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281 Dashie Fans

I like Dashie but some fans just criticize those who prefer some other Youtuber than him - ParkerFang

282 True Crime Community

The part of the TCC that watches the documentaries and like finding out stuff about the serial killers' minds is just fine, but the part that calls Dylan Klebold "an innocent marshmallow" pisses me off. - stromaemaestro

283 Danny Phantom Fans

Oh god, 100% annoying and hypocrites. If you simply said "i hate Danny Phantom", you will get bullied by them. Plus, the deviant user, CwieChanti, is a pervert Danny Phantom fangirl and often draws shirtless Danny all time. Plus, the stupid DannyxSam shippers and Pitch Pearl shippers pissed me off. Most of them are rude and don't assocciated with other fandoms. They have UNHEALTHY OBSESSION of Danny Phantom which makes me want to bleach my eyes using cyanides. - ChatNoirFan18 (offline, using my dad's phone)

284 Flame Princess Worshippers
285 Onceler Worshippers

Why does this fandom even exist…?

286 Adventure Time OC's

This cartoon was ruined because of them(see what happened on cartoon network on november 14th 2015).the music is over.pseudofans won.

287 Sports Fans

Look the ball is over there. That guy has it. Now that other guy has it. 50 YEARS. GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

288 Five Night's at Freddy's Haters
289 One Direction Haters
290 Miraculous Ladybug Haters

Me: do you guys like Miraculous Ladybug?
ML haters: ugh, it's boring and unoriginal, I hate it, Danny Phantom still better than that stupid blackcat hero. He's just tries too hard to be cool like Danny.
Me: *gives them a glass of cyanide coffee* here drink this.
ML haters: *drink it and suddenly faints*
Me: *runs with evil laugh* - ChatNoirFan18

291 Fawful's Minions
292 Teen Titans Go Haters

They are so mean this show is - SushigirlO6

They're not mean: THEY'RE ABYSMAL!

293 Mac Fanboys

The worse people in the world. Mac is crap. I have a cousin like that, who loves Apple. Super annoying.

294 Breadwinners Fans

They are immature, perverted, and make the most disgusting fan art ever - Cartoonfan202

Breadwinners was a mistake. Plain and simple. - SailorSedna

295 MysteriousMrEnter Fans

They are all bandwagoners who believe everything Enter says, with a few exceptions (they disagreed with his reviews on 12 Oz. Mouse, Angela Anaconda, heck people were willing to defend Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon) - Cartoonfan202

296 Ready Jet Go Haters
297 Sailor Moon Crystal Fans/Pride Side

They overhype the Sailor Moon manga and act like it's the only "real/true/only canon" story of Sailor Moon, when it's not even remotely true, are extremely nitpicky, disrespect opinions on people and harass others who don't like it and think the anime is better and claim that you're disrespecting the original author Naoko Takeuchi if you don't think the manga is better or like it, when she's not immune to criticism. Frankly (though I mean no offense to her), the manga, while it has some great arcs and things to it and some things were done better (Sailor Saturn's character) is just overrated and mediocre overall, the pacing's too fast, Naoko's art, while beautiful, is sometimes done badly to the point where you can't see any attacks or tell what's going on, some of the characters are dumb in it (Usagi getting all jealous over Chibi-Usa), the two romantic leads, Usagi and Mamoru unfortunately turn too perfect, no one except Moon/Chibi Moon have any character development, and ...more - SailorSedna

Where do I even start with this pathetic group? They are basically the next Go! Animate fanbase, and are just as bad as the MLP and Undertale fanbases. As if Sailor Moon Crystal wasn't an extremely mediocre, below average anime enough (horrible first two seasons and decent but mediocre third season) overall, far from being the modern Sailor Moon that fans deserved, it ended up splitting the Sailor Moon fandom and spawning basically the worst fanbase in all of anime from what I've seen, not even Dragon Ball's or Naruto's are bad as this. They are immature elitist fanbrats mostly round about 18-23 years old or older, but if you even state opinions and thoughts that Crystal is bad in terms of animation, writing, and characters, that the original anime was better, that the manga wasn't that great, that being closer to the manga isn't necessarily better, or even offer legitimate criticism and valid points, they will rage like childish 2-9 year olds children who will go butthurt and rage at ...more - SailorSedna

298 Vocaloid Fans
299 ASDF Movie Fans
300 Graphic Whores
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