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41 Pedophiles

I'm confused, is this a fandom, a cult, or a criminal gang?

Needs to be higher on the list. These people should be rounded up and publically crucified.

Okay this isn't a fandom it's disgusting people who shouldn't exist.

Wow,you hypocrites put honophobics but but pedophiles? I thought love is love no matter what and they can't choose who they are attracted to but for some reason,pedophiles need therapy but for gay people,you will be praised and if someone says you need therapy,they will tell you that you'll need therapy

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42 NaruHina Fans

As long as they respect other ships, I don't see any reason to dislike them - alphadan12

I don't ship this...yet - mayamanga

Yes 100% true

Not NaruHina fans.
Hinata wankers are the worst. Because fans of this ship don't really care about Naruto they're all about Hinata.
They absolutely ruined Naruto fandom for me.

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43 Otakus

Anyone who is voting for this just because they hate anime is stupid, vote because you hate the over obsessed fans. There are so many different kinds of anime it is impossible to claim to hate all of them. So don't vote because you quote on quote hate anime.

I'd also like to point out that Otaku just means someone who is highly obsessed with something it doesn't just apply to anime. And it is also a very offensive term in Japan. And no, I'm not an "otaku" as you put it, I don't let anime get in the way of my other hobbies. I just want to lay down the facts straight.

There is absolutely no difference at all between animation from Japan and animation from anywhere else. Absolutely no difference at all. Besides the fact that anime is in Japanese. That's it. That's the only difference. What makes Japanese cartoons so special? Why do people think that watching Japanese shows, listening to Japanese music, drinking Japanese sodas makes them 'so very cool'? And they brag about it endlessly. No one cares about how much anime you watch, which is why you ended up sitting at "that" table with the others like you during lunchtime in middle school, only so you could brag about how rejected you are by everyone and how lonely you are. Sorry. I completely understand how common Otaku stereotypes were made in the first place. The most common, general stereotype you can find about Otakus is that they are bragging attention-seekers. Of couse, there will will always be otakus who aren't like that. Always. There will always be people who don't fall under those ...more

I love anime. I love shows like "Attack on Titan" or "One Piece" and lots of others, it's just that some otakus take it a tad too far.

*gasp4air* - Puppytart

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44 Crybabies

I checked a Timothy Heller video made months before the incident and it has more dislikes than likes and the comments were full of people hating on her.
This was a video about her mental health. - 445956

I’m in this fandom because I love her songs and think that her music stopped people from hurting themselves but there is a bad side, trust me...

I don't like Melanie Martinez, but I don't despise her. However, her fandom isn't any better.
In a nutshell, they are a group of girls aged 14-16 who try to sugarcoat their idol way too much and claim every song from her is the greatest music they've listened to. Her music is OK, in my opinion and I feel like the fandom needs to realise that she isn't the best, though I do like the theme she goes with in a lot of her videos.
By the way, what sort of name is 'Crybabies' for a fandom?

I used to be a big fan of Mel in her x-factor days, but now it so much due to her music and her fandom. Most of the crybabies are rude, judgey girls in their teens who think they are meld biggest and most supportive fans. But then they get pissed at her for not releasing the MAD HATTER music video yet. And they called me a fake fan for not knowing the lyrics to training wheels like stop being bitchy.

45 Animal Abusers

It is disturbing and a cruel act. I think anyone who abuses animals should suffer the consequences. It is just sick, messed up & plenty more negative things. Even worse, these animals do not have the ability to tell their story clearly. It is messed up how a human-being could harm these animals on purpose and not feel any guilt or regret after doing so.

This isn't a fandom but animal abusers should be number one! It's so sad that people can get away with certain types of animal abuse such as factory farming and animal testing.

Anyways this does need to be number 1 my other post the first and last sentence was me being stupid. But anyways animal abuse is something you don't want to do. Because your not going down the highway to heaven but on the metro to hell! Like what have we become? - CEEJAY1214

This is more of a crime than a fanbase. - ChibiDaFox

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46 Keemstar Keemstar

Needs to be higher on the list, this guys videos make me want to punch my computer.

Everyone look up his name on urban dictionary and prepare to laugh or at least giggle.

Lets get right into the noose


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47 Satanists

Like Hercule or Lucifer?

Why tf satanist have a fandom anyway? They're a cult! Not a celebrity?

48 "Suicide supporters"

Suicide is serious but all people do is joke about killing themselves. Seriously, people will tell horrible jokes about suicide and I'm sure everyday someone kills themselves. STOP THIS NOW

On a serious note, sideways for attention, longways for results

Same with the people who think it's a joke

Oh hey, look.
It's logan paul fans! - ChibiDaFox

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49 Metalheads

I listen to metal but some can be stupid.

I listen to Black Sabbath and I wear a few shirts a week. And I consider myself a full time metal head.I don't see a problem with me, I just like my music. People at school keep bugging me about it though.

Sometimes I have like a trigger where I just don't care about what people think and then I just start to play metal (sabaton) out of my phone and people around me mostly just ignore it because I never play it too loud bu one time I got approached by this one kid who said my music sucks and I should turn it off WHILE he was playing his rap max volume out of a mini radio speaker thing

50 Little Witch Academia Fans

I like the anime but the fanbase is unbearable to me. Diakko (Diana X Akko) fanart makes SonShad fanart look like a masterpiece. AKKO IS STRAIGHT NOT A LESBIAN! Another reason why I dislike the fanbase is because they think the anime is perfect while its actually not because there's some problems with the anime. - NamiKazePants08

51 Vegans

This is a fandom?

