Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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361 Harmonies V 1 Comment
362 Dark Souls Fans

It's a good series, even though I don't exactly like it. - IcetailofWishClan

Dark Souls haters

363 GWAR Fans
364 Destiny Fans

When I was at camp I was criticised by a one because I have never played it but I like games like Sonic, Zelda, and Okami

I remember when destiny came out, people said it was the best fps no one actually remembers it...WONDER WHY

Very cringy. They don't take criticism and they attack people who don't have a certain weapon or people that didn't choose hunter. they also nag to death for nerfs and death threat bungie when said thing is nerfed

365 Clive Dove Fans (Professor Layton) V 1 Comment
366 Cleavepool Fans
367 Koopaling Fans

I think the Koopaling fandom went to backlash is when they announced the fact that the Koopalings are no longer Bowser's children anymore, just his cronies. This is when they made their first appearance in years (New Super Mario Bros Wii) after their long absence.

This fandom exists?

Completely ruined NSMB. Stinking filler redskins...

368 Xenites

Fans of "Xena: Warrior Princess" This fandom should be #1 on this list. 90% crazy. Still grieving the loss of the fictional character of "Xena" 15 years after the show ended. They are annoying with their "Xena Revival" tantrums and their endless demand for a Xena Movie NOW" Respect? None in this fandom.

369 Adventures of Lolo fans
370 Destiel Shippers/Fans

Never gonna happen. Sorry. Stop saying its cannon please.

371 Halo Fans
372 Luigi Fans
373 Tony Abbot Fans

Tony abbott is so bad his own party hated him

374 Conker Fans

They hate Live & Reloaded (and to an extent, Rare Replay and Project Spark's Conker's Big Reunion) just because it was on an Xbox console instead of Nintendo. And just don't get me started on their backlash on 'Young Conker', an upcoming game for the Microsoft HoloLens...

375 fans

They're all a bunch of cranky 10 year olds that bash on anyone who eats them.

V 1 Comment
376 Skyrim Fans

It's honestly okay if you don't like Skyrim. I respect that. - IcetailofWishClan

377 Ssundee

The fans should realize that he is just acting about all the cobble and stuff.

First We had butter and now we have Cobble... perfect... Just. Perfect. - Aguythatpeopleignores

All of their fans say is #crainerisallgrownup and more of just retarted cobblestone and dirt hard to look at comments and hard to look at the videos when they are saying crainer is all grown up and #cobble=life

378 Juggies

Fans of mcjuggernuggets. Usually 6-13 years old. Go very insane when you call mcjuggernuggets videos fake

379 PC Elitist

Whiny players on PC who only care about graphics and fps.

"30fps makes me barf" said the PC Elietest as he watched an Xbox gameplay

380 Rockmen

Mega Man is not bad at all, but this needed to be added! Just look at all of the X/Zero yaoi...

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