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61 Eminem Fans

Should be higher - 445956

62 Frozen Haters

Lol I bet a little girl made this by the way I hate frozen too and I wanna stick olaf nose up his ass - thehatergator

I was never a fan of frozen...this movie shouldn't win the oscars in the first place anyway

You're not the superior Race! (if you exclude the Caps girl) You're just another SkyNet! You act as if it's a crime to like the movie! And actually keep telling yourselves you're the superior! I don't like the movie but I don't hate it! The people who like this movie can continue to like this movie! And I had with you guys!

Sorry, I said this on another item
Honestly, Frozen haters are just as bad as the caps girl - 445956

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63 Blood On the Dance Floor Fans

Ugh they get so defensive and even when there has been evidence of one of the members doing dodgy stuff, they still love them.

Honestly, Frozen haters are just as immature as the caps girl. Yup. I said it. Come at me. - 445956

They have fans?

I loved BOTDF when I was going through my angsty teen years. Then I realised that the music sucks and Dahive Vanity is an awful person that is an actual sex offender and possibly even a pedophile.
Someone will bring this up and you get a tsunami of death threats. The girls who claim to have been raped or sexually abused by him get a tsunami of death threats.
They are just stupid edgy Tweens that will someday realise the error of their ways
(Not all fans are bad. If you like their music, I don't think any less of you) - felispasta

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64 Playstation Fans

I don't hate people who like Playstation, I hate people who will make fun of people, call people dumb or belittle people who like Xbox even if they just mentioned it innocently. In a way I understand some backlash, Xbox fans can be just as toxic and I have witnessed bashing from their side as well. I could say I don't like either really, but I tend to see so much more of Playstation everywhere. Its started to bug me because I have an Xbox, and its only important to me for nostalgia mostly, but also because I received an original Xbox when I was pretty young from my parents despite our lower financial state. That is why I stick with Xbox, I don't really care about your amazing specs. As long as I can play my game I'm happy; leave the people who just like Xbox alone. x.x

They basically go around the internet and saying Xbox sucks, or Wii sucks, or any other console for that matter. When I told a PlayStation fan that I like the Xbox One he completely bashed me and went everywhere and asked other people if they shared my opinion. - AlienKing

The haters are worse... (PS is a good system in my opinion, and this is coming from a multi-platform gamer)

I like PlayStation, and any console really. It's just PS is my favorite. People can like whatever console they want. Besides, it's not only PS. Xbox and Wii, and all the others are also really bad. - LordDovahkiin

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65 Adventure Time Fans

I hate how many Adventure Time fans act offended if you dislike the show. They act like it's some masterpiece. If you even simply say that you dislike the show, people will automatically identify you as a hater. They also seem to get offended when you say another show is better than Adventure Time. (By the way, I realize not all of the fans act like this. However, a lot of them get on my nerves. )

Well, I'm an absolute fan of this cartoon and can't stand those pieces of "art" and "literature" some other "fans" created to ruin the vampire of my heart. I warned all you visitors and users about some of them in "most annoying fan bases".

The show has no good content. It's just silly for sake of being silly. I don't get it.

Please shut the f up about Bubbline

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66 2000s kids

I was born in 03. I'm fine with this entry because most kids born in the 2000s are pretty bad. Least' I'm not one of the bad ones. - LordDovahkiin

Ok we're annoying because we want to be 90s kids. I mean seriously everyone born from 1995-2004 wants to be a 90s kid. I'll admit we're annoying lol. - peaceswagtv

Being born is 2002 ( Witch makes me a 2000's/2010's hybrid), This is really offensive.

The early 2000's was terrible in my opinion, especially since 9/11 happened and all.

I hope that a terrible tragedy like that day will never happen again.

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67 Call of Duty Haters

Whoever put this on the list is a triggered 9 year old who plays Call Of Duty. - Call

68 Biggots

Well, the title should be really self-explanatory.

69 Sonic Haters

Sonic is ok. But Mario is better by a longshot. - LordDovahkiin

Sonic 2006 haters are awful.

I get it, it wasn't the best game, but it doesn't deserve the hate it gets, either. I'm so sick of seeing everyone having this popular negative opinion I see.

70 The Alt-Right

Hail victory I guess.

I also recommend watching imperium, it gives you a good insight to the extreme alt right. - psychopath

71 Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian) Fans

They're just downright silly when it comes to fictional characters, let alone video game characters, especially since some female fictional characters are designed to not be role models, but instead to be attractive eye candy for the male fans of the series who like hot chicks. Some people can't help being who they are, that's just the way it is! Because, put it this way; fictional characters are not role models, and you're not any of them. They're just fictional characters. See them the way they are, and not what you want them to be.

These clowns make real feminists look bad. Real feminists stand for equal rights for both genders and realize that fiction is not the same as reality. I wished the Feminist Frequency would learn that lesson.