Just look at vegangains, he is the perfect example

I honestly Think that Vegan Gains Is a Psychopath I'm not joking. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They will never understand the appeal bacon has SMH. - Winterush

What - ChibiDaFox

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52 Transformers Fans

This is VERY bad... 4 year olds these days are pretending to transform 24/7, But its not as bad as Geometry Dash Haters

Honestly, this fanbase is up there with the likes of MLP and Sonic the Hedgehog for the having one of the worst fandoms out there. It has more divisions than a math quiz, most of the 'original' characters turn into Lamborghini or Ferrari despite the fact that there are three official characters who turn into a Lamborghini, and like most fanbases, those fan-made characters are related (be it familial or romantic) to an official character.

I like transformers a lot, but I've seen fan art and some of it makes me wanna puke.

Pew Pew! - LordDovahkiin

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53 Americans

What's so wrong with Americans? I am American! Whoever put this here is stupid. We are not all fat, stupid, or jerks. We are just like other countries, but people often look at the stereotypes instead. A lot of us are aware of what is wrong with dMcDonalds, and don't go there. (Well, I do.) This is racist!

The problem is that only the unacceptable Americans can make it onto television, and other media platforms. This shows other countries and gives them the impression that we're all ignorant and horrible. While some people from America are, there are a lot of good civilians here that don't get shown off on television to other countries. It's kind of sad that they're the reason most counties don't like America.

What? Not all Americans are ignorant like people like to say. I'm Canadian and I have been to USA and most people are alright!

Umm how is this a fandom how is animal abus-never mind - Puppytart

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54 Narutards (Naruto fans)

Alright the anime and manga is just fine, but the Narutards can't accept if someone isn't a fan of the anime/manga. Those idiots fat shame people, send death threats, shipping wars, perverts and the list can go on with them.

I'm surprised that this isn't higher on the list.

I like anime but Naruto is not the best anime

I'm an Naruto fan also Naruto Shippuden fan but not annoying like them please no more Naruto x sasuke I hate it

I guess I'm a retard now - mayamanga

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55 Whovians

This fandom isn't acually that bad (at the time of this post) I've looked up rule 34 for this on Google as an experiment and gotten little to none results. The shows been around for awhile now, but I think the annoying part of it is the teenage girls who only like the young doctors. Seriously, what's wrong with the 12th doctor? Nothing. They're just upset because after 3 regenerations of young actors, they got an older one. I love doctor who for the sci-fi, aliens, and action, not the actors. I personally like to test some of the annoying fans with the question "who played the 1st doctor? " They usually get it wrong, or don't say anything.

I never seen Whovians that acted like jerks.

I like doctor who. - AnonymousChick

Dr Who fans are SO BAD! They relate EVERYTHING to Doctor Who, once my friend drew a dinosaur and a guy came and said "Where's the doctor? "

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56 Dank Memers

Memes are for normies anyway. Memes like Boneless pizza and Shooting stars aren't funny at all, they're just... bad. Pizza obviously doesn't have bones so why is that even a thing, and shooting starts and fireflies used to be good songs until you ruined them. Roasts aren't funny either, they're insulting and rude. " your A NOOB LMAO GROW UP" Humans naturally grow up. At first they're babies, turn into kids, to teens, to adults, and then seniors. That's the cycle of life. I don't like roasts because they can even lead to suicidal thoughts. Would you like me to tell you should die in hell? Insult your loved ones? Then don't do it. Sorry for getting off the topic by the way, the word "meme" makes me cringe badly. - Ohno

Boneless Pizza and Shooting Stars are actually good memes if you use them at the right moment.

Its such a shame old memes got replaced by this utter garbage.

People in the Youtube comment sections with names like "Meme Lord" or "Meme Queen" with Shrek or Robbie Rotten profile pictures and insult with "Your mum" jokes make me cringe so bad.

A perfect example is ROBLOX Minigunner

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57 Twihards

"If you don't like Twilight I will come to your house and kill you."-Actual Quote from a Twihard

I HATE them I don't think they r insane though just retarded because I'm kinda not right in the head myself I absolutely HATE twilight I hate romance itself another reason I like the horror genre almost everyone they love dies or has a near death experience

Some times, I wonder what type of drug they're on...

If someone likes other things, they are OK. However when they think it's better than everything else, that's when they turn into actual monsters. Now I know a lot of people see Harry Potter as their arch enemy, however recently I saw a blog where one was complaining about Percy Jackson! She even said Percabeth (Percy Jackson plus Annabeth Chase my favorite ship) should have died! I'm sorry I can watch Potterheads and Twihards but heads from the sidelines (haven't read Harry Potter) but when they start messing with Percy Jackson that's where I draw the line.

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58 Perverts

65% Of The Sonic Fanbase In A Nutshell

Needs to be higher. They basically talk about girls private parts, sexual things and many other inappropriate things.

Make it higher. Why is Bronies on top, when so many others should?

I swear Shenzi, Banzai and Ed have the most perverted fanbase. Want proof? Then check out TheHyenasSBE's and Madarao123's galleries.

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59 Rebecca Black Haters
60 Rick & Morty Fans

You are all extremely wrong. The people who watch rick and morty are in a class above society, and we deserve to be there. I remember after watching rick and morty, my grades raised to all A's! They called me a prodigy in science class and I dropped out of school to continue my career in the sciences. I have an IQ of at least 250, more than most of the world. The average IQ must be around 100, since they don't laugh at rick and morty jokes during episodes, as my laughter proves my intellect.

I love this show but I agree, the fandom is trash. A lot of the members think they're geniuses just because they watch it. I don't see how a show about characters acting stupid for humor makes you a genius. - izackak

They think they're geniuses but they don't enjoy the show like a show. Instead they watch it to boast about them being smarter, even though the opposite is true. They ruined a great show for me.

Where's my szechuan sauce?

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