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21 Homophobics

What is to be even scared of?


This isn't a real FEAR so it shouldn't to be classed as a phobia and plus it just a excuse for a**holes to use saying "oh I'm not...just I'm scared of two genders together."

Seriously it's pathetic and if anyone says to clam they have this poor excuse as a phobia.

Idiots. Bloody, blind shallow idiots with nothing better to do with their time-_-

It doesn't mean fear, its just a word made up because of stupid Bible Bashers who hate same gender couples and the bible bashers could be scared, scared of a marriage in their church!

To be honest, the LGBT community is just as bad. Don't get me wrong, I am bisexual myself. However, I hate how the LGBT community acts vulnerable and cries about being attacked despite them saying they want to stand up to homophobes. The worst part is the coming out videos on YouTube. These videos emotionally manipulate you into feeling bad for them, but in reality, they love themselves and just feel like making people cry. It doesn't work. All you need to say is that you're gay, or bisexual, or trans, and we'll carry on. So dear LGBT community, stop acting vulnerable to hate and own up to yourself and everyone else.
Anyways, into homophobes. Yes, they're awful. Waste time on bashing LGBTQ because that's apparently funny. And the label "homophobe" is just completely invalid. They're not actually scared of LGBTQ. Thus, "phobia" is just a useless suffix to describe LGBT haters. Anyways, dear homophobes, don't waste time on making people feel bad for being themselves. Just accept it ...more - naFrovivuS

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22 Fetish Fandom

Before I begin, I will admit I am a fetish artist and have no problems drawing inflation, bdsm, hypno, the basic kinks, but even then I have my limits. I often get smothered with requests from deviantards to draw "this character" pregnant with a kajillion babies or "princess what's her face" all diapered up and farting. That's when I start cringing my eyes out that no amount of eye bleach will fix. Being a fetish artist isn't all that's cracked up to be because you have to endure the rabid comments coming from rabid people and when they get specific is when I start raising eyebrows. Oh and if you get comments from annoying asshats that try to be random to be cute JUST so they can get free art, odds are that's the norm in the fetish community.

I'm was an inflation artist and I still have a love hate relationship with it, especially with *certain* fans. A lot of them in particular have made drawing my kinks into nothing but a nightmare. I've found people trying to persuade me into drawing things that I'm either not wanting to do, or things they want me to do out of personal gain. Most of the time, they pester you with immature comments trying to sound "cute and funny" but actually sound stupid that even a 4-year-old would find annoying. When you refuse and tell them to leave, they either point the fingers at you or disregard what you say and continue to harass you. This was pretty much my life to the point where I just gave up and closed my accounts.

It's fun being an artist, not so much when you're pushed over like a doormat. :/

People, all AROUND in Deviantart even when searching on Google Images you see Fetish Fan Arts with characters sexually doing to another character is just plain rude and DISGUSTING! Main Fetishes you would see is: Tickling, Spanking, Inflation, Vore, Diapering, Fat, Farting, YaoiYuri, etc. EVERYTHING THEY DO TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER IS IN FETISH NIGHTMARE HELL NO ONES SAFE ANYMORE IN the!

Ok, so, I REALLY like Kylo Ren but THERE ARE THREE PICTURES OF HIM PREGNANT! I mean, the artist whom is a deviantartist did a really nice job on drawing him but WHY PREGNANT!? oh my god my poor eyes...poor Kylo for that matter...

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23 Weeaboos

I think they were on here already

That's how bad they are

24 Creepypasta Fans

Creepy pasta was meant to be scary. Not sexy.

Oh good Lord, this fandom. I used to be a part of this two years back, and I admit I still occasionally check the SCP Foundation to see what's new, but it's just lost its appeal. If you look past the edginess, you see that quite a few of the popular stories were, in fact, even before they got shipped together so much they lost what little horror they had in the first place. Most of the good stories I remember were not the "classics".

But the worst part is the kids who think this is the underbelly of the internet, that they're all cool and edgy for being down here. Now, I know I haven't seen the darkest depths of the 'net, but I've sure gone a hell of a lot deeper than reading stories about a guy who kills his family for no damn reason. In general, if there are lots of people at the bottom of the 'net, you're not really at the bottom of the 'net.

First of all I'm a CreepyPasta fan but I understand that it is meant to be horror genre not romance. It makes me sick when some obnoxious fan walks around going on about how a character is hot- don't DO THAT OR U WILL MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE! Are u at least seeing the point? I'm a FAN but I don't ship or write ROMANCE stories. Geez people these days...

Don't get me started on this one... it's awful especially the Jeff the Killer fan fictions. - BoredJeff02

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25 GoTeam (Nicole Arbour) Fans

I didn't know she had fans. - naFrovivuS

26 Superwholock

I really like all three shows, but there are times when I hate the fandom. They just need to calm down and realize that not everyone will like their shows, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with having opinions if you're mature about it. A lot of superwholock fangirls aren't mature, and that's the problem, and well as with a lot of other fandoms.

