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41 Brian piercing Stewie's ear with a pin

Imagine him doing it inside of Stewie's ear! My god that would be horrific! 0.0

This is one screwed up show.

42 Quagmire's extreme sexuality

I believe he's a cartoon version of Trent Morrison. I still like Quagmire though. - AinezoChan

43 Peter Getting Into a Feud With Ernie All Because of a Coupon
44 Stewie and Brian trying to legalize Marijuana

What? This is so messed up and out of character for them. - AinezoChan

45 Brenda Quagmire not getting out of her abusive relationship with Jeff
46 Brenda stating that Jeff hates immigrants
47 Carol Burnett portrayed as a Porn Shop Janitor
48 Spock being incredibly rude after winning a lottery
49 Crossover with The Simpsons

Don't see why this is a big deal. But compared to the modern episodes, I can see why it's on the list.

I loved that episode! Why is it on this list? - RalphBob

50 Peter Gets Raped by a Bull

What in tarnation? How does a bull rape humans? - AinezoChan

51 The three tough guys taking Peter, Quagmire, and Joe's booth and not getting punished for it

Those karma houdinis, GRRR! - AinezoChan

52 Brian hallucinating on Magic Mushrooms V 1 Comment
53 Peter Shoving Scissors Up His Nose

This show is messed up - Officialpen

That was unfortunate. - AinezoChan

54 Cutaway Where Stewie Gives Everyone Herpes
55 Lois Starring In a Porno
56 Brian Not Caring That He Gave Stewie Herpes
57 Stewie and Chris Changing Brian's Facebook Profile Picture to a Live Action Photograph of Herpes
58 Stewie Becoming Pregnant with Brian's Babies

Could you believe this made me want to quit Family Guy forever?

59 Stewie Gives Birth to Brian's Babies

Male babies don't Give birth to puppies, man the creators of this so are so dumb - Officialpen

That's distur on so many levels

60 Women Ordering Dessert and Then Eating Each Other

This moment was just disturbing and not funny at all. They should've played Eaten by Bloodbath while this was going on.

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