Seahorse Seashell Party


I really hate this one. In fact, I will go as far as saying that this is worse than "Fore, Father" and "Life of Brian". "Brian's a Bad Father" and "Peter Problems" were also terrible ones that should be higher on this list

If I were to re- do this entire list, I would put it:
1. Seahorse Seashell Party
2. Fore, Father
3. Life of Brian
4. Brian's a Bad father
5. Peter Problems
6. Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q
7. And I'm Joyce Kinney
8. New Kidney in Town
9. Brian Griffin's House of Payne
10. The Kiss Seen Around the World

And also, who put "Petarded" and "Stewie Loves Lois" here? THOSE WERE GOOD EPISODES!

The main plot had a message that the abused victim (Meg Griffin) should stay in a abusive relationship for the abusers benefit (Mainly Peter Griffin). It's great that Meg stands up for herself against her family. I just with that Meg Griffin actually moves out after she criticizes her family and sees them self-destructed.

I like the subplot with Brian taking mushrooms and goes on a hallucination trip and cuts off his ear in the process. I admit that moment freaked me out. I wish this was the main plot. The name sounds like a theme party for Stoners and Brian Griffin is hosting it.

This episode got me to stop watching Family Guy altogether. Brian goes through a horror movie that has absolutely no purpose in the episode. Meg calls her family out in perhaps one of the most uncomfortably serious (but still justified) scenes of Family Guy and the moral here is that you should stay in an abusive relationship for your tormentor's benefit. After watching this episode, I gave up on Family Guy and accepted that Seth MacFarlane has finally lost his mind.

I hate this one. I rather watch the first season of jersey shore than this episode.

There is a storm in quahog so everyone stays inside. Brian uses shrooms and cuts his ears off and meg gets angry for some reason.

So the whole episode you see meg screaming and Brian on shrooms, BECAUSE IT'S REALLY FUNNY AND THE BEST IDEA EVER.

This is my least favorite episode. It is boring at first, then it tries to redeem itself by making Meg yell at her family, then she talks with Brian and indirectly says "I should stay abused for the sake of my abusers". SCREW YOU INSENSITIVE IDIOTS WHO WROTE THIS EPISODE! And what makes this worse? They aired "Screams of Silence", the number 3 entry on this list, DIRECTLY AFTER THIS EPISODE. Airing that episode does NOT redeem yourself, it makes you HYPOCRITICAL! - DCfnaf

Honestly this is the worst episode of family guy because it's just so over dramatic. Brian's drug trip was a bit too much and meg calling out her family would have been great character development but thanks to the status quo meg it is all for nothing. Why even have it in there and the big crossover was like 2 seconds of Stan, Cleveland and Peter pointing guns at each other. So all and all it was a pointless and lame episode.

The moral of the episode is basically "if you are in an abusive situation, stay in that situation for your abusers benefit". Does more need to be said? Oh yeah, the episode tries to be disturbing in a horribly weak subplot, but fails. If it's not infuriating you or mildly disturbing you, then it's boring you out of your skull. This episode is loaded with boring, unfunny filler that'd make modern SpongeBob look like it should get an Emmy. Avoid this episode and all of the other ratings traps like it (Life of Brian... )

This episode was painful to watch. Meg gets so much crap from the family just to make one quick jab and blow only to be told that she has to endure the abuse to keep the family together. The only arguable thing that was good about the episode is that Meg stood up for herself. Unfortunately, it was all for naught. Family Guy went really downhill after this, if not before. Ugh.

This episode literally says: "If you're a punchbag in an abusive relation, for the sake of the ones abusing you, please, take the noble duty of punchbag, because being there to be attacked physically and verbally is important to the sake of those who make your life a living hell"

Not to mention the twisted message, the disturbing Brian's subplot isn't funny at all. The episode has no jokes worth of laughing, is unnecessarily racist and disturbing, with one of the worst messages, disguised as something noble and pretty, just for the next episode to mark the hypocrisy of the writers talking again about abusive relations, the animation is annoying and every second is just a bore. And is really sad that Meg's amazing speech agains everybody is throw away for sake of status quo.

It's horrific to tell an abuse victim they should stay abused by their abusers for the abusers' sake. Peter, Lois, Chris, and Brian should all be told off again, convicted, and executed. (Please let this be the series finale)

The sad part is that there are people who are defending episode because "it's a cartoon". I know they're not defending the moral at the end, but still, that's no excuse to have awful morals like the one in this episode, ESPECIALLY if it's shown this sincerely and EVEN if the show's for adults. It's not funny or entertaining in the slightest. - alphadan12

Never saw this one. Glad I didn't. I know people who unfortunately did and they said it was a waste of 21 minutes and they collapsed with boredom halfway through. Enough said. This episode is boring as watching two rocks just sit there.

This is the episode that got me to stop watching Family Guy. Meg finally stands to the people who have been abusing her for years only to let them continue their abuse. How can you find this funny?

Brian's hallucinations on magic mushrooms was a little eerie for me and I'll completely agree Meg accepting and allowing her fate to be a punching bag was too dark.

I WOULD go into a rant explaining my feelings for this episode, but I don't think that would express my fiery hatred for this "episode".

Boring. I know that most episodes from the tenth season had way too many emotional scenes, but this one went too far.

This episode was very tedious and boring. I don't recommend it. I recommend ROAD TO RHODE ISLAND

Really? The drug trip is not funny. It is just a freaky piece of garbage.

Made me stop watching Family Guy. Whenever the newer family guy episodes come on I just change the channel.

I like this episode, but mostly just for Meg. But that gets ruined at the end.

This would've been good if Meg still got her family to blame for her poor life and not her - sryanbruen

If Meg didn't sacrifice herself for the abuse this would be a great episode - venomouskillingmachine

What the hell was up with the lame Clutch Cargo effects on Stewie's mouth?

This episode was actually good (until Meg talked to Brian) - Kid_ethinederland

I thought it was pretty funny... I guess I'm a bad person.