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61 Call of Duty Haters
62 The Phandom

I love Dan and Phil personally they're hilarious and great. I've even went to their tour in America. But I can't stand most of there fans. I feel like it's almost kind of sad that EVERYONE who likes them changes their profile photos to them. It's fine if you do that, because it shows you enjoy them, I just don't understand why you wouldn't have something like art or something unique for your profile photo. But that's not that bad... I really don't like how protective everyone is of them. It seems like a definite huge majority ships them together. Yet when the Valentine's Day Video was posted everyone made it seem like it was a total sin to watch the video and that everyone will hate you if you've seen it because it invades there personal life and stuff... yet most of everyone has seen it anyways... it really makes no sense.

You can't go on one single video on youtube without seeing some mention of dan and phil in the comments, no matter how unrelated it seems to be. And if someone has a dan and phil profile picture, the fans will not hesitate to go "where the phandom at! 111! 1! 1! " even if the comment had nothing to do with it. Also they overreact about literally everything, and every time dan and phil even so much as look at each other (ya know, like most people in the world do) they're all "heart eyes howell! phan is real! " They harass any female that hangs out with dan or phil and they went INSANE when hazel called phil "babe" even though she clearly didn't mean it like that. (And even if she did, the phandom should've respected that.) If you say you don't ship phan, they'll attack you and call you pretentious and homophobic. Also I personally find it strange and a bit creepy that a bunch of 13 year old girls are obsessing over grown men?

I personally think that The Phandom is the worst fanbase on the internet. Even worse than PewDiePie's fanbase...and that's saying something! Even if a video on YouTube mentions Dan or Phil the fangirls/boys always comment like " PHILL! " or other over the top comments like that. They need to chill out, they act like Dan and Phil are gods.

I used to be in the phandom but I just find them annoying and cringey now. they make unfunny jokes and leave comments under videos that aren't related to dnp at all like "LOLZORS I love my llama hat and I'm having an existential crisis while eating a delia smith pancake and listening to the internet is here who can relate?!?! phandom where u at? "

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63 Pokemon Fans

I am a Pokemon fan but I have to admit that the fandom can be terrible sometimes. The "Pokesonas" are what I REALLY HATE. They draw Pink wolves with nine tails and apparently that's "Eevee". Apparently a red wolf with horns is somehow Jolteon. UGH!

Ash is my favorite Pokemon

They act like it's the best rpg ever when clearly just nostalgia bull

I'm a Pokemon fan but I'm a sane fan of the franchise who respects all the generations and I like several other games, too. If anything, the haters/hatedom are much worse to be honest.

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64 Transphobics

I love that two out of the three people who voted to hate transphobes are themselves transphobes.

Shouldn't be here

It's not a deisease, it's an excuse to hate transgenders.

Look whatever is in your pants that's what restroom you use, stop begging for the special treatment!

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65 Super Smash Bros. Fanbase

Whoever put this on the list is probably an Xbox or PlayStation fanboy or girl.

Nothing with the smash bros fandom you butt hurt PlayStation and Xbox fanboys.

Call of Duty fans I'm talking to you.

To the person who said "Whoever added this must be an xbox or playstation fanboy or girl", no, the person who put this here is actually very smart, because the smash fanbase does suck for many reasons - VideoGamefan5

I can't tell if half of you guys are stupid or not, because it really seems like most of the people who hate melee haven't given it or its competitive community a fair chance

as a sm4sh player I can say yes, melee is the better game in terms of deep mechanics and competitive strategy

smash 4 is great for newcomers to smash bros though

and once again I think a lot of the people here really don't get smash at all. - ShyGuySwag

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66 Americans

What's so wrong with Americans? I am American! Whoever put this here is stupid. We are not all fat, stupid, or jerks. We are just like other countries, but people often look at the stereotypes instead. A lot of us are aware of what is wrong with dMcDonalds, and don't go there. (Well, I do.) This is racist!

The problem is that only the unacceptable Americans can make it onto television, and other media platforms. This shows other countries and gives them the impression that we're all ignorant and horrible. While some people from America are, there are a lot of good civilians here that don't get shown off on television to other countries. It's kind of sad that they're the reason most counties don't like America.

