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221 Divergent Fans

Why are people complaining about potterheads I'm one

Tithards, pothead fans and what else? lols

222 Game Grumps Fans ("Lovelies")

Surprised to see this here, but I had to vote for this one. I adore the Grumps, they're rad, funny people. The fandom though... I feel really bad for the Grumps because of the fandom. There are people who argue over whether Jon or Dan are better, so many people hate on Suzy, most of the comments on the videos are about how "terrible Arin is at video games", or are just negative to begin with. Its understandable why they don't read comments. While not all of the fandom are asses, most of the vocal ones are. That can be said for a lot of fandoms, but when this happens to real people and not just cartoons... Its disappointing to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the Grumps. But the fandom is so annoyingly split between people who prefer Dan and people who miss JonTron and can't get over it. Not to mention there are more conspiracies surrounding Jon's departure than there are regarding 9/11.

Honestly this fandoms is so split. Half are some of tr the most chill fun people I've ever met, they enjoy everything about grumps and embrace the fact that it's not about the games so don't expect them to be all that good at them. Then there is the other half which are the crazy fans that get mad over Danny and john and constantly talk about how Arin suck at video games. It's like they go into game grumps expecting a Ted talks or something, there're not going to be right every time

223 The Next Step Fandom

Just a bunch of 13 Year old girls who watch lousy actors dance like fools and act all dramatic over NOTHING!

224 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Fandom

They don't read they look at pictures!

It sucks! No action! No nothing! Gregg is an idiot!

Best books

The fandom is mostly little kids with bad OCS but the worst part was finding incest yaoi (Greg and Rodick) drawn in naked anime teenager guy style while searching for funny Doawk memes. Pathetic.

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225 The Animal Jammers

Calm down guys it's own a game for 5-year-old children and people in the furry fandom

Oh yeah, Animal Jam. That game is for childrens and yet there are SO many 15 years old girl trying to date CHILDRENS! I even remember when I played that game because I had nothing to do with my life, well every single time I went to a party, there was always a noob girl asking me to be her boyfriend. Then I tell her that I'm just a child and then she just says that I don't like her, she calls me meanie and all the other girls in the party are mad after me. what did I do?

Once I tested the Aj fandom by making the most masculine name ever and throwing Membership and seeing how the girls will react, and of course they asked me out. Also, Animal Jam is split into 2 races, we have the Members, (A.k.a Queen of the universe) and we have the peasants. - WarriorCatsHater

Can be divided into a few sections
The Non Members
The Daters
The Extreme Daters
The Scammers
The Idiots

The Non Members are rabid non members who hate all members and stage big riots in the main world saying LIONS ROAR EAGLES SOAR NON MEMBERS DESERVE MUCH MORE no they don't

The Daters are people who say things like I WANNA BE YO BOYFRIEND or SAY 123 IF YOU WANNA BE MY BAE like what? Nobody wants to be with you, I'm sure.

The Extreme Daters are the people who go on and pretend to have sex and/or spell out words in their dens and/or use filter bypasses to say some seriously weird things 'Puts pen is in mouse'

THe scammers abuse the trading and gifting systems to con people into giving them stuff for free.


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226 How to Train Your Dragon Fans

I am a fan, oh, but the FAN-FICTION!

I love HTTYD, but Rise of the Frozen Brave Tangled Dragons and all of their ships kinda ruined it for other people.

The amount of Night Fury OCS makes Night Furies the most common type of dragon.

227 Markiplier Fans

This fandom has a ton of creeps,mostly girls. Heck,some of these creeps say they would leave their husband/boyfriend behind just for him...these Hoes ain't loyal.

He has a good singing voice... he helped make a Five Nights at Freddy's musical.

Markiplier is cancer

Ok, I'm a guy and I like Markiplier (NO HOMO) but some of his fans are the worst. They stand up for him for every teenie eenie little thing someone says bad about him.

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228 Teen Titans Fans

Teen Titans Go Does NOT have a fanbase even most kids doesn't like it. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They say that Teen Titans sucks because it is not dumb and has more action

Why does this show have a fanbase? Fans of the original show hate this and their was more hatred for the show as it airs almost all day on CN. But the fans are not that bad.

Yeah Say some aspect that you don't like about it they will run at you faster than Usain Bolt on a sugar rush. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I hate TTG and think that it's made bad on purpose but the Original Show's Fans act like kids when someone says something they don't like about it
''BRING IT ON YOU DC NERDS! - Aguythatpeopleignores

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229 Feral Heart Fans

Well I am user but I have to admit most of the fans are annoying, bash on Kovu, giving credit to on something new that Kovu made it only Raz and the gang get's credit and defends the staff members with their life, even if one of the staff members does a stupid decision they will still defend the game and the staff members.

Plus the staff members are no prize either they are honestly very immature, can't take complaints including banning people if someone does not even agree with them (a few people have came out about it), don't even listen to their fans but only what they want and get rid of something like general chat for example just because a small minority keeps on complaining about it, plus to make it even worst is that if someone requests it on reviving it all they do is make up excuses so they can avoid it like nothing happened, if they want something like general chat then give it to your users and if you want to make something like this to succeed then listen on what ...more

Feral Heart doesn't have nothing wrong,the person that said feral heart fans suck probably doesn't never get a account slot.-.

230 The Annoying Orange Fans

AO isn't all that bad honestly, I mean, yes, it can get annoying but that's in the name of the web series!

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231 Black Veil Brides Fans

We're actually pretty chill.

They're everywhere..they will murder you if you even think of disliking Andy Biersack...

232 Bring Me the Horizon Fans

I love BMTH. And generally the fanbase either thinks that only the old stuff is good and insults anyone who listens to anything new, or they only listen to the new stuff and only care about Oli's looks. Am I the only one who loves all of their music?

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234 Psy Fans

Oppa Jackal Style.

just psy

Oppa Gangum Style

235 Barney & Friends Haters

Deep down, you feel your hate against barney growing slowly...

Can someone add a Boohbah haters just to see the comments.

Wait there are people over the age of 3 that like this show

Barney is retarded. - LordDovahkiin

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236 Linkin Park Fans

Nothing LP does is good enough for their fandom. Every new song or album someone is there bitching about how LP is dead to them.

237 Azaleans (Iggy Azalea fans)
238 Broly Fans (Dragon Ball Z)
239 Bad Timers (Sans Fandom)


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