Anti-Fans/ Haters


Haters often do anything they want and they are either Communists. Some haters always targeted on good things and bad things depend on their own opinions. For example, they called good T.V. shows "garbage" (e.g. Adventure Time, or some popular shows out there). And what happened after that? They spit out there fire to the show with criticism and harsh comments about it. Impossible!
Even they want Spongebob to cancel the show because hoe bad the seasons are. Even some good movies like Disney or any decent ones are hated by Anti-fans. It's unfair. Haters always focused on bad stuff frequently. For example, Teen Titans GO! was hated by some other types for insulting the original counterpart and I'm pretty sure that CN was blackmailed by that tyrannical Hitler-wannabe show but there are some good episodes in the show (like 20% 20% 40% or The Fourth Wall). Also they focused OCCASIONALLY on old good shows like Ed, Edd, and Eddy or either some old shows (I grew up with CN a bit until I ...more

They never have any GOOD reasons to dislike something. It's always "Well, the fandom is absolute GARBAGE" typed angrily in the YouTube comments. A bad fandom generally isn't a reason to not like something. And unfortunately, that's the way that most people who hate something tend to react.

If the person has a serious mental condition, such as social anxiety, chronic depression, and bipolar disorder, could take it the wrong way, and, if death threats are involved, possibly commit suicide. All at the hands of a long, lengthy, spiteful YouTube comment.

Sadly, I have multiple friends like this. They don't listen when I try to reason with them why I like something, they start unnecessary, unwarranted arguments for no reason whatsoever. Most of them are completely disrespectful (much like most anti-fans/haters on the Internet, if you ask me), rude, and don't listen to reason.

Some of them aren't bad people; they just want to explain why they don't enjoy the T.V. show, ...more

Yea about the whole hating to troll and make them look like a retard thing is true. This mostly comes up with anime fans and my little pony fans since they say those things are the best thing in the world and nothing will ever be better than them and they want you to like it to

Basically the entirety of this post is composed of Anti-Fans / Haters. People love what they love, and if they aren't causing anyone any harm, then why does it concern you? You have to have a lot of time on your hands to spend so much time hating a fandom rather than contributing something to society. Just because you spew hatred for random stuff doesn't mean everyone actually cares enough to listen.

My god, the haters. Where do I begin. These people simply hate, to hate. If you have a profile pic of some anime type thing, no matter what they will find a way to call you a dirty weeaboo and rip off Filthy Franks jokes and claim it as their own. If you have a MLP pic or Furry pic or SU or any fandom at all, they will come at you with full force, giving out death threats and calling in there hater brethren to cyber bully you more. They are cancerous and funny enough, most of these people are just 11 year olds trying to fit in by being retarded or 22 year olds looking to find real friends by trolling on places like 4Chan or comment sections. In the end, no one is safe from these people, the only defense is by telling them to grow up and pray they do (they never do)

Alright, I understand you people have the right to harbor your own opinion about things, it's perfectly fine to get together with your friends and vent a little about what you dislike however I must say with no offense intended, people don't really like it when others are going up to them and saying things like,"kill yourself" or "geez what a child, get a life" honestly though it is ok to have an opinion cause that's kinda what I'm doing right now. Just please only share it with people who agree with you.

There's something really ironic about obsession over something you hate. If nerds are beneath band geeks on the social totem pole than a hater is below the nerd. Not only do they rarely give a decent reason to justify what they do, they simply don't let people enjoy what they want to as if their tastes are some absolute rule rather than a preference. It's all really arrogant at the end of the day.

Haters have nothing better to do but just be debbie downers or buzzkills. There's nothing wrong with not liking something but that doesn't give you the right to bash on people who do like it. For an example, there are people on the Sims Forum who completely hate or dislike toddlers but, they haven't returned in the Sims 4. I've seen a few of these pessimists come to threads talking about "I hate toddlers, I don't want them back" or "I hope toddlers never come back" or "NO TODDLERS" or "I don't want them back in my game". I find this completely selfish and basically saying people who want toddlers can't have them (this also goes for preteens, preschoolers, or middle aged life stages). This what pisses me off. People are too busy thinking about themselves and don't want to respect others' views. This is redicoulus! This reminds of FF13 haters. They are just negative and fail to bring the good out of this game. Haters really need to back off! (Check out Miranda Sings' Haters Back Off)

