Top 10 Worst Fandom Wars

Fandoms of certain things like: Star Wars that are against other fandoms usually for moronic reasons. Which is essentially a fandom war. These are different then character fandom wars because they're not between characters but between fandoms of brands/ products, bands/ music artists, movies, video game and more.

The Top Ten

1 Metallica Vs. Megadeth
2 Call Of Duty Vs. Battlefield

Besides, we all know Splatoon is the better game.

(I'm kidding. I think Splatoon is more fun, though) - mattstat716

3 Conservative vs Liberal

It's like a competition to make the other side look the most terrible. I'm personally more on the liberal side (with a couple conservative views) and I feel that this is all what people want to argue about - Phillip873

Both should borrow from each other's ideologies. - Sop

4 Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

Can't you just get along?

Honestly, both of these suck compared to Doctor Who.

Star wars is clearly better so I don't know why this is such a huge deal

Hey I watch and like both so I have no idea what these guys are arguing about.

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5 Lion King Haters vs Lion King Fans

Well, I get annoyed when people keep adding TLK to positive lists. Not everyone's going to like that awful movie, just it's fanbase does.

This has become a war all the sudden. Especially on this site where I've been attacked by a angry, opinion-disrespecting mob of TLK fans for not liking that overrrated mess. Not everyone is going to be a fan of TLK. Not everyone has the same opinions. TLK haters are not bad people, the fans are worse.

TLK hater you have an opinion, & that’s fine. But people get mad at you because you keep adding TLK to negative lists & it annoys people.

6 Same-Series Pairings vs Crossover Pairings

Crossover pairings suck. Same-series pairings all the way.

7 Yu-Gi-Oh vs. Cardfight Vanguard
8 Super Smash Bros. vs PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Sony and nintendo used to be partners so...

I like both games, so come on. PSASBR was INSPIRED by Super Smash Bros., not a ripoff.

9 The Simpsons Vs. Family Guy

I hate this fandom rivalry the most. It's retarded. - ShadowHawk18

I'm pretty sure it's ended now. - mattstat716

Simpsons wins. Oh shoot am I bringing it back as a hardcore Family Guy hater? - 445956

10 Marvel Vs. DC

This one is probably the most ridiculous out of all them. The movies don't help out with this either.
They way I see it, Marvel has the better heroes and DC has the better villains. - cjWriter1997

Marvel has better films, DC has better comics and cartoons - 445956

The Newcomers

? Idolish7 vs. Ensemble Stars
? Godzilla vs. King Kong

King Kong has beat Godzilla but there's gonna be a rematch - Unnamed Google User Remade

The upcoming film is gonna be great. The fandom fights between this is making me feel sick. I’m so tired of both fandoms fight because of one of them is stronger and better. Let’s just say they’re both great. The 1962 film had no winner. That rumor of both versions have different endings was a huge lie. The American Version kinda sucked by the way (watch the Japanese Version instead), not even Toho stated of who won in that film. With the upcoming film. I think neither of them should win, they should stay alive and continue their legacy in the MonsterVerse. They’re both great. But the fight needs to stop between both fans. - asantalo

The Contenders

11 Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go

The original is the obvious winner here.

12 Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Both suck compared to Lord of the Rings.

13 The Walking Dead Vs. Game of Thrones

I haven't seen GOT yet but I think even Walking Dead fans have to accept that they're fighting over wrong thing. Walking Dead is becoming very very annoying (the show). - zxm

14 Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter

The King of Fighters is also great, but I do kinda dislike when it's getting compared to others, all fighting games are good on their own ways.

15 Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft vs PC vs Mobile

A.k.a. the Modern Console Wars. All are good, you guys.

16 Undertale vs Five Nights at Freddy's

Touhou vs Undertale is much worser

€I prefer Fnaf” *a swarm of undertale fans rise from the depths to tell me how cancerous I am. And then preach about kindness and mercy*

17 South Park Vs. Family Guy

Agreed. As a fan of both shows, I hate how fans went to war over the dumbest reasons. - ShadowHawk18

18 Disney vs Non-Disney
19 Pokemon vs Digimon

Digimon better

I like Pokemon better, but I wish both fanbases would stop arguing.

