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41 Anime Fandom

Does this not overlap with weeaboos in a way?
Anyways, for my thoughts. I certainly have no vendetta towards the medium of anime itself, as some of the most engaging and innovative film and television experiences has spawned from it, and it often tackles subjects and genres most other mediums wouldn't even dare look into the same direction of.
My issue lays mostly with its oversaturated popularity in the West. Japan has rich cinema and literature that easily rivals its counterparts in the US and Europe, yet, anime fans only care about Naruto's sex changing jutsu. Anime fans have placed the medium on a pedestal and shame other forms of mediums for not being up to standard and its global popularity has overshadowed other forms of animation and Asian entertainment alike. Now Western comics and cartoons are beginning to imitate the anime/manga look because it will appeal to younger generations, or give it the allusion it's "more mature". come on people, Japanese animation has given ...more

Not all animes are bad, but sadly most are

They are really weird. They watch foreign sexist cartoons, where the girls boobs are massive and the guys always have large crotch outlines. They say the story line is good and stuff, but it's the most simple plot ever. Also, they have the MOST porn out of every fandom. It's so weird.

I tried using fandom force to get into a few animes... but it failed MISERABLY. I tried liking it, but I never saw any appeal whatsoever. All I saw was awkward humor, annoying high pitched voices, and a few dirty things. And those were some of the "cleaner" animes. I hate anime (Yes, I've tried watching multiple different episodes of multiple different animes, and I didn't like any the slightest bit.) And when I tell people, they get mad at me and question me like nobody's business.

~A message from an anti otaku

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42 Animal Abusers

It is disturbing and a cruel act. I think anyone who abuses animals should suffer the consequences. It is just sick, messed up & plenty more negative things. Even worse, these animals do not have the ability to tell their story clearly. It is messed up how a human-being could harm these animals on purpose and not feel any guilt or regret after doing so.

Anyways this does need to be number 1 my other post the first and last sentence was me being stupid. But anyways animal abuse is something you don't want to do. Because your not going down the highway to heaven but on the metro to hell! Like what have we become? - CEEJAY1214

This isn't a fandom but animal abusers should be number one! It's so sad that people can get away with certain types of animal abuse such as factory farming and animal testing.

Somebody call Peta LCPD Furry Patrol. Jk. But to be honest, why would somebody want to BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF AN ADORABLE LITTLE DOG. WHY WOULD CHINESE PEOPLE WANT TO SKIN A TANOOKI ALIVE?! I don't EVEN KNOW WHY ANIMAL ABUSE IS A THING! Like come on humans (next part is a little joke because y not) you need to stop or I will really call Peta LCPD Furry Patrol, Taco Bell Kmart FBI Group and the Grand Theft Auto Mcdonalds Krabby Patty Team. - CEEJAY1214

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43 Frozen Fans

Dear Frozen Fans, please stop singing "Let it go". My ears will forever bleed because of you.

If I never hear that song again, it will be too soon. Just stop singing it, my ears will bleed forever if you don't. Good music, yea, I get it. Don't spam it. - Grimm6810

Frozen basically got popular because of it's soundtrack. The kids walking out of the theatre never said anything about the plot (suggesting that it is not very memorable) but instead sung "Let It Go" until their parents shut them up. Remember that Tron movie from a few years back? That had a great soundtrack, but the movie itself was mediocre. I can say the same for this movie.

I've gone death from hearing let it go, I've gone blind from the fetish art and I lost my hair to the FNAF fandom. Now what? Lock myself up inside my favriote place and abandon life? Come on people be original and cool. This is why I want to go back to 2011 - CEEJAY1214

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44 Keemstar Keemstar

Needs to be higher on the list, this guys videos make me want to punch my computer.

Everyone look up his name on urban dictionary and prepare to laugh or at least giggle.

Lets get right into the noose

He has fans? - naFrovivuS

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45 Skeleton Clique (twentyone pilots)

I'm a part of the clique, and some of us are awful. The whole #tylerjosephcomingoutparty was too much, RIP Lola tore us apart, discrimination against newer members, and calling each other fake fans. What goes on with Tyler is his business, and if he wants to share that with us, that's great. I don't know ANY other fandom that would fake suicide just to get the main people's attention (I don't know what to call them). I can understand if the older members don't exactly like the newer members, but that's no reason to pretty much force them out of the fandom and not make them feel welcome. It's like saying someones sibling isn't part of their family because they came later. If people genuinely enjoy the music, then they are not a fake fan. If they pretend to like the music but don't, then they're a fake fan. We need to just stop with all the drama and enjoy the music.

