Top Ten Worst Fanbases of All Time


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161 AmourShipping fans
162 Swifties Swifties
163 TheMysteriousMrEnter Fans
164 Rule 34 Fans
165 Black Butler Fanbase Black Butler Fanbase
166 Linkin Park Fans
167 Hamilton Fans
168 Graphics Whores
169 The Lord of the Rings fanbase
170 Real Music Fans

Bingo. Real music fans are beyond annoying. Nobody realizes that there's no such thing as "real music" and that all music is subjective.

171 Cartoon Fans

Most of them just scare me. I'm not saying they're all like this, but most cartoon fans I've seen draw pornographic illustrations of other cartoon characters. You'll find a lot of disturbing fetish art on DeviantArt (I don't suggest that you look it up).

172 The Prankster Gangster Nation
173 Witcher 3 Fanboys
174 Philadelphia Sports Fans

Ha - phillysports

175 Hetalians

I love Hetalia, but... THE FANBASE - Absolite

176 Bendy Fans
177 The Room Fans
178 Neptunia Fans
179 Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Fanboys
180 Jake Paulers
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