Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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301 Graphic Whores
302 Monster High Fandom

They're clean. Well, I was part of the fandom once. - talanartemis

303 Gwen Stacy Fans
304 Offensive Jokesters

Those memes you see about 9/11? How exactly are those funny? - naFrovivuS

305 The Emoji Movie Fans

Do these fans even exist yet? - UnlawfulMatron

306 Modern Music Haters

Don't think that people with good sense of music are a bad fandom - SoldierOfFortune

307 Eddsworld Eddsworld
308 Eddsworld Fans
309 Opeth Fans
310 Gundam Fandom

Especially the Universal Century purists and Cosmic Era haters - PerfectImpulseX

311 Little Hiltons
312 Eragon Fans

Seriously, anybody who likes this series must have a very narrow perspective about fantasy. It's a boring, cheap fan fiction of TLOR and Star Wars. The characters are literally part of the Sue family of Gary and Mary. A predictable and cliché flooded, this book's fandom should burn in hell



313 Thomas & Friends Fans

It's almost as bad as the Sonic fanbase. Snobbish, rude people who puke out oh-so original characters with alarming consistency.

I always hated Thomas. Can't believe it has a fandom when it's a baby show.

Is this a REAL fandom?

Let's not forget the Pooh's Adventures scum who ship trains with ponies. Seriously, MLP doesn't deserve to be treated this low. Thomas is just horrible, to be honest with you. Especially the fandom.

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314 Batman Fans

I like batman, I just dislike how all the ''rock chicks'' are now obsessed with batman to honor their hero Andy suxx ballsack of black fail brides, they are disrespecting batman

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315 Young Money Fans V 1 Comment
316 Nostalgiatards

His reviews are hilarious, fun, nostalgic and insightful. However as of late they've only been insightful but still entertaining.

However a lot of the fans are a bit too much. I'm talking about the fans that take his word as gospel. This became more noticeable at the time of his Eight Crazy Nights review.

Now sure the Nostalgia Critic does do good in showing people that its okay to expect quality in children's shows, and to not just mindlessly feed on everything Hollywood gives you.

But ironically some fans do just that but with the nostalgia critic and automatically brand a movie as terrible just because he says so.

Always complaining about "I don't like this because it's not something 80's or 90's related! " I miss the 80's and the 90's to but you know what? It's gone! It's never coming back you idiots! Move on with your life. Besides, you guys never give any modern thing a chance (I know we live in the pop and rap generation but underneath all of that is some good music. Trust me. Seether, three days grace, equilibrium, suicide silence).

While he did some honest reviews. (I do agree with him on The Magic Voyage, that movie sucked big time) I'm still not a fan and I much rather prefer to form my own opinions instead of parroting what he says, or what any other critic says, or such.

I can't understand nostalgia

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317 Chuck Schuldiner Fans Chuck Schuldiner Fans Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the founder and vocalist, guitarist and bassist of the American heavy metal band Death. He is considered the most influential figure in Death Metal, with some publications referring to Chuck as the "Godfather more.
318 Radiohead Fans

Radiohead is a good band. Their music promotes thinking with the intense lyricism, accompanied with beautiful melodies and sounds. I guess you could say their fan base is annoying, but I think this band is filled with people who have a good taste in music. - swagmaster97

Muse is better band

319 Chuck Norris Fans

Chuck Norris jokes are so 2008.

320 NaruSaku Fan

I like anime but Naruto is not the best anime

In my opinion the sonic fandom is more mature than them

Honestly I don't hate Sakura in Naruto. But, after Naruto story end, some narusaku (Naruto x sakura) begin hate other shipper and event give death threats to auther of Naruto

I'm sorry but
"NaruSaku Fan"
There's only one

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