This has so many things what I hate, especially crossovers and over annoying fanbase. I admit, I love Sherlock, BBC, RDJ and the original book ones, but I also hate the fandom because of their extreme forcing shippers. I also like Doctor Who, it's clever and I like especially the older ones and the 9th doctor, and it would be fun sometimes if there was an episode of Doctor going to the Victorian times to see the real Sherlock Holmes (Not the Benedict one). I dislike Supernatural, maybe it's the fact it has handled the extreme things poorly? I tried to watch it, yet I hated it more and more every episode I saw. Wholock is okay, but I would hate it to happen in real and SuperWhoLock? That doesn't make any sense. How is Supernatural anyway connected with Doctor Who or Sherlock? It doesn't make any sense and why would even the doctor allow some teenagers to join him? That's just ridiculous.

Though the fanbase is horrible, super extreme I hate them.

Not only are these shows all basically the same thing with the same cinematography, but the fans never shut up about them

I like these shows a lot but the fanbase is so annoying. The ships are so disturbing

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27 LeafyIsHere fans

Felt sad for Leafy when some freak made a body pillow out of him.

Oh god I hate leafy and his fanbase. I Also hate when people say "kys" do you think that's funny when you tell someone to kill themselves? Leafy, his suicide "jokes" and his fanbase suck.

If you need to laugh at immature people doing immature, this is your channel. Just don't subscribe.

Wait, WHAT?! Leafy has FANS?! This is news to me! When did it start?

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28 DeviantART Users

DeviantArt is great site, who hate deviantart users? - 05yusuf09

I agree I am a fan of postal and oni and deviantART user upload drawing of oni that have no purpose to the game what so ever and the story is the same about postal no joke

A great site like deviantart has been damaged by incredibly irritating adventure time "fans"!

There are a lot of good artworks, but inflation, morphing art, not thanks.

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29 Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc.

They are the most hypersensitive twats on the internet, who will act like you are committing a crime over minor disagreements. End of story.

Tumblr: the source of all fandom's cancer

Tumblr, home of the Social Justice Warriors.

The Rule 34 part of Tumblr is just the tip of the iceberg... - Aguythatpeopleignores

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30 Otakus

Anyone who is voting for this just because they hate anime is stupid, vote because you hate the over obsessed fans. There are so many different kinds of anime it is impossible to claim to hate all of them. So don't vote because you quote on quote hate anime.

I'd also like to point out that Otaku just means someone who is highly obsessed with something it doesn't just apply to anime. And it is also a very offensive term in Japan. And no, I'm not an "otaku" as you put it, I don't let anime get in the way of my other hobbies. I just want to lay down the facts straight.

There is absolutely no difference at all between animation from Japan and animation from anywhere else. Absolutely no difference at all. Besides the fact that anime is in Japanese. That's it. That's the only difference. What makes Japanese cartoons so special? Why do people think that watching Japanese shows, listening to Japanese music, drinking Japanese sodas makes them 'so very cool'? And they brag about it endlessly. No one cares about how much anime you watch, which is why you ended up sitting at "that" table with the others like you during lunchtime in middle school, only so you could brag about how rejected you are by everyone and how lonely you are. Sorry. I completely understand how common Otaku stereotypes were made in the first place. The most common, general stereotype you can find about Otakus is that they are bragging attention-seekers. Of couse, there will will always be otakus who aren't like that. Always. There will always be people who don't fall under those ...more

I love anime. I love shows like "Attack on Titan" or "One Piece" and lots of others, it's just that some otakus take it a tad too far.

I am an anime fan but I don't deticate my life to japan lolz xDD - nao

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31 GoAnimators

Oh dear Lord, where do I begin?! I used to like these videos in the past, but now I see that all they are is grounded videos, SAvsSAvsSA videos, behavior card day videos, and other crap. It's getting really boring and uncreative. The voices are annoying and robotic and dragging and dropping isn't animation! The community is a hot mess too, with the fans being screaming kids and baby show haters. Don't get me started on the rants. They all are the same but with a different baby show, and it's just terrible. - SmashPrincess

Don't look it up, it will only cause you pain

Why is this not higher?

So I discovered this fandom about 2 years ago, nowadays I'm just one of them. Being a GoAnimate video maker isn't all that bad. You just gotta stay original and away from the people pushing you to do requests that seem unoriginal and youll be okay. It took me awhile to establish new rules limiting the requests. I have noticed more and more GoAnimate users popping up at around late or mid 2016 to nowadays and more original videos are getting more common. Long before this era they used to be really repetitive, but that era has somewhat faded away. - Wth

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32 4chan 4chan 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.