My encounter with these fans were awful. The name they gave themselves is cringeworthy enough, but screaming their heads off and sending death threats because I simply said "I hate Heathens." And I've heard stories of huge fans shunning newer fans because they weren't "true members" or something...and to add, they say the two are special because they had rough lives in the past, and their songs are relatable. New Flash, they're not the only ones to write songs about mental issues. And that's pretty much all their songs. Nothing special. So yes, I do hate the band, but I hate the fan S more. I will not respect their words if they can't respect mine. - naFrovivuS

I can't stand this group. But there are some people on the Internet who just send death threats for an OPINION. The Skeleton Clique is one of them. Geez, can't I have an opinion? - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

I agree. I am a part of "the clique" and I think its crazy how people think its cool to be emo or depressed or have mental illness's. YOU don't HAVE TO HAVE MENTAL ILNESS'SOR DEPRESSION JUST TO LIKE TWENTY ONE PILOTS'S SONGS! I wouldn't call myself depressed but I still like and relate to lots of tops songs. I think we should just listen to the music, like the music, not be fake, and then we'll all be happy.

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46 Satanists

Why tf satanist have a fandom anyway? They're a cult! Not a celebrity?

47 Vegans

Just look at vegangains, he is the perfect example

I honestly Think that Vegan Gains Is a Psychopath I'm not joking. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They will never understand the appeal bacon has SMH. - Winterush

Who the heck wants to be vegan when MEAT IS VERY HEALTHY AND GOOD FOR YOU? Stupid people, nowadays.

If you excuse me, I'm gonna enjoy myself by eating a hamburger or some good ol' KFC...

48 Transformers Fans

This is VERY bad... 4 year olds these days are pretending to transform 24/7, But its not as bad as Geometry Dash Haters

Honestly, this fanbase is up there with the likes of MLP and Sonic the Hedgehog for the having one of the worst fandoms out there. It has more divisions than a math quiz, most of the 'original' characters turn into Lamborghini or Ferrari despite the fact that there are three official characters who turn into a Lamborghini, and like most fanbases, those fan-made characters are related (be it familial or romantic) to an official character.

I like transformers a lot, but I've seen fan art and some of it makes me wanna puke.

For your guys' information, about 90% of people in the TF fandom is quite decent.

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49 Narutards (Naruto fans)

Alright the anime and manga is just fine, but the Narutards can't accept if someone isn't a fan of the anime/manga. Those idiots fat shame people, send death threats, shipping wars, perverts and the list can go on with them.

I'm surprised that this isn't higher on the list.

I like anime but Naruto is not the best anime

I'm an Naruto fan also Naruto Shippuden fan but not annoying like them please no more Naruto x sasuke I hate it

Every day, I hear kids singing the theme. I just think, "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! " - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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50 Whovians

This fandom isn't acually that bad (at the time of this post) I've looked up rule 34 for this on Google as an experiment and gotten little to none results. The shows been around for awhile now, but I think the annoying part of it is the teenage girls who only like the young doctors. Seriously, what's wrong with the 12th doctor? Nothing. They're just upset because after 3 regenerations of young actors, they got an older one. I love doctor who for the sci-fi, aliens, and action, not the actors. I personally like to test some of the annoying fans with the question "who played the 1st doctor? " They usually get it wrong, or don't say anything.

I never seen Whovians that acted like jerks.

I like doctor who. - AnonymousChick

Dr Who fans are SO BAD! They relate EVERYTHING to Doctor Who, once my friend drew a dinosaur and a guy came and said "Where's the doctor? "

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51 Twihards

"If you don't like Twilight I will come to your house and kill you."-Actual Quote from a Twihard

I HATE them I don't think they r insane though just retarded because I'm kinda not right in the head myself I absolutely HATE twilight I hate romance itself another reason I like the horror genre almost everyone they love dies or has a near death experience

Some times, I wonder what type of drug they're on...

