Top 10 Worst Fanbases on YouTube

Hi guys,I make this list about worst fanbases on YouTube which means some fanbases like sonic haters arw trolling others fanbases on YouTube. Let's get started of the worst fanbases on YouTube

The Top Ten

1 Nintendo fanboys

Nintendo Haters are way worse - thunderstar1124

Nintendo fanboys is the biggest worst fanbases on YouTube, that's why I put this on number 1,because, they trolling or begging all Sony fanboys on YouTube, for example Nintendo fanboys says "Sony sucks Nintendo best Samsung is best", and also,Nintendo fanboys don't have any Sony products,they have others product brand like Samsung,LG,HTC and Panasonic,they also hates sony or Microsoft, this fanbases are worst ever on YouTube I saw, I am Sony fanboys I hate Nintendo fanboys folks on YouTube, I saw the annoying Nintendo fanboys on YouTube named Mario fan28 and pikalugia,these guy are harassing me and he trolling my friend, my friends is Sameer khan,Theo Cavanagh,Ahmad naser,naser jabar and fryman. Well my friends always fighting with Nintendo fanboys on YouTube comments. Nintendo fanboys are think about "ps4 sucks Wii u best". And also,one more problem is Nintendo fanboys are babies,kids and children. - wenkernboys01

2 Samsung fanboys

Samsung fanboys are worst, that's why I put it on no.2,because, galaxy note 7 by Samsung was exploded, last time I saw news and listen to my friends about Samsung galaxy note 7 was exploded or catching on fire cause the battery, Samsung is made in Korea but I not interested on Korea due their electronic product are overpriced, and also, some Samsung fanboys are hate Sony or others electronic companies (similar to Nintendo fanboys happening), no one know about Samsung new phone are terrible? yeah! Samsung galaxy note 7 is totally sucks it explode after battery issues since Dell. Those fanboys are worst...booo! - wenkernboys01

3 Minecraft haters

Minecraft is best game but sadly Wii U version of minecraft are totally sucks - wenkernboys01

4 Pokemon go fanboys

This is overrated. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Well always Pokemon go fanboys arw annoying, because they don't know about Pokemon go is dangerous app it always get accidents or robbed,also,Pokemon go fanboys are rich,they have more money to buy data plan and pokecoins. Pokemon go fanboys is the part of both Pokemon fanboys and Nintendo fanboys. - wenkernboys01

5 Microsoft haters

Yeah Microsoft is the best company because they makes computer software too,it always good since Xbox one, also, Microsoft haters always trolling Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys on YouTube,they interested on Nintendo, they also don't like Microsoft windows os like windows 10,they always interested on mac os and Linux as well. - wenkernboys01

6 Splatoon fanboys

Splatoon is worst game ever,because, it coming to stupid Wii u and its licensed by Nintendo, sometimes Splatoon fanboys are think about call of duty Killzone and cs for example "Call of Duty killzone cs sucks Splatoon best",they aslo part of the Nintendo fanboys as well same. Wii U hardware doesn't hold up this game properly (laggy,glitch and low frame rates). - wenkernboys01

7 Super smash bros fanboys

So think super smash bros are worst,the super smash bros for Wii u,the worst game ever,this game is boring childish and its e rated,those fanboys are kids,babies and children, they says "Uncharted 4 sucks super smash bros Wii u is best".

Like Nintendo fanboys,they also trolling or begging all Sony fanboys who like third party games.

Note that super smash bros is a part of Nintendo fanboys. - wenkernboys01

8 Apple fanboys

Apple is the worst smartphone brand ever,the stupid iOS, why because the apple products are overpriced, look at this! Iphone 7 is too expensive than others android phones! Apple fanboys really don't care about - wenkernboys01

Who cares about wasting £1000 pounds on a phone because all phones do the same things: call and text - Sambazing

9 Sony Fanboys
10 Mario fanboys

Alright you know Mario is old but new Mario game is worst, because new Mario game is boring, childish,for kids babies children, glitches and some issues with this game, super Mario 3d world? Its sucks. Well always same as the Nintendo fanboys they trolling and begging all Sony fanboys. Many hardcore gamer says "super mario 3d world is for kids it sucks! Go for call of duty,Grand Theft Auto,fallout or even Killzone uncharted that's all! Why we want to spend time to play super mario 3d world!? Too bad! "

Note that Mario fanboys are part of Nintendo fanboys. - wenkernboys01

The Contenders

11 Eugenia Cooney Fangirls

There is this one guy with a red profile picture and telling people that they are fat, they should die, they are faggots, and other dumb stuff. Why are you defending her when she's going to die from anorexia soon? She's a murderer for young girls making them feel like they're fat. Back to that guy, he says that "Only fat people eat" and he's lying that Eugenia eats. If Eugenia eats, she would be in a better health state.

12 One Direction fangirls
13 Justin Bieber fangirls
14 PC Master Race fanboys
15 Sonic Fanboys
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