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381 Balto Fans

Out of all non-Disney animated movies, Balto easily has the worst fandom. It often overlaps with the Lion King fandom and fans of both sides often mistaken Balto as a ripoff of The Lion King when it is not. Balto's characters are not the same as those of The Lion King... For instance, Balto is a nice guy and not a brat like Simba, Jenna is an action girl who saved Balto from being attacked by a bear instead of a wuss who can't even fight a villain like Nala, Steele is not effeminate-looking like Scar, Muk and Luk don't eat bugs nor fart like Timon and Pumbaa, and last but not least, Nikki, Kaltag and Star reform and decide to help Balto in the end unlike Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. They also think that the true story of Balto is like the movie when there are differences (The real Balto was a purebred Siberian Husky, not a wolfdog like the film). As with many other non-Disney movies, Balto is also mistaken as a Disney film when it's not (Balto was made by Universal and Amblimation in this ...more

I swear, Balto has the worst fanbase of any non-Disney animated movie next to The Secret of NIMH, the Land Before Time and Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels. Sure, even though those four films I mentioned are quite lesser known and more obscure compared to the more modern films by DreamWorks and Illumination, if you do your research on the Internet and look at websites such as DeviantArt and such, you will see that those old animated features have horrible fanbases, including people who write negative reviews of those films, complain about their flaws 24/7/365 and draw creepy and disturbing fetish art of those films for no reason. I've seen fetish art of Princess Glory from Gulliver's Travels before, for example, and even it wasn't that erotic, it was still enough to make me cringe and makes me glad that I'm not a fan of that film. They are nearly on par with the bad side of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom.

Ah yes, I do remember that scene in Balto II where the fox knocks Balto into a river. For an odd reason, some furries have an obsession with that fox, when the fact is that the fox in the film was just a spirit. (furries ruin the poor fox species too much) Yeah, it seems that a lot of animated movies are not as true to their source material as much as others.

I like Balto, though in a way pissed me off when I found out it wasn't accurate to the true story. It's a good movie but the real story of it is much much better. True, it is better than Lion King.

The sequels never interested me and the pnly scene I remembered was a fox knocking Balto into a raging river. - SailorSedna

382 Manchester United Fan Club V 2 Comments
383 Tekken Fans
384 Fred Fans

Fred, while iconic, had so many fans, many of which were annoying, and Fred's voice was over the top of being one of the most annoying voices in the history of mankind, there was little, if anything, truly funny about FRED, While he kept YouTube users from being bored, he went too far in being a whiny little brat, he decided to edit his videos to talk "funny" and do crazy things that barely anyone intelligent can handle, He was a huge icon for YouTube and the rest of the media, but he kept trying to kill people's brains with his stupid voice and "stunts".

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385 Bungie Fanboys

I only love one game from bungie that is oni that it and for a plus oni was made by rockstar to and bungie don't make sequel to ther game

386 Westaboos

Why are they so obsessed with their country, I'm from England and if I stuck our flag into americans faces they'd think I'm annoying, but when they do it its perfectly fine

I am an American, and I can say, a lot of people in America are idiots. Just keep in mind that there are good Americans. - LordDovahkiin

The complete complete opposite of a weeaboo: Likes western shows and thinks america is the superior country over every other ones..

Westaboos: Tickling obsessed american idiots that weigh 9001 kg and think that britain is prissy and there lazy, seriously what have we become!

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387 The Price is Right Fans

OK, I'm not saying that all TPiR fans are like this, but there are many of them out there that ruin the experience of watching the show. These certain fans always complain about many changes made to the show's format, always believe that many aspects should be left untouched, worship Bob Barker and curse Drew Carey (even though I think Drew has done a damn good job at hosting the show), and say that they can no longer watch the show because Roger Dobkowitz was fired. All in all, they're the reason that the fandom's got a bad reputation.

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388 Janoskianators

The fandom that's in their own world. Janoskianators are the funniest people on the planet and really know how to make an awkward situation more awkward I mean the only learn from he best. Janoskianators are also the most loyal fans and are so dedicated they show that they don't care about what others think. Janoskianators are just the most amazing people

389 Deadpool Fans

They think they know everything about Deadpool when they only seen a trailer for the Marvel film.