Agumon and Charmander are both just as powerful, okay? - Lunala

20 Love Live VS. The iDOLM@STER

I haven't watch iDOLM@STER so love live it is

21 Seinfeld vs Friends

I watched Seinfeld first. Couldn't watch friends after it. Didn't like romantic comedies. That's why I prefer shows like Frasier or Arrested Development more than Friends. - zxm

Friends is good, but I've never seen seinfield - EliHbk

22 Nintendo Vs. Sega

Nintendo was always better than Sega! - ShigeruMiyamoto

I agree with this so much.

Nintendo > Sega, case closed.
Sonic should go to Nintendo. They'd hook him up with decent games. - mattstat716

23 Sony Vs. Microsoft
24 Naruhina vs Narusaku (Naruto)
25 Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon
26 Kimba vs Simba

Kimba is overrated and has a horrible fanbase that always draws hateart of Simba! The Lion King may have a bad fanbase but at least we don't draw hateart! The more hateart of TLK I see, the more and more I start to HATE Kimba. Unico and Speed Racer are better then Kimba anyways.

Simba sucks and deserves to die. TLK as a whole is terrible.

Go Kimba on this debate! Beat that lousy glorified junk of a ripoff a.k.a. TLK!

27 Mario vs Sonic
28 Samsung vs Apple
29 Cuphead vs Bendy and The Ink Machine
30 Daisy vs Rosalina (Mario)
31 Kollegah vs. Spongebozz

Without a doubt the two greatest German rappers of the decade (I'd even go so far to say of all time) in terms of lyrical quality and technique. Both have had chart topping albums, both are much viewed on the net, both have a similar style (epic and ambitious battle rap inspired hardcore hip hop focusing on word play and complex rhyme schemes). Kollegah has been around for much longer overall, but both have gotten really big in the early to mid 2010s. They are also heavy rivals for personal reasons, having once been friends and now having turned to archenemies.
Of course, their most loyal fanboys now comment under each other's videos with comments such as "he is such a soab and only soabs listen to him lolololo, SpongeBozz/Kollegah 4L"

That just makes both artists look bad (guys... even the rappers themselves said that you can listen to whoever you like).
You have to acknowledge the incredibly advanced level of language each rapper posseses, and whether they have a ...more - Martin_Canine

32 Disney vs Warner Bros
33 Mario vs Luigi

THANKS A LOT MATPAT! You and your horrible Fanbase created this - Randomator

34 Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter
35 Pokemon vs Yo-kai Watch

I swear people need to STOP comparing these games since they are NOTHING alike!

Why can't this silly war just stop? I mean if these poke brats would just try playing the game, they'll see that uo kai watch and pokemon are different, but instead they would rather just act like little whiny brats and call iy a ripiff without even playing it

36 Cuphead vs 1930s Cartoons
37 Undertale vs Touhou
38 Furries vs. Gamers
39 Sailor Moon vs. Precure
40 Gundam vs. Zoids vs. Macross/Robotech
41 Nintendo vs Sony
42 Sonamy vs Sonally (Sonic)
43 Shadouge vs Knouge (Sonic)

No Sonic couple is canon. Although I much rather see Shadouge official than Knouge. Rivals should never have romantic feelings for each other.

44 Tailooey vs. Taiream (Sonic)

Taiream sucks big time. Not only it's not canon, but, unlike Knouge for example, it was never hinted in any Sonic media. It is safe to say that Taiream is a horrible crack pairing made up by fans and has no evidence in the Sonic games, comics or show Tails and Cream have been in.

Thankfully, Sonic Boom introduced Zooey for Tails (I ship Tailooey) so I don't have to worry about Cream.

45 Sonic vs Shadow (Sonic)
46 Sonaze vs Silvaze (Sonic)
47 Taismo vs Taiream (Sonic)

Taiream sucks. Go Taismo (even if Cosmo is dead).
Cream shouldn't be with anyone.

48 Republican vs Democrat
49 Originality vs Tropes
50 Karel vs Harken (Fire Emblem)

I personally prefer Karel, but each to their own. As long as you don't villainize Karel in your fanworks of course.

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