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461 Roleplayers

Roleplayers aren't bad. - LordDovahkiin

462 Ready Jet Go Fans

NOT ALL RJG FANS ARE BAD. ESPECIALLY NOT ME. But the *sigh* Tumblr fandom is. Apparently the show got popular on Tumblr (but at least not Steven Universe popular) and now people write disgusting fanfictions of Jet and Sean having sex, and not aged up. I'm alright with the fanfictions, as long as they're labeled NSFW, and have the characters aged up, because JET AND SEAN ARE KIDS. But, at least the fans are very nice and don't get butthurt if you say you don't like the show. In my opinion I don't think the fandom is a reason to hate a movie/game/show/book. I mean I don't hate Steven Universe, The Loud House, Gravity Falls, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy's, Harry Potter, and PewDiePie and all of those have CANCEROUS fandoms. I mean its not like Steven Universe teaches you to cyberbully someone to suicide or The Loud House teaches you to have sex with your siblings. - Cartoonfan202

463 Princess Daisy and Rosalina

Well I'm not going to say anything about Rosalina fans since they're overhated but Daisy's I have LOTS of things.
1. They don't respect opinions so they attack those who like Daisy.
2. They hate every female Mario character
3. They probably hate Nintendo
4. They're everywhere on TTT
5. They send death threats
6. One of them wanted to bomb Nintendo
7. They take everything seriously
8. Most of them are Peach haters that hate every game because she's in it
9. They go crazy on Deviantart if you don't ship Luigi and Daisy
10. They complain a lot
11. They bully too many people
12. They STALK people
13. They insult people who like Rosalina and call them perverted or stupid
14. Claim themselves as the best fandom
15. Says that Peach/Rosalina fans are the worse when they're the ones who are worse
16. They brag about Daisy and compare her to Peach and Rosalina
17. They're the reasons Daisy haters exist
18. They low key think that overrated ...more

Just that one fan of theirs who's actually been way more annoying about his love for a certain other video game chick. Don't judge all Daisy and Rosalina fans by him.

Yep if only they stop fighting, worshipping them, or even shoving Daisy and Rosalina down out throats - ParkerFang

Peach fans are worse

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464 N-Dublets
465 The Lion King Haters

Who put this here? TLK haters are rare compared to rabid TLK fans. And yes, I'm sane and I hate the film, so there is no reason to put me as one of the worst people just because of a little opinion you may or may not agree with.

466 Amazing World of Gumball Haters
467 I Hate Everything Fans

Stop harassing me just because I don't watch him.

They're so annoying.

I like the guy but fanbase sucks

The fanbase isn't that bad. I like IHE, and I haven't seen a bad fan. I'm not saying there aren't douchebags in the fanbase. But then how would I know? I don't consider myself as part of the fanbase. - LordDovahkiin

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468 Yooka Laylee Haters

Yes, these brats hate the game for no reason just because it's neither Banjo-Kazooie nor Conker. Come on, have you even played this game? I still haven't played Yooka-Laylee yet, myself, and I think it looks like it is a good game.

469 Lolicon/Shotacon

Pedophilia is bad and should be illegal. Thank goodness you added this to the list.

470 Super Sentai Purists

I love Super Sentai and Power Rangers both for what they are, and while I can understand Sentai fans' opinions (like Kakuranger > Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Timeranger > Time Force, Boukenger > Operation Overdrive, Shinkenger > Samurai, Goseiger > Megaforce and especially Gokaiger > Super Megaforce), they sometimes need to just chill with how they act towards certain Power Rangers: NOT every Power Ranger season that is out there is "horrible", and not everyone is going to think every Sentai series is better. - SailorSedna

471 Love Live!
472 Monster Hunter Fans
473 Phineas and Ferb Fans
474 Pre-2005 SpongeBob Fans

How? Old SpongeBob is so much better than new SpongeBob. - LordDovahkiin

475 Tickling Fetishists

These jerks ruined: Minecraft, Pokemon, Bakugan, Portal, Earthbound, Undertale, 5N@F already sucks but they were still able to screw it up, Digimon, Old T.V. Shows, movies with interrogation scenes (all of them,) ETC. - 404_name_missing

476 Warren Cook Haters
477 World of Tanks Forum

Its cancerous. Every single "unicum" considers you a noob if you have Below 50% win rate - P-51IsDaBest

478 Lambs (Mariah Carey Fans)
479 Behind the Meme Fans

His fans are a bunch of normies who can't take criticism and disrespect opinions. Just like goanimate fans. - izackak

480 VGCP
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