Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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381 Reptilians

Leafy obsessers are all over the internet. They roast and send death threats to those who oppose them. They also donate to fake Leafy's.

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382 Republicans
383 Twelvies

Twelvies are the reason why I've lost faith in humanity - Lollyclouds

384 The Kardashian Fans
385 Virtua Fighter Fans
386 Wiki Fans
387 Street Fighter Fans
388 Linux Users V 2 Comments
389 Heneral Luna / General Moon fandom

Fangirls making ships about them really irritates me.

390 World of Warcraft Fans
391 Kyosaya (Kyoko x Sayaka) Shippers

Why do ships have terrible names? (Oh and ships are terrible themselves too)

Excuse me this is a canon ship if u can't appreciate the truth don't ask

392 Earthbound Fandom

Ok, I love the game, it was one of my favorite RPGs, but seriously! the fandom could use a chill pill every once in a while

393 Kisekae Fans

I do like the game and all. But the fans are just jerks when you say stuff like Kisekae Is not art. It's a DRESS UP GAME, where you dress up your characters and take pictures of them when they're done. You do get to customize the items, manage your character's body shape and height. But It's still a dress up game. It's just a more creative one. But you don't have to draw your dolls, there already are dolls for customization! If It were a digital anime drawing website, I would consider It art(because It WOULD be art If It was a drawing site).But how Is a dress up game art?! It's a game! And a dress up one. Get your facts right. I don't hate Kisekae and I'll try It out soon, But the fandom is just...It gets on my nerves! Plus It's everywhere(especially In DeviantArt)and "deviations"from kisekae got more compliments than actually drawn ones. This is ridiculous. - MLPFan

394 Sora4smash group

Sora will never be in Super Smash Bros. End of story.

395 Movie Star Planet Fans V 1 Comment
396 Save Our Voice Actors (SOVA)
397 PlayStation Neo Fans V 1 Comment
398 Bioware Games Fanboys

They are the most pathetic people I have seen on gaming Period They can't even take crtisism from companions in video games! - Aguythatpeopleignores

399 Ness Fans
400 Football Fanatics
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