Rant time: The Godzilla Fanbase

Disclaimer: No, Godzilla fans are not terrible. This rant is only focusing on the fanbase, and not the people who like Godzilla. Just wanted to point that out.

People often say what is a terrible fanbase? People think of the Sonic fanbase, or the Star Wars fanbase. But there is one fanbase that is actually bad. And that is the Godzilla fanbase. Holy crap this fanbase is awful. Okay, it’s not as terrible as people say, but it’s a bad fanbase.

Before you ask, no i’m not a Godzilla hater. Godzilla is frickin awesome! I love the movies, and the video games. But the fanbase is terrible. The Godzilla fanbase will defend anything Godzilla. Like the 2015 Godzilla game, and that game sucks. But if you say anything negative about it, they will act like they blamed you for committing a murder. Now look, if you like the 2015 Godzilla game, that’s perfectly fine. We have opinions, but not everyone likes that game. Hell, the Godzilla Fanbase even defends the 1998 movie. And other things non Godzilla stuff like Kong Skull Island.

One of my readers: But RadioHead03, nobody likes Godzilla 1998, so what are you talking about?

Okay, there are some people out there that like Godzilla 1998. I watched the movie during my childhood, and I don’t really remember anything from it, but I don’t think I liked it that much. Oh, and if you ever tell the Godzilla fanbase

The Godzilla fanbase is also very immature. They would always say this crap like, “Oh, your’re not a true Godzilla fan if...”
Who cares? Godzilla fans don’t have to be true, they can be any kind of Godzilla fan. The fanbase is also hella Judgemental. If you didn’t like any kind of Godzilla movie, they’ll have a word with you. They also think they know everything as well.

Also there’s that stupid rivalry between Toto’s Godzilla, and Legendary’s Godzilla. It’s very common on YouTube, and it’s so stupid. It doesn’t matter which one is better, it’s frickin Godzilla. It’s the same franchise for crying out loud! And both are good! There are also people who think Godzilla can beat everyone. Haha, tHaNk U nExT! Think about it, Godzilla vs the entire population of people, who would win? I’ve even seen some Fanart as well. Some is good, and some is bad.

Okay, those are some things I wanted to point out of the fanbase. It’s pretty bad. But Tbh, it’s not the worst fanbase ever. I’ve seen worse. But man, this fanbase is terrible! So that was my short of ish mini rant. Hoped you liked it... or not.