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1 Peter Disembowels a Beached Whale With a Forklift

How is this supposed to be funny? I don't want to see a two minute scene of a whale getting ripped apart by a forklift in a gory and realistic fashion. At least with moments like Quagmire killing the Simpsons and "Horton Hears Domestic Abuse In The Next Apartment, And Doesn't Call The Police" we don't have to SEE the gore. In most Family Guy episodes, the blood looks cartoonish, but in this scene, the whale and all its entrails are drawn as realistically as possible. Black comedy only works if the scene is over the top. This is why "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" works (nobody would have expected the babies to sing in smooth baritone voices and dance away from the garbage), and the whale scene fails. Mutilating an innocent animal is never funny, but the scene doesn't even try to be over the top. It just presents the graphic animal abuse itself as the joke. In contrast, the joke in "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" is how the babies act in a way that's unexpected ...more

This is very gross, disgusting, and un-needed, but you have to give credit to the animation, it captures the inside of a whale very well. - MasterHand

Made me so uncomfortable the gore in family guy is unbearable to look at

So gross! that was just discusting. the animators should bathe in holy water from bestwen that on the world. and how peter has the nerve to say "your WHALE come" #justcanelitalready! - thenextsteplover

2 Brian Dies

Life of Brian... Seriously that the reference that the title makes.

And when they brought him back literally two weeks later, everybody suddenly wants him dead again. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE!

I actually cried! - ArcticWolf

Brian isn't a horrible character because he has like 6 or 5 years left to live because he's a dog. if I had 5 years or 6 years left to live, I wouldn't be doing things for other people, they aren't gonna die soon - ihatetrump

3 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

Macfarlane's crew only wrote this just to cover their tails from the infamous seahorse seashell party episode. Well guess what macfarlane? It's not covering your tail it's making you a hypocrite!

This whole episode is just awful and hard to watch. - egnomac

This was too hard for me. Not funny at all. There is real life abuse in reality! I am happy that Brenda's boy friend did die.

Seth Mcfarlene should be ashamed of himself for this episode.

4 Pearl Gets Hit By a Truck and Dies

I just wanna point out that there was the time Peter told Chris to stop treating his girlfriend like a human and that he should treat her like crap. Also pearl was a great character

That's not even funny - Chaotixhero

That episode and song were both great.

Was a sad scene until Dr. Hartman ruined it by shouting to everyone "Who wants to see a dead body". - egnomac

5 Meg Apologizes to Chris, Lois, and Peter For Letting Them Know About Everything They've Done To Her

Chris Lois and Peter deserved what meg said to them

She shouldn't have apologized. They all got what they deserved and what Meg said was absolutely true. I bet Seth MacFaralane just wanted to keep making jokes about Meg.

6 Quagmire rapes Marge Simpson and murders the Simpson family

This is why I prefer The Simpsons over Family Guy any day.

Even little Maggie Simpson - Officialpen

Simpsons is better

Even the baby

7 Peter Tries to Marry Chris

This was officially going too far for Family Guy. - egnomac

Who the hell thought this was a good idea?!

Let's just forget that OK? Because that was one huge reason why peter is so stupid. - Chaotixhero

Do you see why DVD sales made this show rebooted after it was cancelled twice.

8 Brian Not Caring That He Gave Stewie Herpes
9 Jillian Breaks Up With Brian

Terrible, even worst at the end Peter and everyone rubs it in his face. - egnomac

10 Peter Asks Lois Which Way to Slit His Wrists

I know how dark comedy is done properly.
Read A Series of Unfortunate Events.

This is the worst joke, as it teaches depressed people how to slit their wrists. Why was that even necessary?


How the frick is this not in the top 3? - CrypticMemory

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11 Aquaman refusing to help the woman being raped

I hate this show so much.

Seth Mcfarlen is the worst person ever! He’s a homophobobic, mysogonystic, skin headded, White supremisystic, xenophobic,-religion hating, liberal, leftist, atheist jerk! (Takes breath) Who thinks he’s the best thing ever! - MJfan119

12 Joyce Reveals the Lois Was a Former Porn Star

Never become a porn star.

A hard lesson learned by Lois, never tell anyone that you use to be a porn star especially a news reporter. - egnomac

It was funny at the end - Chaotixhero

13 Quagmire's Dad Gets a Sex Change
14 Stewie makes Brian eat poop from Stewie’s diaper

I have a feeling that he tells the dog that his poop is chocolate and his pee is Apple juice and then the dog falls for it or whatever... - Officialpen

Eew sounds bad as Mega Babies.

15 Brian hallucinating on Magic Mushrooms

This was so disturbing

16 The Brian and Stewie Episode with No Cutaways
17 Joe Gets a Leg Transplant and Acts Like a Total Jerk to Everyone

Why must a character always have to be a jerk after he/she is cured from an something he/she had for a long time.

18 "Horton Hears Domestic Abuse In The Next Apartment, But Doesn't Call The Police"

How is this even funny?!

There is no way to make domestic abuse funny. - egnomac

Seriously how/why did Mcfarlen think anyone, would find this funny! Why can I see Seth being a wife beater. - MJfan119

19 Boston Marathon Controversy

Seth Macfarlane didn't even know the bombing would happen, so don't put the blame on him - jameshoward

A 9/11 joke.

20 Cleveland Leaves the Show and Starts His Own Spin-off Series

It could have been stewie & Brian - Chaotixhero

The Quagmire Show anyone?

It should have been a roger show, a quagmire show, or a mayoor west show - ihatetrump

This is one of the absolute worst things.

