Five Night's at Freddy's Fans


I like this game, the lore is awesome and the atmosphere (in the first game at least) is cool. But I WILL MURDER SOMEONE IF I SEE ONE MORE PERSON ROLEPLAYING AS AN ANIMATRONIC! The fandom have ruined the game with their cringe-worthy fan art and fan fiction.

Why isn't this #1? Yes, bronies are cringe-worthy and make everything ponies but the FNaF Fans are worse! They are cringe-worthy kids who always shove crap down your throat and always whine about Haters. Fun Fact: The majority of the fandom are 8-11 year olds who haven't even played the game, they're just in the Fandom because People like Markiplier and PewDiePie played this game, they also have a strange fetish for shipping the animatronics. According to the lore, these are robots with kids inside them, *Cough* perverts *cough*. Even if they didn't have kids inside them they're still robots, robots CAN'T Love each other. Neither does The lore even say anything about them loving each other yet these kids still ship these robots! But seriously, when you stamp Five Nights at Freddy's on anything, you get children praising you like a God, and there is evidence to support my claim. There is currently a YouTuber named Zajcu37, he has been on YouTube for less than 1 year and a half, yet he ...more

I'm a fan of this game and I am a member in 3 or 4 groups in Facebook. I never open the group but one time I opened it, 7-8 year old kids are commenting answers with bad English. The fanbase is literal cancer. - Contradicted

I don't understand how this is #1. From getting on the show Cringe Champions and winning, to screaming like 8-year-olds (which the majority of them are), to managing to cram themselves into every nook and cranny in the internet, the Five Night's at Freddy's fans are just plain idiotic. They want to marry a chicken and then they want to hug a stupid fox? Scott Cawthon probably doesn't care about the monstrosities he has created, so he's not much better. He just milks the series for all it's worth.

I can understand why people would like this game as the designs are interesting, but I myself am not into it. As for the fandom itself, there will always be a small percentage of people who make the fandom look bad.

This game is a tumor on the face of earth. All these prepubescent kids jerking off to furry porn with their little, crusty plushes. This game is a virus, it controls you until you go insane and all you talk about is Fnaf. I can't go on tumblr without getting a feed of this disgusting fan art. End me please

I'm going to be honest, the first couple of the games were actually creepy ( In a friendly way) but however I slowly got disappointed, rather disturbed after the sequels of the franchise kept coming in from it's creator to give it's share of 'Fan-Service' but I don't understand why he continue to create this odd game despite knowing millions of fans creating erotic fan-art; what I mean is that it's Rule 34 which is a important rule on the Internet, meaning it's... P.O.R.N

If you're a human being under the age of +18, DO NOT TYPE IT UP. Unless you know.

And this game has caused so much problems towards fans in the entire universe; not all fans are not rapid but most of the controversy are from the rapid fan. There has been death treats, fights, argument, horrible debates, etc. Even the smallest, innocent criticism of the game itself causes an almighty Storm.

And that's what I have to say for now on, for this fan base.

The gameplay was unique and new when the first game came out. But the later games are more of the same or similar thing. The only thing keeping me hooked is the story. But fans blow things out of proportion. They seem to have an attachment to certain animatronics, despite those animatronics NOT BEING REAL (they're characters made up by whoever owns the establishment). And I swear, the shipping are annoying. And don't get me started on the fanart. But the worst are the fans who come up with theories and then treat them like facts. And they think MatPat is their God. Back in 2012, I thought Bronies were the worst, but 2 - 3 years later, I see the Five Nights at Freddy's fanbase, and suddenly I feel like Bronies are alright.

Sorry to make another comment on here, but this is important. There are still FANS of this game, mostly between the ages of eight to fourteen. The rest are either YouTubers who milk this series or people who make damn ROBOT PORN. I just want the movie to come out so everyone can realize how much of their lives they've wasted by creating the theories I've ever seen and making body pillows of anthro Foxy and Purple Guy (HIS REAL NAME IS NOT VINCENT). - FandomTrashSnivy

Back in elementary school, my male friends loved this game, and it's all they wanted to talk about at lunch. They never wanted to talk about anything else - ONLY Five Nights At Freddy's, and this drove me CRAZY! Finally, after a month, I got them to stop talking about it. I never want to hear 'Five Nights At Freddy's' again in my entire life.

