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41 Microsoft Fanboys
42 Le Wrong Generation Kids

"This song is so good. I can't believe I was born in a generation where idiotic white kids with iPhones are popular. I want to go back in time to *year before Y2K* where *yesterday's popular singers* were popular and where *today's popular singer* didn't exist. No kid of my generation will understand what it's like to have lived in *year before Y2K."

These asses act like self-righteous morons who don't bother finding underrated artists, but instead focus on the radio to find a song, without using better methods such as searching on the web. - Swellow

43 DeviantART Users

Fetish here, Fetish there. Mostly comprised of Tickling Fetish - YourWaifuSucks

Stupid idiots are making fetish stuff all over DeviantArt

Not just the Deviants on the but also the Deviant's Fans as well. If you know MinorElite and his White Knight's drama with I Hate Everything then you know exactly what I am talking about - YourWaifuSucks

Not all deviantART users make fetishes. There's more SJWs. - Swellow

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44 Rick and Morty Fans

Lol, people think they're intelligent because they watch some edgy cartoon. Comedy gold right there.

They only watched the pickle rick episode - SoloPotato

Oh jesus, Memes are intelligent humour according to them. - YourWaifuSucks

Hey guys, I was able to surpass Albert Einstein's intelligence!
Oh yeah, how did you do that?
I warched Rick and Morty!

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45 Illuminati Meme Fanboys

Please stop satin' "Illuminati confirmed! " over and over!

Its quite funny, but gets annoying after a while when your pals are making a triangle sign with their hands and putting it to your eye and screaming:LOOMINARTY CUNFURMED!

Doritos - PeeledBanana

46 Mewtwo and Ridley Fans
47 Weeaboos

How is this not higher up on the list? Many of the fanbases here actually have their good fans, while this category literally refers to obsessive anime fans as a whole. - NiktheWiz

48 Furries

Furries aren't actually bad people, it's just people like to stereotype them for being "sexual deviants" and "bestiality interested". - Swellow

49 Creepypasta Fans

We truly suck.

50 Pokemon Go Fans

Thank God Pokemon Go isn't popular anymore. - Popsicles

51 Shippers
52 Markiplier

Too many children to be honest - plaguebringer

53 Powerpuff Girls Fans

What? This is not a bad fandom, though the fanart sucks a lot. At least the fans are not really mean and actually like the show normally. The only problem is the fanart. I come from this fandom and honestly they really support the show and most of them are not bullies unlike most mlp fans, they also don't really go hating on other good shows and saying powerpuff girls is better. The fans do get kind of offended when someone dislikes the show but they don't hurt ppg haters badly. I am a ppg fan and I hate rainbow dash. She is the reason I hate mlp, though I don't hate on every show to make ppg look good. I actually respect that people like other shows and that is okay. I really love this show but I don't bully its haters.

54 Go!f**s (Goanimate Fanboys)

All the videos are crap

HOW is this not higher up on the list?

The Goanimate Fanbase is most certainly the WORST fanbase on the internet. Put it this way:

Take everything that makes the worst fanbases the worst; The sexual arousal of the Bronies, the rage and immaturity of the Fnaf Fanboys(And Minecraft Fanbase), the unoriginality and repetitiveness of the Undertale(and Minecraf) Fanbase, the cringey, over-the-top OC's of the Sonic Fanbase, the huge amount of butthurt "Squeakers" of Modern shooter games, and SO much more stuff that just really makes this community something "special." Even then, this community has it's own flaws.

If you don't believe me, go look up some Goanimate grounded videos and the like yourself. - RoleplayerR

"KAYLOU HOW DARE YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR 47575859474773838393993040494949838382927737373783848483929929293939337383838282 YEARS! GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW! "

-Every GoAnimate Video

55 Bros
56 Teen Titans Fans
57 Twilight Fanbase
58 Sony Believers
59 90s Fans

Also called 90's kids. They think that 00's kids are spoiled brats, which I am a 00's kid. Though some of us are spoiled, a lot of us are not.

I don't care what decade a movie, game, or whatever came out in. If it's good then I'll take it. Simple as that.

Yea they think it's the best the 80s were better

This should be higher. Although I prefer the 90s myself, I do feel like those fans are annoying. They literally bash on anything that did not come out between 1990 and 2003. They do not give anything modern (or vintage) a chance.

Some of the modern things I find good are Justin Timberlake's song "Can't Stop the Feeling", P! nk's song "Just Like Fire", Gravity Falls, Lukas Graham's "Seven Years Old", an unknown sitcom called "The Middle" (not Malcolm in the Middle, but a T.V. sitcom that aired since 2009), Pokemon Go, and American Housewife (a sitcom that just aired its first episode in October 2016).

Some of the vintage/retro things I like (things prior to the 90s) are retro home decor, most the fashion trends, most of the music, and the classic T.V. shows like Rosanne and Brady Bunch. - anonygirl

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60 Leafy Fans

They spam HISS and leaf a like it's so annoying

There just a bunch of sheeple

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