Top Ten Worst Fanbases of All Time


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81 Football Fanboys
82 Montreal Canadiens Fans
83 Gooners (Arsenal F.C. Supporters)
84 Maggots
85 Nicki Minaj Fans
86 Young Money Fans
87 Lil B Fans
88 Smilers (Miley Cyrus Fans)
89 Nowelation OFFICIAL
90 Batman Fans

This fan base is both stubborn and aggressive, you literally can't say anything negative about batman around his fans cause no matter what, they'll always get mad about it

There are honestly very few Batman fans I like. Most Batman fans could never shut up about how Batman is superior to EVERY OTHER SUPERHERO with really dumb reasons. Saying anything negative about Batman will get a lot of angry butthurt reactions. He is not the greatest hero ever, deal with it. - NuMetalManiak

91 Walking Dead Fans

Should be way higher. These fans get so hostile when someone hates the show. Honestly why are they even defending such a boring, lack of action show. I get it's their opinion and all but they don't have to be very hostile and defensive about it

92 World of Warcraft Fans
93 Amazing World of Gumball Fans

UM what this isn really a that bad fanbase

These guys can't even stand 1 negative thing said about this show without going insane

How about shut up? At least the show is epic. That's all that matters. - Goatworlds

94 One Direction Fans

How is this not even in the top 100? It's a mob of shrieking fangirls who decided that they are done with. Justin Beiber.

95 Star Wars Fans

It's scary to say something bad about Star Wars because it has an ARMADA of fans, and these fans are hardcore defenders, it's actually scarier then you would think

96 Supermariologan Fans

I really like him, I'm referring to the side of his fan base that defends him no matter what, half of his fan base are people who literally never judge his videos, always say their awesome and attack anyone who says something negative about them, I like SML but I don't worship him like a god like this side of his fanbase

I hate jiffy fans the most

97 Utubetrollpolice Fanboys
98 Metallica Fans
99 Anthrax Fans
100 Transformers Fans
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