Who cares if they don't know much about Deadpool, they can like him if they want. Because Deadpool is amazing :3 - Lollyclouds

390 Harmonies V 1 Comment
391 Dark Souls Fans

It's a good series, even though I don't exactly like it. - IcetailofWishClan

Dark Souls haters

392 GWAR Fans
393 Destiny Fans

When I was at camp I was criticised by a one because I have never played it but I like games like Sonic, Zelda, and Okami

I remember when destiny came out, people said it was the best fps no one actually remembers it...WONDER WHY

Very cringy. They don't take criticism and they attack people who don't have a certain weapon or people that didn't choose hunter. they also nag to death for nerfs and death threat bungie when said thing is nerfed

394 Clive Dove Fans (Professor Layton) V 1 Comment
395 Cleavepool Fans
396 The Phandom

I love Dan and Phil personally they're hilarious and great. I've even went to their tour in America. But I can't stand most of there fans. I feel like it's almost kind of sad that EVERYONE who likes them changes their profile photos to them. It's fine if you do that, because it shows you enjoy them, I just don't understand why you wouldn't have something like art or something unique for your profile photo. But that's not that bad... I really don't like how protective everyone is of them. It seems like a definite huge majority ships them together. Yet when the Valentine's Day Video was posted everyone made it seem like it was a total sin to watch the video and that everyone will hate you if you've seen it because it invades there personal life and stuff... yet most of everyone has seen it anyways... it really makes no sense.

You can't go on one single video on youtube without seeing some mention of dan and phil in the comments, no matter how unrelated it seems to be. And if someone has a dan and phil profile picture, the fans will not hesitate to go "where the phandom at! 111! 1! 1! " even if the comment had nothing to do with it. Also they overreact about literally everything, and every time dan and phil even so much as look at each other (ya know, like most people in the world do) they're all "heart eyes howell! phan is real! " They harass any female that hangs out with dan or phil and they went INSANE when hazel called phil "babe" even though she clearly didn't mean it like that. (And even if she did, the phandom should've respected that.) If you say you don't ship phan, they'll attack you and call you pretentious and homophobic. Also I personally find it strange and a bit creepy that a bunch of 13 year old girls are obsessing over grown men?

I personally think that The Phandom is the worst fanbase on the internet. Even worse than PewDiePie's fanbase...and that's saying something! Even if a video on YouTube mentions Dan or Phil the fangirls/boys always comment like " PHILL! " or other over the top comments like that. They need to chill out, they act like Dan and Phil are gods.

I used to be in the phandom but I just find them annoying and cringey now. they make unfunny jokes and leave comments under videos that aren't related to dnp at all like "LOLZORS I love my llama hat and I'm having an existential crisis while eating a delia smith pancake and listening to the internet is here who can relate?!?! phandom where u at? "

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397 Christians

There are many other gods as well. Yours ain't any different. So stop bringing him up in everything.

I don't understand why this is here. we don't try to annoy people to coming into our religion. it's optional, it's not like when we talk and change the subject (if we do, just tell them that.). it's just like how stereotypical character's from the west talk.

"well that cash reward is bigger than a horse eating meatloaf! " err some phrase like that.

I'm not Christian, okay? And whenever I bring the fact that I'm Hindu, people freak out. They tease Krishna and talk about how their god is the best and all this nonsense. I'll let anyone worship what they believe in, but they should let me do that as well..

I don't understand why Christians get so much hate, especially since you have people with utterly stupid beliefs. Like atheists. Atheists think that the universe EXPLODED into existence. That's utterly ridiculous. If there was nothing there, then nothing would be able to explode. The only way this is possible is if God caused it. - LordDovahkiin

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398 Koopaling Fans

I think the Koopaling fandom went to backlash is when they announced the fact that the Koopalings are no longer Bowser's children anymore, just his cronies. This is when they made their first appearance in years (New Super Mario Bros Wii) after their long absence.

This fandom exists?

Completely ruined NSMB. Stinking filler redskins...

399 Xenites

Fans of "Xena: Warrior Princess" This fandom should be #1 on this list. 90% crazy. Still grieving the loss of the fictional character of "Xena" 15 years after the show ended. They are annoying with their "Xena Revival" tantrums and their endless demand for a Xena Movie NOW" Respect? None in this fandom.

400 PC Master Race

Not a fandom, and its mainly the spoiled kids that don't buy the PC themselves that think they are good.

I'm a dirty console gaming peasant. - LordDovahkiin

Personally, I prefer a Mac. - Winterush

This fandom should be the number one. "PC Masterrace" has inspired me to save up for a Mac and a PS4.

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