Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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461 Amazing World of Gumball Haters
462 I Hate Everything Fans

Stop harassing me just because I don't watch him.

They're so annoying.

I like the guy but fanbase sucks

The fanbase isn't that bad. I like IHE, and I haven't seen a bad fan. I'm not saying there aren't douchebags in the fanbase. But then how would I know? I don't consider myself as part of the fanbase. - LordDovahkiin

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463 Yooka Laylee Haters

Yes, these brats hate the game for no reason just because it's neither Banjo-Kazooie nor Conker. Come on, have you even played this game? I still haven't played Yooka-Laylee yet, myself, and I think it looks like it is a good game.

464 Lolicon/Shotacon

Pedophilia is bad and should be illegal. Thank goodness you added this to the list.

465 Super Sentai Purists

I love Super Sentai and Power Rangers both for what they are, and while I can understand Sentai fans' opinions (like Kakuranger > Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Timeranger > Time Force, Boukenger > Operation Overdrive, Shinkenger > Samurai, Goseiger > Megaforce and especially Gokaiger > Super Megaforce), they sometimes need to just chill with how they act towards certain Power Rangers: NOT every Power Ranger season that is out there is "horrible", and not everyone is going to think every Sentai series is better. - SailorSedna

466 Love Live!
467 Monster Hunter Fans
468 Phineas and Ferb Fans
469 Pre-2005 SpongeBob Fans

How? Old SpongeBob is so much better than new SpongeBob. - LordDovahkiin

470 Tickling Fetishists

These jerks ruined: Minecraft, Pokemon, Bakugan, Portal, Earthbound, Undertale, 5N@F already sucks but they were still able to screw it up, Digimon, Old T.V. Shows, movies with interrogation scenes (all of them,) ETC. - 404_name_missing

471 Warren Cook Haters
472 World of Tanks Forum

Its cancerous. Every single "unicum" considers you a noob if you have Below 50% win rate - P-51IsDaBest

473 Lambs (Mariah Carey Fans)
474 Behind the Meme Fans

His fans are a bunch of normies who can't take criticism and disrespect opinions. Just like goanimate fans. - izackak

475 VGCP
476 Uttp Channels
477 Inanimate Insanity
478 Object Show 87
479 Object Shows
480 Battle for Dream Island Again
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