21 Meg decides to continue to be the "lightning rod" for her family by letting them continue to abuse her

This Meg abuse thing needs to stop. I love Meg but I hate how she's abused. - AinezoChan

22 The three tough guys taking Peter, Quagmire, and Joe's booth and not getting punished for it

More like Seth MacFarlame. The entire episode (Herpe the Love Sore) in general was terrible. Too many of our them were out of character. Doesn't everyone hate mean-spirited episodes when a character doesn't deserve it?

Those karma houdinis, GRRR! - AinezoChan

23 Lois insulting all her kids for no reason

HOW IS THIS PILE FUNNY? Call Girl is also a very bad episode.

My mom never insults me, - Officialpen

Hm last time I checked mothers usually don’t insult their own children...well good nurturing mothers at last. And let’s face it Lois is a terrible mom. You can leave Meg, Chris and Stewie. In the care of a lioness and the lioness would be a better parent. - MJfan119

24 The "You Have AIDS" Sequence

awful! - thenextsteplover

Ihatetrump the guy with aids was a cartoon character but what if people made jokes about you?
Do you think its funny making jokes about diseases.

This one was actually funny because it was over the top and also the guy who had aids was a cartoon character - ihatetrump

You can't make jokes about AIDS

25 Stewie Becoming Pregnant with Brian's Babies

Could you believe this made me want to quit Family Guy forever?

See how stupid Family Guy is.

26 "If There Were a God, Would He Have Put You Here On Earth With a Flat Chest and a Fat Ass?"

Seriously Mcfarlen is the worst and meanest atheist out there! I can see him bullying a disabled kid wearing a Jesus shirt, because he’s such a butthole! My condolences to all you nice and kind,atheists out there because,Seth Mcfarjerk, is giving you a bad name! - MJfan119

27 Elmer Fudd Violently Kills Bugs Bunny In a Cutaway Gag

Yeah the excuses people its only a drawing but does it mean its funny? Or people should make jokes like that?

Relax people. Bugs is only a drawing he's not real.

Stupid pop culture.

Animal abuse - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

28 Brian Gives Stewie Herpes
29 Peter kills Quagmire's cat when he attempts to shave it.


Feed Peter to the Titans (Attack on Titan)

And the worst part is he kept going until the cats "nine lives" were gone - Yatagarasu

What is so funny about animal abuse!?! Seriously Seth! Do you ever think!? - MJfan119

30 "Terri Schiavo: the Musical"
31 Evil Stewie

The scenes with Evil Stewie and the domestic abuse episode were some of the most violent and uncomfortable scenes on the show.

Wasn't this Classic Family Guy? The golden seasons.

32 Brian Finds Out He Has a Son

If Brian abused Dylan in the same way an abusive dad beats his own son, I would send him a thank you card (don't be offended. Dylan deserves it anyway).

I swear whenever that little bastard (Dylan) came onscreen I wanted to carve out his eyes and set him on fire. He is one of the most irritating characters I've ever seen on this show. If I met him in real life, I would sell his ass to the detention center.

I'm not even sure Dillian is really his son at all he looks nothing like Brian and plus his a dog - egnomac

I hated dillan's guts!

33 A raccoon chews on Stewie’s exposed brain

That is uncomfortable to watch. - AinezoChan

Gross - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

34 Brian insults Meg’s appearance when he tries to convert her to Atheism

I have no problem with Seth MacFarlane's beliefs, but he can't just say these things

35 "Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Conway Twitty"

Total waste of time.

36 Chris masturbating to his own mother
37 Chris teaching his grandfather, Carter, how to masturbate
38 Lois Makes Out With Meg's Boyfriend

This was just awful. needless to say, this family is going ot give meg a mental breakdown - thenextsteplover

Ew, this is pedophilic. - AinezoChan

39 Prom Night Dumpster Baby

Ok it was a true story, that doesn't mean it would be good for comedy? Crossing the line.

You people do know this was based on a true story do you?

This is so depressing.

40 Peter Gets Raped by a Bull

Same with how can Panda's rape humans. (Simpsons - Homer vs. Dignity)

What in tarnation? How does a bull rape humans? - AinezoChan

41 Peter Shoving Scissors Up His Nose

This show is messed up - Officialpen

That was unfortunate. - AinezoChan

42 Carter creating a cure for cancer and not revealing it to the entire world
43 Conway Twitty

SO ANNOYING! I hate having to mute my television for 30 seconds to four minutes because of the show creators being to lazy to write actual material to fill in for episode time. I'd actually be happier if they'd just shortened the episode instead of playing an old boring song showing an old boring man who I don't know.

So bad, it's on here twice!

44 Peter Shows Chris The Deaf Kid's Head

Literally bloody hell.

45 James Woods Returns and Steals Peter's Identity

What is with this show's obsession with james woods?

46 Quagmire Accidentally Marries Charmese

What the hay? Isn't he already married? - AinezoChan

If he was married he'd be the most unfaithful husband of all time - ihatetrump

47 Guy Kills his Own Brother to Get Out of Going Out with Meg

Is going out with Meg really that bad that they would murder their own family members just get out of it, its just really awful and disturbing.

48 Brian cuts off his ear

I hope this messed up show gets canceled soon... - Officialpen

49 Brian pukes when he realizes that he slept with a transgender woman
50 Brian piercing Stewie's ear with a pin

This is one screwed up show.

Imagine him doing it inside of Stewie's ear! My god that would be horrific! 0.0

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