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441 World of Tanks Forum

Its cancerous. Every single "unicum" considers you a noob if you have Below 50% win rate - P-51IsDaBest

442 Lambs (Mariah Carey Fans)
443 Behind the Meme Fans

His fans are a bunch of normies who can't take criticism and disrespect opinions. Just like goanimate fans. - izackak

444 VGCP
445 Uttp Channels
446 Inanimate Insanity
447 Object Show 87
448 Object Shows
449 Battle for Dream Island Again
450 IDFB
451 The Wolf Pack
452 Rick & Morty Fans
453 Brawl of the Objects Fans
454 WoW Players
455 Homestuck Fans

While I have met some sane Homestuck fans, there is a very loud minority of fans that choose to make their own fandom look bad through immature behavior. It's one thing to enjoy a fandom and joke around with it. It's another entirely to run around acting like an idiot, getting your body paint all over everything, and destroying hotel or convention center property.

If you like this comic, then by all means continue liking it; just please try and act civil in public and don't do things that might cause problems to the convention center staff or hotel staff. So you want to be in character? Great, by all means do so, but also try to give a good name to the fandom you like by setting an example for others.

I'm a big Homestuck fan and have been for a little while now. This fandom has some of the most ridiculous fans out there, with quite a few of them acting like complete and utter imbeciles. All of this is completely true and I have to admit that some of the more 'upfront' fans of the comic are just asses, but you also have to take into account that there are a lot of Homestucks out there that aren't entirely idiotic and are actually quite nice.

I'm not saying that I'm one of these, although I like to think I am. For all I know, this comment might just make me look like a pretentious ass who's trying to make their fandom's behavior seem more acceptable. But I just want to put it out there that, although parts of this fanbase are awful and sometimes plain disgusting, a lot of it is entertaining, thought provoking and sometimes absolutely beautiful.

So, before you go dissing all of the Homestuck fans out there. I hope you realize that this fandom is a lot better than it may ...more

"Let me tell you about Homestuck! "... No

Worst fandom out there

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456 Princess Daisy and Rosalina

Just that one fan of theirs who's actually been way more annoying about his love for a certain other video game chick. Don't judge all Daisy and Rosalina fans by him.

Rosalina did not replace Daisy, people. She's only a new addition to the Mario cast. The whole character war is pointless.

Yep if only they stop fighting, worshipping them, or even shoving Daisy and Rosalina down out throats - ParkerFang

Daisy fans are worse

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457 BeyHive (Beyoncé)

Beyonfake is terrible. Yeah, I said it.

They think Beyonce is the queen when she's the most overrated female artist in the whole world.

How is her fandom not in the top 10 part of this list?

Well bey is queen.

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458 Doctor Whovians

These nerds think EVERYTHING is a Doctor Who reference...

459 PC Master Race

Not a fandom, and its mainly the spoiled kids that don't buy the PC themselves that think they are good.

Personally, I prefer a Mac. - Winterush

They think they are GOD just by playing in a stupid computer, but they ae nothing but elithist loosers

This fandom should be the number one. "PC Masterrace" has inspired me to save up for a Mac and a PS4.

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460 Minion Fans

Do I even have to say anything? People just take random quotes or mum posts and slap a minion next to it.

Burn the little yellow pills, they are everywhere and were only funny in the original Despicable Me because they weren't a cult yet! In the minion movie and Despicable Me 2, they became a cult!

In my opinion The first two Despicable Me movies were good but minions sucked and when came out the fanbase became rabid. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Kill it with fire

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