Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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441 Assassin's Creed Fans
442 Metal Gear Solid Fans
443 The Lion Guard Haters

Why is this doing on the list? The Lion Guard deserves to be hated. People have opinions. Get over it.

The Lion Guard sucks. It's fandom is worse than it's haters.

444 The Last of Us Fans
445 Suicide Squad Fans
446 Doom Haters
447 Justin Bieber Haters

Well Justin sucks. Should be Justin Bieber fans. - LordDovahkiin

448 Ricers
449 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Haters
450 DannyXSam Shippers
451 PitchPearl (Danny Fenton X Danny Phantom) Shippers
452 Weinerham (Randy X Howard) Shippers

HOW CAN BUDDIES BECOME A GAY COUPLE?!?!?! I swear to god this ship kinda ruins my likeness to Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (even though I still like it). This ship is much worse than ZaDR. Randy and Howard are buddies, NOT GAYS! - ChatNoirFan18

453 Steven Universe Haters
454 Roleplayers

Roleplayers aren't bad. - LordDovahkiin

455 Ready Jet Go Fans

NOT ALL RJG FANS ARE BAD. ESPECIALLY NOT ME. But the *sigh* Tumblr fandom is. Apparently the show got popular on Tumblr (but at least not Steven Universe popular) and now people write disgusting fanfictions of Jet and Sean having sex, and not aged up. I'm alright with the fanfictions, as long as they're labeled NSFW, and have the characters aged up, because JET AND SEAN ARE KIDS. But, at least the fans are very nice and don't get butthurt if you say you don't like the show. In my opinion I don't think the fandom is a reason to hate a movie/game/show/book. I mean I don't hate Steven Universe, The Loud House, Gravity Falls, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy's, Harry Potter, and PewDiePie and all of those have CANCEROUS fandoms. I mean its not like Steven Universe teaches you to cyberbully someone to suicide or The Loud House teaches you to have sex with your siblings. - Cartoonfan202

456 Princess Daisy and Rosalina

Well I'm not going to say anything about Rosalina fans since they're overhated but Daisy's I have LOTS of things.
1. They don't respect opinions so they attack those who like Daisy.
2. They hate every female Mario character
3. They probably hate Nintendo
4. They're everywhere on TTT
5. They send death threats
6. One of them wanted to bomb Nintendo
7. They take everything seriously
8. Most of them are Peach haters that hate every game because she's in it
9. They go crazy on Deviantart if you don't ship Luigi and Daisy
10. They complain a lot
11. They bully too many people
12. They STALK people
13. They insult people who like Rosalina and call them perverted or stupid
14. Claim themselves as the best fandom
15. Says that Peach/Rosalina fans are the worse when they're the ones who are worse
16. They brag about Daisy and compare her to Peach and Rosalina
17. They're the reasons Daisy haters exist
18. They low key think that overrated ...more

Just that one fan of theirs who's actually been way more annoying about his love for a certain other video game chick. Don't judge all Daisy and Rosalina fans by him.

Rosalina did not replace Daisy, people. She's only a new addition to the Mario cast. The whole character war is pointless.

Peach fans are worse

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457 Verlisify fans

One word to describe them: Drones

Verlisify is a horrible youtuber that has to use the method of witch hunting/bashing people for revenue because HE'S SO UNLIKABLE. Yet they feed into it and follow him on his every word. They don't think he's doing anything wrong and are like "why are there so many dislikes? " on every video of his (even though a lot of his videos is spewing blatant hatred and hostility). HE'S LITERALLY DELETING EVERYONE'S COMMENTS TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK INNOCENT AND A VICTIM. (He always strikes at someone first) I can't believe none of them can see this.

Verlifiy is the Keemstar/Leafyishere of the Pokemon fandom. - Rue

458 Nintendo Switch Haters
459 N-Dublets
460 The Lion King Haters

Who put this here? TLK haters are rare compared to rabid TLK fans. And yes, I'm sane and I hate the film, so there is no reason to put me as one of the worst people just because of a little opinion you may or may not agree with.

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