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201 Game of Thrones Fans

It all went downhill once the show went a different route from the books

202 The Loud House Haters

It's a terrible show. - LordDovahkiin

LordDovahkiin, nah,it's better than you.

203 Normies

Quit ruining memes for everyone!



204 Modern Music Fans
205 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fans

I actually really enjoy this show, but the fans seem to have this thing where they like to spam memes to other fandom's and groups for no reason (They don't know how to let a meme die off.). It's incredibly annoying, though I don't it deserves the 'worst fandom ever' award, since the fans are a lot more mature compared to the FNAF or Undertale fandom's, they're definitely an annoying place at times.

206 Cuphead

Its gonna end up terrible - PrinceBlu

207 Logan Paul Fans

They literally support a guy who filmed and joked about a guy who committed suicide in front of millions of children

I hate logan and jake

208 Brogres

Thanks to that Shrek is Love video, I'm kinda hating this fandom more.
Shrek was once one of my childhood favorites... Until the fandom

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Why is every kid on the internet obsessed with shrek is love, shrek is life?

I loved shrek...
until stupid 'memers' 'mlg' aka IDIOTS [my opinion] took it over...

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209 Renamon Fans

It especially bothers me when they ship Renamon with Krystal from Star Fox. Neither character deserves to be treated like an erotic piece of trash!

Seriously, the Krystal/Renamon shipping is so dumb because Krystal isn't a Digimon and Renamon isn't even anthropomorphic to the same extent to the Star Fox characters. What the heck is wrong with furries nowadays?!

I have no idea who Renamon is, but I see porn of... her? EVERYWHERE!

I added this days ago, isn't the worst fandom but they are quite annoying posting erotic stuff of this digimon...

Ps: I love renamon

210 Power Ranger fans

I can't stand them sometimes. Super Sentai is the original and they think Power Rangers is better. These people pick fights with others.

I used to watch this when I was little, don't remember which ones though. - Harri666

I watched Power Rangers when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

Power rangers was lit when I was 4-7 years old

My brother loves Power Rangers but won't shut up screaming the theme song.

"GO POWER RANGERS! " - talanartemis

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211 Porn Fans

They are all perverts it overwhelms them

They're crawling all over the place on deviantART - Wonderman532

Really, some people have a tendency to be attracted to intimate things (such as myself) but spending time to draw these scenes and barf them all over where anyone can see them ON SAFE SEARCH (I tried that once) is at the least not cool.

Hehe I'm so adult and smart I watch pornz 24/h hehe I'm fappin to it hehe did u say u hate porn I will kill u

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212 Team Fortress 2 Fans

I like it but I'm no fan... unless playing on own servers with bots counts as being that much of a fan. I play with bots because some players are annoying.

The new Call of Duty fanbase.


The funny thing is that I never saw any nsfw of that's something

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213 Ninjago

I used to like this because of some of the characters, but the fact is the actual show is an extended low-quality ad and fans try to read way to much into it. Also, stop out over who Nya looks cuter with and should date. Nya doesn't look cute with anyone.

OK I'm a huge fan of ninjago,I even have a persona. But the other fans are annoying.they bring drama to the fandom.they bring their own personal problems there. Its stupid.

The show is okay but the yaoi shipping is just a NOPE.

Ninjago was a fairly good show...until that one thing after the dragon being killed.
and the fans, OH THE FANS.
basicaly anime fans but they're kids that think they are better than their friends cause they watch a show with a story

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214 Terraria Fandom

Terraria barely has a fandom. Sure, we have some douchebags, but most of the fandom is very mature. We don't hate on Minecraft. In fact, the majority of the Terraria fandom actually likes Minecraft. A very dumb 9 year old Minecrafter must have put this here. When the fandom does bring up that Terraria is better, we act like adults and give out logical reasons such as more items, more content, more hours of gameplay, more bosses, etc. Plus Terraria actually was in production before the idea of Minecraft existed. - LordDovahkiin

I like Terraria, and I know that it Minecraft came before, but I don't get why that makes the 11 year old Minecraft fandom think that Terraria is a rip off. One is 2d, the other is 3d! If you want an actual rip off, go try and win the lottery

Terraria shouldn't have anything to do with Minecraft!

Ehhh not a bad fandom. The Terraria haters are worse though

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215 Girtards
216 Nekotalia

As a Hetalian and a cat person, I like this segment way too much.

Okay nothing is wrong with Nekotalia it's just a segment in Hetalia and if you don't like it take it up with Hidekaz Himuyura...
Obviously whoever put this up considers it different than Hetalia
Which it isn't

217 Gamergaters
218 Fire Emblem Fans

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Love the games, but hate the fandom. The fandom is full of shipping wars, yaoi, yuri, hentai, crack pairings that never happened, character bashing, bad characterization, villainization of some of the good guys in the series when they never had a such role *cough* How the fandom sees Karel in Blazing Sword *cough*, horrible crossover fanfics and art with other series, and the list goes on and on. At least the fan-dumb and the stuff they make can be avoided and we can just enjoy the games and it's characters for what they are.

I have to admit. I like the games but not the fanbase

No tumblr. Only Birthlight has les and Conquest has gay. And no, Lucina is not in the same UNIVERSE/WORLD as Palutena.

Great games, but terrible fanbase. The Blazing Blade has the worst fanbase of any FE game, for ten reasons:

1. They completely demonized and villainized Karel, when he was never a villain in any game he's in and always been an good guy or anti-hero in this game. Being vicious, having a name like the "Sword Demon" or wanting to fight worthy opponents doesn't automatically make a fictional character evil, since both good guys and villains seem to have the trait of being vicious or wanting to fight worthy opponents many times, but Karel is a good guy who happens to be vicious and with those traits.

2. Speaking of Karel, his haters are just awful, worse than his fans. Not only they demonize him like I said before, but they bully innocent Karel fans for no reason and shove Harken into everyone's faces, saying that Harken's the better character. It is fine if you like Harken, everyone has their opinions, but that doesn't make Karel bad and just to remember; Harken ...more

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219 Kingdom Hearts Fans

I hate this series so much...

I love kingdom hearts and I love their fanbase. But I think for others they will think we are a bunch of idiots because we play a kids game just because there is disney characters in it. There are many youtubers into kingdom hearts and they all try to squeeze the tiniest bit out of some kingdom hearts news but all in all I love the game you really should try it!

The fandom has always been stupid. Heck, many of the worst crossover fanfics and art on the Internet stemmed from this god-awful series.

I love KH but the fandom is STUPID

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220 Filthy Frank

Whenever you go into the comment section of a Filthy Frank video, you always see the same annoyingly overused references, and the first reply to every comment is something. Filthy Frank's fanbase is so horrible that they made him take down a video talking about a medical condition of his that causes him to have seizures when stressed out. - EdgyMemeBoi

I like these memes but they are getting overused. - SailorSedna

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