They are the cancer of the internet. If you could lay the internet out, visually on a computer screen, there would be one ugly, terrible, tumor right in the bottom left corner, and there you have the Five Night's at Freddy's fandom.

Why is this still number 2? This "Fanbase" is Merely a Husk of its former infamy. But people just don't move on! People still talk about how they hate it even to this day! The "Fanbase" has basically moved on but The Haters didn't (I dislike the games myself but I ask of you to LET GO of this schtick so everyone can forget about it) - Aguythatpeopleignores

The game it's just crappy cheap graphics with a bit of story behind and the fandom says " best game ever"

It's become an obsession with the middle school students at my school at this point. They talk about it like it's a religion. It's a game, and not even that great of one!

I love the game, the lore is good, and I don't even mind the shipping. What really bugs me, however, is the porn. And although I know plenty of sane fans who are still kids, there are some children who just shouldn't have access to the Internet.

To be honest, I respect all of your opinion, I could understand why people hate the fanbase, but I actually don't mind the fanbase, it's one of my favorite fanbase of all-time. - mermaidmanandgarfield13

They're just annoying. They get mad at anyone that states something about the show, and when I first joined the fandom thinking it was good, everyone started biting back at me for saying foxy is a bad guy, which he is.

They are really weird sometimes...

To break it down...

2014: 99% peeps who liked the game
1% the occasional hater and porn makers

2015: 55% peeps who liked the game
40% left
5% Pornos and haters (harsh ones)

2016: 20% who liked the game
3% who made the weird stuff
77% who left

2017: (rough estimate)
6-9% who likes the game
1% weirdos
87-90% left

I've been told to kill myself SEVERAL TIMES because I gave facts that countered with these people's theories.

They literally worship an oversized teddy bear. No joke.

I ain't afraid of robots haunted by kids who'll do anything to kill you.

But the fandom.

It scares me.

It's like Cancer plus Autism.

The hell happened to this ga me? w ell nothing, it's like a horror movie franchise, it has it's ups and downs, stories and moments within the game makes it unique, especially sister location, where everything is an enemy lol. It's just that the fandom really ruined it's hype, it's idea of being a horror game, the first one was every interesting and most of all horror like, then there was theories and mysteries being "solved", I just thought to myself...No, these make sense and I can see why, but I don't think Scott had this in his head while making it. Did James Cameron thought of a spirit possessing The Terminators while writing the terminat or? n o, because Scott wanted Killer Animatronics, not a fandom that talks about the gender, or what side the robots are in. This ruined the hype of the first one. Then the second one came out and then again with the same thing, the fandom ruined the damn game when I was hyped for it! I was a little excited for the 3rd and then, maybe ...more

The games is great but the fandoms sucks. They even favorite the wrong charater. If u ask me who will be my favorite that would be the Marionette or Bonnie. Maybe Freddy or Mangle. I'll choose the characters who are scary looking and hard to defeat and that's what make them awesome. I don't see Foxy that special. What I hate the most is the ship and porns. I hate the facts that they make Chica girly and Bonnie being the antagonist of Foxica fandoms.

I like the games, they kinda got worn out though. But that's not what turned me off, it was the fans. Ugh, honestly I don't see them much anymore, but when I do stumble upon their habitat I want to cry. It's god awful, the ships that don't make sense. The fanart made my ' 10 year olds. And then the porn. How the hell do they even do it! There's also the theories, they make so many of them and for little reasons too! Like this for example: "Do you notice how foxy runs more to the left? Well it's because he..." No. All I see is a running animatronic, that's it. - Honestly-What

What I hate about this fandom that is 75% kids is that the own community choose to toxic their own fans and if you are new you will be eaten by those screaming kids trying to force their WRONG theories into you.