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81 German Guy

Let me remind you Family Guy is trying to make you root for a pedophile in a fight against a nazi.

I like this episode, especially the fight scene it's really funny.

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82 The Courtship of Stewie's Father
83 Jungle Love
84 A Shot in the Dark

This is a good episode but if you don't like serious episodes I see why you don't like it

They Actually Take Something Seriously.

Okay, What Idiot Put This on The List?

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85 Prick Up Your Ears

The first episode I truly hated.

It was preachy propaganda, and had nothing funny or entertaining about it. Just a waste of a half hour.

It would've been a decent episode if they stuck to just making fun of how organizations such as that abstinence group and others that perform assemblies in schools. Considering how cringy they are in trying to teach kids common sense by trying to appeal to them. Or if they took a satirical approach to the subject like how South Park's Butt Out did with smoking.

But instead it was there to tell viewers they should engage in premarital sex. Which seems completely unnecessary considering how sex crazed this nation has become. And considering how Seth MacFarlane is a grown man obsessed with the sex lives of high schoolers makes me want to question some things.

The episode is poorly made, biased and doesn't have any redeeming quality. How this spectacular piece of greasy crap didn't make this list is beyond me.

86 An App a Day

I wish they stuck with the part about Peter. That would have been funny. But no, they just had to do the Chris story.

87 Baking Bad
88 Ratings Guy
89 Meg and Quagmire
90 Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows V 1 Comment
91 Don't Make Me Over
92 Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air

He is a real jerk in this episode. Did not liked him after the surgery part.

I Can Understand If You're Talking About Joe.

Joe is a handicap joke. So when he's not handicapped he's a complete ass?! I honestly looked foward to Joe getting screen time. But sadly, we only get this.

93 Stewie Loves Lois

What's this doing here?! This is one of my favorite episodes!

Another decent enough episode

94 Hell Comes to Quahog

One of my favorite episodes I have to argue

95 I Take Thee, Quagmire
96 The Simpsons Guy

Yep, I saw this coming. The problem is that the two shows are entirely different in style, humor, content, etc. a crossover between South Park and family guy would make more sense, but that's not going to happen, because the South Park creators hate family guy.

The only thing I hated about this episode is family guy took WAY more insults than the Simpsons. I feel like Seth is literally trying to get rid of the show and push people to the Simpsons because he's out of ideas but no. I won't let it go out like that.

This episode was surprisingly better than any new episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy.

I like this episode, I love The Simpsons and Family Guy.

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97 Bigfat

Why Do The Writers Love to Torture The Main Characters. It Should Have Been Joe or Quagmire Who Went Feral Not Peter. Also I Loved The Crossover Intro, Too Bad it Was Used in a Bad Episode.

The only joke that I liked out of this was the Predator joke, but besides that the episode was terrible.

98 Peter Problems

The the scene where Peter eviscerates a whale with a forklift was the worst moment in Family Guy history bar none. I can't believe that everyone is complaining about "Life of Brian," but ignoring this abomination of an episode. I'd rather watch a 24 hour marathon of "Life of Brian" than this episode once again (especially the whale scene and the scene where Peter accidentally cooks his kids). When will the Family Guy writers realize that disturbing does not automatically equal funny?

What a terrible, terrible episode. I desensitized to most of Family Guy's antics but I'm never watching this show again. The guy stabs a whale with a forklift and it's a scene that plays out for such a long time. Truly disturbing.

Family Guy addict but can't stand the whale scene. Won't ever watch the episode again.

The whale scene was just horrible, I couldn't even watch it...

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99 Petarded

Why is this, Stewie Loves Lois, and Death Has A Shadow on here?! Some really good episodes are on here! (Except for the entire Top 10) - evil7

That one joke about Rocky Dennis just didn't seem funny. It just felt kinda sick.

Testicles. That is all. This episode is dumb, but funny. Not the best, maybe not even in the top 5, but close.

This is the worst episode ever! Its not funny and everybody know it was just awful! And peter is not retarded he is just stupid. peter can't be retarded because retarded people should be dead

100 North by North Quahog

Brian and Stewie acting like parents? Whoever wrote this episode was seriously high. Did Mary Scheer write the episode? Cause she's high.

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