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461 Pokemon Go Fans

I'm a fan, but I'm not insane. I can actually use it safely. I just hold it in my hand as I'm walking around, I don't look at the screen unless my phone buzzes, then that means a Pokemon is nearby. Then I stop, catch it, and continue with my life

The simplicity is quite appealing, as with most of Pokemon to begin with. Plus, it has that innovation factor going for it.

Almost all of my classmates in school play this game. In the news, in the social media sites... IT'S EVERYWHERE

I don't even see people play Pokemon Go as much anymore because the devs are jerks and call accessibility "cheating". People got sick of Pokemon Go when they removed the feature to track down Pokemon instead of constantly wandering around an area hoping that your phone buzzes.

And the fanbase? They tend to be okay but something that peeved me since day one is how they call the one ugly ass male character "daddy" and find him "so hot". Willow. I'm talking about Willow. I'm sorry but he's ugly. I rather look at Garborder, the ugliest Pokemon to exist, over his ugly ass. - Rue

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462 Overwatch Fans

People on this websites really hates pornography. Because all people are complaining about is porn and nothing else when it comes to games Especially Overwatch since it has a lot of Rule 34 content in Tumblr. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Perverts...Perverts everywhere

This needs to be higher, the fandom is filled with perverts and sexist idiots.

They were originally going to make D.Va fourteen, were they not? Good move with changing her age, Blizz.

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463 Classic Cartoon Fans

It's really safe to say that the western cartoon fandom is starting to get worse than the anime fandom nowadays, and even those old classic cartoons that were made during the times before we were born have been getting new fans who turn out to be not so pleasant after all. The rabid fandom and the rabid haters are both atrocious. It seems that there is no such thing as a 'fandom or hater-free zone' these days.

Also, not to mention that so many people draw fetish fanart of many of these old cartoons on DeviantArt. I say it ruins their reputation more than any negative review of them you see.

They are worse than the New cartoon fanbases because they act like children. And Hate on other cartoons because they weren't aired in their childhood. - Aguythatpeopleignores

While this maybe obscure to some and not everyone knows what it is, but Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels has one of the worst fandoms of any non-Disney animated feature next to Balto, the Secret of NIMH and The Land Before Time. Although to be honest with you, Gulliver is not my favorite film, it's actually far from being it, in fact. While I don't hate that film and don't like it either, I do respect others' opinions about it. However, I still could not believe that it has gotten a horrible modern-day fanbase during the past few years; Poorly drawn fanart, stories, memes and recasts. Giant or giantess fetish art everywhere. Badly-made fanart of the characters wearing modern clothes or watching T.V. or such when there is no chance since the story takes place in 1699. Rabid haters who do nothing but write negative reviews and bash it 24/7 just because it has flaws. (Lots of movies, shows, games, etc, have flaws regardless whether they're good or bad or not. This isn't the only one. ...more

464 Dr. Who Fans

Being a whovian myself, I only 'voted' to comment. Yes, I know, there are SOME whovians who are just plain annoying, and won't shut up about it. You may call me a 'mega fan', yet I accept other's aren't interested in it, so I try and stay calm about it, and I think it's fine when I get excited when I see a police public call box in a street or when a reference is made.

Now, that comment saying

These guys are a bunch of bullies and can't take criticism. You politely say you don't care for the show and they'll attack you. I hate these guys more than the frozen fans and Beliebers!

Is not quite true. There are some bullies and there are some who can't take criticism, and when you do point out a major plot hole, our response 'oh, you know wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.' isn't us not being able to take criticism, it's a joke that we can't really help making. And, it is sort of true. In a world where time travel exists, the universe gets reset and changed a lot. We ...more

I don't hate Dr. Who (never watched it, I like Sherlock more... I have only read the books though.. ) but there is this one kid in my class (thinks he is a frigging genius) and if you say ANYTHING that relates to it, like, I don't know, Tardis, he'll jump up and down and scream and ugh, just shut up (although he might be an insult to fans... )

These guys are a bunch of bullies and can't take criticism. You politely say you don't care for the show and they'll attack you. I hate these guys more than the frozen fans and Beliebers!

Doctor Who rocks, although some fans of it are annoying.

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465 Family Guy Fans
466 Fat Shamers

I disagree. Skinny shamers are worse because they go around and complain about how people or fictional characters being skinny makes them feel oppressed.

467 Women

What a strange name for a fanbase

Wait, there is a Woman fandom?
It should be feminist, because you know, feminist will find everything related to girls sexist.
Take BlueFrostOfThunderClan as an example. Just because of the title, She/He says that its sexist/

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468 Barbz (Nick Minaj)

Pure and unadulterated cancer.

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469 Ben 10 Fans

Ben10nation is allied from ALDUB nation to bash Its Showtime and ABS-CBN.

Seriously though, pissy little teenage girls bickering over gwen and charmcaster because of smexxy hot bad boy kevin. What a time to be alive...

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470 Retro Gamers

Look. We all know the Nintendo Entertainment System had it's place in history. We know you want to preserve that spot in history that it has, but good god man... GET OVER IT! Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's one of "evil consoles that took the NES away from us"! Look at Skyrim. That was an awesome game. But you overgrown man-children need to realize this: The NES is GONE. It had it's place and it is never coming back!

I love retro games, but the community is very hit-or-miss.

The worst part is that thanks to the new small nes thing, we are gonna have kids who will act worse than the already immature manchildren

471 Swifties Swifties

So annoying. You mention that you like an artist better than her and they all go ballistic! They act like she is a perfect princess all the time and get mad if you even mention who she has dated. If you don't like a song they attack you. If you have a different opinion, they attAck. I don't think I need to go on.

