Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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221 The Annoying Orange Fans

AO isn't all that bad honestly, I mean, yes, it can get annoying but that's in the name of the web series!

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222 Black Veil Brides Fans

We're actually pretty chill.

They're everywhere..they will murder you if you even think of disliking Andy Biersack...

223 Bring Me the Horizon Fans

I love BMTH. And generally the fanbase either thinks that only the old stuff is good and insults anyone who listens to anything new, or they only listen to the new stuff and only care about Oli's looks. Am I the only one who loves all of their music?

224 Resident Evil Fans V 2 Comments
225 Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian) Fans

They're just downright silly when it comes to fictional characters, let alone video game characters, especially since some female fictional characters are designed to not be role models, but instead to be attractive eye candy for the male fans of the series who like hot chicks. Some people can't help being who they are, that's just the way it is! Because, put it this way; fictional characters are not role models, and you're not any of them. They're just fictional characters. See them the way they are, and not what you want them to be.

These clowns make real feminists look bad. Real feminists stand for equal rights for both genders and realize that fiction is not the same as reality. I wished the Feminist Frequency would learn that lesson.

Oh my god I hate them, like, you created and a woman's in it? SEXIST, you created a game and there aren't any women? SEXIST, you're not feminist? SEXIST, like, they find sexism and anti-feminism in everything

Like get back in the kitchen lmao

Their video on overwatch is basicaly saying:


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226 Psy Fans

Oppa Jackal Style.

just psy

Oppa Gangum Style

227 Barney & Friends Haters

Deep down, you feel your hate against barney growing slowly...

Can someone add a Boohbah haters just to see the comments.

Wait there are people over the age of 3 that like this show

Barney is retarded. - LordDovahkiin

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228 Linkin Park Fans

Nothing LP does is good enough for their fandom. Every new song or album someone is there bitching about how LP is dead to them.

229 Azaleans (Iggy Azalea fans)
230 Broly Fans (Dragon Ball Z)
231 Bad Timers (Sans Fandom)


232 Tattletail Fans V 1 Comment
233 Teen Titans Go Haters

They are so mean this show is - SushigirlO6

They're not mean: THEY'RE ABYSMAL!

234 DC Universe Fans
235 Boku no Pico Fans
236 The Loud House Haters

It's a terrible show. - LordDovahkiin

237 Silent Hill Fans
238 People who generalize entire fandoms

It's not fair to lump them all under one stereotype. Just because one member acted like an idiot doesn't mean they all act like idiots. - alphadan12

True, but some fandoms are worse than others.

239 Vocaloid Fans
240 Abortion Fandom

Abortion is evil - LordDovahkiin

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