Without question. Sure, there's a lot of things out there that I simply question why there are fans of that particular thing, but at the end of the day.. If they see something in it that they enjoy, then why just let them enjoy it? You standing there and pissing on them for them liking something you absolutely cannot stand makes you among those I will put on the "ignore list" right away. Go enjoy whatever your into, and piss off. Let us enjoy whatever we're into without having to listen to you. - BloodyThunderX

I've been in many fandoms, and most of the time the reason that fandoms become toxic is because of this. Whether it be haters/antis in the fandom attacking other fans or outsiders hating on the fandom in general, it leads to many disputes. It may be hard for some, but don't take time out of the day to go and attack others for something they like. If you don't like it, ignore it and continue on. No need to start conflict over it. - prussian

The person who is against a fanbase. While fans of something can be annoying, it is more annoying when somebody is putting their effort against something.

Haters are the reason I don't want to go on the internet. They disagree with mostly everything you say, 95% of them are trolls and all they want to do is annoy you. If I could, I would just put a gun down their throat.

Worst offenders are most of the people on a cringe Facebook page. I mean I love laughing at people's social fails as much as the next guy, which is why I visit it because it's usually funny. The page's favorite targets are the gross and/or obnoxious fans of certain shows. But the people on the comment section are really pathetic.

If some poor schmuck rubs some the wrong way, usually by being a fan of certain things, the ass starts going at the schmuck while an army of idiots like the ass's comments en masse, and dogpile on the guy.

It's pretty spectacular how low these people are.

Hey, people could like/hate what they want. Unless the fans are completely retarded or think the show/movie/book etc is there life. THen, you have a reason to hate on them and troll them looking like a retard.

They hate everything. Literally. Once I went and watched some Steven Universe on the internet, I scrolled down and saw this comment '' I hate this show so much! '' and it had a few other replies agreeing with it? I have no idea. '

The absolute worst thing about haters is the way they break into communities and ruin it for everyone, imagine if you went into your community/fandom and a hater was there ranting about how bad it is, I mean really. Call me a hater for hating on a hater, but the hater needs some hate, mate. - SheepBuggy

Even if you do not mention anything pony related, these guys will start to whine, threaten and insult because it looks like you have a pony in your avatar. They'll turn up in places where there is absolutely no way they could have got there by accident too.

The "I can't find happiness in my life so I have to try to destroy yours" people are a real special kind of people... I get if people don't like something but they shouldn't be that aggressive about it. Most of people that hate on Fandoms are dumb Teens (I had this phase for a very short time too and I'm not proud of it but I learned) or People that have nothing better to do with there life - MacabreMoon

The only thing that is worse than a fandom is someone who spends time trying to get rid of a fandom. I mean who ever lowers themselves to become obsessed with removing a fandom is just as bad as a fandom.

My brother is an Anti-Fan and it's the most annoying thing in the world. He acts like a pretentious jerk, and disses anything even remotely related to a fandom, or whatever. People like this just need to stop. Hating on things and being an obnoxious moron don't make you cool, or interesting, or whatever you think this will do to boost your standing. - Haumea

I find it kind of sad when I see people lashing out on others just because they have a different religion, set of beliefs, race, thoughts on politics, fandoms, or anything else. It's okay to dislike something, but that does not mean others have to agree with you. Respect others the way you want others to respect you

There will always be haters in the world and on the Internet.

Hater - (n) a person who despises something that people like so terribly that they will distribute angry, racist, sexist, and many other types of comments. They enjoy ruining people's feelings and say everything they don't like, nobody should like.

They are pretty much everywhere. Sometimes they'll just lash out at you for liking something even if you don't mention it. I can't really go to the comment section of anything on youtube without finding them.

People who go around yelling at others, trolling, and flipping out about ANYTHING from a fandom they don't like. The people who hate bronies because of how old they are, FNAF fans because of what gender they are, and everything else that doesn't fit into society the way they want it.

They're probably the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

These guys need actual Therapy, right? Aggressive sarcasm aside, These guys are the anger issues of the internet, quite literally. Like they are the best and most arrogant guys on the web.