They should be number 2, they are so annoying and think taylor swift is the queen of everything. She isn't good like her fans think. Also they cyber bully you if you hate taylor swift. Taylor Swift sucks, and her fans need to get a life. There are way better artists out there.

Just because I don't like her music doesn't mean you should try to "convert" me and that I'm an evil hater

She sucks to be honest

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472 Mr. Enter Fans

Sometimes he can make valid points, but usually he misses the point of an episode (Dextar vs Santa Claws, Love Struck, Town and Out, etc). Enter is a whinny, hypocritical, and egoistic reviewer. I can't stand his voice and editing. His fans never question him and believe everything he says. If you try to attack him and give him criticism, they will assume your a troll. His fanbase has some of the worst content produced on the internet. From bad reviewers that try to copy him, to bad animators, to crappy artists, to stupid white knights. His fanbase is the worst. Worse than Pewdiepie fans, Skytards, and Game Theory fans combined.

Mr. Enter is a moral guardian, not a good reviewer. He can't even take slapstick humor! He is a critic, yet he can't take criticism himself. His fans worship him and accept EVERYTHING he says.

Personally, I like Mr. Enter's videos; we share pretty similar opinions on shows, aside from a few disagreements.
That said, his fandom, dubbed "Enterbots" by some, just WILL NOT SHUT UP! Enter's opinions become their own and if you even hint at disagreeing with them, they will attack and spam you. They act like his word is law and anything that may contradict this is wrong. What's worse is that you can never have a civil conversation with them. Anything you say is turned against you and everyone just makes you very unwelcomed.

They've gone as far as to PERSONALLY ATTACK cartoon writers that Mr. Enter dislikes. Look people, writing an objectively bad episode of a cartoon DOES NOT warrant personal attacks and death threats!

You can usually find them flooding Deviantart with their makeshift "Animated Atrocities" notebooks of other bad shows and spamming Enter himself to review them.

Bottom line, there is a difference between watching a reviewer and liking what he ...more

Yeah, he is the one responsible for the memes we know as "1001 Animations" and "Animated Atrocities". Not everyone is gonna share the same opinions no matter what. Not all of what most consider to be 1001 animations is good (looking at you, Lion King), and not all of what most consider to be animated atrocities are bad, honestly.

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473 Death Note Fans

The person who put deathnote fans here is probably a dragon Ball z

I'm not fan of dbz but not anyone hate this anmie is not a dbz fan

What a Dark Show! This Should Never exist! (I Was Way TOO Harsh With My Opinion.)

Pokemon f@$! #=รทรท+

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474 Christians

There are many other gods as well. Yours ain't any different. So stop bringing him up in everything.

I don't understand why this is here. we don't try to annoy people to coming into our religion. it's optional, it's not like when we talk and change the subject (if we do, just tell them that.). it's just like how stereotypical character's from the west talk.

"well that cash reward is bigger than a horse eating meatloaf! " err some phrase like that.

I'm not Christian, okay? And whenever I bring the fact that I'm Hindu, people freak out. They tease Krishna and talk about how their god is the best and all this nonsense. I'll let anyone worship what they believe in, but they should let me do that as well..

This isn't a fandom, it is a religion. Christians are generally nice people. - SmashPrincess

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475 Game Theorist Fans

This fanbase is probably the bane of my existence. I hate it with a passion. "It's Just a theory! A Game Theory! " Every fan: "Watch Mario Is Mental and you'll hate Mario! " I thought it was just a theory not an undebatable fact? Not to mention, MatPrick is a selfish and arrogant snob who encourages this fanbase to get worse. Toby Fox said that his "Sans Is Ness" theory is utter trash and MatPrick STILL thinks that he's right because he's popular. At least Pewdiepie is a nice guy but has a crap fandom. - DCfnaf

The theories don't even have effort in them, why isn't this number 10?

Screw this fan cult. I hate nearly all of them. - Lmrpirate

Crappat is the worst youtuber ever and it doesn't help that his fans want all criticism to be eradicated and am "haters" to be canibleized

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476 I Hate Everything Fans

Stop harassing me just because I don't watch him.

They're so annoying.

I like the guy but fanbase sucks

One thing I don't get about his fans is how they hate Watch Mojo, but not him. They're both biased channels. - izackak

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477 Roblox Fandom

It used to be an OK game but now you need because to do almost anything. What happened to ROBLOx being free? They make stupid updates and don't care what the actual customers have to say, they used to love the players now they just love money

I play it and it's a great game, but the fandom is awful. It's full of people who think any change is bad and 5 year olds who record low quality FPS games with the ROBLOX recorder thinking it's good enough for the viewers to be able to read the chat.

Just a bunch of twelve year olds with crappy microphones.

2012 Trailer:
Totally Expensive as hell hat: ITS FREE
Totally Expensive as hell game: ITS FREEE
Totally Wallet fu*$er : ITS FREE!
Removing daily money: ITS FREEE

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478 Canada Haters
479 Harry Potter Fans

Most of them are chill and I'm cool with them, but I am a major Lord of The Rings fan, and if I mention anything about LoTR they say it was stolen from Harry Potter... LORD OF THE RINGS WAS MADE FIRST, the rest of them are cool save those few idiots...

As a Potterhead myself, I do not worship Harry Potter. I do read other books, and am putting Percy Jackson, Warriors, and Lord of the Rings on my reading list! I'm actually excited to read them! I don't go nuts and certainly wouldn't ship two characters (that would just ruin the books for me). When I use the term 'Potterhead' I mean a person who likes the Harry Potter franchise, but in a clean way.

Whoa whoa whoa potterheads shouldn't even be on this list at I all. I am one and yes I'm obsessed I make references but it isn't a bad fandom! Harry Potter is the number 1 fandom according to this website and it has a huge fanbase!

Babbling idiots. Hogwarts and lupin and DUMBadore

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