Oh my god I hate them, like, you created and a woman's in it? SEXIST, you created a game and there aren't any women? SEXIST, you're not feminist? SEXIST, like, they find sexism and anti-feminism in everything

Like get back in the kitchen lmao

Their video on overwatch is basicaly saying:


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72 Pokemon Fans

I am a Pokemon fan but I have to admit that the fandom can be terrible sometimes. The "Pokesonas" are what I REALLY HATE. They draw Pink wolves with nine tails and apparently that's "Eevee". Apparently a red wolf with horns is somehow Jolteon. UGH!

Ash is my favorite Pokemon

Only the shipping fandom is bad - nao

Pokemon fans bully people who liked it in the 90s. Name calling "Genwunners".
Pokemon has been around for years people who watched Ash, Brock and Misty. Played Red/Blue/Yellow, they could've even watched the Tracey episodes or Johto. They could've even played Gold/Silver/Crystal. We just grew up in a different time to you. Many have forgotten about Pokemon, you know grown up. In 20s & 30s

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73 Super Smash Bros. Fanbase

Whoever put this on the list is probably an Xbox or PlayStation fanboy or girl.

To the person who said "Whoever added this must be an xbox or playstation fanboy or girl", no, the person who put this here is actually very smart, because the smash fanbase does suck for many reasons - VideoGamefan5

Nothing with the smash bros fandom you butt hurt PlayStation and Xbox fanboys.

Call of Duty fans I'm talking to you.

As an actual Smash fan, and a longtime one at that, the Smash fanbase actually has flaws, unlike some of the comments below. These include:
Overpraising Melee
Underpraising Brawl
Wanting Ridley
Wanting Spongebob
Hating on clones
Wanting Smash Switch... chill, it will come later in 4 years
The Miiverse. God the Miiverse.
Hating Corrin and Bayo
The Smash Ballot
Wanting a character nerfed for having a balanced trait
And that's all you need to know about the fanbase. - ChibiDaFox

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74 Modern SpongeBob Fans

I did not add this... Not even despite my username. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hey, whoever wrote this? Remove this because people are complaining just because people like these episodes. THAT is the only reason. No insulting fans, no craziness, no sex. People liking it. - Chris2003o

It is so terrible! Watch seasons 1-3 and you'll know what I mean!

Agreed - DJRainFlame

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75 Yaoi Fans

Trying to find some pictures of Cilan and his brothers, then one of these pieces of trash appear. Makes me sick. - RiverClanRocks

Every time I search up Yugi, Joey, or Kaiba, I SEE THIS HORRIFYING!

I think the only people who like it are idiotic girls who would hook up any straight guys.

Two guys who aren't even gay at the slightest are each other's asses, and that is SICK!

I'm a yaoi/slash fan. But I disagree with the porn art, it is not necessary. Putting yaoi fans on this list though is like putting heterosexual relationship fans on here. What's wrong if you like certain kinds of relationships between characters? Both 'fandoms' have porn/sex in them anyways.

It just RUINS everyones favorite characters, I just want to look up NORMAL images of my favorites, but every time there are at least 10 pictures of a STUPID YAOI SHIPPING! I don't mind if its canon, like yuri on ice, but I HATE to see ash getting taken by gary, its just RUINING EVERYTHING! please just ship CANON ships, otherwise leave the STRAIGHT guys alone! I am NOT homophobic, I'm lesbian myself, but please STOP ruining everyones favorites!.

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76 Transphobics

Accept biology and science. Same goes for the overly-religious. If there are more than two genders, source multiple scientific documents and good evidence to prove it.

I love that two out of the three people who voted to hate transphobes are themselves transphobes.

Shouldn't be here

Look whatever is in your pants that's what restroom you use, stop begging for the special treatment!

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77 Grindcore Fans

Nothing like getting sucker punched in the face at a grindcore show.

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78 Jonas Brothers Fangirls

Luckily they're dying out. Nobody cares for the jonas brothers anymore. All of the jonas brothers shirts and posters are in the trash where they belong.

Shut up, slagging off boy bands. They made a mistake changing the lyrics to two Busted songs but who cares. (What I Go To School For doesn't even exist on albums in Britain ha! )

The almost a real band brothers

I thought they were extinct.

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79 Republicans

Should be Democrats. At least when Obama won, Republicans didn't violently protest. We put up with him for eight years. What did liberals do as soon as Trump was elected? Now it's your turn to put up with a president you don't like. - LordDovahkiin

80 Cloppers

They are absolutely disgusting in every way. Think I'm exaggerating? I'M NOT. Also, they make bronies get a lot of hate, because some people look at a person from a certain group/fandom, and immediately think of the extreme. :(

As a brony, I find it plain wrong to masturbate to clop. And I fear for anyone who associates with a position who draws clop.

They give bronies a bad name, because many people automatically think of the extreme when they look at a fanbase.

Oh god, I think I'm going to throw up! - psychopath

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