They're disgusting, sexist, racist, and homophobic. They threaten and harass people for fun. They once found my address and sent people to my house. They make me sick and I want their website taken down.

Used to be good. But then the internet found it.

It's literally impossible to be there if you're not a racist, sexist, homophobic white "alpha" male with a peanut for a brain.

Almost everyone on this site is anonymous. No wonder it's a breeding ground for trolls. - alphadan12

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33 Metalheads

I listen to metal but some can be stupid.

I listen to Black Sabbath and I wear a few shirts a week. And I consider myself a full time metal head.I don't see a problem with me, I just like my music. People at school keep bugging me about it though.

Sometimes I have like a trigger where I just don't care about what people think and then I just start to play metal (sabaton) out of my phone and people around me mostly just ignore it because I never play it too loud bu one time I got approached by this one kid who said my music sucks and I should turn it off WHILE he was playing his rap max volume out of a mini radio speaker thing

34 Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons

When I think about the characters meeting I don't think about shipping I only think about how they would be the best friends ever and they wouldn't feel lonely (since some of the members have similarities) I think this is a peaceful fandom for people to enjoy but instead people are always on the negative side which makes me extremely upset. Seriously though it makes me upset when people are always so negative about something. All you do is think about it (will they be great as friends) and if you like it spread it around and feel proud that you're a fan but don't go crazy. If you hate it don't say anything and move along. Not everybody loves everything.

Uh. These guys make me throw up in my mouth.

Who made this fandom? A 5-year-old? Stupid!
The creator is Justin Bieber himself.

This isn't the first time people have crossed over Disney with non-Disney movies in their fanwork. You seem to be forgetting that they ship Balto with The Lion King as well, which is one of the worst crossovers ever; It is even worse when they think of Balto as a Lion King ripoff, which it isn't.

And the shipping wars... Good grief...

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35 Go!Animate Fans

Go! Animate as a program is underrated, but the "grounded video" fanbase is annoying and is getting redundant, repetitive and lame with no humour to back it up. Not to mention some fans will make fun of you with a "beware of this bad user" thing if you dare give your negative opinion on the series.
Please, do something better than the same grounded videos over and over again. It's annoying, not funny and lousy. - Swellow

The grounded video ideas get MILKED and re-used but with different characters. Like for example "Dora: I'm going to start a lockdown. *does*. Teacher: You must get in my classroom. Dora: Ok. *two hours later* Police: Dora! We looked at the cameras you started a fake lockdown. How dare you." Trash plot gets milked and bang, you get this: "Caillou: I'm going to start a lockdown. *does*. Teacher: You must get in my classroom. Caillou: Ok. *two hours later* Police: Caillou! We looked at the cameras you started a fake lockdown. How dare you."'

These fans are just a bunch of whiny little kids who make like, 6000 videos about someone on that dumb program getting grounded.

But grounded videos are the best - SushigirlO6

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36 Emos

Listen, a lot of "emos" do it for attention like cutting them selves and posting it online to make others feel sorry for them. If you are cutting yourself, please go get help! If you're cutting yourself for attention, you too, need help.

Sideways for attention, longways for results

I have a friend who just constantly does this to make others feel bad for her. I saw past the blinding poison. - Wth

They're like a mixture between goths and punks and angry dumb teenagers

I can definitely agree on that, they complain about their lives and cut themselves.. WELL JUST DO IT! - SheepBuggy

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37 Otherkin

Its really stupid to think they're the animal they like. If they like cats then suddenly they'll think they were a cat in their past life, WELL TOO BAD! YOU WERE A CHICKEN IN YOUR PAST LIFE! And also, you would have forgotten your past life by now. And if you did have a past life why are you living your past life in your current life?

Just look them up and read for your self

Aka special snowflake syndrome

The one logical conflict is, they want to become an animal, but they enjoy internet at the same time...

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38 Pedophiles

I'm confused, is this a fandom, a cult, or a criminal gang?

Needs to be higher on the list. These people should be rounded up and publically crucified.

Okay this isn't a fandom it's disgusting people who shouldn't exist.

Wow,you hypocrites put honophobics but but pedophiles? I thought love is love no matter what and they can't choose who they are attracted to but for some reason,pedophiles need therapy but for gay people,you will be praised and if someone says you need therapy,they will tell you that you'll need therapy

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39 NaruHina Fans

As long as they respect other ships, I don't see any reason to dislike them - alphadan12

I don't ship this...yet - mayamanga

Yes 100% true

Not NaruHina fans.
Hinata wankers are the worst. Because fans of this ship don't really care about Naruto they're all about Hinata.
They absolutely ruined Naruto fandom for me.

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40 Bullies

Whoever put this... - talanartemis

How tf is this a fandom

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