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61 Friends of Peter G.

This episode was just plain stupid; it basically says that if you drink too much you should not give up drinking alcohol but continue drinking in moderation completely ignoring that many alcohol abusers have to give up drinking for the sake of their health. The episode made no difference to Peter and Brian's drinking problems because in later episodes they are shown to still be abusing alcohol. The episode also has one of the worst cutaway gags which is just Seth MacFarlane preaching his atheism.

This episode was just morally offense. You could actually die from drinking too much.

I swear to god that booze musical went on for way too long and was getting very irritating.

62 The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire

The You Have AIDS sequence. Need I say more?

63 Model Misbehavior

Chris masturbating to his own mother?! Incest is not funny!

The episode was pretty Good Other Than the incest Joke

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64 Candy Quahog Marshmallow

Real Real Bad, so before Quagmire "was Japanese" and never mentioned about Korea.

I Want Seth to Edit This Episode and Put Brian and Stewie in it.

I Wanted to See Brian and Stewie, Not Chinks!

Brian and Stewie Were Supposed to Be in this episode But no, instead we see Ching-Chongs

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65 Quagmire's Mom

Just god awful. So let me get this straight, you blame your mom even though we don't know anything about her except the love for mittens for everything you have done to women. You are so pathetic and you are a rapist crybaby.

The Karaoke phrase joke went on too long for its own good.

Why Did They Put Susie in This Episode?! She Needs to Die!

No Susie is Stewie's future wife

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66 Don't Make Me Over
67 Lois Comes Out of Her Shell

Bad plot-ideas and terrible jokes! The only moment I found funny in this episode was Peter beating up Justin Bieber. Everything else was just dreadful. The scene with Peter and Lois having sex in the laundry room is most definitely the WORST scene EVER made in Family Guy.

I actually kind of liked this episode.

The only reason I like this episode is because Peter beat up Justin Beiber! - Tabbygirl

I Liked The Part Where Peter Beat Up Justin Bieber.

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68 And Then There Were Fewer

Why the hell is this on the list? This is easily one of the BEST episodes of the show

This is one of my favorite episodes! This should be off the list!

This is my favorite episode! (Part one and Part two)! - Tabbygirl

69 Road to the Multiverse

This is one of the best, what are you talking about?

Just watched this one. I love this one, it's great, all the different universes are funny.

I like Road to Europe and Rhode Island better but still a decent episode

This is one of the better episodes

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70 Internal Affairs
71 Road to the North Pole

I think this episode does a good job of showing people that maybe they ask for too much for Christmas and that isn't what the holiday is about

A Very Special Family Guy ' Christmas was a much better episode. For one thing, it was actually watchable.

This was actually a good 1 hour episode.

72 Yug Ylimaf

It's Basically Family Guy Backwards.

73 It's a Trap!
74 When You Wish Upon A Weinstein

Probably the Last Time Brian was ever likeable. - Ededdneddyfan55

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76 Da Boom

This is my least favorite of all. The plot was stupid, the jokes were random and it just did not make any sense at all. I know it's an old episode, but I hate it so much! And the entire episode was supposed to be a dream for some random lady. The ending made absolutely no sense.

That's actually one of the better episodes

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77 German Guy

Let me remind you Family Guy is trying to make you root for a pedophile in a fight against a nazi.

I like this episode, especially the fight scene it's really funny.

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78 The Courtship of Stewie's Father
79 Jungle Love
80 A Shot in the Dark

This is a good episode but if you don't like serious episodes I see why you don't like it

They Actually Take Something Seriously.

Okay, What Idiot Put This on The List?

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