If someone likes other things, they are OK. However when they think it's better than everything else, that's when they turn into actual monsters. Now I know a lot of people see Harry Potter as their arch enemy, however recently I saw a blog where one was complaining about Percy Jackson! She even said Percabeth (Percy Jackson plus Annabeth Chase my favorite ship) should have died! I'm sorry I can watch Potterheads and Twihards but heads from the sidelines (haven't read Harry Potter) but when they start messing with Percy Jackson that's where I draw the line.

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52 Ninjago

I used to like this because of some of the characters, but the fact is the actual show is an extended low-quality ad and fans try to read way to much into it. Also, stop out over who Nya looks cuter with and should date. Nya doesn't look cute with anyone.

OK I'm a huge fan of ninjago,I even have a persona. But the other fans are annoying.they bring drama to the fandom.they bring their own personal problems there. Its stupid.

The show is okay but the yaoi shipping is just a NOPE.

Ninjago was a fairly good show...until that one thing after the dragon being killed.
and the fans, OH THE FANS.
basicaly anime fans but they're kids that think they are better than their friends cause they watch a show with a story

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53 "Tough Guys"
54 Perverts

65% Of The Sonic Fanbase In A Nutshell

Needs to be higher. They basically talk about girls private parts, sexual things and many other inappropriate things.

Make it higher. Why is Bronies on top, when so many others should?

98% of The Lion King and Lion Guard fanbases are this. Especially the Shenzi, Banzai and Ed fans. Good lord...

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55 4chan 4chan

They're disgusting, sexist, racist, and homophobic. They threaten and harass people for fun. They once found my address and sent people to my house. They make me sick and I want their website taken down.

It's literally impossible to be there if you're not a racist, sexist, homophobic white "alpha" male with a peanut for a brain.

Used to be good. But then the internet found it.

Almost everyone on this site is anonymous. No wonder it's a breeding ground for trolls. - alphadan12

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56 Zadr (Zim x Dib Shippers)

Well the fanbase just as bad, but this one of the worst things in the Invader Zim fandom.

Do these sickos not realize that this is pedophilia (as Dib is a child and Zim is a fully grown alien). Not to mention they're of different SPECIES. - eventer51314

The worst ship out there

For all the fans that think they see ZaDR in the show, Jhonen Vasquez specifically said, "you know there's something wrong with them [ZaDR shippers]."
HA! - eventer51314

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57 Blood On the Dance Floor Fans

Ugh they get so defensive and even when there has been evidence of one of the members doing dodgy stuff, they still love them.

From what I've seen, some Blood on the dance floor fans are kinda hypocritical.

They are the worst band I've ever seen, yet some people still defend them.

They have fans?

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58 Playstation Fans

I don't hate people who like Playstation, I hate people who will make fun of people, call people dumb or belittle people who like Xbox even if they just mentioned it innocently. In a way I understand some backlash, Xbox fans can be just as toxic and I have witnessed bashing from their side as well. I could say I don't like either really, but I tend to see so much more of Playstation everywhere. Its started to bug me because I have an Xbox, and its only important to me for nostalgia mostly, but also because I received an original Xbox when I was pretty young from my parents despite our lower financial state. That is why I stick with Xbox, I don't really care about your amazing specs. As long as I can play my game I'm happy; leave the people who just like Xbox alone. x.x

They basically go around the internet and saying Xbox sucks, or Wii sucks, or any other console for that matter. When I told a PlayStation fan that I like the Xbox One he completely bashed me and went everywhere and asked other people if they shared my opinion. - AlienKing

The haters are worse... (PS is a good system in my opinion, and this is coming from a multi-platform gamer)

They're awful. You say something bad about an PS exclusive game like the Last of Us or God of War they spam "your jealous" because they can't except the fact that the PS isn't the only console that exists. - KingofHoundooms

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59 Adventure Time Fans

I hate how many Adventure Time fans act offended if you dislike the show. They act like it's some masterpiece. If you even simply say that you dislike the show, people will automatically identify you as a hater. They also seem to get offended when you say another show is better than Adventure Time. (By the way, I realize not all of the fans act like this. However, a lot of them get on my nerves. )

Well, I'm an absolute fan of this cartoon and can't stand those pieces of "art" and "literature" some other "fans" created to ruin the vampire of my heart. I warned all you visitors and users about some of them in "most annoying fan bases".

The show has no good content. It's just silly for sake of being silly. I don't get it.

Please shut the f up about Bubbline

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60 Biggots

Well, the title should be really self-explanatory.

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