What? Not all Americans are ignorant like people like to say. I'm Canadian and I have been to USA and most people are alright!

Even us americans know that mcDonalds is crap and we stereotype ourselves and all that.

We're smarter than you think.

We can be anyway... - 404_name_missing

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67 Modern SpongeBob Fans

I did not add this... Not even despite my username. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hey, whoever wrote this? Remove this because people are complaining just because people like these episodes. THAT is the only reason. No insulting fans, no craziness, no sex. People liking it. - Chris2003o

It is so terrible! Watch seasons 1-3 and you'll know what I mean!

Jesus chirst

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68 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

They are the braggiest douches on earth - VideoGamefan5

Xbox is worse

Nintendrones are the worst fanbase of all time, They Hate everything that isn't Nintendo, they shove their opinions to other people's throats, call every shooter a Call of Duty Clone (which means Metroid Prime is also a Call of Duty Clone) obey to Nintendo's every whim like mindless sheep, Disrespect everyone who disagrees with them, swarming over people to not talk bad about them, Kiss James Rolfe's ass, being Delusional idiots, not accepting Nintendo's Corruption, forcing them not to have 3rd party support and that's just the tip of the iceberg! I'd rather play Doctor Jeykll and Mr Hyde on NES While Listening to Hong Kong 97 Music than Call the Nintendo fanbase "Great"

69 Porn Fans

They are all perverts it overwhelms them

They're crawling all over the place on deviantART - Wonderman532

Really, some people have a tendency to be attracted to intimate things (such as myself) but spending time to draw these scenes and barf them all over where anyone can see them ON SAFE SEARCH (I tried that once) is at the least not cool.

Rule 34 if it exists there's a porn of it NO EXCEPTIONS! This is something that's objective and you have to live with it whether you like it or not. - Aguythatpeopleignores

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70 Grindcore Fans

Nothing like getting sucker punched in the face at a grindcore show.

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71 Jonas Brothers Fangirls

Luckily they're dying out. Nobody cares for the jonas brothers anymore. All of the jonas brothers shirts and posters are in the trash where they belong.

Shut up, slagging off boy bands. They made a mistake changing the lyrics to two Busted songs but who cares. (What I Go To School For doesn't even exist on albums in Britain ha! )

The almost a real band brothers

I thought they were extinct.

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72 Yaoi Fans

Trying to find some pictures of Cilan and his brothers, then one of these pieces of trash appear. Makes me sick. - RiverClanRocks

Every time I search up Yugi, Joey, or Kaiba, I SEE THIS HORRIFYING!

I think the only people who like it are idiotic girls who would hook up any straight guys.

Two guys who aren't even gay at the slightest are each other's asses, and that is SICK!

I'm a yaoi/slash fan. But I disagree with the porn art, it is not necessary. Putting yaoi fans on this list though is like putting heterosexual relationship fans on here. What's wrong if you like certain kinds of relationships between characters? Both 'fandoms' have porn/sex in them anyways.

Crossover yaoi is the absolute worst. Especially if it involves certain characters or series.

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73 Mario Fans

They act like a fat plumber is Jesus.

Still not as bad as the Sonic fandom. (Although I like both video game series, but I'm a sane fan)

Too many fan wars - ParkerFang

74 Jacob Sartorius Fans

I know this website community hates me but lets get this in the Top 20. (first comment). - modernspongebobisbetterthanime

Jacob and his fandom just makes me wanna puke and drink bleach.

How the hell is this lower than Americans and fetish people?

Why does he even have fans? - alphadan12

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75 Frozen Haters

Lol I bet a little girl made this by the way I hate frozen too and I wanna stick olaf nose up his ass - thehatergator

I was never a fan of frozen...this movie shouldn't win the oscars in the first place anyway

You're not the superior Race! (if you exclude the Caps girl) You're just another SkyNet! You act as if it's a crime to like the movie! And actually keep telling yourselves you're the superior! I don't like the movie but I don't hate it! The people who like this movie can continue to like this movie! And I had with you guys!

