Creepypasta Fans


First of all I'm a CreepyPasta fan but I understand that it is meant to be horror genre not romance. It makes me sick when some obnoxious fan walks around going on about how a character is hot- don't DO THAT OR U WILL MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE! Are u at least seeing the point? I'm a FAN but I don't ship or write ROMANCE stories. Geez people these days...

Hnggg... Oh, Jeff... What have you done, my guy. nothing' wrong with being a fan of Jeff the Killer or Clockwork or Nina or the like, but oh boy, are they just... Not interesting characters. they aren't, they really, really aren't. And they've basically infested a lot of the talk regarding Creepypasta in general. It tends to drown out a ton of the genuinely good ones. It's gotten to the point where many outsiders genuinely think that all Creepypasta are bad, which just isn't true. There's a ton of really creative, interesting, eerie, well-written stories under this label. But because of the predominance of the proxy fans and the Killer fans, those stories have sort of faded into the discussions amongst more involved fans, such as Abandoned by Disney and Ted the Caver. Thank God for Room Zero rightfully pulling them out into the limelight. - regularshowman

I like Creepypasta, but fangirls want them as lovers? Lets not forget that they don't think about adding underrated Pastas in their fan fiction. The girl in the photograph? Abandoned by Disney? Oh, and the worst of all: the personalities they give the Pastas...

Toby: In his story, he was bullied and had serious dad issues, and would be quiet, may have temper, bd would hate being called Ticci Toby. But in Fan fiction and Roleplays, he is always jumping from wall to wall, crazy, talkative and loves waffles. Fine personality traits, but that is all, and so not Toby.

Hoodie: Ugh, don't get me started. He also has a bland character in fan mad stuff! He is from Marble Hornets, but I'm not complaining about that. He always stutters! A really shy person would not talk, and I don't think Hoodie is shy. Ugh, don't mention the cheesecake obsession.

Masky: It always gets blander, doesn't it? Nothing but cheesecake.

Ben: Why?! He is always a perv! He can think ...more

I must admit, I find this fandom scary, all right.

It scares me that so many people unironically want fictional serial killers without any redeeming traits whatsoever as lovers.

I enjoy creepypasta, but not the classics. When I was young and easily scared, some freaked me out; I've grown up since then, delved deeper into horror and since have discovered the more obscure creepypastas. There are some fantastic stories out there, but people just don't pay attention to them... Or they're too busy shipping the creepypasta characters. Some of the classics aren't even that great, they're less than mediocre even writing-wise. I mean its impossible to get away from shippers, some people are pretty weird, but when something that's supposed to be horror becomes identified by the weirdos who write fan fiction and draw shippy fanart... I think I've honestly lost my faith in humanity.

All in all, I mostly read reddit's nosleep, published novels or listen to true (or allegedly true) stories through Youtube. Haven't been to the creepypasta website in a long time, I just know my favourites.

The fandom is more disturbing than the actual stories

Creepypasta is a very dark side on the internet based on myths, haunted video games, disturbing videos, and possibly to appear in the news. I recommend reading once of the first stories, like Jeff the killer, Ben Drowned, The Slenderman, Laughing Jack, or Eyeless Jack, for a good start. To start off on being part of the Creepypasta community/Fandom, you need to have a favorite creepypasta character to socialize with others in the community, or either cosplay your favorite character as well! To populate the fandom, you can easily share it to your friends, and hopefully they can decide to fit in.

Kids get way too obsessed over fictional killers these days. If you're in love with a Creepypasta character, you need psychological help.

There's two parts to creepypasta. The actual stories, and the fandom. The actual stories are really cool, scary, and you find absolutely amazing writers. Then there's the fandom. The fandom is filled with strange fan art, the most terrible fanfiction you'll ever find, and ships that should never happen. I would know since I was shamefully part of it once.

My cousin is a Creepypasta nut, man she is so annoying, we are both 16, anyways some creepypasta are really cool and scary, but for a person that knows anything about and just say about it, it became really annoying!

The worst fandom, possibly. Jeff the Killer wouldn't flirt with you or cuddle you. He would murder you and bathe in your blood, or something. Serial killers are not in any way attractive.

I like CreepyPasta, don't get me wrong! I love the stories and all but some of the fans just scare me more than the stories. There are a couple of people who try to make it "sexy" and then there are some who try to behave as a CreepyPasta.

I had a phase where I loved the horror aspect of creepy pasta... Then most of the fanbase started shipping things and people started taking creepypasta WAY to seriously and thought they were all super edgy and I just can't do it

The best fans of creepypasta are boys (I'm a girl though) the fangirls romanticise psycho killers and ship them. (cough cough *Jeff* cough cough)

There are women who has fantasies about dating Jeff the Killer! Why would you want to date a murderous psychopath? - sdgeek2003

I myself am a Creepypasta fan myself, and I absolutely love it. But, with all fandoms, there are those people out there who write those fanfiction things, and those annoy other people, and me. I have read a few, and I hated them all. I don't understand why people do that. It's annoying, gross, inappropriate, and stupid. I do (getting weird here) believe in a few, but it's not like they're going to walk up do you and say "Hey random fangirl/fanboy, follow me. I'm going to kill you now! " It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. *sigh* why do I even try...

I'm a creepypasta fan and to be honest I do find some creepypastas interesting. I'm not sexually attracted or find them hot or anything, I become intrigued by their personality or story. I do enjoy looking at fan art but not the sexual ones, that's just going way too far. Oh and Creepypasta fans don't find the scary pictures of them hot, they find the fan art hot. - Lollyclouds

Even the classics are bad. The new ones are bad. The ones considered good are bad. How bad do you have to get before EVERYTHING THAT COMPOSES THE FANDOM IS BAD? *Drops mic* - Winterush

I guess that's just what the Internet does. Something creepy comes along and the first thought it has is to turn it into a sexy high school Alice of life drama thing

I love creepypasta. Now I don't have to get out of my bed to hear scary stories! Too bad most of the fans ruin it.

Why are they shipping creepypasta characters even though they would try to kill each other and why are they making chibi versions of them like what - thehatergator

Creepypastas aren't THAT scary on the first place, but the rabid fangirls make them EVEN WORSE! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I don't know how you can find a disturbing jump scare CUTE.

Yeah, Jeff fans ARE weird. Jeff seems sexy, but he's supposed to be scary.

Don't get me started on this one... it's awful especially the Jeff the Killer fan fictions.