Minecraft Fans


I had this kid once told me that Roblox is a rip off of Minecraft when really, it's the other way around.

Roblox started developing in 2004, then it was released in 2006. Then Minecraft was made in 2009. People need to get there facts straight.

My sister and her friend play Minecraft all the time, but they're not those whiny piss babies you see all the time. They don't role play either. One time, I went on with my sister for one fun round of hunger games, and two people were role playing sex with each other! Most of people playing Minecraft aren't even over 9 years old! This fandom is just ANNOYING!

Back in 2013 I was on a Minecraft server (Broken Arrow Prison) and this 15-year old admin (DrDreNinja167, what a stupid name) wanted to chat to me on Skype, I did so and he started mentioning my "Mom" claiming that they wanted to see her titties. He didn't realise that my mother was dead so they decided to make fun of my surname instead, then he decided to get the other admins to join and they all began to joke around with me like obnoxious asses.

The owner came on (he was also 15 at the time by the way) and instead of defending me like a good person would do he just decided to insult me even further. I wasn't upset at all but instead recorded the rest of the 'conversation' (though am not making it public) and sent it to one of Fluby26(the name of the owner)'s friends. Apparently they have stopped keeping each other in contact as Fluby had left a few days after our conversation with DrDreNinja being banned and me and my friends being the only people on the ...more - KennyRulz244444

I admit, Minecraft is a great, creative game. But when you have 9 year olds thinking that the word biome comes from Minecraft, or a showing off about how much of a girl gamer they are for playing, then there's a problem.

What a dumb crowd of people. All they do is play the game and then try to rip off your face when say a different video game. Minecraft is a decent game, but I like other games better, like Survivalcraft because of its more realistic-ness, but whenever I say that around a certain group of people, they have an entire argument defending a game that has an unneeded fan base. Like, even my TEACHER sometimes roasts one of the kids who only talks about and plays Minecraft. He is one of the kids who forgets his homework everyday and has to rely on his parents for everything like a sponge or a baby. DanTDM, SkyDoesMinecraft, and many of the other Minecraft youtubers are stupid (CaptainSparklez is actually a good one).

Okay, I love Minecraft in all, but this fandom is probably one of the worst. They attack anyone who has a difference opinion. (Even if it's in a nice way) Plus, SO MANY TROLLS. Don't even get me started on the Sky fans. Makes me wanna cringe. They've grown up, sure, but they're still pretty bad.

This is one of the problems of humanity when something awesome is released people take them too far by becoming obsessed about it, well I for one will never fall into this trap (all this said in Batman voice)

I like the game, but I'm not obsessed and I don't play it that much. But most of the fans are kids that are obsessed with it or girls that think there gamers for playing it.

(Not all kids and girls that play it are like this, but most are)

Every country has those typical kids where they shoot Minecraft gameplay videos with an unregistered or pirated recording software and upload them in YouTube, expecting to see them watched.

Actually Minecraft isn't a bad game at all. But only the Fandom and all childish Let's Player destroy it..

A huge stain on the internet's trousers, full of degenerate sad 9 year olds and generic "Minecraft School" YouTubers.

I liked the game until it suddenly began to slowly go from a nice friendly community to an angry and mad community!

You can go on almost ANY server, and be surrounded by annoying 6 year olds. Also, you'd think the game would get boring as hell after what, 5/7 years?

Watch super Minecraft kid's videos on YouTube. Everything I have to say here

Actually he is a fake and the creator of the channel is a huge nintendo fan as he had expressed a desire to see Mother 3 localized (without there being a patch) - hugh201

I've played Minecraft for a while, but left because of the fandom. Thanks Super_Minecraft_Kid... sigh...

Personally, I think that the reason why so many people dislike this fandom is because of the age group the majority of the fandom is composed of and the representations it has (the Youtubers, the squeakers, etc...) on the internet. Looking at it from an objective viewpoint completely pure of its fandom, the game is an interesting concept. I used to be a frequent player until not too long ago, after having discovered this fandom (through my sibling; really, just ask my parents - they hear DanTDM's voice all the flippin' time and it's nigh unavoidable...) and decided "I don't want to look like a part of one of these people; I can't play this game anymore." Seriously, the Youtubers... they're the real catalysts of this fandom's destruction, in my opinion.

I love Minecraft, but why do people take everything to the extremes?

Minecraft is my favorite game of 2014, but the fanbase, absolute cancer.

I am the famous knight of minecraft, 404_name_missing, and I agree, most of the others are nuts.

I love Minecraft, but every fan base has its annoying fans. *Sigh*

I started playing 3 years ago and it was so much better back then. Now what did the fandom become, but I still enjoy playing single player. - Ohno

I like Minecraft. I play it sometimes. But I hate those 9 year old kiddies who sing Minecraft songs all the time and watch Minecraft porn and let's plays all day.

What started as a great idea became a game with one the worst fan bases known to man

I made fun of a hypocritical Minecraft / five nights at freddies animator. Next morning got called a hypocrite by his 12 year old fan. Stop the animations please, their both bad and unrealistic to the game, you do not even need SKILL to make art or a "render" as they call it.

The Minecraft community is by far dying themselves. Personally, I like Minecraft, but not the way how people treat the game.