Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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241 Miraculous Ladybug Haters
242 Teen Titans Go Haters

They are so mean this show is - SushigirlO6

They're not mean: THEY'RE ABYSMAL!

They're everywhere. Enough said.

To be honest, The Lion Guard is much worse...

243 DC Universe Fans
244 Nintendo Switch Haters

Mind explaining to me how are they bad? I mean I can understand the fans but haters? - ParkerFang

245 Silent Hill Fans
246 People who generalize entire fandoms

It's not fair to lump them all under one stereotype. Just because one member acted like an idiot doesn't mean they all act like idiots. - alphadan12

True, but some fandoms are worse than others.

247 Vocaloid Fans
248 Abortion Fandom

Abortion is evil - LordDovahkiin

249 Eddsworld Eddsworld
250 Juggalos

God I hate Juggalos. Wannabe gangstas with poor taste in music - Johnnyt800

I feel like most people only know what a juggalo is because of homestuck

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251 Irate Gamer Fans

Do you idiots think that Irate Gamer has a fanbase?! Your ignorance makes me laugh those are People who subbed to him just to hate on him - Aguythatpeopleignores

I must conclude you are either Chris Bores' mother or himself under another name. - SailorSedna

They are scum. I pointed out how much Bores sucked and one of his fans told me to what "JewWario did ;)" in other words, kill myself. Wow, how insulting and disgusting. Either way, they are uneducated dumbasses who think this AVGN rip-off is "so talented" when he's not. - SailorSedna

252 Smosh Fans

They used to be funny but now they are trash.

Smosh is not funny. I can't believe that it's also number 1 on the top ten YouTubers list. - Ziffe

Smosh's old videos were good. New ones though... they are just about EMOJIS! Seriously.

253 John Cena Fans

I feel bad for John Cena, he probably wants to be taken seriously as a wrestler, but all the trolls are always joking about him

Worse rapper than vanilla ice. - Ziffe

Ovverated wrestler... But he has to keep someone happy, right? Hopefully the five year olds will find a better wrestler to support in the future.

This pro wrestler doesn't need you to make random memes! I bet he really hates it and wants to slip under his rock again.

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254 Lil B Fans

Shut up. Everyone must worship the Based God - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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255 Dark Knight Fans

Batman is such a jerk, and he caused a lot of people to be murdered because he failed to kill the Joker. The movie seems to glorify the Joker by giving him so much screen time to express his philosophy ( while Batman never clearly expresses his own) and not even killing him off at the end. At the VERY LEAST they should have said he died in the Dark Knight Rises. Also, why is batman called the DARK knight? DarkNess signifies evil. There's just so much wrong with the morals of this movie.

Batman fanboys in general are so annoying. They think batman is a god and could beat anyone. No, just, no. And I'm not just saying that because Marvel rocks

While TDK is by no means a bad film in itself, it has among the worse influence I have seen on fandom and cinema alike. Many movies and T.V. shows of the past have tackled law and crime, but all of a sudden, you put a clown and a man in black tights as your main stars, and it's suddenly the most innovative piece of filmmaking crafted by human hands.

It's a beautifully made movie, but sheesh guys, it's not that unique in its subject matter.

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256 Finnish Angry Video Game Nerd Fans

I'm not making this up, this fanbase actually exists.

257 Drake Fans

Is it bad that I love Drake songs? If I love his music, am I going to make it through school? I mainly like One Dance though. Hotline Bling is catchy but annoying

But I know when that hotline bling.

Nathon Drake? Uncharted is good. Though I'm just confused on what drake is the one you're referring to. Celebrity maybe? Movie? Comic? What?

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258 Thrash Metal Fans
259 Youtube Poop Fans

YouTube Poops are funny when HANDLED WITH CARE. The worst it can get is a spadinner poop with no effort.

See, there's a reason why they call them YouTube POOPs. - Wonderman532

YouTube poops were funny back in like 2011

Michael Rosen ones are funny.

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260 The Nostalgia Critic

His reviews are hilarious, fun, nostalgic and insightful. However as of late they've only been insightful but still entertaining.

However a lot of the fans are a bit too much. I'm talking about the fans that take his word as gospel. This became more noticeable at the time of his Eight Crazy Nights review.

Now sure the Nostalgia Critic does do good in showing people that its okay to expect quality in children's shows, and to not just mindlessly feed on everything Hollywood gives you.

But ironically some fans do just that but with the nostalgia critic and automatically brand a movie as terrible just because he says so.

The Nostalgia Critic isn't exactly the best out there, I mean he has made some pretty good videos, but his others are not so good. He tears apart movies that were actually fairly good, like The Lost World Jurassic Park, and a lot of others. Does anything satisfy him? NOPE!

Even though I do agree with him on The Magic Voyage (that movie sucks), I'm still not a fan and I believe that his fanbase are nothing but a bunch of sheep who parrot everything he says.

I enjoy his reviews, but the fans are so demanding and spoiled.

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