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421 Social Justice Warriors

Don't worry about the "social justice warriors", they're pretty easy to avoid and they're just a bunch of fat people who cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Everyone seems to forget about what REAL social justice is due to these freaks.

They want everything perfect just for them, and no one can tell them off because they act like such sacred cows. Realize that nothing is perfect and move on please, but don't ever ruin other people's lives and opinions just because they don't match yours. - Nonpointed

How egotistic these Social Justice Warriors really are? I mean they think that the world revolves around just them that they think everything will go their way they play victim and fail miserably and still don't accept the consequences of their actions. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I once saw a social justice warrior she was swearing at a cashier for repeating her order that was a big mac let's say she got kicked out of mc donalds. - DJRainFlame

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422 Linux Users V 2 Comments
423 Heneral Luna / General Moon fandom

Fangirls making ships about them really irritates me.

424 World of Warcraft Fans
425 Kyosaya (Kyoko x Sayaka) Shippers

Why do ships have terrible names? (Oh and ships are terrible themselves too)

Excuse me this is a canon ship if u can't appreciate the truth don't ask

426 Earthbound Fandom

Ok, I love the game, it was one of my favorite RPGs, but seriously! the fandom could use a chill pill every once in a while

427 Kisekae Fans

I do like the game and all. But the fans are just jerks when you say stuff like Kisekae Is not art. It's a DRESS UP GAME, where you dress up your characters and take pictures of them when they're done. You do get to customize the items, manage your character's body shape and height. But It's still a dress up game. It's just a more creative one. But you don't have to draw your dolls, there already are dolls for customization! If It were a digital anime drawing website, I would consider It art(because It WOULD be art If It was a drawing site).But how Is a dress up game art?! It's a game! And a dress up one. Get your facts right. I don't hate Kisekae and I'll try It out soon, But the fandom is just...It gets on my nerves! Plus It's everywhere(especially In DeviantArt)and "deviations"from kisekae got more compliments than actually drawn ones. This is ridiculous. - MLPFan

428 Sora4smash group

Sora will never be in Super Smash Bros. End of story.

429 Overwatch Fans

People on this websites really hates pornography. Because all people are complaining about is porn and nothing else when it comes to games Especially Overwatch since it has a lot of Rule 34 content in Tumblr. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Perverts...Perverts everywhere

This needs to be higher, the fandom is filled with perverts and sexist idiots.

They were originally going to make D.Va fourteen, were they not? Good move with changing her age, Blizz.

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430 Pokemon Go Fans

I'm a fan, but I'm not insane. I can actually use it safely. I just hold it in my hand as I'm walking around, I don't look at the screen unless my phone buzzes, then that means a Pokemon is nearby. Then I stop, catch it, and continue with my life

The simplicity is quite appealing, as with most of Pokemon to begin with. Plus, it has that innovation factor going for it.

Almost all of my classmates in school play this game. In the news, in the social media sites... IT'S EVERYWHERE

I don't even see people play Pokemon Go as much anymore because the devs are jerks and call accessibility "cheating". People got sick of Pokemon Go when they removed the feature to track down Pokemon instead of constantly wandering around an area hoping that your phone buzzes.

And the fanbase? They tend to be okay but something that peeved me since day one is how they call the one ugly ass male character "daddy" and find him "so hot". Willow. I'm talking about Willow. I'm sorry but he's ugly. I rather look at Garborder, the ugliest Pokemon to exist, over his ugly ass. - Rue

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431 Family Guy Fans
432 Movie Star Planet Fans V 1 Comment
433 Save Our Voice Actors (SOVA)
434 PlayStation Neo Fans V 1 Comment
435 Bioware Games Fanboys

They are the most pathetic people I have seen on gaming Period They can't even take crtisism from companions in video games! - Aguythatpeopleignores

436 Ness Fans
437 Football Fanatics
438 Sedona Fans
439 Toaster Heads
440 Lorde Fans
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