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361 Mixel Haters

Just the fans trying to protect themselves

That's the only reason why this was here

Isn't this the correct opinion?

Mixels are stupid. - LordDovahkiin

362 Women

What a strange name for a fanbase

Wait, there is a Woman fandom?
It should be feminist, because you know, feminist will find everything related to girls sexist.
Take BlueFrostOfThunderClan as an example. Just because of the title, She/He says that its sexist/

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363 Men

This is my favorite fandom! I didn't know it was a fandom!

The one who added this and men is a sexist person - BlueFrostOfThunderClan


People, this is just as bad as putting women on the list. It's sexist both ways, equally. And more people got offended from the woman entry. Sees men, next to no one gets offended. feminists. - LordDovahkiin

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364 Monsters vs. Aliens Fandom
365 Canada Haters
366 Onclings V 1 Comment
367 Alvin and the Chipmunks Fans

It also bothers me when they make crossovers of it with Sonic the Hedgehog. Seriously people, why the heck do old cartoons have putrid modern-day fanbases these days?

Ok here is something the shows, movies and music are fine, but the fandom is bad. Filled people thinking they are the real deal of the main cast or the chipettes and the younger fans start debates and compairing the old cartoons to the cgi films and bashes on the older fans that likes the older cartoons.

But what really annoys me the most are the haters of the alvin and the chipmunks, That lwaye thinks that only little kids like the show when there is a lot of older fans out there and bash on the fans over any little thing, sure you don't have to like it and some do deserve it but you don't have to bash on every fan out there.

God, the Alvin and the Chipmunks fandom is full of idiots, and nostalgia hogs.

368 Drawn Together Fans

I don't hate the show. I just found that I had too much lost potential. This doesn't the movie however, because People should know that it was crap.

369 Nu Metal Fans
370 Wiz Khalifa Fans
371 Ben 10 Fans

Ben10nation is allied from ALDUB nation to bash Its Showtime and ABS-CBN.

Seriously though, pissy little teenage girls bickering over gwen and charmcaster because of smexxy hot bad boy kevin. What a time to be alive...

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372 Gunther Fans V 2 Comments
373 Minion Fans

Do I even have to say anything? People just take random quotes or mum posts and slap a minion next to it.

Burn the little yellow pills, they are everywhere and were only funny in the original Despicable Me because they weren't a cult yet! In the minion movie and Despicable Me 2, they became a cult!

In my opinion The first two Despicable Me movies were good but minions sucked and when came out the fanbase became rabid. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Kill it with fire

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374 Balto Fans

Out of all non-Disney animated movies, Balto easily has the worst fandom. It often overlaps with the Lion King fandom and fans of both sides often mistaken Balto as a ripoff of The Lion King when it is not. Balto's characters are not the same as those of The Lion King... For instance, Balto is a nice guy and not a brat like Simba, Jenna is an action girl who saved Balto from being attacked by a bear instead of a wuss who can't even fight a villain like Nala, Steele is not effeminate-looking like Scar, Muk and Luk don't eat bugs nor fart like Timon and Pumbaa, and last but not least, Nikki, Kaltag and Star reform and decide to help Balto in the end unlike Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. They also think that the true story of Balto is like the movie when there are differences (The real Balto was a purebred Siberian Husky, not a wolfdog like the film). As with many other non-Disney movies, Balto is also mistaken as a Disney film when it's not (Balto was made by Universal and Amblimation in this ...more

I swear, Balto has the worst fanbase of any non-Disney animated movie next to The Secret of NIMH, the Land Before Time and Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels. Sure, even though those four films I mentioned are quite lesser known and more obscure compared to the more modern films by DreamWorks and Illumination, if you do your research on the Internet and look at websites such as DeviantArt and such, you will see that those old animated features have horrible fanbases, including people who write negative reviews of those films, complain about their flaws 24/7/365 and draw creepy and disturbing fetish art of those films for no reason. I've seen fetish art of Princess Glory from Gulliver's Travels before, for example, and even it wasn't that erotic, it was still enough to make me cringe and makes me glad that I'm not a fan of that film. They are nearly on par with the bad side of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom.

Ah yes, I do remember that scene in Balto II where the fox knocks Balto into a river. For an odd reason, some furries have an obsession with that fox, when the fact is that the fox in the film was just a spirit. (furries ruin the poor fox species too much) Yeah, it seems that a lot of animated movies are not as true to their source material as much as others.

I like Balto, though in a way pissed me off when I found out it wasn't accurate to the true story. It's a good movie but the real story of it is much much better. True, it is better than Lion King.

The sequels never interested me and the pnly scene I remembered was a fox knocking Balto into a raging river. - SailorSedna

375 Manchester United Fan Club V 2 Comments
376 Tekken Fans
377 Fred Fans

Fred, while iconic, had so many fans, many of which were annoying, and Fred's voice was over the top of being one of the most annoying voices in the history of mankind, there was little, if anything, truly funny about FRED, While he kept YouTube users from being bored, he went too far in being a whiny little brat, he decided to edit his videos to talk "funny" and do crazy things that barely anyone intelligent can handle, He was a huge icon for YouTube and the rest of the media, but he kept trying to kill people's brains with his stupid voice and "stunts".

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378 Bungie Fanboys

I only love one game from bungie that is oni that it and for a plus oni was made by rockstar to and bungie don't make sequel to ther game

379 Westaboos

Why are they so obsessed with their country, I'm from England and if I stuck our flag into americans faces they'd think I'm annoying, but when they do it its perfectly fine

I am an American, and I can say, a lot of people in America are idiots. Just keep in mind that there are good Americans. - LordDovahkiin

The complete complete opposite of a weeaboo: Likes western shows and thinks america is the superior country over every other ones..

Westaboos: Tickling obsessed american idiots that weigh 9001 kg and think that britain is prissy and there lazy, seriously what have we become!

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380 The Price is Right Fans

OK, I'm not saying that all TPiR fans are like this, but there are many of them out there that ruin the experience of watching the show. These certain fans always complain about many changes made to the show's format, always believe that many aspects should be left untouched, worship Bob Barker and curse Drew Carey (even though I think Drew has done a damn good job at hosting the show), and say that they can no longer watch the show because Roger Dobkowitz was fired. All in all, they're the reason that the fandom's got a bad reputation.

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