Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes of All-Time


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81 An App a Day

I wish they stuck with the part about Peter. That would have been funny. But no, they just had to do the Chris story.

82 Go, Stewie, Go!

The main story isn't too bad. It's the side plot that ruined this episode. Lois stole Meg's boyfriend away from her. She even made out with her boyfriend! Lois even goes far enough to blame Peter for this? What the hell is wrong with this woman?

83 Baking Bad
84 Ratings Guy
85 Bigfat

Why Do The Writers Love to Torture The Main Characters. It Should Have Been Joe or Quagmire Who Went Feral Not Peter. Also I Loved The Crossover Intro, Too Bad it Was Used in a Bad Episode.

The only joke that I liked out of this was the Predator joke, but besides that the episode was terrible.

86 Mother Tucker

Did Peter Hit His Head or Get Hypnotized in This Episode? Because him acting like a child is not funny.

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87 North by North Quahog

Brian and Stewie acting like parents? Whoever wrote this episode was seriously high. Did Mary Scheer write the episode? Cause she's high.

88 Meg Stinks!

This episode was really good. They should do another spin-off series where Meg goes to college!

Why is this on the list where its one of the better episodes of Modern Family Guy?

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89 Death Has A Shadow

Some people may or may not agree with me but this is the first and best episode on Family Guy and better than Road to Rhode Island. Whoever put this on this list must be blind and a dumb dumb

This is the first episode lol. - Catacorn

90 Quagmire's Quagmire

For a woman who is so impatient about sex.

This episode was basically about a domestic relationship, as worse as it gets.

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91 Space Cadet

So bad it's on here twice!

Pretty much a stupid plot and episode altogether

92 Brian: Portrait of a Dog

This Is One From Family Guy's Beginnings
That Means ITS NOT BAD
Take It Off

93 Family Guy Viewer Mail #1
94 Brian Sings and Swings

How could you hate this episode? It's really awesome! I love when Brian starts singing with Frank Sinatra JR.

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95 No Country Club for Old Men
96 Peter's Progress

Filled with unfunny jokes and blatant stereotypes.

97 Ocean's Three and a Half
98 Our Idiot Brian V 1 Comment
99 Dr. C & The Women

Who cares about Brian? He's not even funny!

100 We Love You, Conrad
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