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201 Joey Graceffa Fans

His fans are even worse than Pewdiepie, Smosh, and Tobuscus fans all combined.

202 Music Fans

If a music fan is a person who appreciates all types of music. Someone who likes both Justin Bieber and Led Zeppelin, would be annoying. On the other hand, if a music fan is someone who is into Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc... But hates Justin Bieber and such, then that would be a fandom that I would be proud of being in. - swagmaster97

Okay... This makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, it's one thing to hate one specific artist or type of music but hating all?... Besides, most music fans are pretty decent.

Not prog fans. They are the musical elitist, worse than the hardcore classical fans - Johnnyt800

... Who entered this

People who slag off pop music now just need to grow up not everyone is shoving it down your throat. You don't even need to watch the talent shows. I also like music from 60s, 70s and 80s but I like music from anytime.

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203 Little Monsters

How can this be only 68th? Little Monsters are the worst out there. It's like they're always blaming other artists for having more success than GaGa. It's stupid when you are in Facebook reading posts about some singers and there are always Lady GaGa fans complaining, even when the post has NOTHING to do with GaGa, specially in things related to Katy Perry... They are so annoying, trying to convince everyone else GaGa is the best. Guess what, there will never be an artist loved by everyone, so, understand than not everyone has to like GaGa, it's stupid to create fights just because you think other artists are less talented. NOBODY CARES, if they love an artist, they don't care who's more or less talented, they love that artist and you have to respect it!

They think every artist copied her idol

They ruin howie mandel's good name with obnoxious pop music

They literally hate all the artists who are better than her, and that's a lot of artists y'all!

204 Michael Bay Fans

Michael Bay's movies are pretty bad, such as all 4 Transformer movies, which have terrible cgi, poor acting, and a lot of sexuality. Yet there are so many people who love his films... I don't get it.

I like to call these guys "BAYTARDS"!


Michael Bay sucks, even Masami Obari and Ed Wood produced better stuff than him. - SailorSedna

205 Divergent Fans

Why are people complaining about potterheads I'm one

Tithards, pothead fans and what else? lols

206 Game Grumps Fans ("Lovelies")

Surprised to see this here, but I had to vote for this one. I adore the Grumps, they're rad, funny people. The fandom though... I feel really bad for the Grumps because of the fandom. There are people who argue over whether Jon or Dan are better, so many people hate on Suzy, most of the comments on the videos are about how "terrible Arin is at video games", or are just negative to begin with. Its understandable why they don't read comments. While not all of the fandom are asses, most of the vocal ones are. That can be said for a lot of fandoms, but when this happens to real people and not just cartoons... Its disappointing to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the Grumps. But the fandom is so annoyingly split between people who prefer Dan and people who miss JonTron and can't get over it. Not to mention there are more conspiracies surrounding Jon's departure than there are regarding 9/11.

Honestly this fandoms is so split. Half are some of tr the most chill fun people I've ever met, they enjoy everything about grumps and embrace the fact that it's not about the games so don't expect them to be all that good at them. Then there is the other half which are the crazy fans that get mad over Danny and john and constantly talk about how Arin suck at video games. It's like they go into game grumps expecting a Ted talks or something, there're not going to be right every time

207 The Next Step Fandom

Just a bunch of 13 Year old girls who watch lousy actors dance like fools and act all dramatic over NOTHING!

208 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Fandom

They don't read they look at pictures!

It sucks! No action! No nothing! Gregg is an idiot!

Best books

The fandom is mostly little kids with bad OCS but the worst part was finding incest yaoi (Greg and Rodick) drawn in naked anime teenager guy style while searching for funny Doawk memes. Pathetic.

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209 How to Train Your Dragon Fans

I am a fan, oh, but the FAN-FICTION!

I love HTTYD, but Rise of the Frozen Brave Tangled Dragons and all of their ships kinda ruined it for other people.

The amount of Night Fury OCS makes Night Furies the most common type of dragon.

210 Markiplier Fans

This fandom has a ton of creeps,mostly girls. Heck,some of these creeps say they would leave their husband/boyfriend behind just for him...these Hoes ain't loyal.

He has a good singing voice... he helped make a Five Nights at Freddy's musical.

Markiplier is cancer

Ok, I'm a guy and I like Markiplier (NO HOMO) but some of his fans are the worst. They stand up for him for every teenie eenie little thing someone says bad about him.

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211 Teen Titans Fans

Teen Titans Go Does NOT have a fanbase even most kids doesn't like it. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They say that Teen Titans sucks because it is not dumb and has more action

Why does this show have a fanbase? Fans of the original show hate this and their was more hatred for the show as it airs almost all day on CN. But the fans are not that bad.

Yeah Say some aspect that you don't like about it they will run at you faster than Usain Bolt on a sugar rush. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I hate TTG and think that it's made bad on purpose but the Original Show's Fans act like kids when someone says something they don't like about it
''BRING IT ON YOU DC NERDS! - Aguythatpeopleignores

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212 Feral Heart Fans

Well I am user but I have to admit most of the fans are annoying, bash on Kovu, giving credit to on something new that Kovu made it only Raz and the gang get's credit and defends the staff members with their life, even if one of the staff members does a stupid decision they will still defend the game and the staff members.

Plus the staff members are no prize either they are honestly very immature, can't take complaints including banning people if someone does not even agree with them (a few people have came out about it), don't even listen to their fans but only what they want and get rid of something like general chat for example just because a small minority keeps on complaining about it, plus to make it even worst is that if someone requests it on reviving it all they do is make up excuses so they can avoid it like nothing happened, if they want something like general chat then give it to your users and if you want to make something like this to succeed then listen on what ...more

Feral Heart doesn't have nothing wrong,the person that said feral heart fans suck probably doesn't never get a account slot.-.

213 The Annoying Orange Fans

AO isn't all that bad honestly, I mean, yes, it can get annoying but that's in the name of the web series!

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214 Black Veil Brides Fans

We're actually pretty chill.

They're everywhere..they will murder you if you even think of disliking Andy Biersack...

215 Bring Me the Horizon Fans

I love BMTH. And generally the fanbase either thinks that only the old stuff is good and insults anyone who listens to anything new, or they only listen to the new stuff and only care about Oli's looks. Am I the only one who loves all of their music?

216 Resident Evil Fans V 2 Comments
217 Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian) Fans

They're just downright silly when it comes to fictional characters, let alone video game characters, especially since some female fictional characters are designed to not be role models, but instead to be attractive eye candy for the male fans of the series who like hot chicks. Some people can't help being who they are, that's just the way it is! Because, put it this way; fictional characters are not role models, and you're not any of them. They're just fictional characters. See them the way they are, and not what you want them to be.

These clowns make real feminists look bad. Real feminists stand for equal rights for both genders and realize that fiction is not the same as reality. I wished the Feminist Frequency would learn that lesson.

Oh my god I hate them, like, you created and a woman's in it? SEXIST, you created a game and there aren't any women? SEXIST, you're not feminist? SEXIST, like, they find sexism and anti-feminism in everything

Like get back in the kitchen lmao

Their video on overwatch is basicaly saying:


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218 Psy Fans V 2 Comments
219 Barney & Friends Haters

Deep down, you feel your hate against barney growing slowly...

Can someone add a Boohbah haters just to see the comments.

Wait there are people over the age of 3 that like this show

Barney is retarded. - LordDovahkiin

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220 Linkin Park Fans

Nothing LP does is good enough for their fandom. Every new song or album someone is there bitching about how LP is dead to them.

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