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261 The Animal Jammers

Calm down guys it's own a game for 5-year-old children and people in the furry fandom

Oh yeah, Animal Jam. That game is for childrens and yet there are SO many 15 years old girl trying to date CHILDRENS! I even remember when I played that game because I had nothing to do with my life, well every single time I went to a party, there was always a noob girl asking me to be her boyfriend. Then I tell her that I'm just a child and then she just says that I don't like her, she calls me meanie and all the other girls in the party are mad after me. what did I do?

I hate Freemium games so much! And animal jam caused my sister to lose hundreds of dollars cause she was addicted!

Can be divided into a few sections
The Non Members
The Daters
The Extreme Daters
The Scammers
The Idiots

The Non Members are rabid non members who hate all members and stage big riots in the main world saying LIONS ROAR EAGLES SOAR NON MEMBERS DESERVE MUCH MORE no they don't

The Daters are people who say things like I WANNA BE YO BOYFRIEND or SAY 123 IF YOU WANNA BE MY BAE like what? Nobody wants to be with you, I'm sure.

The Extreme Daters are the people who go on and pretend to have sex and/or spell out words in their dens and/or use filter bypasses to say some seriously weird things 'Puts pen is in mouse'

THe scammers abuse the trading and gifting systems to con people into giving them stuff for free.


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262 The Lion King Fans

I wish The Lion King was, to be honest, never made. Simply because it reflects the bad side of our society and it unfairly portrayed a whole species, spotted hyenas, as the villain's henchmen with not even good one at all. The stereotype of hyenas as 'wicked' or 'evil' back in the old days of myth, folklore and other works of fiction is bad enough, but the movie just made it's reputation much worse it treats hyenas like it's a species exclusive to the evil side when it's not. As a matter of fact this negative portrayal is one of the biggest obstacles of hyena conservation, and has gone as far as one hyena biologist even suggesting a boycott of the movie. Let's not forget that Scar's hyenas in the movie were a comic relief trio which happens to be one of the most bland and overused tropes in animated movies, and comparing the hyenas to the trios from other movies is not okay as they're nothing alike. Speaking of which I'm so doggone sick of people crossing every movie, T.V. show, book ...more

Not to mention the fact that TLK fans are close minded and can't respect opinions of those who don't like the movie. Honestly, not everyone is gonna have the same opinion no matter how much you deny otherwise.

I love The Lion King (it's one of my favorite Disney movies), but I hate the fandom. It's just as bad as Frozen.

Lion King fans are worse than Lion King haters. End of argument.

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263 Smilers (Miley Cyrus)

How on Earth was this not on here to begin with? I'm being dead serious.

Miley was better in her Hannah era.

The Worst Dancer/Singer In The World(Next To JB)

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265 Redditors

I don't even know why this is above 100.

This is the absolute WORST in my opinion.

If they see one thing suspicious about your work, get ready for a million death threats and hypocrisy comments.

Trust me, it's better if you don't go there.

Seriously. - PaperMarioFan

266 Polandball Fans

There's nothing wrong here, it's just people who make comics about stereotypical countries drawn in the form of balls in a situation or plot. Honestly I find them entertaining and funny.

I love Polandball. But I didn't know this was on the list... well, looks like I'm a Polandball fan... Time to become Kebab and go to Serbia to end it... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I am a polandball Fan but I don't think There's a fandom. Its some random people and creativity in form of Comics - P-51IsDaBest


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267 Fans of Krystal from Star Fox

Ever since Krystal was first introduced in Star Fox Adventures, half of the furry fandom was fawning over her for a reason you don't want to know. It is a fact that Krystal was designed to be an attractive female character, and she is also one of the very few scantily clad characters that originated from a Nintendo franchise. The bad thing is that some of these 'fans' never even played Star Fox Adventures, Assault or Command, or heck, may not even be Star Fox fans and don't even know which series Krystal comes from or who Fox McCloud is (Knowing his presence in all the Super Smash Bros. Games and that "Do a Barrel Roll! " is one of the most popular lines on the Internet, everyone should know what Star Fox is by now). They often draw and write disgusting furry porn of her and she is often paired up with a character from another fandom other than Star Fox. Fans of the old Star Fox comics thought that Krystal got in the way between the relationship of Fox McCloud and Fara ...more

Her fan-dumb is full of rabid furries, disgusting erotic art, fetish art, characterization wars thanks to Star Fox Command, rabid crossover shippers, shipping wars and rabid haters. I feel that I'm one of the few sane Krystal fans in the planet who see her the way she is.

Still Not As Bad As The Sonic "Porn" Base

Let's not forget the fact that Krystal is often crossover shipped with many characters from other series (her and Renamon is the most common ship). I hope no one ships her with Shenzi (hyena from The Lion King) or else I will be so mad.

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269 Barney and Friends Fans V 2 Comments
270 Facebook Fans

If you use facebook you're either 40+ or stuck in 2010

It's Instagram for oldies and mid-life crisisboos

The SJW's ruin Facebook and are on there 24/7. - Nonpointed

Facebook users in a nutshell ( actual research)

65% teenage girls who take selfies looking like an idiot

15% shippers

5% nsfw

15% weaboos

271 4chan Haters

4Chan is a great place for people to shares inside jokes and such. Most of the seemingly offensive things their users say are inside jokes, and normies won't understand and will think that 4Chan is bad.

4Chan haters, also called normies, are people whom do not understand the truth of 4Chan, and only look at the surface of it all.

While I do agree it contains a lot of porn, you can always filter it out anyways.

Moral of the story: don't judge a book by its cover. Do the research before you cause a storm of hate.

Oh, you want an inside joke? Here is one: "You're comment... is highly illogical."

4chan the idiots when they blocked the swimming pools on when Habbo Hotel was cool.

272 Total Drama Fans

I don't know what it is, but what I've heard, is that it is terrible.

Very good show but too much shipping.

Some people in the Fandom are good, but then there are the people who will make their OC's by painting over a character that already exists. That just drives me mental. And then there are the hardcore Duncan x Gwen/ Duncan x Courtney shippers.

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273 Slenderman

I gotta admit SOME Slenderman pictures can be scary (call me a scaredy cat if you want to) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

An incredibly overrated 'Creepypasta' that people find scary, and most slenderman fans haven't even read a creepypasta about slender.
They're just there to try and scare people

274 Wii and Wii U Haters

Both great consoles for any age... If you don't like it, don't buy it. - Lollyclouds

I agree. They are great consoles, same with the Switch as well as PS4, Xbox One and more.

275 Invader Zim Invader Zim Invader Zim is an American animated television series created by Jhonen Vasquez for Nickelodeon. The series centers on an extraterrestrial named Zim from the planet Irk, and his mission to conquer Earth and enslave the human race along with his malfunctioning robot servant GIR.

Invader Zim was already on the list, but I have to agree that fandom is annoying.

The show and comics are fine though.

276 Competitive Pokémon Players

Not necessarily too bad, but the people who whine about being competitive being right and casual battling being bad annoy me. - Swellow

277 Kirby Fans

Kirby doesn't have much of a rabid fanbase, though.

They are not too bad

I never saw anything...weird about the fanbase...if it actually exists

A pink blob

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278 Duck Dynasty Fans
279 Bethesda Softworks Fanboys

I hate these guys They hate on Mainstream games disrespect opinions and treat Todd Howard like a god (Much like Gabe Newell) And when someone else does it They attack them! Hypocrites. - Aguythatpeopleignores

280 Johnny Test Fans

They can get annoying, but most of the time, they at some point shut up about the show

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