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301 Miraculous Ladybug Haters

Me: do you guys like Miraculous Ladybug?
ML haters: ugh, it's boring and unoriginal, I hate it, Danny Phantom still better than that stupid blackcat hero. He's just tries too hard to be cool like Danny.
Me: *gives them a glass of cyanide coffee* here drink this.
ML haters: *drink it and suddenly faints*
Me: *runs with evil laugh* - ChatNoirFan18

302 Fawful's Minions
303 Mac Fanboys

The worse people in the world. Mac is crap. I have a cousin like that, who loves Apple. Super annoying.

304 Breadwinners Fans

They are immature, perverted, and make the most disgusting fan art ever - Cartoonfan202

305 MysteriousMrEnter Fans

They are all bandwagoners who believe everything Enter says, with a few exceptions (they disagreed with his reviews on 12 Oz. Mouse, Angela Anaconda, heck people were willing to defend Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon) - Cartoonfan202

306 Ready Jet Go Haters
307 Sailor Moon Crystal Fans/Pride Side

They overhype the Sailor Moon manga and act like it's the only "real/true/only canon" story of Sailor Moon, when it's not even remotely true, are extremely nitpicky, disrespect opinions on people and harass others who don't like it and think the anime is better and claim that you're disrespecting the original author Naoko Takeuchi if you don't think the manga is better or like it, when she's not immune to criticism. Frankly (though I mean no offense to her), the manga, while it has some great arcs and things to it and some things were done better (Sailor Saturn's character) is just overrated and mediocre overall, the pacing's too fast, Naoko's art, while beautiful, is sometimes done badly to the point where you can't see any attacks or tell what's going on, some of the characters are dumb in it (Usagi getting all jealous over Chibi-Usa), the two romantic leads, Usagi and Mamoru unfortunately turn too perfect, no one except Moon/Chibi Moon have any character development, and ...more - SailorSedna

Where do I even start with this pathetic group? They are basically the next Go! Animate fanbase, and are just as bad as the MLP and Undertale fanbases. As if Sailor Moon Crystal wasn't an extremely mediocre, below average anime enough (horrible first two seasons and decent but mediocre third season) overall, far from being the modern Sailor Moon that fans deserved, it ended up splitting the Sailor Moon fandom and spawning basically the worst fanbase in all of anime from what I've seen, not even Dragon Ball's or Naruto's are bad as this. They are immature elitist fanbrats mostly round about 18-23 years old or older, but if you even state opinions and thoughts that Crystal is bad in terms of animation, writing, and characters, that the original anime was better, that the manga wasn't that great, that being closer to the manga isn't necessarily better, or even offer legitimate criticism and valid points, they will rage like childish 2-9 year olds children who will go butthurt and rage at ...more - SailorSedna

308 Prankster Gangster Nation

This should be #1. - BlueBobYT

309 ASDF Movie Fans

They aren't that bad. Least I've never seen a bad one. I LIKE TRAINS! - LordDovahkiin

310 Graphic Whores
311 Monster High Fandom

They're clean. Well, I was part of the fandom once. - talanartemis

312 Gwen Stacy Fans
313 Offensive Jokesters

9/11 jokes are never funny. They are especially a big insult to everyone who lost relatives and loved ones on that dreadful day.

Those memes you see about 9/11? How exactly are those funny? - naFrovivuS

Come on. You people just need thicker skin. What do genders and the Twin Towers have in common? There used to be two, but now it's a touchy subject!
What do you call a homosexual in a wheel chair? Rolaids. - LordDovahkiin

314 The Emoji Movie Fans

Do these fans even exist yet? - UnlawfulMatron

315 Eddsworld Eddsworld
316 Eddsworld Fans
317 Opeth Fans
318 Gundam Fandom

Especially the Universal Century purists and Cosmic Era haters - PerfectImpulseX

319 Dr. Who Fans

Being a whovian myself, I only 'voted' to comment. Yes, I know, there are SOME whovians who are just plain annoying, and won't shut up about it. You may call me a 'mega fan', yet I accept other's aren't interested in it, so I try and stay calm about it, and I think it's fine when I get excited when I see a police public call box in a street or when a reference is made.

Now, that comment saying

These guys are a bunch of bullies and can't take criticism. You politely say you don't care for the show and they'll attack you. I hate these guys more than the frozen fans and Beliebers!

Is not quite true. There are some bullies and there are some who can't take criticism, and when you do point out a major plot hole, our response 'oh, you know wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.' isn't us not being able to take criticism, it's a joke that we can't really help making. And, it is sort of true. In a world where time travel exists, the universe gets reset and changed a lot. We ...more

I don't hate Dr. Who (never watched it, I like Sherlock more... I have only read the books though.. ) but there is this one kid in my class (thinks he is a frigging genius) and if you say ANYTHING that relates to it, like, I don't know, Tardis, he'll jump up and down and scream and ugh, just shut up (although he might be an insult to fans... )

These guys are a bunch of bullies and can't take criticism. You politely say you don't care for the show and they'll attack you. I hate these guys more than the frozen fans and Beliebers!

Doctor Who rocks, although some fans of it are annoying.

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320 Homestuck Fans

While I have met some sane Homestuck fans, there is a very loud minority of fans that choose to make their own fandom look bad through immature behavior. It's one thing to enjoy a fandom and joke around with it. It's another entirely to run around acting like an idiot, getting your body paint all over everything, and destroying hotel or convention center property.

If you like this comic, then by all means continue liking it; just please try and act civil in public and don't do things that might cause problems to the convention center staff or hotel staff. So you want to be in character? Great, by all means do so, but also try to give a good name to the fandom you like by setting an example for others.

I'm a big Homestuck fan and have been for a little while now. This fandom has some of the most ridiculous fans out there, with quite a few of them acting like complete and utter imbeciles. All of this is completely true and I have to admit that some of the more 'upfront' fans of the comic are just asses, but you also have to take into account that there are a lot of Homestucks out there that aren't entirely idiotic and are actually quite nice.

I'm not saying that I'm one of these, although I like to think I am. For all I know, this comment might just make me look like a pretentious ass who's trying to make their fandom's behavior seem more acceptable. But I just want to put it out there that, although parts of this fanbase are awful and sometimes plain disgusting, a lot of it is entertaining, thought provoking and sometimes absolutely beautiful.

So, before you go dissing all of the Homestuck fans out there. I hope you realize that this fandom is a lot better than it may ...more

"Let me tell you about Homestuck! "... No

Worst fandom out there

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