Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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281 Mortal Kombat Fans
282 Street Fighter Fans
283 Olicity

Believe Oliver and Felicity belong together. They take anything that criticizes Felicity's as sexist. They send death threats to characters actors that interfere with the ship. They are bullies. They constantly insult Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amells wife. They believe they are "feminist". They are the perfect example why tumblr should not exist.

284 Final Fantasy Fans

Kingdom Hearts fans are much, much worse.

VI fans are annoying.

There's nothing wrong with them. Maybe the FF7 fans need to stop shoving Cloud down our throats - ParkerFang

285 Disney Fans

Also, rabid Jiminy Cricket fangirls who used to love him or have a crush on him, but turn all suicidal and depressed once they grow out of their crush/obsession with him and unable to face reality. They're one of the reasons why the Disney fandom has gotten so bad lately, besides The Lion King butt-kissers.

They are the most triggered fanbase ever - sadfag

Especially The Lion King fans. Good lord... That fandom is close-minded.

Plus, it seems that every Disney character has been turned into a fetish nowadays, due to the fandom.

286 Elder Scrolls Fans

Skyrim in a nutshell: arrow in the knee

Not all of them are bad. - LordDovahkiin

287 2000s kids

I was born in 03. I'm fine with this entry because most kids born in the 2000s are pretty bad. Least' I'm not one of the bad ones. - LordDovahkiin

Being born is 2002 ( Witch makes me a 2000's/2010's hybrid), This is really offensive.

Ok we're annoying because we want to be 90s kids. I mean seriously everyone born from 1995-2004 wants to be a 90s kid. I'll admit we're annoying lol. - peaceswagtv

The early 2000's was terrible in my opinion, especially since 9/11 happened and all.

I hope that a terrible tragedy like that day will never happen again.

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288 Modern Gamers

Ok. Most gamers are not that bad. - LordDovahkiin

289 Ghostbusters (2016) Haters
290 Watch Dogs 2 Haters

Ugh I hate wash Dutch 2 ugghh not good is not really like Grand Theft Auto 5 and that is badd

291 Dashie Fans

I like Dashie but some fans just criticize those who prefer some other Youtuber than him - ParkerFang

292 True Crime Community

The part of the TCC that watches the documentaries and like finding out stuff about the serial killers' minds is just fine, but the part that calls Dylan Klebold "an innocent marshmallow" pisses me off. - stromaemaestro

293 Danny Phantom Fans

Oh god, 100% annoying and hypocrites. If you simply said "i hate Danny Phantom", you will get bullied by them. Plus, the deviant user, CwieChanti, is a pervert Danny Phantom fangirl and often draws shirtless Danny all time. Plus, the stupid DannyxSam shippers and Pitch Pearl shippers pissed me off. Most of them are rude and don't assocciated with other fandoms. They have UNHEALTHY OBSESSION of Danny Phantom which makes me want to bleach my eyes using cyanides. - ChatNoirFan18 (offline, using my dad's phone)

294 Flame Princess Worshippers
295 Onceler Worshippers

Why does this fandom even exist…?

296 Adventure Time OC's

This cartoon was ruined because of them(see what happened on cartoon network on november 14th 2015).the music is over.pseudofans won.

297 Sports Fans

Look the ball is over there. That guy has it. Now that other guy has it. 50 YEARS. GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

298 Yo-kai Watch Fans

I like the games but I didn't agree, the fan base is bad. It's full of kids under the age of twelve who hate any opinions that opposes them. Sometimes I'll make comments about how I don't like stuff like the English dub or other the English theme song and I'll get a bunch of little kids commenting on how I should "get a life" just for having an opinion. I'm fifteen and I don't consider myself a part of this immature fandom. - izackak

You that show sucks - SushigirlO6

299 Five Night's at Freddy's Haters
300 One Direction Haters
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