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321 Meninists

Meninists claim that they exist to counter modern day feminism (e.g. The ones that don't believe in equality, but female supremacy). However, they are almost as bad as feminists because they are actually sexist. They are not quite as bad SOLELY because there are less of them.

Just because someone is a women, doesn't mean they are useless. These are the guys that treat women like $ecks toys. We are all equal, no matter what gender. These people should get forks thrown at 'em.

This should and shouldn't exist at the same time, it should exist but it exists for the wrong reason, as a mean of hatred towards that specific part of feminists that are annoying, I bet this was voted from those very same people, BUT, I have to admit, Meninism can get annoying sometimes ( a lot of times)

Equality of both genders is the way to go.

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322 Chan-ers

Why isn't this at least as 20? Seriously, let's say "Example-chan". That is annoying!

Must we really say anything at all?

Eww it's like your grannies everlasting buttocks

Chris-Chan? GOD NO!

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323 Dangan Ronpa Fans

The majority of the fans never played the games

Fans who are into these series are a bunch of losers who think Despair or Hope reigns everything.

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324 FinnySohr fans
325 Rock Fans

There's absolutely nothing wrong with liking rock music but geez they try too blow my brains out with it and I actually LIKE rock music

Rock music fans take things way too far

326 Around the Twist Fans
327 Vine Fans

Vine is basically a racist version of YouTube which you can only post 6 second videos. It gets kind of annoying when people keep saying "Deez nuts" or "21". I'm kind of guilty of saying "21" all the time. - lelennyface

If I see another whip/ nae nae one more time I will become officially insane

Most members of this fandom are suffering from some degree of brain damage.

I'm sick of vines, they're filled with narcissistic douche bags. That's my opinion. - Lollyclouds

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328 UFC Fans
329 Metallica Fans
330 Twister Movie Fans

Point out how bad the movie is, and the fans will start defending it.

331 Independence Day Fans

Why would you make a fandom on a holiday here in America? I love Independence day! It's really fun! Also... why do you hate it?

They're like Twister fans. Criticize the film, and the fans will start attacking you for it.

332 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fandom

The shipping wars seem to be the problem in the fandom, but other than that, the TMNT series isn't so bad.

Sorry but the show is dumb and the fandom sucks too.

333 The Next Step Fandom

Just a bunch of 13 Year old girls who watch lousy actors dance like fools and act all dramatic over NOTHING!

334 Gaben Newell Fandom

Too many people are salty about Gaben not releasing Half Life 3 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Our lord and savior
bring the sales to everyone who praise you my lord
bring the false prophet to who don't believe
"false prophet" (origin)

The whole "our lor our savior" thing was a joke, there is no actual fandom about gabe newell

Its just me, Gabe Newell - Wonderman532

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335 Lego Fandom
336 Legend of Zelda Fandom

Say one thing wrong about the games, one little thing, and your dead

The games are awesome I'm a Zelda fan but if depends on who u encounter for your opinion on the fandom

I hate the Zelda fandom!

Other than shipping wars, character design wars and the Sheik gender debate, the Zelda fanbase is rather tame and deserves the praise and popularity it gets for being good games, especially compared to worse fanbases such as Sonic, for example. (I don't hate Sonic, and I like Sonic games, but I dislike the fandom)

If anything, people who hate the Zelda games/series are worse than the fans. Especially Tingle haters. Come on, guys, he's just another NPC in the Zelda games, not something to worry about. Geez, Louise.

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337 Lord of the Rings Fans

I've never met any bad Lord of the Rings fans. - SailorSedna

Not to mention the fact that the Wargs are WOLVES, not hyenas.

LOTR is amazing but The Hobbit Book is much harder to read then LOTR. I've heard the conventions are great though, anyone know any coming up in 2016?

I like Lord Of The Rings but not The Hobbit (not so much I mean) I ship only Grima and Eowyn.

338 Star Wars Rebels Fandom

The show makes no sense. I am not even a Star Wars fan because it's not my type. Sorry Star Wars fans.

The only FAN of this show I can think of is my Dad - Wonderman532

339 Timmy Failure Fandom

These books were quite funny. I didn't know they had a fandom, but OK.

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340 Big Nate Fandom

This is a fandom?

I had to read one of the bookd because I didn't want to get in trouble in class on my phone and it was horrible. I hate the books.

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