Whats wrong with humans?

I mean, come on. I appreciate it as an art style, ONLY THE ART STYLE. Making a culture out of this thing. A way of life. Its just wrong. How can somebody think to themselves and go: "I want to be an anthropomorphised animal." How?

And take in the fact that you hump each other every time you meet! Not to mention GRABBING KIDS WHEN THEY DON'T WANT TO BE TOUCHED!

My advice to you is to be proud of being human, be at least a tiny bit respectful that you have five small appendages growing from your hands instead of three (or four) big pads. Don't be overly sexual too, it just feels wrong.

(The best guide for being human is wikipedia, if you do have any questions about being human (or rehabilitating back to normal life) please consult wikipedia, thank you.) - psychopath

I love drawing anthropomorphic animals and looking at the amazing art and costumes people make, but maybe furries should be less sexual.

It's fine to draw a humanoid-looking animal, BUT WHEN IT'S BENDING OVER AND SHOWING OFF IT'S BALLS IS NOT OKAY.

It also bugs me that furries keep using the same dumb mythical animal stereotypes when creating characters or such. According to their rules, foxes, especially vixens, have to be sexy or be sex objects. Foxes and vixens are not sex objects and will never be. This is a very offensive stereotype to fox fans. And they always have to make spotted hyenas to be villains or dimwitted henchmen just because The Lion King and The Lion Guard said so. It bugs me so much.

Because I've been through the deep and dark caves of deviant, Through the mountain of Cringe, and the Seas of weird fetish, I've encountered many Furries along the way. I lost many men on the voyage, falling to the fandom.
I've come to tell tales of the horrors I've seen...
Of course, there is the other monsters...The things lurking in the dark.
But, overall, I've seen my share of furry porn and fetishes, so, I do wish to vote on this.

Furries are drawn unique and nice but when it's drawn sexual it's gross. I like them and hate them depending on the art. I hope they can be less sexual and people can see they are not always awful.

I'm not gonna hate ALL furries because of some bad apples in the bunch. The clean art is actually kinda cute, but the porn they display is just God awful. Not all furries are this way but there are some. Please take under consideration that not all furries are messed up in the head, some just want to make art and make people smile.

I'm a furry also and I do understand that there is a lot of weird people in the fandom, especially ones who are insecure about them selves.

As with other fandoms, there's always a select few who will make the fur fandom look bad with their freakish obsession. Not all furries are sick, disturbing, and immature. Some of them just genuinely enjoy making fursuits and have a love of creating things.

I can accept that some people may find anthropomorphic characters interesting, but some furries have created really negative stereotypes for everyone else.


Since when was dressing up in a furry suit considered normal? Why are people so obsessed with anthropomorphic animals?

It's an excuse for bestiality, they claim the stuff they are sexually obsessed with is "humans with animal characteristics". It looks more like so-sexualized-its-unrealistic animals to me, but of course they say it's humans as an excuse for wanting to do stuff with them. - MarkTheFox

Furries are good people, but there's always the one corner in every fandom. I respect furries.

I agree.. Furries are too sexual... They could be less sexual and then more of people might see furries as not bad thing?

To be honest, furries aren't that bad. I mean it's obviously weird and uncomfortable to see but whatever they're into I suppose. It's a shame that they spend so much money on costumes and crap, they could've actually spent it on something better. The only think I really don't want to see is fan art of furries, they should really keep that to themselves and try... Just try to get a life that doesn't have anything to do with zoophilia. - Lollyclouds

Even as A Furry Myself, I Get Pissed Off About The perverted Furries

If you think about there is a dark side to EVERY fandom and EVERY fandom will have this. Now people don't understand that they think furries are just all dark sided or really gross (not getting into detail ) but it's actually 5% of the Fandom is like that and 95% is not. But I have to say that dark side... Eehh I hate it!

Furries are supposed to be people who like anthropomorphic animals, not people who like to watch animals have sex. It makes me ashamed to be one.

I don't have a problem with Furries, just the bad side of the fandom that seems to dominate half of Deviantart. Also, Furry haters, if someone has a picture of a fox as their profile picture, it doesn't mean they are crazy or something. If someone has a fox OC, don't instantly label them as a "stupid furry". You look way stupider than they do. - TheAlbinoWolf

They have ruined Krystal from Star Fox BIG TIME with their horrible erotica and crossover garbage.

Furries HAVE to be some evil secret society. I've never played that game, but I've heard enough complaints about her to know that she shouldn't exist and is the only furry in the game. The furries are playing with space time to add her. I know because furries, especially Krystal, are affected by the Mandela Effect ALMOST DAILY, her name keeps flip flopping from Crystal and Krystal and her appearance changes all the time. - MarkTheFox

Honestly, when the fandom was cleaner, I used to be a furry (not the idiotic kind that dress up as a furry EVERYWHERE THEY GO! ) but now the fandom is so horribly dirty and just plain nasty. It's constant sex and kinks, usually the nasty ones such as Vore, scat, and golden showers.

Some furries are very nice and creative people and make art that's so good you'll want to quit drawing altogether. And I'll admit, the fursuits are great. Others, will take the time to make utterly disgusting porn that will never leave your mind. - naFrovivuS

Some "furries" sexualize that crossbreed between animals and humans (I think they're also called furries? I don't know). They over sexualize them. It's just so... wrong.

Furries are the scum of the earth, the lowest of the low, and are sub-caste. Sub-humans are the enemy, sub-humans are evil, sub-humans must be eradicated. I send my regards to Satan with every furry going to hell. And that is all of you.

The weirdest thing about the fandom is there very odd ties with diapers it's so weird. Where did come from

Disgusting, delusional perverts.