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I don't think the whole fandom is bad, in fact, there are no bad fandoms. There are some One Direction fans that respect opinions and just love their band, not disrespect, I have seen some here on TheTopTens. But some of them are not mean, but don't really use good reasoning other that One Direction has hot members. That happened one time on YouTube when someone commented on a Blink-182 video that the band sucked for having ugly band members and One Direction is better for having hot members. I don't mind if someone thinks One Direction is better than Blink-182, but using looks to justify is not a good way of expressing it, how about musical talent of both instead. - AnimeDrawer

They just can't take criticism and they think One Direction is the best band of all times. they even say they're better than The Beatles! The fanbase is consisted by mostly 14-year-old girls and most of them don't even listen to other artists.

I hate them- I send death threats, hate other artists covering one direction songs, hate when someone says mean things about their precious 1 direction and posts nasty comments to people who have free will to say what they want. Hating girlfriends of 1 d as well. They go over the top in so many ways. And now they have really offended me who is a gleek (not a tweeting one- just love the show). They compared Zayn's departure to cory monteith's death. they have no idea how it felt to lose idol to death. they get to see zayn still through media. Cory is dead and not coming back. Some difference- the pain us gleeks felt is much worse. Disgraceful to think they would actually say that

Okay, they're not the best, but they're not the worst. I understand some people in the fandom aren't like this, but hey, when did the world say everyone is going to agree with everything. Some cons of the fandom is when they bash the boys girlfriends. *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* It hurts me as a swiftie to see them both break up because of the media (and possibly even them.) They also bash a few fandoms also. Like I said, most of them aren't that bad, in fact, they're very dedicated. But, I have to agree with some of these comments.

Just wanted to tell you that we grew up. We were 10 - 14 five years ago. I mean, sure! 10 - 14 year olds probably joined the fandom recently but the majority of us are 16 and above. I also wanted to tell you that we we grew up from sending death threats to One Direction girlfriends. Do you see us sending death threats to Louis' ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder? No, we actually miss her, even Larries miss her. What about Sophia? Most of us were devastated the her and Liam broke up. And Perrie? Most of us actually gave her support after she and Zayn broke up. And Selena? Most of us just don't like the idea of Niall dating after him being single for so long. But me, I'm happy if they are going out. Why? Because I'm happy that if they are dating, Selena found a guy who wouldn't hurt her like her ex.

You also cannot say us we are immature 12 year olds for crying over Zayn leaving the band. We love him and it was shocking. Like goddamit! Even Harry was crying! But you know what? We ...more

What we love one direction and we stick up for them when we fill like they are being put down and we fill bad for the girls when they break up with boys we don't send them death threats I don't know who told you that but we don't do that we're happy if the boys are happy and yes whenever the boys say something its like gold to us it doesn't mean we always agree with it whoever did this just needs to stop because direcitoners are very defensive and you would like us to talk about your fandom so don't even get us started

Uh, who talks about this anymore? There hasn't been anything or news saying whether they did something good or bad, not to insult though.

Honestly, they are super annoying. Its all I ever see, and ugh, why do these horny girls make it a point to let everyone know of their "crush" on a celebrity that probably wouldn't even care if you jumped off a bridge for them? - TheCreepypastaFox

10 years old who can't take the smallest bit of criticism. Plain irritating.

Most Directioners are completely insane and they can't accept the fact that not everyone likes One Direction. Not to mention the stupid and dangerous things that they do, like cutting for One Direction.

There was someone I knew that stuck a doll of one of the band members up her vagina

One Directioners are stupid and will denounce anyone who disapproves of the band. The pound on their keyboards all day about how One Direction is the best band ever and won't shut up about it.

They are annoying simply annoying! I cannot support my own fandom because they are always commenting on us and keep on saying one direction is better, Niall is hotter than that etc...

I never have understood the popularity of One Direction. One person having tickets to a concert is no reason to end a friendship. Show a little self control, please! :(

Someone said that The Beatles copied One Direction. I told her it was the other way around.

I was a directioner and because of the own fandom I left. The fandom even made me dislike the boys. They argue between each other. They categorize themselves. (Ex) Larry Stans (some of theses girls are really violent with their words) I've had a couple fights with them so I know from experience. Directioners fight with other fandoms all the time as well. They think that they are the BIGGEST fandom in the world when they really aren't. I actually feel bad for the members of 1D I wouldn't be surprised if they hated their own fandom a bit.

I understand you love one direction. Well I love lots of things but you don't see me flaunting it in your 10 year old face do you.

Hey all of you Directioners, one of my best friends is one of you but she DOESN'T SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT! There is one song I like, 'Drag me Down'. That's it.

A LOT of the fans seem to only care about looks than their music.

One Direction are the best THEY ARE NOT DEAD OR NOT POPULAR they are all (except Zayn) nominated of an award. Directioners are the meanest fandom ever we protect our boys at all costs and this is coming for a directioner. All the love C x

And it's only a psychotic phase, later they'll realize how immature and blind the were. - ihearyou

Consists of 10-15 girls who mostly spend time on their phones and don't care about anything but One Direction

Come on guys!? Why aren't we number one!? I'm truly offended

Dear lord, they insult almost every fandom, be it beliebers, swifties, kpop fandoms, you name it.

Thank the Lord Almighty that my Sister isn't one of the Directioners...