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361 Independence Day Fans

Why would you make a fandom on a holiday here in America? I love Independence day! It's really fun! Also... why do you hate it?

They're like Twister fans. Criticize the film, and the fans will start attacking you for it.

362 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fandom

The shipping wars seem to be the problem in the fandom, but other than that, the TMNT series isn't so bad.

Sorry but the show is dumb and the fandom sucks too.

363 Gaben Newell Fandom

Too many people are salty about Gaben not releasing Half Life 3 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Our lord and savior
bring the sales to everyone who praise you my lord
bring the false prophet to who don't believe
"false prophet" (origin)

The whole "our lor our savior" thing was a joke, there is no actual fandom about gabe newell

Its just me, Gabe Newell - Wonderman532

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364 Lego Fandom

Hey! We aren't bad. - LordDovahkiin

365 Lord of the Rings Fans

I've never met any bad Lord of the Rings fans. - SailorSedna

Not to mention the fact that the Wargs are WOLVES, not hyenas.

LOTR is amazing but The Hobbit Book is much harder to read then LOTR. I've heard the conventions are great though, anyone know any coming up in 2016?

I like Lord Of The Rings but not The Hobbit (not so much I mean) I ship only Grima and Eowyn.

366 Roblox Fandom

Where do I even start with this, at least 25% are alright, the rest 75% are retarded as hell. I'll just ask a bunch of questions. Do you know how many new players and/or guests get bullied a day? Do you know how many predators are there? Do you know how many online daters are there? Did you know almost half of those million users on the website are bots and experimental accounts? Do you know how many people are quitting to this day? Do you know how many terrible updates are there? Did you know Roblox only wants your money? Did you know Roblox looks promising by acting thankful and motivating but they're really greedy? Do you know how bad the tix removal update, and the anthro update were? Did you know everyone now thinks Minecraft is better? If it weren't for Erik's death or Roblox youtubers, none of this would've happened. Roblox has changed so much now, and us 2006 - 2014 players are heartbroken by how the community turned cancer as much as we miss Erik. RIP Erik and real Roblox. - Ohno

It used to be an OK game but now you need because to do almost anything. What happened to ROBLOx being free? They make stupid updates and don't care what the actual customers have to say, they used to love the players now they just love money

I play it and it's a great game, but the fandom is awful. It's full of people who think any change is bad and 5 year olds who record low quality FPS games with the ROBLOX recorder thinking it's good enough for the viewers to be able to read the chat.

IT'S play... - PerfectImpulseX

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367 Star Wars Rebels Fandom

The show makes no sense. I am not even a Star Wars fan because it's not my type. Sorry Star Wars fans.

The only FAN of this show I can think of is my Dad - Wonderman532

368 Timmy Failure Fandom

This is a thing...?

These books were quite funny. I didn't know they had a fandom, but OK.

I'm just as surprised as you are... 😧

369 Big Nate Fandom

This is a fandom?

I had to read one of the bookd because I didn't want to get in trouble in class on my phone and it was horrible. I hate the books.

370 Men

This is my favorite fandom! I didn't know it was a fandom!

The one who added this and men is a sexist person - BlueFrostOfThunderClan


People, this is just as bad as putting women on the list. It's sexist both ways, equally. And more people got offended from the woman entry. Sees men, next to no one gets offended. feminists. - LordDovahkiin

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371 Monsters vs. Aliens Fandom
372 Canada Haters
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374 Alvin and the Chipmunks Fans

It also bothers me when they make crossovers of it with Sonic the Hedgehog. Seriously people, why the heck do old cartoons have putrid modern-day fanbases these days?

Ok here is something the shows, movies and music are fine, but the fandom is bad. Filled people thinking they are the real deal of the main cast or the chipettes and the younger fans start debates and compairing the old cartoons to the cgi films and bashes on the older fans that likes the older cartoons.

But what really annoys me the most are the haters of the alvin and the chipmunks, That lwaye thinks that only little kids like the show when there is a lot of older fans out there and bash on the fans over any little thing, sure you don't have to like it and some do deserve it but you don't have to bash on every fan out there.

God, the Alvin and the Chipmunks fandom is full of idiots, and nostalgia hogs.

375 Drawn Together Fans

I don't hate the show. I just found that I had too much lost potential. This doesn't the movie however, because People should know that it was crap.

376 Nu Metal Fans
377 Wiz Khalifa Fans
378 Ben 10 Fans

Ben10nation is allied from ALDUB nation to bash Its Showtime and ABS-CBN.

Seriously though, pissy little teenage girls bickering over gwen and charmcaster because of smexxy hot bad boy kevin. What a time to be alive...

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380 Minion Fans

Do I even have to say anything? People just take random quotes or mum posts and slap a minion next to it.

Burn the little yellow pills, they are everywhere and were only funny in the original Despicable Me because they weren't a cult yet! In the minion movie and Despicable Me 2, they became a cult!

In my opinion The first two Despicable Me movies were good but minions sucked and when came out the fanbase became rabid. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Kill it with fire

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