Worst Types of People on the Internet EP-10 Weaboos

Already 10 episodes? Wow, I hoped you people enjoyed reading these as this one might be the longest, and most controversial post of them all. You know what it's about? The literal worst people on the Internet and the worst fandom. They are the monstrosity called Weaboos. Now before I tear into Weaboos I must remind you, if you respect the culture, watch anime, read manga, and learn Japanese while RESPECTING YOUR OWN CULTURE doesn't make you a Weaboo. If you do all those things and say you're Japanese while your actually a white middle aged overweight man makes you a complete idiot (a weaboo for short)

Okay so Weaboos are literally everywhere. On this site, on YouTube, your mother's attic. Literally. They're commonly found in DevianArt where they draw autistic pictures of Tauchi-San or whatever with an anime version of them doing unspeakable stuff. Anyways they are another class of keyboard warriors. If you say one negative thing about anime they will start breathing heavy on the keyboard in all caps. They think that watching 6 anime series makes them Japanese. Well for starters, people who masturbate to body pillows of 13 year old anime girls does not make you Japanese. That makes you a pedophile. Although collecting Japanese weapons is cool (katanas and arisikas mane!) but it still doesn't make you Japanese. Also if you carry these things around people are gonna wanna stay away from you. Also Weaboo's prediction of Japan isn't true at all. They think that School girls have really big, bright eyes. People practice jutsus in the corner. And carry God damned katanas around everywhere! No one does that unless you're planning a murder. When they go to Japan they'll be like "Wha-Where's the subtitles?!"

Okay, what I hate most about sites is those idiots who have Anime profile pictures. Weaboo trash is what they are. Weaboos glorify one of the most xenophobic cultures in the world. Weaboos are proof that Japan is getting their revenge from nuking them. Weaboos are proof that Truman should've used more than 2 nukes or just invaded them anyways. Japan is getting back at us. We need something more annoying than Weaboos in Japan! I GOT IT! WESTABOOS!!!!!

We're gonna get willing Japanese volunteers to annoy the Japanese so much, they'll stop making anime so Weaboos will die out! Westaboos are gonna dress American, act American, watch American cartoons and say they're American even though they're Japanese. Either that or straight up deport all Weaboos to Japan and see how long they last...

Anyways, I like some anime as well. You know what my favorite anime is? CORY IN THE HOUSE AND THOMAS THE TRAIN ENGINE!!!!! (Hilarious and Original quote) SO ORIGINAL 2ORIGINAL4ME AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Weaboos are the literal, worst people on the Internet. Case closed. But I will still talk about other horrible people ln the Internet. I can't wait for the Weaboos on this site to rage quit and breathe really heavily and fast on their keyboards. They're just as bad as Twelvies.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this post and Weaboos, you can still watch anime but don't say you're Japanese when you're a white male. So, finally that's over. I know someone in real life who might actually be a Weaboo there was this girl who I liked very much. I knew she watched anime but I didn't think she was a Weaboo. So I tried to go out with her by doing all these nice things and getting her to laugh. It was successful until... She said she wasn't interested in me. I've seen her stare at me before and laugh at almost every joke I say (even unfunny ones) she pretended to like me. She's going out with a potsmoker who I assume is a Weaboo. Now she won't even talk to me and now she's wearing a bunch of anime shirts. Good riddance for her. Weaboo trash is what she is.

See how seductive Weaboos can be? They pretend to like you then say they're not interested in you and kick you to the curb and show their true forms. This is why we should've just gone ahead and nuked Japan a 3rd time. Or just don't nuke them at all. All the radiation in their head made Otakus and then brought Otakus to the Western lands and made Weaboos.

Hoped you enjoyed and stay tuned for Episode 11.


Well I'm glad you're over that girl. - Therandom

Nice - bobbythebrony

I watch some anime,but I'm not a weaboo,I'm sick of these people,they're part of the reasons why people think about porn when someone mentions anime,plus they ruined deviantart. - SamuiNeko

Yeah, it's okay if you watch anime but if you call yourself Japanese by watching it then you're a Weaboo. My favorite anime is Cory in the House - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Skeletor, you seem angry at all Weaboos just because you got dumped by that girl (#ForeverAlone lol.) Sorry, just had to put that there. Anyway, good post. I watch both anime and cartoons, but I'll never be a Weaboo. Too much anime all in a row makes it boring for me. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Thanks but you're half right though. The girl only just put fuel to the fire. I hated Weaboos long before her. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The girl never even went out with him... And Bluetopaz, you're "boyfriend" will probably be a toilet. - Therandom

I like this series, but do not post this on an anime website. The weaboos will rage and message you phrases like ALL CAPS JUTSU. But I don't think putting an anime character image as your profile pic makes you weaboo trash. I think I will make a post about the differences between anime fans/otakus and weaboos/crazy idiots. - Skullkid755

"All Caps Jutsu" That's gold bruh. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=isM-r6B1wz4&ebc=ANyPxKoaUWxY0m0lmp1Vq9kBfM7wS5FIwEBL4Zw8OvEvQWnHk9G7RHjzRBx--EUL5olsARabrRDD5n7du_LnZVZnHarxmMwq7w weaboos are in this video. Lol. - Skullkid755

Is the phrase "draw autistic pictures" supposed to be an insult to autistic people? - RockFashionista

No. I'm not insulting autistic people. Just Weaboos. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I hope it is to be honest - Puga

OK then.
@Puga. I'm not a weaboo. Its proved. - visitor

I like anime but I think weaboos are a disgrace to humans - TwilightKitsune