Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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441 Live Action Haters
442 Skunk Fu Haters
443 EA Games Fans

EA kinda sucks. Take Star Wars Battlefront III for example. Battlefront one and two were great. But the third is God awful. - LordDovahkiin

They're all 12 year old arrogant jocks who defend EA's cheap money making with the most shamelessly blind defences.

444 Hillary Supporters

I HATE both Donald and Hillary equally but Hillary fans can be really biased. - TheAlbinoWolf

Hillary supporters are immature hypocritical jerks.

Do NOT tell me about their biggest temper tantrum EVER, also known as rioting in the streets!

Why isn't this higher on the list? Her loyal little brainwashed followers are still bitching and protesting even though she lost.

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445 Pixar Fans
446 Every Witch Way fans

They are all over this site, but they are extremely toxic. Why? Well for starters, they are all annoying 90s kids who always whine about how Nickelodeon sucks nowadays. And, they, all, talk, like, this, yet, they, never, use, periods, and, always, use, commas. Next, they act like your parents and try to censor anything that is slightly inappropriate. Third, they love Every Stupid Way more than their family and friends and its all they care about. Fourth, they are very possessive about EWW and write many long, boring, redundant paragraphs about the show, and they aggressively cyberbully EWW haters. If anyone says the slightest bad thing about the dang show, you will instantly get a million dislikes, and they will reply to you with a long redundant paragraph saying that EWW is the best show ever. The fans also tell the haters to kill themselves, that they're retarded, that they have mental disorders, and that they have poor taste in television. 5th, they never shut up about it. - cartoonfan101

447 Takedownman Fans
448 Assassin's Creed Fans
449 Metal Gear Solid Fans
450 The Lion Guard Haters

Why is this doing on the list? The Lion Guard deserves to be hated. People have opinions. Get over it.

The Lion Guard sucks. It's fandom is worse than it's haters.

451 The Last of Us Fans
452 Suicide Squad Fans
453 Doom Haters
454 Justin Bieber Haters

Well Justin sucks. Should be Justin Bieber fans. - LordDovahkiin

455 Ricers
456 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Haters
457 DannyXSam Shippers
458 PitchPearl (Danny Fenton X Danny Phantom) Shippers
459 Weinerham (Randy X Howard) Shippers
460 Steven Universe Haters
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