, Brian dies. We then waste nearly a minute as the whole family cries. After that, the family buys a dog. Y'know how Family Guy doesn't know how to write an interesting plot anymore? So it just shocks you by being racist and all that? Here's a fine example. Their new dog, Vinny, is a stereotypical Italian-American. Nuf said. The family is happy besides Stewie. Vinny tells Stewie a hard time he had, and Stewie is now happier and has found a brand new Brian. The End. That is how to say a big " screw you" too all viewers. It tries so hard to be sad, but it just falls flat on it's face. If you want to see this episode done CORRECTLY see Jurassic Bark from Futurama.
Annoyance 9/10 Awful Audio 0/10 Boringness 2/10 Confusion 10/10 Disturbance 0/10 Envious Ending 5/10 Flanderization 10/10 Gaping Plot Holes 4/10 Ludacris Low-Budget 1/10 Mauling Morals 3/10
TOTAL: 44/100
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