Especially if they're Lion King fans and butt-kissers.

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76 Social Justice Warriors

Don't worry about the "social justice warriors", they're pretty easy to avoid and they're just a bunch of fat people who cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Everyone seems to forget about what REAL social justice is due to these freaks.

They want everything perfect just for them, and no one can tell them off because they act like such sacred cows. Realize that nothing is perfect and move on please, but don't ever ruin other people's lives and opinions just because they don't match yours. - Nonpointed

How egotistic these Social Justice Warriors really are? I mean they think that the world revolves around just them that they think everything will go their way they play victim and fail miserably and still don't accept the consequences of their actions. - Aguythatpeopleignores

"Everything is racist...everything is racist according to me..." - alphadan12

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77 Wrestling Fans

I'm a wrestling fan, but we all HATE the IWC (internet wrestling community) and marks. Marks are fans who will flip their piss if you give constructive criticism about their favorite wrestler, who just so happens to be on the curtain jerker, dark match, or jobber list. They speak in a strange language that is impossible for the normal population to understand. I, since I used to be a mark, can translate some of those phrases. Marks will say these 3 things: "Cena is the worst, he should be burried", "Drew Mcintyre is underrated", and "WWE episodes suck nowadays. Change the rating to T.V. -14 and bring back the attitude era! " If you meet casual fans, awesome. If you meet a superfan like me, prepare for useless information, but that's ok. If you meet a mark, run. Just run as fast as you can, and don't look back.

Real man like wrestling'' many say, yes I suppose real man find exciting to be gripped and greased with each other on the floor while they touch their competitors parts, if they are going to throw gay stereotypes then playing by their cards, wrestling is more gay than Bieber

This one should be #1 who could like something that's fake the things they do in the ring would kill someone like if they use chairs or METAL STAIRS

Ok UFC WOMENS wrestling is actually good. It's not all John Cena wrestling, but it's genuine.

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78 Wolfaboo's

Personally, I prefer Tigers and Crocodiles.

Wolves are awesome, don't get me wrong, but the way the furry fandom portrays them is just awful. Same with foxes. I also dislike the stereotypes furries give to these wonderful animals, too. I find the whole "lone wolf" stereotype to be dumb because wolves are highly social animals that live in packs (and are ancestors of the domestic dog) while foxes are more solitary and fit the "loner" role more than wolves do.

What so there is a furry civil war going on?

Basically a Furry and a Weeb combined. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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79 MLG Fans

On my bus kids are always yelling "smoke weed everyday" and " 420 blaze it" and we can't forget "and his name is John Cena! " I'm sick of it

Half the kids are 12 year olds that don't know what MLG means

Just because you say "Smoke weed everyday! " or do 360's, or say that obnoxious "Ohh! " that doesn't make you look cool, it just makes you look annoying. - AlienKing

Reason why mlg fans still alive:
because minecraft youtuber named pinksheep

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80 Mixels Fans

They over hype everything. Nothing really important seems to matter to them as do things just for fun. In fact they make themselves look really bad doing it. Their the community is a wreck with uncontrollable trolls. The Wiki on the other hand is even worse. While trolls aren't on the loose the people there act crazy and are hypocrites who hate kids. Mixels is for young kids, but these fans are too old.

Mixels is an underrated show on CN, but when you enter this fandom, there is some TERRIBLE fans.

First of all, most of them make TERRIBLE OCS, they are either just humanoids, recolors, or an OC that doesn't even LOOK like they are in that franchise. And even though ALL mixels are boys, fans STILL make female mixels for whatever reason.

Another thing is: the shippings. People have NO REASON WHATSOEVER in their shippings, they just ship it. And guess what, the MOST POPULAR shipping in this fandom are two characters THAT HAVEN'T EVEN INTERACTED IN THE SHOW!

Another thing is most of the fans have TERRIBLE grammer, and you cannot reason with ANY of them, not to mention they do NOT make sense AT ALL.

These guys are very annoying and stupid. I was on chat once and they were whining about stupid stuff.

The most cancerous of all was thedrksiren. that person made cancerous mixel pregnancy,tickleing belly buttons,etc

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